Relationship Confessions

Maybe It’s Over & Am Dead

Hey reader maybe it’s just words for you but i’m crying while writing this… Lets Start… before some day i told my gf to block a guy on instagram she blocked him but after 2 days i found that she unblocked him again then i asked her why she unblocked so she said he’s just her frnd.. and then i said block him then she again blocked him but when she... [more]

Rape my wife

I would like to watch my wife being gang raped. It is her secret sexual fantasy that she likes me to roleplay with her but in reality she will not engage in any sort of swinging, d******, or wife swapping etc. It is so frustrating!

Should i stay or leave

I have been married for 24 years to my wife, she took my virginity but she had multiple guys before me, like 20 plus including a threesome just before we met. I had very little experience before her. I stayed faithfull for 5 years before a lady that i worked with kept asking when i was going to come over and visit her. Eventually i did. She was... [more]

I want to share my wife

I love it when men ogle my petite oriental wife. I also love to show naked pictures of her to other men online for them to m********* over and tell me what the would like to do to her. She has a strong fantasy desire to have a g*******... [more]

After being run over he has continued to support me

I walked home from drinking with friends. I felt bad, I walked slowly with measured steps. I lost my balance and walked into the street, a Mercedes hit me and passed out. I woke up in the emergency room, with my leg in a cast and internal injuries.
I was kept in the hospital for observation. A man came to see me, he was driving the Mercedes... [more]

Are dad errections normal reactions or for me

I'm curious what is normal or what makes men hard. At a nice figured 15 I am comfortable in less and loose clothing at home. Dad has always payed attention but for the past year or so I notice he gets an erection that seems to correlate with my dress and actions. I like it but want to know if it would be the same with any lady or is it that I... [more]

I met my wife through a threesome but family doesn't know

In college my girlfriend and I at the time decided to try new things in our relationship and she wanted to explore her sexuality a bit more. I was studying Illustration at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and she was studying MPT (Motion Picture Television) at the school. I was from a very conservative Catholic family from Missouri... [more]

What a wife I have

My wife is a burden a sack on the rack a b**** with a crack a crack so deep it touches her head. She paints her face and makes it look like a p****, but the b**** don’t realize it’s not the paint thats... [more]

I need to see

Hello I have never admitted this to anyone but i love wearing women’s clothes. No one has ever seen me and I fantasize about being a man’s girl. I want to experience everything a woman would when she is with a guy. I want it in my mouth for a long time. I have never been with a guy but I think I would enjoy it. How does that sound to you.

Monogamy and polyamory

I fooled around with a guy who’s been through a lot. He’s a vet, a club manager, a sherif, a foster parent, and a caregiver for his family. He’s a great guy- I can’t say I truly loved him but I care for him deeply.
We talked about our preferences and personalities. He mentioned being polyamorous but I legitimately forgot so the first time we... [more]

Finally happened

My girlfriend of 2 years and I have been playing around with exhibitionism stuff and mostly just with strangers and very few opportunities that both of us were comfortable with but last night it finally happened, I have sort of always wanted to try and do something in front of one of her friends and we have done a little, Braless for her in front... [more]

He was so in control

I met a man that seemed to have the world in his hands. It seemed that Poroski just willingly did anything he asked. It was amazing and an incredible turn on.
I too could not tell him no. On our first date we were at a rock concert with 15000 other people. It was summer and I wore a halter top shorts and sandels. Durin the concert he put his... [more]

Feel Helpless

I don’t know what to do. I love my wife but recently she met a friend at work who is a member of BLM and she told my wife she should attend some meetings with her. My wife and I are white her friend is black.
My wife started going and they have a program where you can let a black person live with you for a period of one year to help them get on... [more]

I was planning on leaving my wife and I had not told her yet

We argued everyday. She wanted to name our son after a former boyfriend and I said no. She said s*** like "You're trying to take my rights away" or your trying to take my Randy away". I got sick of hearing her voice. One day she picked a fight after hearing me say I wanted to have one of my... [more]

Used in any which way

Sure i am the big man in the house, have been the dominant figure in this house hold from day 1 onwards...until ... at 62 retired professionally and the two of us moved to another state, nice house.... and mostly had to find new things to do.
One of the new things was a weekly spanking and having to go down on her to make her ''happy'', she said... [more]

I belong to a man and he keeps me as a his s***

I am 29 and I had never had s**. I was a virgin. 23 at the time. My boss is a man who likes to go to adult stores and adult s** shows. I know because he told me and thought it would be good for me to go and get my hangups out of the way. I agreed to go with... [more]

Biding my time

Following an accident I had to go through rehab. It was very demeaning not being able to do things. My boss from my earlier job heard about my accident and offered to put me up in his house until I was well enough to look after myself. I never dreamt I would be his s** slave.
He's the typical Alpha... [more]

An unexpected time together

I had my briefcase stolen on my recent trip to Quito. It was on Friday, and I lost my passport. I couldn't leave so I had to extend my trip, the earliest I could see the Consulate was Monday and then wait for a replacement passport could be processed. I went down to the restaurant in the morning to get some coffee and laid out my frustration... [more]

Wife doesnt understand

I have confessed here before about my fantasies of wanting my wife to dress more provocative, slutty . My fantasy of watching her flirt with guys and having a MFM threesome. Even just watch her with another man. Mostly any fantasy were she can be with anyone she wants. So this is a confession / vent / question She is a beautiful woman, very small... [more]

Confused Wife

I cheated on my husband with 3 black men from my bowling team.
It happened over a 5 month period. After bowling we would go drinking and one thing would lead to another.
This occurred 2 nights a week during this 5 month period. I am now 4 months pregnant with twins.
My husband is so excited, however there is a very good chance that the... [more]

Girlfriend introduced me to nudity and two lovely ladies

Two years ago we met, hit it off, and were constantly f****** so I moved in and have fallen for her daughters as well. Mom is now 34, I'm 22, and daughters are 17 and 14. A terrific open family that was raised that nudity is the norm at home. It's new to me and I go more nude with time. A first... [more]

Was she a s***

When I met my wife to be… she was 25 almost 26.
18 different guys c**** had already been up her.
Three had s** with her by the time she was 15
Many of her lovers were one night stands…
At 24 she started having [more]

Why can't I forget

I'm 40, Married, 3 wonderful kids and a loving wife. My life was a mess before her and I thank God for her every day. But I should not have married her, I've never been unfaithful, never done wrong by her but I love another woman. She was not my first by any means and we came together at a time in life when we needed each other. We broke up... [more]

Swinger lifestyle

I suggested a couple of years ago that my wife and I try the swinger lifestyle. We’ve been married for quite a long time and things were a bit stale in the bedroom.
She was hesitant at first but reluctantly agreed to try it out. Well careful what you wish for.
It was very exciting for the first few months, as I always had a secret fantasy of... [more]

I’ve begged my wife to cheat on me

I’ve begged my wife to cheat on. Me. I have a very candid conversation with her about chucking me. But still nothing. I suspect he has cheated on me. A few months ago she would get up in the middle of the night and go sit in the living room on her phone. She would also spend extended periods of time on the toilet with her phone in hand. Both of... [more]

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