Religion Confessions

God doesn't exist

I don't believe in God because we can't see him or because we don't know for sure what happens when we die, I don't believe in him because it's like believing in folklore. The stories in the Bible are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation, adding new details and elements to either teach us a lesson or to entertain. We... [more]

Is it bad?

I don't believe in God. But, I believe in parallel universes and reincarnation. Is that weird?
My mom is kinda religious. Some of my friends arent totally religious, but still believe in God.
Today when we talked about something like 'What happens after death?'.
I said my therory of like 'What if there are other universes and when we die we... [more]


1. Forgive me God not telling the truth to my employer for my job transfer. I should have told I was not going to take care of my sick brother but I only wanted to move out of state. 2. Forgive me for lies about me telling my job the reason I wore a headcovering not because of religion but to not be embarrassed by my hair.

All Religions project toward what can't be explained

Whether we call it "god" "divine" "oneness" "infinity" "dao/tao" "deity" "supernatural" "forces from beyond" "spirit" or anything in attempts to speak of what's beyond our ability to bring down to our level of awareness and experience of so called "reality" only works upon those who experience it from within. Blindly following others by the... [more]

Are there ghosts in my house???

I think there are ghosts in my house, I'm a 13 year old from Pennsylvania, my parents built this house 20-18 or so years ago. Funny enough I learned there was an indian massacre across the street from where my house now is. I keep hearing things at night and seeing shadow figure out of the corner of my eye, I've done research and I learned that... [more]

A prayer to Satan

This is my prayer for today:
Old Gods, Demons of H***,
My Lord Satan and Lilith my mistress,
I open my heart and offer my soul.
Give to me the pleasures of the world,
the joys of f******, and every indulgence;
grant me courage to seize the... [more]


I hate them. I'm not racist

When good Christian blacks die they go to a separate part of Heav

Blacks go to a separate but equal part of Heaven because God doesn't want whites mixing with n******. Same with Asians.

I despise religion but love Jesus Christ

It's not The Lord I have a problem with it's his fan clubs known as religion. They talk about torturing people in a place called h*** but they are usually the biggest sinners.

Went Against My Pagan Beliefs, Cursed a Woman I Didn't Know

I have been running an online/offline Wiccan service for the past 2 years. I practice and offer positive, white magick. But recently I had a client message and request a curse. I would have turned her away, but her reasons were compelling. They are confidential, but so you can get the gist of it: a coworker was following her home after work... [more]

I hate Heretics.

I hate Heretics. I just hate people who insult the feelings of believers. And now i direct my question to people who created site – sinnlist dotcom. WHAT DA F*** YOU WERE THINKING ABOUT ? WHY YOU GOT THIS F****** LOGO WITH INVERTED CROSS ? WITH THIS... [more]


I ate a sandwhich

I must confess. I hate gay people

I don't have a problem. But you do. I'm a man and I love being a man. I love how God made me. I love my mom and dad too. But I hate gay people. You and to know why. The children. These little innocent creatures need parents as man and woman. These tools parade around in underwear or nothing at all. And they think this mess is funny. I can't stand... [more]

I'm a woman

I hate women. Don't judge me. I will never be friends, work for or with. I'm straight and honest. So don't talk to me. I will get angry

Jewish people belong in the dumpster

Jewish people are total trash. They build the so called Hebrew school next to their luxurious houses with the rundown bungalows nearby just to distinguish themselves from the ordinary people who don't make much money. When they walk on the street they take up both sides of the sidewalk and even the tarmac road for cars! These greedy people just... [more]

Should I keep going with my faith?

I was born in religious family background, schooled in private religious school since 6 years old and I'm secretary of religion organization in my university.
The problem is that after seeing how constraining my family was and how heavily indoctrinated I am during highschool after certain politically driven religious rally in my country, to... [more]

Different races different faces.

Our church members are mostly White people but there are two large families, one Indonesian and the other Philippines. They are very nice to everyone, except they hate each other. Newcomers don’t know they are different from each other and if they make the mistake of saying something nice about one family to another, then they get told off... [more]

Getting souls for Satan

I have a rather rare--but passionate--goal:
I intend to get as many people as I possibly can to fully commit their souls to Satan. I dedicated mine to Him many years ago and I have never regretted it!
So far, I have managed to get a little over 2 dozen people to fully commit and to do a dedication ceremony. Not a single one has tried to go... [more]

I belong to Satan!

I hereby fully confess during this christmas season that I have dedicated myself 1000% to the one and only TRUE Lord God and Master : SATAN! This is no joke! I have fully rejected and denied jesus, jehovah, the bible and all the saints! SATAN IS MY GOD for all eternity!

I hate religions

I bully people because they believe in this dumbass god in the sky but no he's not f****** real is he? Gullible f****** twats

It's so frustrating

I do not think religion can solve my problem. What problem? I am a hopeless masturbator. Ever since I was 12 and had my first o***** I cannot keep from beating my poor d***. I found an old playboy magazine and when I unfolded the centerfold, Oh [more]

Jesus said "surely I come quickly" who was he talking to?

He was actually talking to his disciples. So two thousand years later and there's no sign of him. Who was he talking to? He certainly has not come quickly for his first followers because they're dead.

To the poster of "That got weird fast"

Ha your bf is a beta cuck. also, you are a w****.

If you want a chance to succeed-stay away from religion

I have lived life now. I am the person I wanted to become. I have learned so much, but it's all too late for me now because I know I missed so many opportunities. Let me explain. I believe many of us are raised to take life and religion too seriously, and these two things mess us up big time. I have come to realize that religion is absolute... [more]

My faith is gone

Many times from my youth up til about 20 years ago now, I believed in God and new that if I prayed for God to do something for me or someone else, it seemed to always happen. Now I was not a good christian and made many mistake. So now many years later I have prayed for things to work a certain way and nothing happened as planned. In fact I can’t... [more]

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