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Help if you can

Hey so this is gonna be weird. And I know what a lot of you might think about me... And well sorry :/ and I will be honest.
So in school, I'm 15 and so is this girl.. She is really hot and well... Has such a great big ass. And I look at her and her ass a lot, well all the time. She always wears this jacket that covers the most of her ass... [more]


I told my friends that I don't care if anybody asks me and I don't want to go to homecoming. I really want someone to ask me. It is my senior year after all.

may be having trouble

i wanted and tried to not get this particular teacher for math this year cuz i heard how hard he was so i scheduled another taecher for this year. then last week when we went the first day i got lottery out of that class and it wound up i got the guy i wanted to not get. i was so afraid but i went to class annyway and as soon as i sat down in his... [more]

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I've been cheating in school since 6th or 7th grade. I don't know half the things I should know and last year on the staar test I didn't even read ANY of the questions I just got my friend to give me the answers. I don't know how I'm suppose to finish school, nobody knows how dumb I am. I need help in in the 11th grade now.

Me and Eva roling skittles in class

My sister eva and i have always rolled skittles between the aisles in class. The other day we got caught and I got suspended. My mum's really angry but eva didn't get in trouble at all. Is something wrong with me, why do I always get in trouble but she doesn't. Ever since I moved to australia with her this has always happed she's been a teachers... [more]

I want to write a novel,but i cannot pass grammer.

I want to write a best selling novel.but i cannot pass grammer.can anybody here give me a sample of how to write a great novel.i want to write a best selling novel about the hard life of an alcoholic sociopath.which a kind of like the catcher in the rye,and resident evil the city of the dead.and a tale of two cities.and kind of like the lord of... [more]

I don't know what to do anymore. I'm tired if my life

I can't handle school anymore. No one likes me and they act as if I didn't exist. The only 2 friends I have treats me like s*** because of the things they found out about me and it's obviously that they don't like me anymore (I don't know if they ever did), but I can't "end" my friendship with them... [more]

A weird last day with my English teacher.

I went up to my English teacher) and said thanks for being an awesome teacher and she gave me the biggest hug then said "I'm really gonna' miss you oli, seriously. You're so funny, even when your bad in class, follow me on Twitter you douche."

The 7th grade lie.

I was always a person you'd get along with. Not a care in the world. I remember being small and in elementary school. All my older siblings always said it was tough going to middle. I told them, a girl like me? No way. I'd get through it easy, being as friendly and nice as I was. I guess I was a little too friendly and nice. 6th grade came, and it... [more]

Probationary student

God I really screwed up this time. I am a college student and I am not really feeling the college life. If I was honest I can pretty much say that I find college to be the most boring thing I have ever had the misfortune to do. But I have to go, because my mother is expecting me to go and also I have completed three years of it already and it... [more]

Shame and Disgust

When I was around 13 or 14 I use to look at and m********* to my elementary/primary school photos of when I was around 8 to 12 years old. What I would do is I would look at the pictures of the fat girls in my class and pretend they ate me and I was inside their stomachs. I pretended they... [more]

I need help

I have a teacher her name is ms.f****** evers. I hat eher guts. Only beacause she never shuts up and noone has learned anything this whole year. All of our parents try to get her fired and email her questions but she doesnt reply. She gave us only a science project to do in 2 weeks while others... [more]

Now it's over

I just graduated community college and now feel like it means nothing. Everyone says they are proud I don't know why. I am nowhere where I want to be. Now I am scared go to sleep for the days to pass to quickly and afraid to wake up and do something wrong.

Principal showing gay discrimination toward my friend

I confess to knowing about this, but I also would like some advice. Okay, so I am in high school and have a bi friend named Abigail. No one really treats her different. She doesn't 'stay in the closet' and is pretty open with it. It's just no one really cares what sexual choices she chooses which is how it should be. Anyway, our principal, Mrs... [more]


Okay so I am High School I play clarinet and I we had a concert back in December but I left it in the schools Auditorium But I didn't realize till February it was missing because I play percussion now but I Have been searching for it but now its April and I still cant find it I haven't told my mom because I am afraid if you knew my mom you would... [more]

One of those embarrassing middle school moments

Today I wore a skirt thinking that i was going to miss PE because of state teasting, but our tests ended just in time for P.E. Today's game, lets just call it tag, was going fine until i was trying to tag this one boy. Soon he trippd and fell on his back and i couldn't get enough traction to stop so i was about to step on this boy when i stepped... [more]

dont kno what to do

ok so my gf elyse and me were riding to the movies with this guy friend of ours. elyse dates another guy friend who I have known since elem school and who even tho hes a guy and im a girl were like almost best freinds. so we ride with this 1st guy and he gets elyse to go down on him on the way to the movies. she kind of is embarrassed at 1st but... [more]

My frat was a mistake

When I first enrolled in college, I was a year older than the rest of my class, and was at a school away from home. I got along well with my peers in the dorms, and had an almost too healthy social life, but felt like many of the people I hung with didn't have too much in common with me besides liking to party (they were nice kids but didn't put... [more]

This girls ass...

I really think I need some help here. This girl in my school, whose name is Brittani, is just amazing. Many would consider her being the hottest girl in the school. I know it's normal for teenagers to always have crushes. But this isn't a crush. She is very attractive. It's just, her ass is truly amazing. I try to stare at her or her ass every... [more]

Husband Is A Dud In Bed

My husband of a year is a dud in bed. I am thinking about leaving him for his jock brother who has it going on in the bedroom and has a yummy body but I'm a little concerned about the s*** storm that might start.


In school EVERYONE thinks I'm evil. I'm quiet, wear black clothing everyday, and am always alone. Recently some gay guy publicly started insulting me. In return I made some REALLY MEAN things to him, and sent him off crying. Now EVERYONE calls me "Spawn of the Devil" and a demon. Even the girl I liked hates me.... Am I evil?


I feel like I am wasting my time with university. I feel bored with life, like I am waiting for something, and that something is not school. Its the adventure of war. I feel like I am just sitting in school waiting for a new place to fight and make a tangible difference in someone's world rather than sit around with a bunch of sheltered kids and... [more]

S**** YOU

Okay I am ? at ?, a hated person who has a minor wisp and a blind eye.I have a friend who wasn't a very good one.Her purposly broke my arm, keeps yelling at me and calls me a r*****.S**** YOU

I hate my life.

I never graduated.everybody thinks i am dumb as s***.my life has been one big Failure.i suffered a third grade Concussion(bad bicycle accident).and chipped my front teeth.I could have committed suicide.I could have drank alcohol until i died.i have an I.Q of only 73.But i never did any of that... [more]

I'm not sure what to do

At school the other day i found out that this girl that i don't really talk to that often is giving out caffeine pills and some other stuff at school. I found out when she gave my friend a pill right in front of me. I said i didn't see anything and walked away and my friend followed me saying he was just finishing the suply she had and was going... [more]

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