Relationship Confessions


Ok so I have been with my significant other for more than 10 years. Got 2 kids. Well, she is on social media often when she can. A while back, she said she got in contact with a friend. I said cool. But soon, she wouldn't stop talking about him. I admit, I got kinda jealous. And I told her about how I felt. She said like it's not going to meeting... [more]

My affair

I never expected the affair to happen after all this time, but it has, and it has been going well.
Back in 2018 I met a beautiful Chinese girl (I'll call her Mei here) via LinkedIn of all places. She and I were both artists and she was trying to reach out to a fellow artist in the Peninsula (of the Bay Area). We met up in downtown Mountain View... [more]

GF gets excited at motorcycle event

I took my 50 year old girlfriend to a week long bike event. She saw my pictures of previous years of going and wanted to go. I took her and all the way there she said I’m not getting naked or showing my t*** to anyone. I told her once we got there she could show anything she wanted. She said over and over for about 18 hours on the way there that... [more]

Florence Nightingale took care of me

One day on my way home from I was struck from the side, my car was totaled. I was hurt badly, requiring hospitalization and surgery. I spent the following year in and out of hospitals, surgery, and home care. I lost my junior year of high school and I had to repeat.
The driver of the other car was impaired by pills, he died in the crash... [more]

Husband says I'm too fat to f*** - gained 20 pounds in 20 years

My husband and I have had s** only 2-3 times a year for the last 7-10 years. I've asked him why a million times as I'm a very sexual person who needs a LOT more than that. He got drunk one night and said he couldn't bare to look at me because "I ate myself and got so fat these last 10 years". I've gained... [more]

He got a wife even if that wasn't his plan

I was young a foolish and had overspent on credit cards and couldn't keep up the payments and I was two months late on rent when the my car broke down. It was then that I told my boss of my financial situation.
I got a father daughter talk from him, a lecture. I sat without answering, I was angry. I stood to leave his office when he told me... [more]

Still looking, Couple meet play time.

Wife and I tried swinging, if you want. We don't swap, but it's our thing.about 5 years ago ,we we're with 3 other couples ,we just love watching an being watched ,same bed with other couples, along with some girl on girl play while the husband's watch.then join in with our partners, yes the other guy can suck on my wife's [more]

Naked online with girlfriend

We recently started a reddit where we post our nudes anonymously. It has been very fun and has unlocked a different level of s** for us. Now my girl does anything I ask of her whenever I ask it. We love reading the comments and messages together. Over 300k people have seen us naked together and it... [more]

I think I'm falling for my 'cousin'.

(Long rant! Skip to the end for a TL:DR)
I say he's my cousin, but in reality we just share the same last name, and in our culture we can't date people that share the last name as us because everyone is considered 'Family' and those who do are 'tabooing'. I am Hmong.
A few years ago in high-school I've met him, let's call him Sunny, and I... [more]

Partner older

My first man was much older than me but i took it ok and now it's easier for me with those who are older

Girlfriends Dog Licking My Feet While Having S**

Last week after a night out of drinks. We went to my girlfriends apartment because her roommates were out for the weekend. Things got hot and heavy, my girl is super h**** when she’s drunk. She couldn’t wait, she stripped of my clothes and laid on top of me, riding me. I was really into it, until her... [more]

I won.

My sister has always gotten the guys, She is short, cute and stacked, I am short, Cute and flat. Anywhere we ever went guys fawned all over her, I could have worn a free blow jobs sign and they'd push me down in the mud just for a chance to talk to her.
She started dating a guy 10 years ago, they split after a little while and I ran into him, He... [more]

Unsure Fantasy

I am a 40 year old single female and I love to flirt and tease. I have fantasies about being looked at. I wear short skirts to show off my long legs and low cut tops to show cleavage. When I go out to eat (sometimes by myself) I sometimes go without a bra or panties and fantasize about men looking at my [more]

Husband is getting chonky

I didn’t even have to feed him. The greedy little piggy made himself fat. I love jiggling that chubby belly and slapping his growing ass. Can’t wait to see him get fatter.

Family matters, we had babies at the same time with same father

Back in high school a friend of mine and me got involved together with a senior boy and we had s** with him on the same night (a group thing). We never thought much about it, the consequences, and we both ended up pregnant and delivered babies two days apart.
We had to go on remote learning (back... [more]

The most difficult catch

Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes a mistake works out.
I fell into a platonic relationship with a man at work. Bad decision, but I couldn't help myself. Must be a woman thing. After months on the edge he decided to give me a try. I tried, hard. I wanted him to see me as a woman, not a girl at work.
After... [more]

Fat wife

I've always been obsessed with bbw's and gaining weight. My girlfriend, now wife, found pictures on my phone of very fat women. She was about 140 lbs at the time. She cursed me up and down and made me feel like a weirdo. A few years go by and every time I cook I saturate her food in as much butter and calories as possible. She's now 230 lbs. I... [more]


So there’s this fat and disgusting girl that is so in love with me. I was extremely bored and decided to entertain her and now she’s like head over heels in love with me. I used to find it fun but now I’m just repulsed by her. I had no choice but to get sexual with her and she is literally disgusting. Her body genuinely makes me want to [more]

Mom and I 40 Over Years Ago

Mom and I lived alone since my dad left us when I was three. Growing up, mom did the best she could for me and it was pretty good. She'd had a few boyfriends and casual dates over the years, but only one guy lasted longer than six months before they broke up. By the time I was a teen, she'd confide in me about them. In the months leading up to... [more]

An one night stand brought my wife her lesbian partner

I was 28 and married for about a year when I met this girl, Carla, and the chemistry was great and that night I f***** her. I more or less was insistent on it and she fell back and it was her first time. Literally a one time thing, her first and my first time after getting married.
Carla was one... [more]

Where did this come from?

My wife has always been reasonably vanilla in bed, She ha always like places, Positions etc. but never really anything too wild, A little bit of of butt stuff, like a finger or licking but that's all and NEVER another person, EVER. So when she rolled over in bed and said she wanted to have a 3 way I almost had a cardiac arrest.
She said "Ok, Just... [more]

Wife does a birthday strip

My wife and I are 45. On my 45th birthday my wife took me out to dinner and then we went dancing. When the bar closed we were headed home and was passing by a show bar that was still open. She asked why they were allowed to stay open later than other bars. I laughed and said because they don’t serve alcohol. She said what kind of bar doesn’t serve... [more]

I'm in a relationship with a woman going on 12 months

I had a friend in college who was busted selling to minors and they threw the book at him and gave him ten years. He contacted me by mail and wanted me to come to the prison to see him. A friend of mine went on the 300 mile trip with me and we stayed in a motel near the prison. I had the appointment scheduled for the next day.
At the prison... [more]

If I meet a girl I try to figure out how religious they are

If they are real religious I won't date them.

First time with a guy

I'm a 28 year old lesbian that's never been with a guy until 3 weeks ago. this is awkward to confess because I'm also in a serious relationship with my girlfriend that's in the air force & stationed in europe for 6 to 8 months. how it happened. i'm a bartender and i get hit on all the time by guys and girls. since my gf left i've had a few hookups... [more]

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