Relationship Confessions

Vendetta to my Enemies by Marcel Shihadeh

Dear Enemy,
I will never apologize for psychologically affecting when I had got you knock up then to ghost you. I truly never care about you or your feelings. You was just my fetish because I never been with a mixed woman. I was only attracted to your Black and Hispanic features sexually. I never wanted anything serious with you. I never even... [more]

Playing Chess with Marcel Shihadeh

Ahh…bonjour bonne journeé….faire comme écriture français quand même….échec te mat nique ta mére 😂😂 F*** that s*** I will write this confession in English for everyone! Life is grand! I’m about to become a dad to the woman who I love that y’all hoes... [more]

Today was Interesting

Well my now ex and I broke up today and I'm really messed up in the head over it cause of all that has happened I'm just learing that she send nudes and s*** to my friends and everything I have been really sad about this and m losing alot grip on life and now people are sending me death treats

Do go for extra maritial affairs

I am 28 years old guy having extra maritial relationship with a 22 years widow.but now she is pregnent and she refused to abostion forcing me to marry her.but i have wife and 2 years old child.she intimedite me to elope her.what should i do now

Do mistakes when you get benfite

I am 28 years old guy having extra maritial relationship with a 24 years old she is pregnant and she refused to abortion. But i am married and i have 2 years old child.but she forced me to marry her but i refused.2 months later our relationship exposed my wife take divroce from me.later we both are married.Now my wife's sister is having... [more]

Submissive Success Story

I am forty. He is sixty-six. I am a failure at just about everything I tried in life, including my relationships with men, including two divorces. He is successful and dynamic, a psychologist (retired), and a man who knows what he wants in life. I have been his live-in mistress for nearly two years and am deliriously happy and fulfilled. He is a... [more]

I had to kick is cheating a** out

My ex and I were going through a rough patch, we didn’t really argue, but we are also really weren’t involved in each other’s life lives. The vibe at home got so wired that I camped out at my mom’s apartment for few months. During those months I noticed on his Facebook that the same girl likes his posts always. Fast forward to the week of his... [more]

I was so depressed after being rejected by everyone

I cut myself i carved swastikas into my legs its a weird feeling knowing when you will die i pray the incel rebellion happens before i rope

Wife lost weight and I hate it

I’ve always likes fatter women, not chubby, not SSBBW, but the middle road BBW. When I first started dating my wife she was about 230lbs, 5’3”, and nicely fat with big b****. We talked openly about such things and she was very happy and excited to finally be with someone who liked her fat. She had... [more]

I can't find a girlfriend

I can't find a good girlfriend and that frustrates me quite a lot. I consider myself to be quite smart and even witty, with many interests, with a normal height but sporty and sociable. Yet, in real life I just meet girls that already have someone. On tinder and the likes I only match with girls that are obese or so. Nothing against them, but why... [more]


My husband and I have been looking to "Spice up" our marriage lately and while away on a business trip that I had the opportunity to bring him with which usually doesn't happen we took a big step.
We had the kids with my parents and we went together on a 4 day trip, Long story short we ended up in a club with a colleauge of mine that I meet 6-7... [more]

I hate my wife for hitting my kids

Why the f*** does my wife have to hit my son with a stick for things he wishes to be. I don’t know why and how a mother can hit kids. I keep telling her. Hitting is for the lowest class of people. But she doesn’t get it. Today he dragged him into the room and locked the room from inside. So I won’t... [more]

I want my girlfriend to sleep with other guys how should I tell h

I want to confess that I've been dating this girl for 4 years and she's cheated on me a couple times and everytime I think about it I like it and want her to keep f****** and having s** with other guys instead of me and cuck me and let me watch... [more]


I was married to a stupid freaking white woman for 5 years. For a long time in our relationship she begged and bugged me to have a child with her. I never told her that i had a vasectomy before we had met. I had 3 kids with another woman (black) and did not want anymore. I told her that we did not need kids. I had 3 she had 2. So about 2 years ago... [more]

The Older Gaing of America

I know that you hear all of these stories about younger guys going gay. The truth is the gaying of America is taking place in the older male population just as much if maybe not more.
I’ve been divorced for twenty years and I never had much of an attraction toward other males. To me that wasn’t at all appealing. Now my friend Dave, also in his... [more]


I'm an older man whose wife walked out over 10 month ago now i know from life getting back together would be hard but few months ago i hired a cleaning lady over 20 years younger than me and single mum 2 boys now in there 20tys well we become friends and chat have coffee when she Finnish work well was talking to her yesterday and told her about a... [more]


I was too young for a boyfriend and got to know my stepdad at the same time. Hitting puberty you find the world has more to offer. Mom was not around much and my new father helped erase her absensce. So we were best friends and tight. I got my first kiss at 13. Around 14 of 15 we started having regular intercourse. 8 years later we are still... [more]

Can't stop myself

I can't stop sleeping around im 26 and been married for 3 years and a stepmum to a 15 year old lad my husband knew i had a high s** drive and loved it but what he doesn't know is that i go out looking for guy's i dress up slutty to get there attention and let them [more]

Ash Costello is an abuser

Ash Costello, the lead singer of the band New Year's Day, is currently involved in a court case. She's being charged with domestic abuse and has an active restraining order filed against her. Every time someone tries to call her out on twitter she asks her 50k followers a question so that the answers will drown out any of the negative posts... [more]

Not experienced

I’m a 48 year old mother of 3 who recently after 20 plus years of marriage got divorced I found someone and we have been together now for over 4 years great man loving dad good to me like no one has ever been to me but here comes the but he has been with more women I was married to one person for over 20 years he’s sexual experience is far more... [more]

My wife and I have Princess Days in which I am her servant

My wife and I have an equal relationship but of course that sometimes leads to arguments and one of the main things we argue about is the weekends and how much work we need to do around the house. She always wants more done than I think is reasonable. So after many of these arguments we sat down to resolve it and I said that if we could somehow... [more]

What do you think about this?

My daughter didn't do much with her grandmother at all. She wouldn't call her or visit her
But when she found out that her Grandmother had Cancer, she asked her Grandmother for her share of her inheritance money, because she wanted to get married.
She didn't do anything for her Grandmother when her Grandmother needed help, but she felt she... [more]

My rapist is marrying my ex-BF and she wants me to attend

I was raped in August of 2019 by my (at the time) best friend's boyfriend. He told her I came onto him and made him cheat on her, and when I told her the truth, she believed him. Every time I see them together it hurts because I know what he is, and I don't want her to support someone like that. We have tried to reconnect several times, but she... [more]

What should I try to do with my new "neighbour"

I'm posting here just to get an anonymous opinion. A girl I am close friends with and I are going to the same university next year, and both moving into accommodation although not the same rooms or anything.
I do want to be more than friends and was thinking the fact we are now going to be neighbours might help that case a bit, but now that I... [more]

Not my soulmate!

We habe been married for 23 yrs. My wife has lied and went to the police for an order of protection. This is a small town and they all believe her when thete is no proof. I've never raised a hand to any woman. This time she abandoned me and the house and left in the middle of the night. Long story short. She's planned this for a while since she's... [more]

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