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My mother died thinking she was going to Heaven Thts good

I on the other hand don't believe in life after death. I believe in annilation. You die and go nowhere. I'm glad mother thought she was going to Heaven though and I envy her. I sure miss the fine old lady.

Jesus isn't coming back

Spoiler. Revelations is a book of myths. Nothing like tht will ever happen. There is no life beyond this one.

Why does God get credit for things humans do?

I have athma and I take meds to ease the symptoms and prevent a full scale attack of this horrible disease. The meds usually work. Without these human invented medicines I would either be dead or in misery.
God if he is real could cure the disease entirely but he doesn't. Human invention and science are responsible for all of my treatments... [more]

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Seven Jehovah Witnesses shot down in Germany

I'm no fan of this stinking cult but they do have the right to live and pretend they worship God with their silly little beliefs and rituals. God throws up in his mouth when these people pray but perhaps he will have pity on them. I hope so.

The temptation to be sure of gods secret room

I have become increasingly aware that my love for satan is more than love for god The top guy. Five times greater is the satan only. God sucks and is not even worth the effort anymore

Science is responsible for all of mankinds comforts

Unlike God religion exists.

Stopped believing in Science.

After I went back to Jesus... I realized math and equations were useful. But science became meaningless. It's like it doesn't exist for me and I love it. I also realize too that a lot of evil people aren't just going to perish.. They will never be remembered... That actually gives me a lot of joy.

Sick and tired of having to go to church.

Don't get me wrong. I do believe in God, the devil (freaking j***), Heaven and H***. But, I'm just sick and tired of having to go to church every Sunday. Truth is, I've had it with going to church. I mean why, exactly, does a person need to go to church... [more]

If there is one good thing about being a Jehovah Witness I'd like

Theres nothing good about the Jehovah Witnesses so called. I don't hate the members but I hate the religion itself. They don't serve in the military. They don't get a education. They have the gall to say their religion is the one and only true faith in the world. If that were true I'd have to reconsider worshiping a God that had such... [more]

Whats your version of Heavin?

I kind of agree that Heaven is full of sexual activity like the Muslims say it is. You get a number of virgins when you die.
Me I'd prefer a harem of s****. Me and some friends could have an orgy on the floor and do s** in all positions.
Maybe not... [more]

Is the planet earth Gods biggest creation?

It doesn't look like it. Maybe thats why God doesn't answer prayers. He's off tending to something else.

Nun sexuality

I was going to Catholic school and on the playground this girl about seven was sitting on a bench with her legs wide open, underwear very visilbe. A Nun who was a teacher saw this and went over there and told the girl to sit more discretely. She then came over to me in a huff accusing me of looking at the girl.
I had not been looking at the... [more]


In the late 1980s, I had experienced a new birth as a Christian. I was young and naive, but I had this epiphany to pray for the adversary in order to restore harmony to the heavens. After repeating that prayer for many years, I realized that everything and everyone I had ever prayed for had either been destroyed, had passed away, or had met an... [more]


I used to lie during confession... It's true that having a clear conscience indicates poor memory recall, but I never could think of any sins to confess, honestly. So instead of being at a loss for words, I just made up various stories of debauchery and deceit. One time I saw the priest gazing out at me as I exited the confessional, sporting a... [more]

One sunday I was watching cartoons and my mother wanted me to go

I was ten years old and she asked me which I considered more important, going to church or watching cartoons. I forget what I said. What I wanted to say is cartoons because God didn't exist.
I am a chronic asthmatic with other handicaps and while developing these problems I tried to turn to God. Nothing happened.
I'll take cartoons... [more]

I'm so sick right now I may die

My mother pased away two years ago and a few years before she did she said that she believed in life after death and that she was going to be with God and Jesus and all of her friends and relatives who had gone before her. She chastized me for not being a believer like she was. during this one sided conversation I said nothing. She was in her... [more]


I neglected to share my faith recently

Vatican truth

There are several hidden rooms within the Vatican of which I have served, one large room hidden deep beneath Basilica of Saint Peter is known to a select few as culto della visione (the worship of viewing), here in this room secret meetings and gatherings take place where kidnapped people from around the world are stripped and tied to a long... [more]

My mistake

I want to tell you about the time about the time I had s** with my 1st cousin and sister in church. I am sarah 22 years old . last year when everyone from our home went on vacation, the only ones at home were my sister and cousin John. so after partying all night we went to church in the early morning at... [more]

It might be wose for Muslims to autopsy a body before they behead

A nine year old girl in Saudi Arabia was beaten to death by someone. The authorities arrested her step mother and she was beheaded. Perhaps they should have waited until after the autopsy was over. The child had s**** n her organs which means a man raped her then beat her to death. I mean unless... [more]

I hate God for killing and destruction and death.

What were Gods first intentions for his creation if nobody ever sinned with the freedom God created them with? Would there be no killing or Death or destruction? How would the earth be if Adem and Eve never sinned, or would there be an Earth at all?

I’m a Baptist Pastor but…

… I’m dabbling in satanism. Everything about it is wrong and dark, but it makes me so hard when I do. I can’t bring myself to renounce my faith, but I know boundaries are blurring. If I got away, got drunk, maybe high … I’m fairly certain I’d give over completely.

I was in a religious chat room some years ago

A Baptist minister was in there telling everyone how important it was to read the bible every day. I decided to play a joke on him.
I'm not a Mormon but I said in the chat room that you should also read The Book of Mormon. The minister said "Oh no you shouldn't. I then told this room that Saint Joseph Smith became a creatoer God himself... [more]

I am ready to launch up

Going up being high up is what I live for whatever however I can because being down or just losing altitude is the worse thing, I can not get any lift its a downward spiral into a dim dark place. So hard to turn a frown upside down and make it a smile. Its a lonely place All alone stuck on a mouse glue trap inside a snake den. The phrase is to be... [more]

Why obey a God you can't see?

As an Atheist I actually do obey some of the biblical laws. I haven't killed anybody and I'm not a thief but I refrain from those things not because of some vague afterlife punishment but because I don't want to hurt anybody.
God doesn't want us to have s** outside marriage but that injunction I do... [more]

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