Relationship Confessions

Kissing husbands & a taste of vag

My husband and I went out to the lake with a couple of friends to relax, drink, and have fun. We did some fishing, a little paddle boating, cooked some food. We stayed overnight in separate cabins. By the late afternoon we were all pretty sloshed, but my friend Cara qualified as certifiably drunk. She came back from peeing and, stumbling along the... [more]

My daughter is stripping

My daughter recently confessed to me that she is stripping. Shes 18. I am devastated. I don't know why, but she thought I'd be supportive. I'm not. I can't think of anything worse than my baby parading herself in front of men, nude, for money. I've always been pretty open minded but not to this. I firmly believe in self respect and working hard... [more]

Otherwise perfect relationship

I met the young woman I'm with almost 2 years ago when we were both newly divorced. She's originally from eastern Europe and she's very attractive and sexy. About nine months ago, she moved in and everything has been amazing except one issue that is causing us conflict. After my divorce, I had gotten a vasectomy and after hers, she had gotten... [more]

I go to two school luncheons

I'm 71 and I attend two monthly luncheons. The classes go from 1958 till 1970. Every year one of us dies. One guy a husky guy I knew in school was 69 and looked the picture of health. He died the next month. He was 69. I may quit going to the luncheons they are very depressing.

Your p**** smells weird

It's why I broke up with you

Not fair

My girlfriend and I just returned from a joint Stag/Stagette party in Vegas, Incase you are wondering...Worst idea EVER, The whole night is just the bride and groom swooning over each other and for some reason a lot of crying. Plus when it's a group stag/stagette you can't really get into anything crazy without involving everyone which is where... [more]

B**** Wife Overreacted

My wife caught me innocently fooling around with her girlfriend. It wasn't like we had s** or anything. We just kissed and I played with her t*** for a few seconds before my wife walked in the kitchen and caught us.
I thought everything was cool. My... [more]

Third wheel

I just found out the the girl i liked since last year is going out with my close friend and I now feel like the third wheel but I can't say anything or the'll think i'm jealous of there love but i'm happy for them. life is tough man

I hate my step daughters

I love my wife deeply she is my everything. She has two kids from a previous relationship their father is no where in the picture. (Bum ass worthless b****) Me and my wife have a son together. I love my son hate the two step daughters. One is 11 and is a lying, disrespectful, manipulating POS. The... [more]

In love with someone I never met

I am a married 40 year old man, but lately I've been noticing all the attractive women in the world and would like to have s** with all of them. I have been looking at Facebook at the profiles of women and found one that I can't stop looking at. She is so beautiful and I want her so bad even though we... [more]

My ex is playing mind games

My ex and I lived together with pets, etc. He has been unhappy for the past few months, not able to sleep, depressed, angry and lashing out. He normally has a temper and is often in a negative mood, but it has increased. He mentioned he’s unhappy in the relationship because he wants more and to have children, but I’ve told him that I can’t move... [more]

Worried about wife's new fashion choices

I've been married to my wife for 3 years. There is a bit of an age difference between us; she is 24 and I'm 45. I look good for my age (fit, decent looks, healthy), but I know that my wife married me for my money. I run a very successful business and I'm very wealthy. Conversely, I admit that I didn't marry her for her mind, but her youth and her... [more]

My first always the best

I want to confess that the only reason I dated an ex-girlfriend of mine was because of her younger daughter Jessica 7 years old. She was a gorgeous little girl lovely blonde hair going halfway down her back she had the most tight firm beautiful little round ass I've ever seen she stood about four foot and she was all lovely shapely legs. She had a... [more]


There is anybody that are in polygamy relationships man or women ? tell me your story

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