Relationship Confessions

Girlfriend in another country

I have a girlfriend in another country. I'm so in love with her. I plan to go meet her soon. I just dont know how to tell my mother I feel like she wont accept our relationship and disapprove of her. What should I do

I don’t know how to take this

I can’t stand the way my boyfriend reacts to me telling him no for s**. I talked to him in the past about this & I thought we were past this. We have s** all the time but sometimes I’m just not in the mood & if I tell him “not tonight” he goes from being nice... [more]

I love being a single guy and you should too

The great thing about feminism is that it has liberated men from the horrors of marriage and from legal entanglements with toxic women. Making money, spinning plates, a man cave and a few good pets are all a guy really needs. Women have a biological clock and, because of that they need relationships, but men simply don't
The... [more]

Girlfriend has got fat

My girlfriend has got fat, and I really like it. I wanna confess to her that I love how soft she is getting and how sexy her figure is and how I want to see her get bigger. She has gone from about 150lbs to about 220lbs over the last year or so.
I don't know if I am going crazy, but I feel like she knows I like it and is dropping hints about... [more]

No s**

I (female) and my partner (also female) have been together for 10 years, but havent had s** for 7.
At first s** life was normal then started drying up a bity then she told me she was asexual. I was supportive, I didnt want to force anyone to have [more]

So that happened

Last night my wife had a friend over, They were drinking heavily and we ended up having a three way, 21 years of marriage and it finally happened, I am 45, My wife 43 and her friend 44. They went to college together, Went separate directions but always stayed close friends and we would visit her often, My wife was her maid of honor and I got along... [more]

I want to stop

I met my boyfriend six months ago at a club and we went to a party together after then back to his place, We were kinda getting down, I was sitting on his lap and had my top off when his room mate walked in on us, I sorta tried to stop but he kept it going and we all ended up in bed together, I thought it was going to be a one off and really... [more]

So weird, I kind of miss it.

I was always the good girl and never got too wild in my teen years, Waited till I was 18 to have my first sexual encounter and was only with 2 guys before I got married to my 3rd, It took us 3 years to get pregnant the first time and I was always a little reserved and whatever, I wore lingerie but it was a pretty normal [more]

Morning workout

I've started going to the gym in the mornings and over the last two weeks i been chatting with these 2 women both stunning women i finished at 7:30 and was walking out with them both and was asked if i wasn't busy would i like to go back for a coffee i honestly thought it was for a coffee that was until we got inside the house and i said how i... [more]

I like making her mad.

My wife and I have a good marriage but every once in a while she will get in one of her moods and so I will admit I do things to actually try to p*** her off. The other day I had an opportunity to do just that while she was in one of her bitchy moods and it worked out well for me.
We just returned... [more]

I've trippled my weight since meeting wife

I've really let go since meeting my wife. When we met almost 12 years ago I was a muscular hunk of a man. I weighed around 160lb. It started off slowly but I was eating more and she was cooking more. She would rub my belly and try to get me to eat more. It was turning me on. I had never been so turned on. This became a regular occurrence. The... [more]

Husband wants to watch me with others

My husband has told me he would like me to have s** with others. He wants to watch me with other men. The thought makes me ill. I told him no . I'm trying to understand his desire. It's not going to happen. It makes me feel like I'm not enough for him. I'm his wife not property. I would never want to see... [more]

Weakness for tights

For as long as i can remember I've loved the thought of a woman sitting on my face in a well worn pair of panties and tights. Ever since my ex boss used to do it to assert her dominance on me. It's an embarrassing thing to ask a woman to do, just wish I could find like minded women near me to do it, i'm in the north east of England. Not interested... [more]

A lack

I have not f***** my wife for twenty years. I wish she would find a man to do her good and proper. Then I’m will lick out all the c** from her p****.

I'm A Lesbian and I Might Be In Love With A Guy (Serious Post)

I'm a 22 year old Lesbian, and I've never been sexually attracted to men. Since I was young I never had interest in guys, and I had my sexual awakening when I was 12, when I went down on a friend out of curiosity. Throughout my teenage years I would date women in secret. At 19 I came out to my mom and she accepted me, while my homophobic dad... [more]

I cheated

Last Saturday, I went to my first college football game with bff Kali.
Kali’s friends invited us to party after the game to smoke pot.
Kali introduced me to a cute guy that supplies her with joints. We were outside sharing and we started kissing.
Things were going so well, I went upstairs to his room. I spent the night and we had [more]

Question for Those In Sub/Dom Relationships:

How did you know you were into BSDM, and how did you find your partner?

My girlfriend calls me little b****

Her mom originally gave me that nickname. It has stuck ever since. Her mom would call me “little b****” in front of my girlfriend. She would even call me that in front of others including her family. A lot of them have started referring to me as that now.
My girlfriend and her mom both have my... [more]


I have come out of a long-term spell of sheet anger at my life and at my wife in particular. I don't want to say what caused all that, but I have realized over the past year that taking out my anger on my wife in front of our kids has traumatized them in different ways.
One of my children has had to seek counselling, although is doing... [more]

I'm hooking up with an older co-worker

I’m 18 and got my first job working at a cell phone store. Joergie works there too and she looks like Emma Watson. She’s 27 and beautiful! She has pail white skin, big brown eyes and her hair is dyed gray. Her style is Harry Potter. I can tell she takes a lot of time with hair and makeup. Everyday she looks like a model! She’s by far the hottest... [more]

Running into your ex girlfriend and then walking awy without sayi

I dated a girl for three years too long. The relationship was going nowhere. The final time I asked her out I asked her to a movie, She said no. I asked her how about a drive to the park. She said no. I asked her to suggest something and she said no it was up to me.
I had suggested everything within my ability for us to do together. ... [more]

Vendetta to my Enemies by Marcel Shihadeh

Dear Enemy,
I will never apologize for psychologically affecting when I had got you knock up then to ghost you. I truly never care about you or your feelings. You was just my fetish because I never been with a mixed woman. I was only attracted to your Black and Hispanic features sexually. I never wanted anything serious with you. I never even... [more]

Playing Chess with Marcel Shihadeh

Ahh…bonjour bonne journeé….faire comme écriture français quand même….échec te mat nique ta mére 😂😂 F*** that s*** I will write this confession in English for everyone! Life is grand! I’m about to become a dad to the woman who I love that y’all hoes... [more]

Today was Interesting

Well my now ex and I broke up today and I'm really messed up in the head over it cause of all that has happened I'm just learing that she send nudes and s*** to my friends and everything I have been really sad about this and m losing alot grip on life and now people are sending me death treats

Do mistakes when you get benfite

I am 28 years old guy having extra maritial relationship with a 24 years old she is pregnant and she refused to abortion. But i am married and i have 2 years old child.but she forced me to marry her but i refused.2 months later our relationship exposed my wife take divroce from me.later we both are married.Now my wife's sister is having... [more]

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