Relationship Confessions


It was about 5 years ago and my wife and I starting chatting with another turned me on so much thinking about her f****** another man while I watch. I never thought of myself bi but I want to clean her after. I'm so hard just thinking about it and it will have to stay a fantasy cause wife... [more]

Best B****** Ever

My wife, whom I have loved passionately for almost 20 years, has the smallest. almost nonexistent b****** ever (Good thing I am a fanatic for legs and butts?). However, she has the most sensitive nipples I could possibly imagine. When we were falling in love and making out I would tell her not to... [more]

Guess this serves me right

My GF and me are both 19. Been dating exclusively
(we committed) since high school. Then during the Christmas holidays, I slipped up. I started flirting with one of her older sisters (27) and we wound up hooking up big time. I had already been fantasizing about her HARD and when she let me know she knew how I felt about her (she said I was... [more]

Don't Judge When You Can Love Instead

I frequented massage parlors and s** workers for several years after my wife left me at the age of thirty-two. She just got bored and said it wasn't what she wanted anymore ( code words for "I found another guy."). I wasn't going to be a celibate monk. I had a good career going and sexual needs for... [more]

I cheated

So I had a boyfriend that really loved me, but I felt nothing.
I didn´t want to be with him, but he was really pushy and if i said no i would felt so guilty. So we were dating and i already wanted us to break up. At that time my self-esteem and self-worth were SOO LOW, so i felt that i need to say yes to everyone and everything. He wanted to meet... [more]

Cheating with my best friend’s mom

Gary was one of my friends since 3rd grade. He was kind of a know-it-all that didn’t know-much-at-all.
In the summer he and I were usually the only two around in our neighborhood so we’d be together a lot. Didn’t spend much time at my house but in the evening we watched a lot of TV with his mom. I liked her because she was so sweet.
His... [more]

So much confusion

I don't know if I just convinced my self early on that I was gay or if I am or was or am just confused but I have so many feelings going on that I don't know what to do with them all. I always had it in my mind I was going to save my virginity until I was 18 and I did, But somewhere around 14 I started getting those feelings and started playing... [more]

Back in the day.

My wife's sister is getting married after a loooong time with the same guy, He finally pulled the trigger so me and him were drinking in my garage and I mentioned the "Final fling", He laughed and said "Yeah, Not happeneing" then he looked at me and said "Did you guys?", I chuckled and told him we did and he wanted to hear all about it so I told... [more]

Strange Relationship Works

My ex-wife remarried 16 years ago. I'm a psychologist/counselor who left that career to dabble in real estate and I own eight duplex homes that provide a nice income. I lived in one with the other half empty when a 25 year old fellow rented it. When he didn't pay the 2nd month rent I discovered he was a mess. A quiet guy with no resources, very... [more]

Grow a huge belly

I want a woman who will feed and fatten me up making my belly a huge butterball. I’m 6’2” and weigh 285 now with a decent belly but so desire to have more. Fought the weight battle my whole life and at 60 I say, f*** it. Enjoy, eat, and enjoy more. I’d love to find a woman who appreciates a calm... [more]


I’ve been in a 6 year relationship that’s most definitely had it’s ups and downs. I love my boyfriend very much but we broke up and whilst we temporarily broke up I screwed 2 guys. One of the guys I screwed i am still s******* even though we are now back together. I can’t stop [more]

I have been hiding the secret my ex fiancée and I broke up

My ex fiancée broke up with me last November. Everyone asks why and I always say it's something as simple as we are in different stages of life and try to pass it off as something mutual. In reality it devestated me.
If I tell them we are at different stages of life then all they will do is be supportive and say things will get better without... [more]

My Partners are always said

No matter what I do, no matter how I try. I can never make my wife happy. I give her all she desires and deserves.
When making love her pleasure always comes first. Her family and friends I always put first.
But today I realized she has always been sad in her life. She is like the clown who has a painted on smile, but also painted on... [more]

Wife's new mission.

My wife and I like to venture outside the confines of regular marriage, As in we like to f*** other people, It all started when we were still dating, She was 22 and I was 25, I worked away a lot and gave her permission to sleep with other people and she knew I was doing and just said she didn't want... [more]

My belly bowl boy

My husband is getting fat and I love it! His pants were a size 32 when the year started, and he’s currently a size 38/40 in his waist. His physique has changed so much as his rock hard abs have changed to a belly bowl full of flab. It’s so sexy to watch his body change, and it turns me on. Whenever he complains, I take his belly in my hands and... [more]

Beautiful wife

I am a hard working man married 17 years two kids almost grown mr do right if you will but I have to confess I am totally obsessed with my wife I stay awake late at night to touch her and grope her after she is asleep sometimes she wakes up and says it’s okand I know she loves me and I love her but hear is the problem when I touch her I like to... [more]

I helped him cheat

While away for a 6 month training for work I met a guy and we hooked up after a night of dinking. I didn't know he was married the first time but for the 5 month relationship we have created afterward I did.
I feel honestly disgusted with what I had done, when would I be a person to help a man cheat after I had been cheated on before. It was... [more]

Having Trouble Trusting My Girlfriend

I am 36, she is 33 and we have been in a relationship for almost 10 years.
I have a good relationship with her and her daughter, I won't complain about it.
Well, the point is, I know she is a good mother, I have no doubts about it, from my point of view, she is not as good as a lover as she could, and that is something I don't like.
Some things... [more]

Planning my move

I've been married 6 months and it's been a big mistake. I now realize my husband is intellectually not up to my standards, his parents suck, and he's been off work for a so-called "back problem" basically since shortly after we married. His disability company is on again/off again with his benefits because they don't even think he's disabled most... [more]

Those into Feedism & fattening of your spouse, how did you meet?

I would absolutely love to be into a feedism, or feeder/feedee relationship with a woman who'd fatten me up massively, maybe 500lbs or possibly immobile. But, I've had a difficult time finding potential partners who'd be into this.
So, I pose this question; women who enjoy or even love fattening up your husbands or boyfriends, how did you meet?... [more]

Want to start over in life, have a fresh start with a loving wife

I wish I could just move and be set up for life in a different place, like how several other people have done. There's not much left here for me anyway, and most of my original, biological, core immediate family is gone.
I want to live a quiet simple life, maybe get fat, change myself and have a house with some loving woman, and not have to... [more]

Step father

My mom made me and my twin brother move in with her boyfriend knowing we don’t like him. Me and my brother told ourselves that we only have to deal with him for 4yrs until we go to college. Well those were the longest 4yrs of my life. My son of a b**** step dad would yell and accuse my brother and I... [more]

Oh the tangled web we weave

I have been dating one of my friends ex's (T) for a while, Out of respect I asked him, He consented to it and told us it was fine. We have had a few up's and downs but a week ago we were at a party and I went into the bathroom, My GF's cousin (C) was sitting on the side of the tub looking sad, I asked if she was ok and she said "No", I sat beside... [more]

My sister's brake up s**

Im 28 and my sister is 23 she was dating the same guy for 3 years now she called me 3 weeks ago and told me that her boyfriend had broke up with her and begged me to come over to keep he company i went to he house i nocked on the door she opened the door in her underwear she looked so sexy she is 95 lbs c cup [more]

My First Holy Communion at 15 and dressed as a 7 year old

When i made my First Holy Communion at 15,i was in the class with the 2nd graders[7 year olds] and my Great Aunt and my parents dressed me like the little girls in my class! They had me wear a short sleeve,poofy,above the knees,communion dress with the matching veil,white lace anklets,white mary jane shoes and white gloves.Under my dress,Great... [more]

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