Religion Confessions

The folly of prayer and religion itself

Believers are used to being told they have no evidence for their God and they seem to think common sense and reason are bad things. They eschew science but just for a moment lets compare the comforts provided by religion versus the comforts provided by science.
I wonder how many people died before the discovery of antibiotics? How many... [more]

This short skinny ugly Presbyterian seminary school flunk out

He was a failure. Apparently he wanted to be a Presbyterian minister and he preached his version of Christianity. I grew to hate the little ass hole.
My mother is divorced and remarried and one day this genius said he would never marry a divorced woman. He was definitely not a loss to the women but he thought he was or pretended he thought... [more]

The folly of discussing Science with an ignorant religious bigot

They pretend they know what your talking about when they don't. One holy roller here mixed the so called Big Bang with evolution. Two completely different sciences.
The Big Bang was a Singularity which reverses the current expansion of our Universe and scientists have discovered our Universe was at one time very small. A pea sized Universe... [more]

Which came first the chicken or the egg. Scientific answer is ea

IN science the egg came first as the creature in and of itself had not evolved into a chicken yet. If you believe in the Genesis fairy tale then the chicken came first.


I have masdive ducjing b**** and a tiny micro p**** its so sad, it makdes me want to kill myself because my b**** are o havy they clank like the gongs calling my budddist dad to pray in the mountains it... [more]

The Woman In White

Well.. I have this secret I’ve held for a decade now. I will unload into you now.
Sleepless, I was laying on the park bench at midnight just staring up at the stars. Then I remembered a saying that a friend had told me about, the only requirement is you have to be looking at the moon and the sponsor is unknown. I stared into the moons gaze and... [more]

Feeding an owl while camping near the Superstition mountains

While camping within sight of the Superstition mountains an owl swooped too close for comfort over my head. I set up camp and made a fire and this owl just stood just outside the firelight looking at me. I opened a can of tuna and gave it to him or her. It was on a paper plate and the owl ate it up.
I then opened some MRI's and gave it to... [more]

I hate catholics

I f****** hate catholics with a passion. i go to a catholic schools everyday and this religion is so backwards f****** h***. so backwards with its pedophillia and [more]

Learning to Submit

I am involved in a Christian church. I'm struggling to find myself. I married a man I met through our church. Submission. Submission. This word has come to dominate my faith. Various times as a teen I had done bible studies where we had paid lip service to the idea of submission. My fiancé and I even discussed it and I agreed that a wife's... [more]

Camping near the Superstition Mountains

I had heard stories about this mountain. Legends of spirits haunting the area and such. I saw a video on youtube which included a spirit hovering over a man camping out in the region.
Ok I don't believe in religion but I do believe in the possibility of creatures resembling but perhaps not ghosts.
I went to see for myself. The verdict... [more]

Experience while camping on a Mesa.

Out west there is a flat topped mountain called a Mesa. I thought you could find God or at least spirits on top of said Mesa. It was huge.
Climbing said mountain was difficult as near the top the land in to overlaps making it difficult but not impossible to get on top.
I finally found a way and I made it to the flat surface. It was over... [more]

Tired of religion being imposed by family

Look. The more they do it. The more I hate their religion. I want them to quit trying to impose their religion on me. I want to have freedom to not be religious.


Time for all good things to be opened up and wear a mask these days....well that and look for something good of the earth -even if you have to stay home and watch tv and take care of a LOVED ONE. Like my wife and i are doing on a daily basis here...lets just say we are the ones who are loving her in more ways than she can dearly imagine-... [more]

Satans is my lord

I am a Satanist, i devote my life to satan

I posted the waste of time called prayer

I was watching Madelyn O'Hare who I consider to have been a gross nasty mouthed woman. She was eventually robbed and murdered.
I'm a different kind of atheist that is I try to reason with believers in an effort to show them the error of their ways.
Ok there is no God. There is no evidence for a God. Everything can be explained by... [more]

Jehovah Witnesses and the hability of our planets

As people Jehovah Witnesses are as good as anybody and I'm never mean to them when they come to my door. On a hot summers day they get cokes and ice tea from me. I read their pamphlets which are sometimes interesting.
Ok heres one of my many problems with their faith. They eschew science. I was talking to two JW ladies about the planets... [more]

In Defense of Lucifer/Satan

The Abrahamic god made a binding mistake when he unwittingly and without merit expropriated Lucifer from His rightful place on His Throne in that fortress, commonly referred to site “heaven.” Once Lucifer was gone, that obscene place became even more irrational and unnecessary. It was Lucifer who held it together through His magnificence and... [more]

The Catholics invented Satanism

Prior to the witch hunts the Catholics were concerned that some people might be worshiping Satan.
They said these things might be found. An upside cross, the Lords prayer being said backwards, Baphomet painting on the wall, people dancing in a counter clockwise circle and should of "Hail Satan". They also said that the parishoners might be... [more]


Raised Catholic, I felt I had to follow Luther in his perverse fascination with men not controlling themselves.
He was right that men need a "firm hand". Someone to "guide them" to the truth.
Thankfully, my really hot blonde wife keeps me "in check" as St Paul would say.
Think about how much of the ruinous schism in Western Christendom... [more]

I cannot understand why so many people believe in god.

I grew up christian but I seriously cannot understand how someone can believe that s*** when they get older.
I don't hate anyone who is religious.
I just can't comprehend how the majority of the world population is religious and at this point I am too afraid to ask anyone.
I understand that... [more]

Jews have a special relationship with God that doesn't require a

Jews have a special relationship with God that doesn't require them to worship God through Jesus Christ. Jesus was the Messiah for Gentiles not the Jewish people.

To Beta western males, convert to Islam to save yourself from FN

To all Beta western males, convert to Islam to save yourself from the Femi-N***’s or you’re doomed to be outcasts, lonely, fat, pimple faced ugly, and you’ll die alone and lonely too.
Convert to Islam, save yourself and became a born again Muslim until death do you part, it will always be a sacred... [more]

Chairman xi

Chairman xi has no idea whats in store for him when he faces God in judgement...just like the rest of them......hitler ...stalin...mao..bin laden and the resy ofthem.....:Vengence is Mine I will repay says the Lord". Remember..:It is appointed unto men once to die..AFTER THIS THE JUDGEMENT.:: Hebrews 9:27

Help i did something bad.

When i was twelve i sucked my grandparents dogs b****, idk why. I feel so gross and i feel as i should kill myself. i really hate that i did something like that. and i really hope that god forgives me, cause I want to be with jesus and in heaven with my family, ive been repenting ever since and i... [more]

Noah and his ark

Noah's family consisted of his wife Naamah, who was also kindred to Noah, and his son's Shem, Ham, and Japeth. Ham had always been a frustrated child. It was thought it was because his father had named him after part of a pig. Shem and Japeth had both seen Ham f****** their family goat back home... [more]

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