Relationship Confessions

I’m having incredible s** with my enormously fat coworker.

First of all I’m an in shape guy 6’1” 190lbs, athletic and active, I’ve been told that I’m good looking by a lot of women. I’ve always been attracted to thin athletic women who take care of their bodies and work hard at staying in shape. But lately I’ve had some disturbing personal interaction with this obese woman at work. There is a woman that... [more]

Grown son sleeps NUDE

My 20 year old athletic son came back home to live with me in our two bedroom townhome after I divorced. He always sleeps in the nude. The problem, he leaves his bedroom door open and I have to go past it to the bathroom. Sometimes I see him "sleeping" on his back with a magnificient erection. I am a young 39 and have had no [more]

Turned on By Wife Kissing

I was at a Xmas Party last night. My partner is a tease & a very attractive woman for her 52 years of age. Toward the end of the night, as a bit of a joke she sat on this young guy's lap and they had a Xmas kiss. It was a real passion kiss and he groped her ass. I found myself turned on by this, is this normal?

I cheat on my husband and I don't care what you think

I have cheated on my husband numerous times since we got married three years ago. I'm not even certain our child is his. My husband is a gentle, caring man and he keeps me grounded. But I have this desire for excitement and danger I can't seem to ignore. I sort of blame men because every one knew I was married and that never slowed them down a... [more]

Slept with my father in law

My father in law caught me at a weak moment. I let him massage my shoulders when I was stressed out and it felt so good I let him massage the rest of my body not thinking he would try anything. I was wrong about him not trying anything and because I missed the intimacy from my husband who is away in the military, I gave into my father in laws... [more]

My wife likes to wear revealing clothes

Whenever my wife and I got out she wears the most revealing clothes she can find. If we go out to bars she gets so much attention from other men. It really bothers me but she says it makes her feel sexy knowing other men find her attractive. She constantly flirts back with guys that hit on her even if I am there with her. Last weekend we went to a... [more]

I was made to cross dress.

I have been married for eight years, but for the last two years my wife has made me change. Her not being as sexually active as I would like, unlike me who always seemed to be aroused. I was always aroused and like most men eager to get it on. However my wife had become growingly tired of this and my seemingly endless small erections. She had... [more]

A nice weekend

My husband is going on an out-of-state hunting trip this weekend, so I'm on my way to take the kids to my sister's house. I've invited my boyfriend to come spend the weekend with me alone at my house. My sister knows about the boyfriend and she'll keep my secrets. I'm so ready for this quality-time with my lover that I'm sitting here dripping... [more]

Thinking About Kicking My Boyfriend In The Balls

I am not a violent person. I have never even been in a fight in my twenty years of living, but I'm so mad at my j*** boyfriend I'm thinking of kicking him in the b**** to teach him a lesson. I'm tired of trying to reason with him or of trying to talk... [more]

I was turned into a sissy by wife

I married my wife, she was 18 and I was 20. We were married only one year then I noticed I was growing b**** and my skin was getting soft, hair on my body was light as I'm a blonde,my ass was getting bigger while hips were getting wide and I noticed I had curvey body like my wife. I asked if could... [more]

My husband is getting fat

My husband is getting fat. He used to be slim and in shape, and now, he looks like a butterball. When we were dating, he was 170 pounds. He stepped on the scale the other day and he has gained 50 pounds!
The problem is I feel guilty watching him fatten up and liking it. I feed him well, he likes to snack and his fat belly and mushy chest are a... [more]

My boyfriend hits me and i like it

I ve been with this guy for a few months, for me he is the perfect man , he is, cute, smart brillant and very funny ,and many girls would die for him, he has nice cars and he is so rich but anyways it is not for his money that am dating him i have money too, we are in love,he is 18 and am 17 . he would never cheat on me or anyting, he always says... [more]

Wife finally agreed

After years of trying to persuade my wife of 20 years to let another man f*** her,she finally agreed and now I can't stop thinking she enjoyed it too much. I arranged for a friend of mine who Beth my my wife knew vaguely to come to our house,I had explained to him what I had in... [more]

Had a baby with my son's friend

When I was 39, I felt strong urges coming on to have another child before it was too late. I had 3 children already at that time, and my husband was not very keen to add to the family. Plus, his drive had diminished.
My eldest had a good friend, who had basically grown up half in our house. A tall, very attractive teenager, he was popular with... [more]

Full Weight Sitting on Stomach

For those who want to sit full weight on stomach share your experience.

A mom and son love to much

My wife has a 15 year old son and he seems to be getting a h****** every time he's near his mom. now she had him when she was 16 years old herself and sometimes they seem to be more like boy friend and girl friend than mom and son. I started to wonder if something was going on when I was at work... [more]

I think i'm falling in love with my friend's wife

Over the last three years, my s** life with my wife has become pretty intense. we are close with another couple and over the time we've known each other, we've really done some strange things. What started off one night as skinny dipping in our underwear has led to such things as strip poker, real... [more]

OMG I just lost a bet and you will not believe what I have to do

My GF and I had a bet on the game btw the Heat and Thunder. She took the Heat, and I lost. We usually bet on something sexual, and give a choice of 3 things sexually the person would have to do, and pick one. Mine were tame, a hand job, she goes bra less all weekend, or doggy style. Well She had wrote down hers on three pieces of paper. I turn... [more]

Cheating wife

I have barely been married a year and have already cheated on my husband. He is my best friend and I do love him, he just can't satisfy me sexually. The person I cheated with is an ex and well hung as well as very talented in the bedroom. My confession is that I do not feel guilty. Is it wrong to feel that my husband should take more interest in... [more]

Husband found out about my sexual past

I don't know what to do. I've been married for eight and a half years and I have two beautiful kids. My marriage is not great but it hasn't been that bad either.
A few days ago, my husband found a piece of paper related to my sexual past. It affected him very much because he didn't really know much about it. He has been depressed and we really... [more]

I cant stop having s** with my boyfriends best friend

My boyfriends best friend is obnoxious but attractive, the three of us were very drunk and things were getting sexual. His friend was becoming very flirty with me and I was flirting back. He asked to see my b**** and my boyfriend encouraged it, so I did it...His friend got hard almost immediately, I... [more]

My brother in law

I have been married for 40 years and sucking my brother in laws fat c*** for most of that time. It all started one night after he and I ran into an old college buddy of mine. Jeff and I shared a dorm room through college and we got into sucking each other off instead of chasing the girls it was... [more]

Black guys wants baby with white girl

I am 46 with 2 graduate degrees.I have been married and divorced 3 times.I have a girlfriend now and we have 2 young kids.I also have two older ones from a previous marriage whom I raised as a single parent.All those relationships have been with black women.
My current relationship is dull and shakey.For a while now,I have been longing to have... [more]

I've been pooping in my girlfriend's food

I have a p*** fetish and for months now I've been slipping bits of my p*** into the food I cook for my girlfriend. She hasn't suspected a thing yet, and I don't plan on ever stopping.

My girlfriend cheated on me with her ex and lied about it

I been with this girl for almost two years and we did talk about getting married also. I loved her and she always said she loved me too. She started getting phone calls from her ex and walk outside to talk to him. When she came back she deleted the number. So i watched for a week doing that almost every day. Until I went online and checked and... [more]

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