Revenge Confessions

My revenge cheating after bf cheated.

Three years ago, I was 23 a graduate from GT “Go Yellow Jackets!” with a degree in Health & Medical Science, got an apartment North of Atlanta, a job at a sports complex that’s currently helping me pay for medical school.
I’m a push over with no luck in guys, long story, I met Ethan. He works for a large bank and does something with contracts. He... [more]

Pay back

I pushed my sister naked out of the house for flirting with my boy friend. Then a called two of my boy friend's friends to pick her up. !Wow! never saw two guys so happy to pick up a naked girl. The next day she picked up her stuff and moved out.

I want to send all Chinese to concentration camps

Chinese are sending Uyghurs to concentration camps while immigrating here from China themselves. This blatant double-standard unsymmetric war is costing us dearly and is working towards their interest. They've been sending agents here to steal our intellectual properties for decades, and now they would even go as far as using biological warfare... [more]

My abusive step dad

I might sound crazy but my step dad is the crazy one,he makes my mom feel like crap,and i love him and my mom but sometimes if they just took a moment and sat down and talked to me...maybe just maybe they would understand what my life feels like at home and school,plz i need someone to talk too,please i only want to have a perfect life...well not... [more]

I wish there was an Omega Variant

All these stupid f****** people in just America alone and Covid-19 failed me. The Delta Variant doesn't seem to be doing the work either. I'm sure that an Omega Variant would be the perfect plague I asked for.
Perhaps then, these morons taking horse de-worming paste by the tube-full and crying... [more]


I was 16 years old when a girl in my school called me a s*** for trying to steel her boy friend. Told her it wasn't my fault I was sexier than her. That only made her even madder and knew it wasn't going to be the last of it. The next day I got pushed into a public park bathroom, forced stripped ... [more]

A btch

Well today i found out my bestfriend is sleeping with my bf and my bestfriend is inviting me now to her bday party i am thinking i will outshine ehr of just reveal her biggest secret infront of everyone i mean im kinda looking for a revenger because i think i deserve it. but u know what yall think?

Violent Criminal Rapist George Floyd Got what HE DESERVED

And God showed exactly what God thinks about him in sending a lightening bolt down to destroy his mural! Put that in your pipe and smoke it you dumbass MIllidiots. Oh yeah and Karens are hot AF SJWs are not-they all look like Chelseas-Chelsea Clinton homely fug girld who are so jealous of Genx hotties. See ya! Wouldn't wanna be ya! If I am a... [more]


I like being mean to others

Ex boyfriends humiliation

I caught my boyfriend kissing some girl with his hand down her pants a few weeks ago and beat his ass right in front of her and told him we were over .A few days later he started texting me but I ignored him.a week or so after that he just showed up at my house crying and begging me to take him back. I had found another boyfriend already but and I... [more]

Cheating Wife

I have been cheated by my Indian wife and day by day it has turned me on and now i feel like to share her with someone and post her pics online.. What shall i do? any advice

I escaped the S** Offender Registry, because I was a Minor

I confess that I did things that I’m not proud of, but I hated everybody and everything, that I thank God that I grew up in Foster care and I grew up with a different name. I had myself a encounter with 5 different Girls on 5 separate occasions and we got up close and personal and naughty, 2 of which were of sexual encounters and the other 3 were... [more]

Got sweet Revenge on my Abusive teacher by seducing her Niece

( real confession, no bs) I confess that I’m a Douche and I never had very many friends in school, I hated everybody, I especially hated my teacher who treated me like I was the worst kid in school, while there were many other kids who were less smart then I was, me coming from a Italian background. I confess that she treated me unfairly many... [more]

I hate my stepdad

I hate my stepdad so much, whenever my mum and my stepdad breaks up im happy and theres no drama, and then 5 days later she takes him back and then more suicidal thoughts, mental breakdowns, hating myself, stops eating and wanting to die all comes back
to make myself feel better i dream about him not ever being here and i start to have a smile... [more]

Last message from a Troll

Yes may be it would be my last message here because I have corona now. Before I die I want to say that I value and respect normal people with normal life who are here with genuine feelings and are actually seeking advice here. If I die I honestly want below people to die with me.
1) Super slu t (Jackie or Jack)
2) Incest asswoles
3)... [more]

I got Alzheimer’s, I got maybe 30 years left

I confess I got Alzheimer’s, I just found out all about this terrible Brain sickness that is eating away at my mind. I was told I have to go through 7 Stages of H*** before my life ends on this Earth. And they are.
StageExpected Duration of StageEstimated Life Expectancy (Years... [more]

I confess that Native Americans are mentally Ill Sociopaths

I confess that most Native American people are real nice people, but it’s the small percentage of them that give most native people a bad name, just as the KKK gave most White People a bad name. I know what the Natives went through, they went through H*** and lots of it in their Residential School... [more]


I caught my boy friend kissing and groping in his car with another girl. I mixed sleeping pills in his drink , took pictures of him spread out naked on the bed and sent them to all my girl friends. Best revenge I did to cheating pig.

I hope yell get robbery for yell stuff

I live at 20451 kentucky street i'm playing my PS5 PS4 xbox one on my five big flat screen TVs i bet yell dumbass b****** off of this website won't comeover to physically fight me please do something yell don't want none of me

Got my d*** sucked in a gloryhole

Do girls really love the thought of not knowing who they are sucking off? I've been in a mental hospital and spat at people and use girls for s**. I got accepted as a participant in a gloryhole and some b**** was on the other side.
I spat on my [more]

The wife gets her due.

We have been married for 10 years and were fighting all the time . We fought about everything, it didn't matter what stupid thing it was about , it went on all the time.
What I didn't know was my wife plotted to seduce our next door neighbor to get even with me. She knew he liked her because of all the flirting she and he did with each other... [more]

I confess I seduced a girl

I confess that I did something real naughty and real pathetic , I’m a 17 year old Virgin and last year, I met a girl who looked just like my first Girlfriend. The only difference was she was 13, I figured that our age difference was not very bad. We went to her house and we were all alone, so we were bored and since she was in the mood, she took... [more]

I hate you

I hope Adam Farooki kills himself.

B**** Got My Friend Arrested

I'll be the first to admit that we can be bit destructive when it comes to just breaking random stuff out in the woods but we all agreed to not touch anything personal or expensive like cars or windows. Now this couple lives right along the woods and often the wife would often see us running around and yell at us.
About a month ago, it was late... [more]

I thought SHE'D LIKE A*** S**,

One friday night(in WEST GERMANY!) after a night of MY rock band playing live, i DROOVE my GIRLFRIEND HOME (TRIER, WEST GERMANY) quickly WE FOUND OUR WAY TO HER BEDROOM, AFTER i PUT ON MY CONDOM and some KY jelly I eased my c*** into her b*******!... [more]

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