Revenge Confessions

Cheated On My Boyfriend Cause He Is A Cheap B******

My cheapo boyfriend wouldn't even buy me a to die for diamond fashion ring that cost $3,000. He said it was too expensive. I told him he could open a credit account and make payments, but he wouldn't. To try to appease me he said he buy me a s***** thousand dollar ring. No way. I don't settle. I was... [more]

I Hate Blue Eyed People

I put a hex on blue eyed people, so that they are wiped off the surface of the planet. Blue eyed people are evil, they get wrinkles really fast and lack in developing physically. They set out to destroy other people's lives for their own material gain. They are unhappy when a brown eyed person rises above them!I wish the whole world became brown... [more]

I want to Kill my Step-Father

I can't f****** take this g******* mother f***** any more all he freaking does is bully me and my brother around and try to act like mr.nice guy afterwards my real dad who by gods grace considering... [more]

A five year old girl was raped fifty years ago

She was left alone for a short time while her mother visited a friend. This lunatic on dope broke into the house and raped my friend when she was just five years old. The assault almost killed her and she was unable to ever have children because of her injuries.
The guy was caught and convicted and sentenced to life with the possibility of... [more]

Had my "friend" arrested

About 3 years ago I went to a Halloween party with my best friend at the time who happened to be a lesbian. I am straight male in my late 20's who had no GF at the time. I realized that nothing would ever happen between us sexually/relationship wise, but in the back of my mind always longed for it.

So we go to this party that is 45 minutes... [more]

Jacked Up My Husband's S***

Caught my husband in bed with a skanky s*** today. Went a little crazy and beat the s*** out of my husband. I'm bigger than him and he's a lil b****. S***... [more]


She spilt my coffee...what an ignorant cow! So I got up, punched her in the face and burned her with an entire pot of coffee --- and I MADE my f*****' kids watch! So what?

Jasmine pais jaz

My name riya,Friends this is real incident of my friend jaz pais,we both are friends sharing every matter, as a confession I want to share in you all people,we need your suggetion also, because of a big missuderstanding my friend jaz seperated a couple, she made differences between them and made as they broke in love relation, after that she... [more]

Accidental On Purpose Pregnancy

I purposely got pregnant... i wanted a BABY so bad so i devised the perfect plan... i started taking FertilAid pills to increase my chances of conceiving sooner in case i couldn't keep him around long enough to get prego... the next time i started sleeping with a man, weather he was my bf or not, i would pretend i was on bcps... so i met this... [more]


All white people are evil and they ruin your life! They all think of their own gain, they steal your ideas and use it for their own gain! I have a hideous beauty spot on my thigh that white people remark as unattractive. White people can eat their own Sh*t and die!Especially white people with brown sh*t eyes. I hate them even more, they are like a... [more]

Got even with my evil, cheating wife

She's a cheating b****, but I'm still here because of my two kids. I caught her cheating on me several times, each time she begged for forgiveness, then went on and still f***** the other guy.
My revenge? I now have three children with two other... [more]

Im fkn ur man b****

I'm f****** my child's father which is your boyfriend u stupid b****.funny,when u were out of town,we spent the night 2gether and he f***** me so dam good.we fkd in his car that ur always in,and just... [more]

Accidentily on Purpose Pregnancy

So i had wanted a Baby for so long... but i didnt want to do IVF or go to a sperm bank... i wanted to know what the guy looks like and wanted to get prego for free... so there was this real hot guy that I really liked... We started having s** and seeing each other secretly... He was with someone... [more]

I Got Even With One Of My Troublemaker Students

I'm a young female teacher everybody says looks too nice to be a b****. I do look sort of innocent, and I'm told I'm very pretty, but I have the payback b**** inside of me.
Here's what I mean. A month ago a male student put a tack under my chair and... [more]

Helping my friend do my Mom

That I don't like my Mom she is always mean to me and wishes I was never born. I am 16 and she is 44 and a little over weight. My brother has been gone from the house for a long time and it is just the two of us at home.
My friend Ron always says he would like to get in her pants and suck her big [more]

Best served cold so true

I'm a young 19 year old in college and I life with two really crude and nasty guys. They are older and do mean things to me all the time. Like they wait for me to come out of the shower and then snap pics of me as I towel off. They also tell other students that I'm a lesbian and now no boy will pay attention to me. They were so nice to me in the... [more]

Spanked Naked in Public

I visit a few of these confession sites and could not believe I saw this story. I was out on a date with my girlfriend and we were playing Ping Pong against this other couple we had just met. All of a sudden this "streaker" starts to run my our table heading out the door. The girl we are playing with stops the streaker and tells her she must play... [more]

I'll get you in the end!

At first school I was good friends with Thomas. I moved to a different school in the next town and didn't see him for about 5 years. The upper school took pupils from all over the area,all the towns fed into this upper school so there were people from all over the county.
When I joined,I met some of my old friends from first school,but they'd... [more]

Stupid mexican b******

If they don’t wanna date us then they can get the f*** out of our country and go back to that dessert below is that they came from. We are gonna build that wall and y’all not comin back. Adios putas

Voodooing The Guy Who Left Me For A S***

Had a boyfriend who tried to take my virginity that I am saving for marriage. I am 18. He left me for a s*** he said gave it to him on the first date.
Now I hate him so much I want him to pay bigtime for what he did to me. I bought a voodoo doll online and I stab it with pins everyday. I am going... [more]

I pray that my dad needs to die of cancer,i hate him.

My dad needs to die of cancer,i want everybody,reading this right pray that my dad gets cancer soon.why,you all ask.because my real father drove my beloved mom,to kill herself by drinking too much alcohol.i want my jerkoff father to die of any kind of all pray to give him cancer any kind of cancer,you can give him any kind of... [more]

Cause I Am Fat Boy

Some times peoples call me fat. I dont like that. I say to them this fat boy can kick your ass. When they dont believe I punch them in there faces and they cry. I like that very very much.

The microscopic transmitter

Has been successfully implanted. The subject did not notice nor suspect injection. Subject was successfully distracted by diversion tactics. Known whereabouts of subject are under constant surveillance now that operation LOCALE has been implemented. All agents assigned to sector C may now commence operation SHOCK. End message.

Drove his shiitt off a cliff. Cheatin ass B******.

I was with my ex for 4 years straight. AMAZING relationship. Best one ever. I had to go to michigan to see my mom and help her she has cancer. This was JUST two weeks. I had surprised him by my flight coming in a day earlier then he thought it would arrive. I took a cab home. I walked into MY apartment that I pay to find him in bed with someone I... [more]

I think I might have accidentally killed my neighbors dogs

I was out walking my leashed dogs and my unleashed cat last night. I was just about to cross the street with all three animals. I noticed a speeding vehicle round the corner right before our street so I stopped. Luckily my cat stopped too because he’s not stupid. This vehicle then proceeded to take a right , speeding; directly in front of us where... [more]

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