Revenge Confessions

I hate my life

I hate my family i hate more my than stupid F****** brother he thinks he is so special ever he come to my life things go wrong they put more fucken attention to that than pice if s*** and well im not ready to take some b*** s*** so 2 weeks after i take out some pills for sleeping in my brother s cup... [more]


I have stolen three womens dirty panties all ex.s but because my sense of shame and gui l t overwhelmed me so much that the only to ease it was to confess to all three women which terrified me so much. So I confessed to them. I wo u ld love to tel l you all about how they punished me. Between them but seperately they forced me to do all the things... [more]


I have stolen three exs dirty panties but I becameso overwhelmed with guilt that the o nlyw a y to ease it was to confess which terrified me as I knew it wouldnt end goodfor me. But uponconfessing I also made it clear what a disgusting pervert I was and neede punishin g and they could pun i sh me any way they wished that there was nothing they... [more]

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I have a weird problem

I am a gay man. Seven years ago, in college, I lost the closeted boy I really loved and had been DL-dating, to a girl who was playing him with her ex-boyfriend. He didn't know that she did this. And although I knew, I didn't tell him--I was trying to "take the high road" and not be pathetic like Lindsay Lohan's character in Mean Girls... [more]

Got even with my evil, cheating wife

She's a cheating b****, but I'm still here because of my two kids. I caught her cheating on me several times, each time she begged for forgiveness, then went on and still f***** the other guy.
My revenge? I now have three children with two other... [more]

I want to kill my stepdad

I want to kill my f****** step-dad all he does is make me seem like i'm f****** Satan himself , acts like everyone is golden perfect apart from me. he's the biggest f****** hypocrite like for... [more]

I want to kill everybody in the world

I'm sick all of the s*** in the world.
I have pretty much lost any sense of hope that things will improve in the world. Everyone seems to have some reason to get p***** off at each other. Everyone is [more]

Dav makes no sense, cupcake.

No impulse control would make such a sick and demented user would say that my writings and my stories forced someone to rape and murdered d, is just insane. a story is just a story. once a author has written it it can't make someone do bad things. no author can be accountable for what others do. yes I want revenge of honesty. I don't get you. I... [more]


Ok im 23 and my partner is 22.We have been together just over 4yrs.
And we have good jobs im an electrician but work for myself with 4 of my mates who have there trades and so we do full refits on houses hotels etc.
My partner is a catalogue model mainly, but also models for make up artists and work alike.
So 18 months ago,we bought our first... [more]

The sexiest legs and face at the table now come on!

I used to enjoy cleaning and maintaining a house, none I cleaned ever owned to me. I just hate the squaller muck I am living in. I literally want someone to save me, I recall the days as kids we were moving and working all day with our parents moving house and my pedo old unc, used to sit like lord of the manner having meals set out for him on the... [more]

Should I tell?

There is a kid at my school who is always bullied and depressed and is just super sketchy. He always shows off his guns and s*** on social media but I saw on a social media outlet he had a secret account that says "4/20/2017" might be his birthday or some [more]

Voodooing The Guy Who Left Me For A S***

Had a boyfriend who tried to take my virginity that I am saving for marriage. I am 18. He left me for a s*** he said gave it to him on the first date.
Now I hate him so much I want him to pay bigtime for what he did to me. I bought a voodoo doll online and I stab it with pins everyday. I am going... [more]

Good riddance

I'll come to your funeral but I won't cry.

Good girl gone bad

I have been with my bf over 2 years and it has been such a roller-coaster ride! A lot of good times, but TONS of bad times. The beginning was so wonderful. I fell madly in love! He is sooo attentive and handsome and makes me feel beautiful. But as time went on, I've discovered his dark sides. He would drink and become a monster. And he is... [more]

Is anyone else going through this?

Where people keep making you feel like "oh you did it wrong, if you had of done this as i wanted you to... (why didn't you pick up the hint what we wanted you do?) but the plot makes no sense due to too many variables - likely outcomes, moods and feelings objects or behavior reflect etc" he was weird. they were weird. I am not embarrased I... [more]

Naked man

I sent naked video of myself to a lesbian girl and she going to post me on facebook inestergram and twitter

Ruined my car

Haha, nice try, you have no idea what I plan to do to you. Game on MF!

The microscopic transmitter

Has been successfully implanted. The subject did not notice nor suspect injection. Subject was successfully distracted by diversion tactics. Known whereabouts of subject are under constant surveillance now that operation LOCALE has been implemented. All agents assigned to sector C may now commence operation SHOCK. End message.

I'd Like My Former Boss To Die By My Hand

A former boss hired me from another company, promising the company was "going places" by changing its business model. There were "challenges" but with my experience and skills I could optimize the department. He also said there was a bonus on top of my comp.
All f****** lies.
The... [more]

Hard situation

So basically there's this crazy girl in my year who's also really popular and hot, and she wants to kill me. Because her sister from the year below sent me nudes, and I never sent any back. We were talking for a bit and she sent them without me asking, but after that I asked her for them cause I knew she would send them. And the girl who wants to... [more]

What revenge? Why?

I sought revenge.
I wanted you to hurt.
I wanted to make you a pariah.
I wanted all hopes of you obtaining new supply to die.
I wanted you shamed.
I wanted you alone.
I wanted you isolated.
I wanted you outcast and advertised for what you were.
I wanted the feel like I won.
I confess:
Regarding you, I want nothing anymore.
I... [more]

Watching men getting raped in prison

There are videos on the internet of men who have raped women and children getting raped in prison themselves.
One man in Guatemala is being raped orally and anally by several men after going to prison for raping a little girl. The entire incident wasn't on video and I'm sure he was eventually killed.
A black man convicted of the same... [more]

My Sick (?) Fantasies (You decide)...

I want to have my revenge on males. I'd start with a baby boy. I hate the lil f****** with a passion! I loathe their lil smelly, ugly testes and peenusses. I get so angry when I have the displeasure of seeing them nude. All I can think about doing is punching their [more]

Treehouse revenge

When I was twelve years old a friend and I decided to build a treehouse. The plan was poorly conceived and as luck would have it two neighborhood bully wannabees decided to so-called criticize the construction. They themselves had apparently built their own treehut.
While my friend and I went back to our houses to get more building materials... [more]

I hate him

I f****** hate my step-dad all he does is make my life a living h***. He wants me to make something of myself and become a better person but he can't tell me to do S*** because he's nothing but a lazy... [more]

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