Revenge Confessions

Spanked Naked in Public

I visit a few of these confession sites and could not believe I saw this story. I was out on a date with my girlfriend and we were playing Ping Pong against this other couple we had just met. All of a sudden this "streaker" starts to run my our table heading out the door. The girl we are playing with stops the streaker and tells her she must play... [more]

Jacked Up My Husband's S***

Caught my husband in bed with a skanky s*** today. Went a little crazy and beat the s*** out of my husband. I'm bigger than him and he's a lil b****. S***... [more]

I'm in deep

I used to read these confession sites and laugh at the sorry s****. Now I'm one of them.
I'm divorcing and I found some confessions on this site by divorcing women who turn their sons against their ex-husbands by giving them s**. I though it was bullshit... [more]

I gave my wife drugs so I could watch her have s**

Several times my wife and I had arguments and it always ended in us sleeping separately , she is a chronic spender out of boredom , goes will with credit cards and it takes me a long time to dig my way out by working extra days or hours .
She refuse and had a phobia about spending . So One of my close friends she really like a lot. I mean... [more]

Oblivious step son

My 20yo step son is a parasite, and is ungrateful. When he's home, he drinks in his room, watches p*** and jerks off all night. I got tired of his s***, and smelling his room from across the house. If he cleaned up a little, he might be able to make... [more]

Punch to Your Metaphorical Babymaker

Damn you, S, for playing with my heart. It's true I loved you dearly at one point, but you ruined that. I would have to be a real fool to take you back, so stop trying to win me back. It's a useless effort, because now that I'm not blinded by love, I can see that you're just not good enough. So back off.
Does that hurt? It [more]

Cheated On My Boyfriend Cause He Is A Cheap B******

My cheapo boyfriend wouldn't even buy me a to die for diamond fashion ring that cost $3,000. He said it was too expensive. I told him he could open a credit account and make payments, but he wouldn't. To try to appease me he said he buy me a s***** thousand dollar ring. No way. I don't settle. I was... [more]

Thick wife humiliated

I'd love to see a sexy shapley black woman strip the clothes off my bit titted, fat assed wife and beat her to a b***** unconscious pulp. It would be even better if it was in a bar and everyone was cheering as they watched my wife stripped and beaten.

Accidental On Purpose Pregnancy

I purposely got pregnant... i wanted a BABY so bad so i devised the perfect plan... i started taking FertilAid pills to increase my chances of conceiving sooner in case i couldn't keep him around long enough to get prego... the next time i started sleeping with a man, weather he was my bf or not, i would pretend i was on bcps... so i met this... [more]

I Got Even With One Of My Troublemaker Students

I'm a young female teacher everybody says looks too nice to be a b****. I do look sort of innocent, and I'm told I'm very pretty, but I have the payback b**** inside of me.
Here's what I mean. A month ago a male student put a tack under my chair and... [more]

Fraternity Initiation

I got a call from the President of the Fraternity that I joined recently. I found out the only reason he called me was because I am the only one who was actually taking a Class in Photography and I have a pretty good camera. He explained to me that one of our Frat Brother's sister was taken advantage of by this under classman who was stupid enough... [more]

Sweet revenge

So when i was 21 i dated a 19 year old chick who ended up cheating on me with this old dude she worked with, and by old i mean this guy was like 50. So obviously we broke up and i run into this s*** last year at a bar, she starts telling me how horrible her life is how she hates her husband(not the... [more]

Helping my friend do my Mom

That I don't like my Mom she is always mean to me and wishes I was never born. I am 16 and she is 44 and a little over weight. My brother has been gone from the house for a long time and it is just the two of us at home.
My friend Ron always says he would like to get in her pants and suck her big [more]

I humiliated my roommate

One of my former roommates was always going out drinking and coming home drunk, being very disruptive and making it very hard to sleep. I had a very busy class schedule at the time and this was beginning to impact on my grades. Frequently, she'd become so drunk that she'd pass out and need me and the other girl in the house to take care of... [more]

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