Religion Confessions

Tired of religion

I'm so tired of religion. Some days i want to believe it all, others i want to be Christian again, and others- i don't want to believe in any of it. How the f*** are you supposed to know which religion is right anyway? What if you are praying to a false God, and never knew it. So then you never had a... [more]

I worship Satan

I'm 29 and married. We go to a local community church called Unity. I have two small children (5 and 3).
My husband's away for business a fair amount (he's a software consultant), and when he's gone, I wait for the children to go to sleep, light a black candle I bought at Walmart, and then worship Satan. I tell him to come into my heart, that I... [more]

To the Satanists and Wiccans here

You just traded one brand of nonsense for another. Satanism and Wiccanism is more fun the Christianity or Judaism or Islam etc but the end result is the same. When you die the party's over. Nothing awaits you on the other side because there is no other side.

Comparing Jehovah Witnesses to Mormons

Both religions are cults and you would have to be mentally challenged in the IQ department to get involved with either of these weird faiths but if I was forced to associate myself with one or the other I would pick the Mormon religion.
Mormons unlike the JW'S fight for their country. They stress education and build and maintain fine schools... [more]

I got a thang for this preacher

Hes on fire for god and i'm on fire for him his name is pastor lee i meet him in georgia

Does anyone here believe in Genesis?

Jehovah Witnesses take that fairy tale seriously as do some fundamentalist religions and Islam. I think it's hogwash and anyone stupid enough to believe in that tale is a mental midget.

The Genesis fairytale

Science has disproved Genesis and other stories in the bible but let's assume the garden of Eden story really happened.
Ok, we got two humans a man and a woman that God himself says does not know right from wrong. Everything is cool except that a tree hanging with fruit is forbidden to them. God says they can't eat this fruit.
OK, God is... [more]

I dropped my Mormon friend after I told him his religion was nons

My ex Mormon friend was dating a girl and she was planning to join the church and then they were going to marry. She was 23 years old and one day she told him she had lost her virginity. He was shocked and he told her the marriage was off.
This p***** me off at him and when I saw him again I... [more]

Handmaids tale is the way religion really is

I read the book "Handmaids Tale" and it is a story about what would happen if Fundamentalist Christians were in absolute power and if there was a scarcity of fertile women.
Nothing about the book is inaccurate. Hangings for trying to run away. Having s** with someone besides the person they told... [more]

I'm agnostic but I don't know how my family will react

I'm agnostic. If you don't know what that means, I'm basically saying that I'm not religious nor am I an atheist. I know my family is supportive but I don't know how they'll react. When I came out as bisexual they basically wrote it off as "hormones clouding my judgment" and I worry that if I tell them I'm agnostic they'll write that off as... [more]

I'm a satanist

I'm a satanist and I don't care what any of you Christian ass holes have to say. I love my father Satan Lucifer and always will so f*** you all and have a nice day.

All that truly matters

I was in the dark for so long. Just living on autopilot. Letting people see what they want to see. They think they know me but they don't. Nobody knows me. I don't even know If I do. All the faces look the same to me. All the voices are faint buzzing sounds. Everything blurs together. Nothings matters. I just sit there. But where am I? I'm fading... [more]

Don't want to wake up the bee-buzz

Either way I don't want to wake up with you troublesome bee -buzz. someone please help me from her lies.


Abortion is okay. It should be legal. If it can't survive outside of the mom yet, (12 weeks or before) why can't it be the women's choice?

Jehovah Witnesses and resurrection

Ok folks here's some more nonsense from the JW'S. They claim that the body has no soul. They claim the body itself is a soul. They claim that since DNA from the dead decayed body is what god will use as a sort of template for recovering the human body and restoring you to youthful good health.
Here's the problem with that. Using DNA to... [more]

Sir Anthony Flue and deism

Anthony Flue is a philosopher and he was once an atheist but after observing the complexity of a living cell he came to the conclusion that this could not have come about by chance and that there had to be a creator.
So did he join the church? No he did not. He feels that there is no afterlife and that the god he believes in left after our... [more]

More nonsense from the Jehovah witnesses

I was at my doctor's office in the waiting room when I saw a Jehovah Witness tract and having nothing better to do I flipped through it.
These people claim that Christ was not crucified on a cross but apparently they believe he was nailed to a torture stake. An upright pole. I got a question. Where did these people get that idea? The bible... [more]

True God


I am a Theistic Satanist

I worship only ONE God--SATAN! I committed myself to Him when I was 11 years old and have never regretted it! I reject all other so-called "gods," especially the christian jehovah and jesus. Only Satan is truly God!

I hate Islam

I don't necessarily hate individual Muslims as some of the nicest people I;ve ever had the pleasure to meet come from Pakistan but overall the religion itself is vile, violent and they marry little girls under ten.
Islam has no place in a free society with laws that protect the rights of all peoples. There is no reason for Muslims to be in... [more]


Help dear jesus

Jehovah Witness at my fathers door

I was visiting my father in his front yard when a young man approached him. The young man said he wanted to talk with my Dad about his religion which he described as a peace-loving faith.
My father said well that's good what denomination? The young man replied Jehovah Witness. My father said well you can forget it.
The young man asked my... [more]

Its said that an atheist thats near death turns to god

I'm struggling with the problems that come with old age and being old and alone. I'll soon be in a assisted living home and I'll have to sell my house I guess go there to die. Not that I'm deathly ill but I am old and who knows? Many of my friends some of whom were younger than I am have passed away.
So how do I feel after a lifetime of... [more]


Is f****** ATTRACTIVE. I'm going to Bipole your a$$hole till my d$$$ looks like a f****** melted cherry freezie pop

I f****** HATE Islam and it's followers

Islam is the most vile, disgusting, barbaric cult masquerading as a "religion" in the world, and Muslims are the most hateful, violent, bigoted savages to ever walk the earth.
If you cannot accept the fact that men, women, LGBT+ people, and non-Muslims are equal in Western society, then you need to go back to your barbaric Third-World Muslim... [more]

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