Revenge Confessions


Colonize Latin America, they’ve lost themselves. But leave out Argentina and Uruguay, they are civilized people.

Bound and gagged by my mother and Sarah

On Saturday Morning I went to the abandoned art gallery and found my mother and her friend Sarah waiting for me and my mother said Sarah can you take my son Robert downstairs to the basement and get him bound and gagged and Sarah said you will need to come downstairs as well and my mother Narelle said yes I'm coming just get him downstairs and get... [more]

Judge suspends 15 year sentence: Bowling Pin Beating Time Served

A Baton Rouge man, released from BR Parish detention after serving only 60 days for the brutal bowling pin revenge beating of D. Tibedeaux 38,
of New Orleans. The January beating, which left Tibedeaux in a medically induced coma for two months was done by Gurien after Tibedeaux summoned security after a frozen soft drink dispute.
A... [more]

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** and gagged by my mother and Marion

Yesterday Morning I visited the local art gallery owned by my mother Narelle and her friend Marion with a phone given to me by Lynda and Kaitlin when my mother said give me the phone and so I did and it suddenly started ringing and my mother answered it and all of a sudden she said to Marion take my son Robert downstairs to the basement and put... [more]

** and gagged by Marion part 1

Yesterday morning I arrived at the art gallery and found Marion waiting for me when Marion said come downstairs to the basement with me and I will tie you up and gag you and render you deaf , dumb and blind and so I followed her downstairs to the basement and she dragged a straight back wooden chair into the middle of the room and ordered me to... [more]

Why Do Wives Fatten Their Cheating Hubbies So Huge?

I've read a few such stories, one where she fattened her husband up to 520lbs over the course of like years, and another fattened her 170lb husband to 470lbs over 3 years. Why do they go to such extremes?

Sissy adult baby

I want to be a sissy adult baby who craves wearing nappies and rubbers pink toddlers dress with white tights and white heels sandals in public places where I can come out that I want to be a sissy adult baby exposed and humiliatied 24/7


Stacie is a fat and angry moron who is full of **. He is stupider than the devil with no brain.

How i killed her trust

When I was about 6 I killed my sisters hamsters because she wouldn't play with me (I think she was sick tho) anyway don't blame me i was young. i killed the first one named brownie i put him in those plastic ball and smash him on the floor accouple of times until he didn't move. the other one named snowball i fed him bleach with his water

I wish

I wish every single right wing conspiracy theory was true. I really wish there was a Cabal out there who is going to take ring wing guns and take their lives. Considering the horrible things they say every day they deserve it. I wish Global warming was a hoax Then we would’ve not lost so many beautiful and unique species to pollution and... [more]

Black lady fought off a home invasion using a cheap carbine

Three black teens walked into the ladys house one had a gun drawn. She saw them coming and opened fire.All three invaders were hit but none died.One idiot with the handgun went back in and got shot again
I admire the lady. She was not robed or violated and she gave those ** somehting to... [more]

Dark Angel

Do you know Hannibal Lecter?
The wendigo, raven-stag of NBC
He is a serial killer, terrifying murderer
But to me, he is my dark angel
An inhumane creature that is above us
Mere mortals
He should frighten most, digust others,
Induce ardent admiration
But Hannibal is my father, my teacher
My mentor
My dark shadow in the face of... [more]

I have this humiliating/revenge fetish fantasy

I have this fantasy where my girlfriend that I cheated on gets revenge on me by keying and trashing my expensive car, like she would either tie me up and make me watch her do it, or send me video of her doing, all while shes laughing at me and calling me a ** loser, telling me this is what I get... [more]

Guilty As Charged

I am guilty... guilty as charged-
I, basically stay at home doing what I choose and nothing more and saw and knew history would repeat itself-I saw "covid" coming but didnt say anything at all however, if it came from a different means or an additional means from the original "It came from asia" story, then, I know something else most wont-
I... [more]


I once had ** with a guy in a back room of a party and got caught bye his girl friends. He heard her searching through the bedroom and he grab his clothes and jumped out the window. She pulled me out of the bedroom with her girl friends with no clothes on to humiliate me, holding my arms telling me to... [more]

Don't ** off the janitor

I work where you go buy your lunch 2-3 times a week. It's a food court setting and your meals vary but your seat never does. You are the biggest slob I've ever had the misfortune of cleaning up after and you are the most self entitled ** on the planet.
You are right. The men's room always... [more]

Odd revenge against a teacher who didn't like me

At the end of the year students have to turn their textbooks. I turned mine in and she gave me a strange look. A smile I didn't like the looks of. I knew she didn't like me so I asked if there was anything wrong. She said I have to pay for damage to the book. The only damage was the wear and ear of carrying a book around chafing your... [more]

It's going to hurt you forever and ever until you die

This isn't a confession rather, it's more of a "if this happens". Well in high school, I hadn't had enough relationships. I've only been in 1 physical relationship since freshmen year; the rest were online. A lot of my Online Relationships have ruined me to the point to where I'm very insecure and scared to throw myself out there or approach a... [more]

Insulted my teacher and she didn't know it was me.

