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I am a 14 Year old girl and i have seen ghosts and shadow people with my best friend.I am an Empath to so is my best friend we have amazing powers.We cam to an conclusion that we're bonded each person who gets a power the other one does to we can basically read ours and other peoples mind we can manipulate people to.Both your families are... [more]

I f****** HATE Islam and it's followers

Islam is the most vile, disgusting, barbaric cult masquerading as a "religion" in the world, and Muslims are the most hateful, violent, bigoted savages to ever walk the earth.
If you cannot accept the fact that men, women, LGBT+ people, and non-Muslims are equal in Western society, then you need to go back to your barbaric Third-World Muslim... [more]

I worship Satan

I'm 29 and married. We go to a local community church called Unity. I have two small children (5 and 3).
My husband's away for business a fair amount (he's a software consultant), and when he's gone, I wait for the children to go to sleep, light a black candle I bought at Walmart, and then worship Satan. I tell him to come into my heart, that I... [more]

I dropped my Mormon friend after I told him his religion was nons

My ex Mormon friend was dating a girl and she was planning to join the church and then they were going to marry. She was 23 years old and one day she told him she had lost her virginity. He was shocked and he told her the marriage was off.
This p***** me off at him and when I saw him again I... [more]


I have this idea... what do you think..
God is all knowing and perfect. God knows himself hence has an idea of himself. His idea of himself is perfect and exactly like himself in everything. So if God can exist on its own so his idea of himself can exist on its own, so even if God will think of other things, his idea of himself will not cease... [more]

Sometimes I feel sorry for unsaved people

Once in awhile I feel sorry for unsaved people who don't know Jesus. I know they are going to h***, for sure, and it's on them. But, I wish I could remove the stupidity from their minds or beat it out of them so they could become smart enough see the truth that could set their sorry lives free. But... [more]

Everyone's Going to Hate Me

I am Catholic.
And I can honestly say that I do not support gay marriage.
People are going to hate me.
But I'm confident.
Why, you might ask?
In the Bible, God said that marriage is between a man and a woman.
You've heard of Adam and Eve? And He told them to be fruitful and multiply?
Can you do that when you're married to someone of your... [more]


Now if your christian and about to scroll down just listen to what I have to say. God is Fake. Think about it, there is just way too much evidence to support the fact that he doesnt exist. For starters, are you really going to belive in a book written in desert scribblings and wrote by primitive tribesmen? Yes you will want to. Everybody wants to... [more]

I hate religion

I honestly and seriously hate religion. Not any particular kind, just all of it. It's pointless and ends up hurting more people than it helps. I can't go inside religious places anymore. I nearly throw up when people start talking about God's love or s*** like that. I don't care if you have fun with... [more]

True God


Sexual Immorality

I confess to my sin of viewing lesbian p*** and masturbating. Please Lord forgive me. Please fellow Christians pray for me. I don't want this evil to prevent me from growing closer to God. Please pray for me and help me stop.

mohammed in the ass

I am in the works of producing a homosexual pornographic film featuring mohammed, prophet of the muslim faith, being willfully sodomized repeatedly by gay men portraying jesus christ, zeus, vishnu, odin, jehova, and anyone else who wants to anally rape the prophet of the muslim bullshit faith! Suck it you sand [more]

I've been a little harsh

In past confessions against religious ppl my bad. From my perspective nature is way more amazing and complicated than anything any religion has ever made up. If u let urself be free to not know everything ur gaze on ur own and everyone else's existence widens greatly. U understand how delicate and interconnected we are with everyone and everything... [more]

My life.

My step mom Shelly told me that as a christian that being a lesbian is wrong. I'm 17 and the church means everything to me. I'm in the choir, youth group and do regular bible studies. But Shelly believes that me being a lesbian is harmful and sinful. Her daughter Amy agrees with her. In fact the rest of the family including her husband, David... [more]

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