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What is meant by Predestination?

I'll tell what it sounds like it means. It sounds like everything that happens was preordained to happen. So if some child gets kidnapped, tortured, raped and murdered it was preordained by God himself. However, since he used the criminal to do the crime its the criminals fault preordained or not.
Parts of the bible such as Christs saying... [more]

Catholics fundys and divorce

Whats the deal with this eople? They seem to think that getting a divorce is a cardinal sin. Yeah, Jesus said that the only reason to have a divorce is adultery but that's bullshit. If what they say about God is true in that he was smart enough to create the entire universe surely he has more sense than that?

The Jehovah Witnesses keep prayer out of school

When I was growing up we were asked to recite the Lords Prayer every morning. Along come the Jehovah Witnesses and they leave the room. They do this because they feel that since their religion is the one and only true face on the planet earth they don't want to hear the prayer of another Christian sect.
In other words, they created a scene. ... [more]

A guy at work is a religious fanatic

I told him to keep our relationship professional and to keep his religious views to himself. I told him my own views on anything were none of his business.
I was at the break with a co-worker and he came and sat down beside me. I got up and left before he could say anything. I'm a member of the FFRF which stands for Freedom From Religion... [more]

I hate to keep harping about the Jehovah Witnesses but damn

You would have to be out of your mind to join these losers. They don't seem to be able to be consistent in their own belief system. I mean for generations they said Jesus was crucified on the cross and now they say it was a torture stake. Make up your mind Jw's.
They have predicted the end of the world so many times and it didn't happen that... [more]

Tired of religion

I'm so tired of religion. Some days i want to believe it all, others i want to be Christian again, and others- i don't want to believe in any of it. How the f*** are you supposed to know which religion is right anyway? What if you are praying to a false God, and never knew it. So then you never had a... [more]

Inevitable Sin

I'm very religious. I'm 27, female, single, have a good job as a grade school teacher, go to church twice a week, and even teach Sunday school. I've dated guys since I was in high school, but I've never found the right man. Because of my religious beliefs, for years I refrained from having s**, because I... [more]

I hate jews so much

I wish these mothefuckers were all obliterated by Hitler. All exept maybe the scientists, cz anyway they are mostly atheists so no worries there. The Bastards want to control the entire world, h*** no. Not on my watch. They control the entire world, starting from america, and yes, with lowercase 'a... [more]

I worship Satan

I'm 29 and married. We go to a local community church called Unity. I have two small children (5 and 3).
My husband's away for business a fair amount (he's a software consultant), and when he's gone, I wait for the children to go to sleep, light a black candle I bought at Walmart, and then worship Satan. I tell him to come into my heart, that I... [more]

To the Satanists and Wiccans here

You just traded one brand of nonsense for another. Satanism and Wiccanism is more fun the Christianity or Judaism or Islam etc but the end result is the same. When you die the party's over. Nothing awaits you on the other side because there is no other side.

Comparing Jehovah Witnesses to Mormons

Both religions are cults and you would have to be mentally challenged in the IQ department to get involved with either of these weird faiths but if I was forced to associate myself with one or the other I would pick the Mormon religion.
Mormons unlike the JW'S fight for their country. They stress education and build and maintain fine schools... [more]

I got a thang for this preacher

Hes on fire for god and i'm on fire for him his name is pastor lee i meet him in georgia

Does anyone here believe in Genesis?

Jehovah Witnesses take that fairy tale seriously as do some fundamentalist religions and Islam. I think it's hogwash and anyone stupid enough to believe in that tale is a mental midget.

The Genesis fairytale

Science has disproved Genesis and other stories in the bible but let's assume the garden of Eden story really happened.
Ok, we got two humans a man and a woman that God himself says does not know right from wrong. Everything is cool except that a tree hanging with fruit is forbidden to them. God says they can't eat this fruit.
OK, God is... [more]

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