This happened when I was 15 years old and in high school. I had just come back from summer vacation and my English teacher, Carol, asked what each of us did on our vacation. She'd ask one student what he/she did and she was told. However, when she got to me, instead of asking me what I did on my vacation, she asked me if I got a summer job. I... [more]

How do I call someone out and give them what they deserve?

My brother’s ex lied about being on contraception and got pregnant against his wishes. She’s abused him for 2 years, and when he finally broke up with her, she rang the police and accused him of **. Obviously the police had to take it seriously, but it’s an outright lie. She did the same thing to her... [more]

I got revenge plus more

Found out my wife cheated shortly before we got married. We had been together 3 years prior to marriage and everything was perfect I thought. The house, the cars, constant **. I thought life was good lol silly me.
My sister in law moved in about when COVID hit. So we all spent a lot of time together... [more]

I hate trans people

Trans people ** ngl

I wish my dad was dead.

I wish my father was dead. I wish he died instead of my grandfather. I wish he died before I was born so I wouldn't exist. I wish I had stood up for him before he destroyed me. I wish he died for all the years of sexual abuse and torture he put me through and made me into a pathetic, timid coward. I wish I had the strength to make him pay for what... [more]

Cleaning my private parts with my aunts items

She showed me how to spit out swimming pool water when I was 5. Seeing as the ** doesn't mind a bit of dirt and ** I clean my ** and scratch my ** with her... [more]


A coworker of mine just went through a nasty divorce. He talked to Me about it and showed me pictures of her. She’s smoking hot. Blond blue with a fit body and 36DD **.
He still loved her but they way she treated him during the divorce made him vengeful.
Using the info he gave me I managed to... [more]


I once saw cheatting wife pushed on the street ** by her husband tell her "so everyone can see naked ** looks like" it was horribly humiliating because he was holding her arms, walking her down the side walk exposing her privates to the neighbours. ... [more]

In Brazil there is a Mad King and dictator. Your name? Alexandre

"Who is going to stop this dictator who has gagged Brazilians and anyone who dares to cite him? He brings the Federal Supreme Court (STF) to its knees. Where is the president of the STF? The president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (PSD-MG), this weakling, coward, sitting on top of three million signatures calling for the impeachment of this... [more]

Beautiful women

I love dating beautiful women just to get them to act like the whores they really are. I’m always amazed. The more beautiful they are the more insecure and willing to do anything to please me. I love degrading them then dumping them.

Long to have my wife on meth

I wish I could get my wife on meth to see her gang banged by several men, we haven’t had ** for many years she hasn’t wanted to so would love her to get on it for myself to watch and also participate. We’re in Surrey UK

A neighbors dog almost killed a bully while I sat there watching.

This German Shepard lived in my neighborhood and I used to pet him. I also gave him leftover food scraps such as beef and pork or uneaten chicken etc. I was 12.
One day this bully grabbed me and gave me "noogies" by rubbing his knuckles on my head.
Seeing this the German Shepard tried to kill him. It took me and a neighbor to get him... [more]

** With My Wife's Mind

My wife who has committed acts of infidelity (not adultery) and always must be the center of attention when out with people and is a complete attention ** when out on the town.
So, I have decided to take her down a peg or two. She no longer works out, eats [more]

Someone screwed with my computer

The last couple months my computer has been ** up. I guess I got some kind of adware tracking cookie on the browser. I don't care if they want to put tracking virus on someone browser why would they make it so it screws up the persons computer. If the computer is screwed up the person can not do much... [more]


You suurreee is ugly! I hope Fenty gets you!

Enough of woke BS

I had dinner with a friend in Malta. The buxom waitress called out to me, "my eyes are up here". Only one answer was appropriate, 'your ** are down here".

A large window at school was broken

There was a large glass window at school that some kid kept breaking after school wAs out. The Principal made an announcement that they would find out who it was. They never did but for some months the window stayed intact. During the summer break about halfway through the season someone broke into the school and destroyed food stored in cans... [more]

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