Relationship Confessions

She lied, but I still love her

So me and this girl dated for a little while but we both had a lot going on in life and I was too mentally drained for a relationship and she said she felt the same so we planned to stay as just friends for now and get back together in like a month or so. a month later she ignores me in school and already has a new partner and I'm really happy... [more]

Relationship advice

Just looking for plain old advice if anyone wants to read and maybe help;
I’ve been dating my girlfriend for a year now, and next September she’s going to university. Thing is, she has applied for mainly universities that are a long way from me. Like 4/5 of them are pretty much 2-3 hours away, and the one that’s like an hour way is her last... [more]

[Abuse, Rant] Sometimes you have to learn the hard way.

He was pushy. Overprotective. Suffocatingly affectionate. I knew he wasn't good for me, but he was the only person who made me feel wanted. He would listen to me and my problems. He would tell me that everything will be okay, and that he loved me.
I was blinded by love. I didn't notice how he was slowly secluding me, isolating me from my... [more]

My Beautiful Sexy Sister

I have an older sister who is very good looking, with a body I just can not stop thinking about. It started when I was around 17 years old. Now I am 24 and she is 28. i used to go to the beach with her and she used to wear the sexiest bikinis, that hugged her body. I couldn't keep my eyes off her ass. We have partied together and have gotten... [more]

Friendless 15 year old

My whole life ive never had a big group of friends ive always been a one on one person with pretty much everything. ive had probably 2 solid best friends throughout school, im not shy i talk to whoever's around i can start conversations with strangers, people even say "you talk to me like youve known me forever" but i cant hang out with other... [more]

Losing my virginity in a threesome

I met a guy on a gay dating app, we were interested in having s** (my first time) so he asked when we could meet. I told him later on today at his place. He informed me that it’ll be a threesome with his bf and for a virgin, that was a shocker. With every step walking there my heart raced faster and... [more]


Ever since i started using birth control i found myself having an uncontrollable feelings towards s**......
Don't get me wrong i married my high school sweetheart at a young age ..and since then living with his parents in a bigger house i found myself doing things that i would normally do..
i [more]

I foud out 20 years later.

On my wedding night I got carried away and ended up walking back to my room in just my corset, Thong and a smile, We had sneaked into the pool/hot tub with my maid of honor and geared down, We were sneaking back to our rooms with the majority of our clothes in hand and heard voices, Ducked into our room and hid out, We were dripping wet and being... [more]

G******* with a teenager

I was on twitter watching p*** and came across a young girl wanting a g******* and after sending her a message i get a time and date i turned up at the meet and saw there was nearly 20 guys and a skinny 19 year old girl we all stood back as she was... [more]

"Cuckolded and Content" - - a Spanish novel

I'm John, 30 years old; my wife Mary Ann is 26. She's not pretty, a bit chubby, but has enormous b**** of which both of us are very proud; I like her to wear very low-cut blouses to display her generous cleavage, leaving other guys panting with need
On our wedding night, she confessed that she... [more]

Dating a woman with a misbehaved child

I have been with my girlfriend for some time now. She has a 6 year old son that she is overly obsessed with. The affection that she shows him is way too much and it makes me very uncomfortable. She also treats him likes he’s 2 years old.. she even talks to him like a baby…. I’ve recently got onto her about how she needs to stop acting like he’s... [more]

One time thing

What don't you guys understand about a woman saying "This is a one time thing?".
I gave my husband a 3 way on his birthday 5 year ago and he has hassled me about another one every since, My husbands 40th birthday I gave him the one thing he has always wanted and it blew up in my face, I told him the next morning "You better take what you can now... [more]

Wife's best friend

I met my wife's best friend the day before we got married and instantly felt a strong connection with her but I brushed it off clicking with someone is ok right? A couple weeks go by she comes to visit again and I still feel it we get flirty but nothing crossing the line pretty soon she's texting me just random stuff but it gets me thinking she... [more]

20 year anniversary

22 years ago when I was 21 I met my husband, So hot, So sexy, So...Persuasive, I went upstairs with him and we got all hot and sweaty and then his room mate walked in, Camera in hand and video taped me getting atgged for the first time in my life, I swallowed his room mates load and then my husbands while his room mate took a turn [more]

That went better than expected.

After my kids had all gotten to their mid/late teen years my husband and I found ourselves often home alone, I hadn't worked since we started having kids and was needing something to occupy my days so I took a job at a local restaurant/pub deal, and agreed to only work days, A few months ago one of the girls on evening shift called in and I... [more]

Wife lets me wear bra and panties

I recently asked my wife what she would think if I started to wear a bra and panties. It took a few days for her to warm up to the idea but eventually told me she is fine with this. However, she drew the line there and says no women's outerwear and definitely no makeup. I now have a bigger collection of panties than she has. I'm hoping to one... [more]

I have to share a secret attraction...

I'm married to a man that I love, but I'm not in love with him romantically. I have recently been finding myself very attracted to Indian men (from India).
It's turning into somewhat of an obsession and I find myself seeking out conversations with Indian men I meet through my (remote) workplace. I find them very sexy on a physical level; the... [more]

What to do now

I F'd up last night, My girlfriend got trashed and passed out at a friends party and now I am not completely convinced someone didn't slip her something.
She did have a lot to drink but still, She was passed out on the couch and it was just me and 4 friends there, I went to the bathroom and came back and her position on the couch was different... [more]

It took 20 years.

What a weird turn of events, 20 years ago I was dating my wife's best friend N, It was college and we met at a party and started dating, I was at their place and we were going at it, N was on top riding and she was/is a thicc girl, Not fat in any way just a thicc all over girl with MASSIVE b****, I... [more]

I hate my girl friend but can’t break up with her

I can’t stand my gf. I’m not attracted to her anymore. The s** sucks and there’s nothing I like about her but we have a kid together and if we break up I won’t get to see my kid. Idk what to do anymore. She’s not my type and I regret ever meeting her but my kid is my life. I want someone that I can be... [more]

Girlfriend in another country

I have a girlfriend in another country. I'm so in love with her. I plan to go meet her soon. I just dont know how to tell my mother I feel like she wont accept our relationship and disapprove of her. What should I do

I don’t know how to take this

I can’t stand the way my boyfriend reacts to me telling him no for s**. I talked to him in the past about this & I thought we were past this. We have s** all the time but sometimes I’m just not in the mood & if I tell him “not tonight” he goes from being nice... [more]

I love being a single guy and you should too

The great thing about feminism is that it has liberated men from the horrors of marriage and from legal entanglements with toxic women. Making money, spinning plates, a man cave and a few good pets are all a guy really needs. Women have a biological clock and, because of that they need relationships, but men simply don't
The... [more]

Girlfriend has got fat

My girlfriend has got fat, and I really like it. I wanna confess to her that I love how soft she is getting and how sexy her figure is and how I want to see her get bigger. She has gone from about 150lbs to about 220lbs over the last year or so.
I don't know if I am going crazy, but I feel like she knows I like it and is dropping hints about... [more]

So that happened

Last night my wife had a friend over, They were drinking heavily and we ended up having a three way, 21 years of marriage and it finally happened, I am 45, My wife 43 and her friend 44. They went to college together, Went separate directions but always stayed close friends and we would visit her often, My wife was her maid of honor and I got along... [more]

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