Relationship Confessions

Faith isn't my strong suit.

As a priest of a different religion, I've found that I am of waning faith in my relationship, but my faith in the gods is even stronger. Even as I delve deeper into my relationship, I still look at very beautiful women and almost lose control and think upon what it might be like to whist myself away from my boyfriend. My religion doesn't have... [more]

Single Prospects

I'm 19 years old and I've always fallen short in social interactions, especially romantic ones. I haven't had any romantic interactions thus far, which doesn't concern me because I have more important things to worry about, but I'm concerned that by the time I'm not too busy to take part in the romantic scene, I'll be rejected for not being... [more]

How do you say no.

When my husband and I were fairly newly married we got wild and crazy one night and had a three way with his best friend who to this day comes over at least once a week...No not for that, He is married with kids now. But, My husband and I went on a road trip to pick up a new puppy and stayed overnight in a town 6 hours from home.
We went out for... [more]

Ugly girls are superior to beautiful girls.

I'm sure you all agree with me. Ugly girls let you do things to them that a 10/10 super model will never allow you to.
I've dated 3 beautiful girls and 8 ugly girls. And all 3 of beautiful ones used to just lay like a death body and that's it. They never did anything, they hardly went down down on me.
These good looking girls are way too... [more]

I was pretending to be a s*** to rush.

I rushed and pledged at my boyfriend Mark's request. He wanted me in this sorority so badly that he found someone to help me with the process. Mark also gave me a 'hall pass' - just in case (to be used only if needed). I didn't think I would do anything of that sort, but he made it clear that this was that important to him.
Unfortunately (for... [more]

My college freshman roomate was in love with her hs teacher

When I was in college, my freshman roommate Melissa was in love with her teacher from high school. She was 18 and he was 43. I would always catch Melissa chatting and sending nude pics to him. A few weekends she would meet him in a hotel where they would have lots of s**. I just can't picture being... [more]

I cheated

I got married pretty young because I got pregnant. After having my daughter I was home alone with her a lot and got board and h****. One of my husbands friends stopped over and I was flirting with him as I knew he liked me. After a bit we started making out and that led to us going to the bedroom and... [more]

Are you a Mans Woman or Woman's Woman???

Im a woman that loves a man not women. I support men, I value the opinion of men. I'm not a threat to no other person. I'm not into competition with no other person. You are beneath me. And you will never be equal to me. You will never stand beside me or in front of me. I will never be your friend. You will never be the boss of me. You have to be... [more]

I know she cheats

I know my wife cheats on me. Ive never tried to stop her. H*** I guess it's my fault. When we first got married i talked her into a threesome with a friend of mine. I guess im strange because it doesn't bother me. She's never denied sleeping around. Ive watched her getting ready to go out. She makes... [more]

How did we get here.

I posted here before about how my husband and I had both lost our jobs due to covid and moved in with my mom, She lost her job a few months later and we resorted to me doing something I would have never even considered normally and posing nude for money which then led to me doing a "Scene" for money with my mom sitting in the same room staring at... [more]

Husband mad cos I owed myself on car journey

I was travelling with my husband and 2 children (DD6 and DS8). My husband is loving and kind, but he does have a really volatile temper, and can explode at the tiniest thing. He also makes a lot of jokes at my expense, and if I get upset then he says I have a “stick up my a***” and need to learn to... [more]

Nice little protein shake

I love my husband I really do. But I have to admit that I cheat sometimes. I had never been with a black man before I married my husband, and the curiosity finally got the better of me so I tried a few out out and discovered that the s**** of black men tastes way lots better than the [more]

Your fault

My husband and I got trashed in the garage with his cousin one night and my husband was drunk and telling his cousin how great I am in bed and that I can deepthroat. His cousin laughed and said "Yeah right, You must have a small d*** then" and my husband being slobbery drunk told me to show him.
Ok... [more]

Life altering.

My Gf and I are both Blonde, Female, Early 20's and attractive, We have been together for just about 2 years and live together. One evening after a marathon session on the living room floor in front of the fireplace she said to me "What got into you?", I laughed and said "Why", I had used the strap on and she said I was way rougher than normal, I... [more]

I ripped up cards from my partners ex.

My partner and I have just moved in together and I found birthday/anniversary cards/ personal notes from his ex that he had kept and bought to our house. After finding them I just lost it and ripped them up and threw them away. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed and I feel so guilty, I don’t know what to do. Do I tell him what I’ve done and beg him to... [more]

Making my husband pay

Im 33 and have been married 9 years. i love it when my husband takes care of me and i make him pay lots of money for me. i buy real expensive clothes, i deliberately break things that have to be replaced, stuff like that. i love the feel of power and have been punishing my car engine by stepping on the gas and brake at the same time while waiting... [more]

My wife

I met my wife at a place called what’s on tap she got out of the car when I looked at her I fell in love I’ve been in planning relationships for not too many that I could say that they were good I hadn’t had too many good results with relationships but I know this if I ever loved a woman I loved her like no other we had our ups and downs and I... [more]

First Kiss

I had my first kiss one year and a day ago at the age of 17. The girl I had a crush on from 8th grade through high school just as friends, and we had a really good chemistry and connection. Now we're like strangers and I miss her, but I also feel upset with her for not wanting to keep in touch with me.

My girlfriend had my permission

My wife and I started dating when we were both virgins in college. When I graduated she still had two semesters to go to finish her degree since she had changed majors. I got a job about 250 miles away and after living together during the summer she had to go back and finish her degree. Since we were only going to be able to see each other on the... [more]

Lack of loyalty is why most relationships fail

My ex-wife declared her love for another man. I divorced her and the man married another woman. Karma.

My ex girlfriend broke up with me and then the other guy dumped h

She called me up and was crying on the phone saying how bad he had treated her and when I reminded her of how badly she had treated me she really got to bawling.
I told her to get another boyfriend and when she suggested I get with her I said sorry I have another girl. I then told her that what goes around comes around.
Then I asked her... [more]

Goodness, Get over it.

I am 35, live in the country and am a professional photographer, My husband is a farmer, an avid fisherman and hunter and I love him dearly but some days I just don't know. being we live in oil country it is quite common to see oilfield activity in our area. I had gotten the kids off to school, My husband went out to the field and I had a shower... [more]


My bf is obsessed with other women it doesn't matter what they look like he will want their nudes . It's mad annoying. I'm a freak and down for alot of s*** but the problem is he wants to do everything secretly and behind my back why is that???? He can't accept that is lick [more]


I hate you. I wish you are not on this earth. You are not special.

Never agree to anything when drunk.

I agreed to anniversary a*** last night, My good god, So terrible. Face down, Bum in the air getting "Prepped" with his tongue and fingers and then OH F***, never again, 13 minutes of pain and disgust and then I literally gagged when he came in me...So... [more]

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