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muslim girl had s** with brother in law

im in a tricky situation i am engaged to get married and well i had a fight with my fiance and i got really upset and went to speak to my sister but she was not at home, my brother in law who is good muslim man and well he noticed how upset i was and we started chatting then 1 thing let to another and we both ended up having [more]

My Mom Hates My Religion

My mother really hates my religion.
I was baptized catholic, but I never belonged to a Catholic church. I have always been Christian, going to Sunday school like a good little girl, until my parents got divorced. I still continued to go to Sunday school because I had friends there until I was in 7th grade. Then, with my dad's girlfriend (then of... [more]

I hate religious nuts

I hate religious people. They believe in fairy tales, think they know it all and try to force their nonsense on people all over the world, as if they had some kind of high ground on the unknowable. And, you know, generally what these gullible wingnuts believe is based simply on geography, what part of the world they grow up in. These glazed eyed... [more]

Sometimes I feel sorry for unsaved people

Once in awhile I feel sorry for unsaved people who don't know Jesus. I know they are going to h***, for sure, and it's on them. But, I wish I could remove the stupidity from their minds or beat it out of them so they could become smart enough see the truth that could set their sorry lives free. But... [more]

mohammed in the ass

I am in the works of producing a homosexual pornographic film featuring mohammed, prophet of the muslim faith, being willfully sodomized repeatedly by gay men portraying jesus christ, zeus, vishnu, odin, jehova, and anyone else who wants to anally rape the prophet of the muslim bullshit faith! Suck it you sand [more]

I love God but...

Everytime my mother says, "Let's pray the rosary!" I suddenly feel this boiling anger swell inside me and I just want to scream at her to shut up. I never act on it but that feeling stays inside of me until we stop praying the rosary.
I don't know why but it annoys me so much. I dislike praying the rosary. I feel like such a bad Catholic for it... [more]


I'm from a christian family in india.
i converted to islam in 2005 because i thought it was THE TRUTH.
i followed the rules because i believed the reeligion was truly from GOD.
and now i'm a f****** atheist and it feels good to tell the world I HATE ISLAM because it is a [more]


We need to do something now to stop the muslims taking over our countries in europe. Another 40 years and the muslim flag will be flying over Buckingham palace. They're breeding like rats and everybody panders to their every whim. Do something now before it's too late!

Masturbation Addiction

Religion is a big part of my life. I fear God, and know deep down in my heart that He is my creator. My religion does not permit s** before marriage, and I respect and abide by that rule. I really want to please God and receive all the bounties he has to offer. However, over the past couple of years... [more]

Confuseddd.... :P

Im a girl & want to f*** a girl.Its really wrong, i know. But i just... like girls. But i dont.. Am i bisexual?? Thats against my religion & im confused. I go to h*** if im bi. If that wasnt true, i would be bi. [more]


I absolutely HATE the idea of people worshipping God. After all he puts people through.
I hate how we have to love one another and all this because, honestly, its stupid! and forgiving!? HA!!
I'll tell you a little story;
when i was a christian... i prayed to god to look after my friend who i was concerned and worried about because she was... [more]

I hate Islam

Muslims are by far the craziest and overzealous in defending their religion next to Christianity. I have only seen Muslims and Christians actively trying to convert others and preach to others about the greatness of their religion even as far as telling people of other faith why their religion in ferior to theirs. Muslims do this a lot. In their... [more]

I'm terrified of dying

I'm absolutely terrified of dying. I mean, so terrified that whenever I even let myself consider the idea, I get sick to my stomach for hours, and feel such a feeling of dread that I can't even describe it. Sometimes I wish I believed in God, because it's not the idea of being dead that scares me; it's the idea of being OVER. If I believed that... [more]

My dark past

Long ago when I was younger i did things that tore apart my very soul. This dark secret has been carefully hid away. Only those that were involved know. However my responsibility for this is my own. I have paid what I owe to society for my grievous sin. But I cannot escape the guilt and shame. What I did is so egregious I struggle now to come to... [more]

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