Relationship Confessions

Widowed and alone I found renewal with another man

I found myself alone, overnight. My wife of 30 years contracted the brain eating amoeba while on vacation in Costa Rica. She died, never recovered consciousness. After the experience of having to repatriate her body, the funeral, the house to myself I decided that the best thing to do was to sell the house, and all the belongings and move into a... [more]

I'm sure her heart wasn't broken but I sure surprised her

I broke p with a girl I had dated for a long time. She said she wanted to date other boys and I said OK. I never called her again. I saw he twice at a mall and spoke not one word to her even though we made eye contact. I heard on the grapevine that this had freaked her out. I already had another girl.

Surprised by ex

My ex came to my house one day and I was just getting ready to do some errands. We talk on the phone occasionally but this was the first time I had seen her in about a year. I went into the bathroom to finish brushing my teeth. As she walked into my house I told her I would be out in a minute. I jokingly said come on in, take off your clothes and... [more]

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Charity event at local nude dance club

One of the local nude clubs and one of the sexy clothing shops that sold mainly to dancers teamed up for a charity event. The clothes were mostly sexy lingerie, role playing costumes and thongs and bras. My girlfriend had friends that were participating in the event and she asked me if I wanted to go. The idea was that the participants would model... [more]

Being A Man That Is An Alpha Deep Within But Submissive

Being A Man That Is An Alpha Deep Within But Submissive
#Love #Roles #Loyalty #Relationship #Dedication #Submissive #Surrender
LAWFUL NOTICE: I am 45 years of Age: Just a declaration of my age.
Ever since I can remember how I've always been submissive in one way or another. I've always cared more about the women that I loved at that time. I... [more]

I want to share my wife

My wife is way too hot for me so I want to share her with better bigger men and even women I want to see her get real pleasure instead of just me.

His girlfriend didn't believe me she was stupid

When I was much younger this guy who was the older brother of my roommate sometimes brought his girlfriend over for s**. He was maried and she knew it. Stupid girl. His wife lived a few states over and asked him to come back to her. After a session of s**... [more]

Fake love I’m using for my art.. I guess

This is about my break up and the way I feel about it.
(English is a complementary language for me, and naturally I may have some flaws. I hope it’s clear enough) please share your thoughts:
People does things for “significant” others, give stuff, share moments, say they have special feelings.
And then it all doesn’t mean a thing.
They lie... [more]

Jeri Oakley

It's been awhile. 15 or 16 years. I have a family. You have, well I hope a family. I still wake up from dreams where you and I are together. I wish I didn't f*** up. But that's me. I hope you love every bit of life.

You would never pick me out of the crowd as being gay

I am well aware that a great big number of gay or gay leaning people are in the closet, safely married away, or in professions where they can hide. Not all men who want s** with another man dress in pink or talk with a lisp or sashay when they walk. Me, I am a retired cop. I did traffic most of my... [more]

How do I get my wife to dress sexy in public

My wife is a sexy 5’5” 120 lb, blonde hair blue eyed knockout. In our home anything goes. Sexy lingerie, mini skirts, naked photo shoots, sexy shower fun you name it she is game to try it. In public she is very conservative. Tight jeans and a t-shirt or a bikini at the beach is as sexy as she will get. She has gorgeous long legs and I have tried... [more]

I want to become a husband for multiple woman

Im at my 20s and recently i find myself dreaming of something the society doesnt want. My dad feelings kicked in. I want to have a big family. I want to have like 4 obedient submissive wifes. I want to have 2 children with each of them. Live in a big mansion, my wives, my kids, my parents together. Im aware that first, i need to be financially... [more]

I listen to like eight different stations on the radio

I heard on the radio how old is too old to be dating i think feel believe after thirty years old by then person suppose to be in emotional relationship romantic relationship or sexual relationship by then with another person who hearing things now like mentally delusional mentally retarded person now lying [more]

Turns out that my sister had it right all along

We are two sisters, 18 months apart, and two school years apart. We went to an all girl's Catholic School. My sister was aggressive, a sports nut, and a favorite of the Nun that was in charge of physical education. I was the bookworm, loved art, ran around with the other quiet, introverted girls.
One day things were really bad at the house. ... [more]

Nude Photos

I have a few nude photos of my beautiful mature girlfriend. She is a private person but she sent them because I begged her for them.She has a killer body with big t*** and I want so bad to show them to someone who knows her. Why do guys want others to see their woman naked?

No longer attracted to my fat ass wife who doesn't even try

I feel guilty but I am no longer attracted to my fat ass wife. I am no big prize myself, but I think I hide my weight a little better being 6' 3" with broad shoulders. I kiss her and feel like there is just zero spark. We have been married for over 30 years. When she was younger, 17-30, she was a [more]

Screaming for my ex

I’m very much still not over my ex, but I’m with someone better now… he treats me right in every way and is sexually satisfying… but I was with my ex for 7 years and I’ve only known him for 2…. I think my body knows this because if im touching myself alone all I want to scream is his name… it feels wrong but when I climax it feels so right to say... [more]

The one that I cannot say not to

I was an officer in the Navy, female officer with a deep secret. I had a girlfriend, on board. This was trouble with a capital T. But I was as incapable of not seeing her as to stop breathing. And she was an enlisted rank. With a troubled heart I gave up my commission and went into private life.
My love for this young woman faded with time and... [more]

Harvey brought us under one roof one husband one family

It was during Harvey that I got flooded out of my renthouse and found myself at a shelter surrounded by hundreds of desperate people. I had on only my PJ bottoms and tank top without a bra, no shoes. I couldn't take anything from the pile of clothes, I couldn't walk into the bathrooms. I found a desk where they had cellphones to call for... [more]


I have never been wooed. i have never been courted. i don't know why it feels so embarrassing to admit i wish for intimacy, but it feels forbidden, like i'm not meant to experience it.

Coming to an awful conclusion

Has anyone here boy or girl man or woman ever have the sudden revelation that your relationship with your boy or girlfriend is about to come to a sudden halt?
I did. After my girlfriend of three years graduated high school she was about to enter college.She told me she wanted to date other boys and what could I say? I didn't own her. She... [more]

My co-worker and I

I have a strange situation going on with a co-worker. Every time we work together or are in same building, she keeps looking at me and we both catch each other looking at each other. We have direct eye contact and its gotten to a point of confusing me. It started with her always pointing out the obvious, like my haircut, like who I talk to or... [more]

How do you spell relief? DIVORCE.

My wife used to have temper spells and she would say things like I hate your G****** family. She said that once too often and I left her. She begged and cried but I never returned to her.
We had no kids and the mutual property consisted of an apartment of which I only had to pay half the... [more]


So I am struggling. I have been with my wife now for 6 years we have been married 2. At the beginning of our relationship we were very clear about boundaries and what we wanted in life. She seemed perfect from the start and I am slowly feeling that things are changing. What was once okay is now an annoyance, she has become unbelievably clingy... [more]


I hate him that's the way i describe him..
ever since i raised my ankles around his shoulders and allowed him to penetrate me ever so slowly and teasingly ..being divorced for nearly 2 years i had a hard time adjusting to the way men treat women nowadays ..
I knew Jack before i got married ..he had been divorced longer then i ..and was not in... [more]

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