Religion Confessions

My mistake

I want to tell you about the time about the time I had s** with my 1st cousin and sister in church. I am sarah 22 years old . last year when everyone from our home went on vacation, the only ones at home were my sister and cousin John. so after partying all night we went to church in the early morning at... [more]

It might be wose for Muslims to autopsy a body before they behead

A nine year old girl in Saudi Arabia was beaten to death by someone. The authorities arrested her step mother and she was beheaded. Perhaps they should have waited until after the autopsy was over. The child had s**** n her organs which means a man raped her then beat her to death. I mean unless... [more]

I hate God for killing and destruction and death.

What were Gods first intentions for his creation if nobody ever sinned with the freedom God created them with? Would there be no killing or Death or destruction? How would the earth be if Adem and Eve never sinned, or would there be an Earth at all?

I’m a Baptist Pastor but…

… I’m dabbling in satanism. Everything about it is wrong and dark, but it makes me so hard when I do. I can’t bring myself to renounce my faith, but I know boundaries are blurring. If I got away, got drunk, maybe high … I’m fairly certain I’d give over completely.

I was in a religious chat room some years ago

A Baptist minister was in there telling everyone how important it was to read the bible every day. I decided to play a joke on him.
I'm not a Mormon but I said in the chat room that you should also read The Book of Mormon. The minister said "Oh no you shouldn't. I then told this room that Saint Joseph Smith became a creatoer God himself... [more]

I am ready to launch up

Going up being high up is what I live for whatever however I can because being down or just losing altitude is the worse thing, I can not get any lift its a downward spiral into a dim dark place. So hard to turn a frown upside down and make it a smile. Its a lonely place All alone stuck on a mouse glue trap inside a snake den. The phrase is to be... [more]

The civilized way to dispose of an unwanted Book of Mormon

Go to the county library and leave it there. No need to destroy the book. Burning it is like something a N*** would do.

Why obey a God you can't see?

As an Atheist I actually do obey some of the biblical laws. I haven't killed anybody and I'm not a thief but I refrain from those things not because of some vague afterlife punishment but because I don't want to hurt anybody.
God doesn't want us to have s** outside marriage but that injunction I do... [more]

Does the bible actually say you can't lie?

One of the ten commandments says "Thou shalt not bear witness against thy neighbor" OK while you can't lie about your neighbor can you ie about other things? The bible doesn't say you can't. You just aren't supposed to lie about your fellow man.

I am god

Not sure why I keep this whole universe thing running, but you better pray to me right now for keeping you alive mfers

The failure of Jesus Christ and his father

If you've ever prayed for something worthwhile and the prayer wasn't answered there a reason for that. No one was listening. Quit your faith in some invisible man who lives in the sky and believe in your self and your fellow man. Its not perfect but thats all there is. Good luck.

Religious believers need to keep their garbage to themsleves

Atheists don't have time for you. On the rare occasion we debate believers we win or part ways with no one winning the argument. So if you believe in some sky man keep it to yourselves because we atheists are interested.

I hate going to church.

I used to go to a church where the preacher freaked out over me getting a staff infection and went behind my back and spoke to a few about my problem and had this lady at our church to call not because they were concerned, but because that gave her the opportunity to let me and my family members know that the preacher would not allow us to come... [more]

I love Satan

I love Satan I desire to follow Satan and let Satan lead guide and direct my paths
Satan is God Satan is my God and I want to please Satan
Satan is Lord my Lord and my Saviour and that is who I really and truly believe that I belong to
I want the mark of the beast as well and I make h*** my home... [more]

The James Webb telescope shows the creation of our universe.

God is nowhere to be seen. The big bang clearly visible and the formation of stars and other masses of energy and matter clearly visible but no God anywhere. Spoiler. When you pray no ones listening.

The James shows the creation of the Universe and I don't see God

OK the James Webb telescope goes all the way back to the creation of the Universe and the creation of stars, galaxys and planets. Nowhere can a God be seen ?? This pretty much verifies atheism is true.

God ignores the prayer of the Muslim

There is only a void after death for Muslims. No paradise. They only die and go nowhere.

If I could burn a church ...

And get away with it, every place with churches would be utilizing their firehouses 24/7!
If any of you knew what RELIGIOUS TRAUMA SYNDROME is, you would know why I could easily place a 30'06 slug right between the eyes of a fundiecostal preacher with pangs of laughter instead of tears of remorse! Oh I don't blame any of you for not knowing... [more]

Islam has no place in a free society

I live in a southeastern state of the USA. There is a sizable communities of Muslims here. A man converted from Christianity to Islam and was a devout Muslim for five years. While attending Mosque he met and married a Muslim woman. Shortly after she tested positive for pregnancy her brothers slit her throat from one end to another.
They... [more]

Presbyterians and their confusing beliefs

These people seem to shuttle free will and pre destination around in a confusing mess of contradictory rhetoric that ends up cancelling each other out.
On one hand everything is predestined to them. Quite frankly if this is true it cancels free will. On the other hand they say we are responsible for our sins.
You can't have it both... [more]

My firm belief

I'm a communist

& we can't call "police" 4 Help

I just discovered, her Bat Mitzvah was in elementary school around age 5. Online says it's not until age 12-13.. when Jewish girl becomes Adult.

The folly of prayer and religion itself

Believers are used to being told they have no evidence for their God and they seem to think common sense and reason are bad things. They eschew science but just for a moment lets compare the comforts provided by religion versus the comforts provided by science.
I wonder how many people died before the discovery of antibiotics? How many... [more]

This short skinny ugly Presbyterian seminary school flunk out

He was a failure. Apparently he wanted to be a Presbyterian minister and he preached his version of Christianity. I grew to hate the little ass hole.
My mother is divorced and remarried and one day this genius said he would never marry a divorced woman. He was definitely not a loss to the women but he thought he was or pretended he thought... [more]

Which came first the chicken or the egg. Scientific answer is ea

IN science the egg came first as the creature in and of itself had not evolved into a chicken yet. If you believe in the Genesis fairy tale then the chicken came first.

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