Religion Confessions

I worship Satan

I'm 29 and married. We go to a local community church called Unity. I have two small children (5 and 3).
My husband's away for business a fair amount (he's a software consultant), and when he's gone, I wait for the children to go to sleep, light a black candle I bought at Walmart, and then worship Satan. I tell him to come into my heart, that I... [more]

I'm a satanist

I'm a satanist and I don't care what any of you Christian ass holes have to say. I love my father Satan Lucifer and always will so f*** you all and have a nice day.


Abortion is okay. It should be legal. If it can't survive outside of the mom yet, (12 weeks or before) why can't it be the women's choice?

Preachers Wife

Our Preachers wife has invited us over for the 4th of July. I want to have s** with so bad. She looks pretty good for having 4 kids. She Blonde 5-5 small B-cup nice butt. She drives me crazy at church wearing a low cut shirt and binding over so I can see those B-Cup [more]

I am a Theistic Satanist

I worship only ONE God--SATAN! I committed myself to Him when I was 11 years old and have never regretted it! I reject all other so-called "gods," especially the christian jehovah and jesus. Only Satan is truly God!

I hate Islam

I don't necessarily hate individual Muslims as some of the nicest people I;ve ever had the pleasure to meet come from Pakistan but overall the religion itself is vile, violent and they marry little girls under ten.
Islam has no place in a free society with laws that protect the rights of all peoples. There is no reason for Muslims to be in... [more]

A little wisdom

If ur religious and have Netflix watch cosmos with Neil Tyson even if u think it doesn't make sense just get through a few episodes.....

Public schools are for education, not religious indoctrination

So Trump tweets "Numerous states introducing Bible Literacy classes, giving students the option of studying the Bible. Starting to make a turn back? Great!"
I agree with senior attorney Heather Weaver who replies -
"More often than not, public school Bible classes resemble Sunday school lessons and violate students' and parents' First... [more]

Corrupting my devout wife.

I turned her, over time, little by little into a s** obsessed wife who will f*** other men when I tell her too. . We both get excited when I
find a guy who I want her to tease and get f***** really good by... [more]

I despise religion but love Jesus Christ

It's not The Lord I have a problem with it's his fan clubs known as religion. They talk about torturing people in a place called h*** but they are usually the biggest sinners.

I hate Islam

Muslims are by far the craziest and overzealous in defending their religion next to Christianity. I have only seen Muslims and Christians actively trying to convert others and preach to others about the greatness of their religion even as far as telling people of other faith why their religion in ferior to theirs. Muslims do this a lot. In their... [more]

I Am a Pantheist

There is no anthropomorphic creator who you have to pray to or who makes things happen.The Universe/Nature is the divine.Since we come from it we are divine.Since we are all interconnected we make up the divine.There is no heaven or h*** nor devil.If we choose to return to this Earth after our... [more]

Pro life people are great....

Humans will build super structures and inhabit other planets as an easier alternative to wearing condoms and having abortions when they fail to deal with pro life people are real smart really helping the population of crack heads grow as their parents either didn't want them or were unfit to look after them....

Small Religon Rant

Why is religion such a big deal? People should believe whatever they want. I'm personally Cristian, but i don't force my beliefs on anyone. You could believe in the Giant Spaghetti Monster, and I'd be cool. I don't understand why everyone gets so butthurt and offended because someone says that they don't believe in God, or that God doesn't exist... [more]

I f****** HATE Islam and it's followers

Islam is the most vile, disgusting, barbaric cult masquerading as a "religion" in the world, and Muslims are the most hateful, violent, bigoted savages to ever walk the earth.
If you cannot accept the fact that men, women, LGBT+ people, and non-Muslims are equal in Western society, then you need to go back to your barbaric Third-World Muslim... [more]

Theistic Satanist

By the tine I was 11 years old, I realized that I had always had a strong interest in everything of the occult, including the Devil. I never shared this with ANYBODY, but I started to get more and more interested in it. My parents always let me go to the library on my own (it was near our hoyse) and I would always go there and Sur and read... [more]

God can be a diary

“Heavenly Father, I know that I have broken your laws and my sins have separated me from you. I am truly sorry, and now I want to turn away from my past sinful life toward you. Please forgive me... [more]

Revenge instead of turning the other cheek

I do not forgive certain crimes and wrongs. Forgiving an unrepentant wrong doer encourages the wrongdoer to continue hurting people. My first cousin was sexually molested by her own father so why forgive him?
Investigating her fathers first marriage it turns out he was also caught molesting his daughter by that marriage. The word for people... [more]


I ate a sandwhich

While I'm breathing...

I tell people that I believe in a creator when in all actuality, I honestly dont know if I do or not. I once held a pastors license, played in a praise band, held a position as a youth sponsor and proudly proclaimed christianity as my foundation for life itself.
I was repeatedly lied to by my church and began to doubt everything. There were so... [more]

Biggest joke

Dear god,
Thank you for having the power to end hunger and doing nothing. Thank you for having the power to stop evil and doing nothing. Thank you for world peace that doesnt exist. Thank you for creating man with sin and blaming man for sinning, its totally not childish. Thank you for sacrificing yourself to yourself as a loophole to fix unjust... [more]

I hate Easter

I hate religious people. I wouldn't exactly say I am an atheist, I just choose not to follow any of them closely, because there are more important things to do with my life. Why spend time worrying about something that may or may not exist. It is rather annoying that I am surrounded by so many "religious fanatics" and it drives me insane.

muslim girl had s** with brother in law

im in a tricky situation i am engaged to get married and well i had a fight with my fiance and i got really upset and went to speak to my sister but she was not at home, my brother in law who is good muslim man and well he noticed how upset i was and we started chatting then 1 thing let to another and we both ended up having [more]

I don't believe in God

If you don't like it.. f*** off and die so you can be with your precious "God"

A prayer to Satan

This is my prayer for today:
Old Gods, Demons of H***,
My Lord Satan and Lilith my mistress,
I open my heart and offer my soul.
Give to me the pleasures of the world,
the joys of f******, and every indulgence;
grant me courage to seize the... [more]

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