School Confessions

I'm 16 and I drink alcohol before school all the time.

Yep. I get really drunk before I get on the school bus. From homeroom to the end of 2nd period I’m pretty drunk. I also dip at school. It’s just so boring and my teachers aren’t hot like they were last year. My history teacher caught me dipping and told me I should stop. Haha what an idiot. I spit my dip in his coffee one morning while he was in... [more]


So… I have always had a sense of breathlessness whenever I enjoy lots of activity or when I’m around certain triggers, and I always wondered what it was; so one day me and my mum went to the doctor to see what it was, did loads of scans tests and came to the conclusion That I had severe asthma. I told my closest friends about this, and expected... [more]

She needs guidance

I work at a private highschool as a counsellor. Every week I have a particularly dysfunctional girl (12yrs) who has to report to me to have a behavior sheet signed. She only can get it signed if no incidents of truancy or disrespect have occurred.
She is a superbly attractive little girl but her manner is rough and rude.
About 3 weeks ago she... [more]

7 grade s**

It started a month ago . I don't like wearing underwear . One day our teacher left the room for a few minutes . I got up and flipped up my skirt . To guys got one took my p**** from the front . The Uther got me from behind in my ass . They barely finished before the teacher got back . The word got... [more]


I’m a high school teacher and the school I’m in has a lot of fistfights. Most of them don’t amount to anything but some get pretty b*****. At first I didn’t like watching them but now they actually kind of turn me on. Being a woman I can watch without trying to break them up. I see a lot of [more]

Sorority initiation week

I was 18 when I went to college and pledged into a sorority, and I was a really innocent small town girl who just finished high school and had no idea of what it was like out in the real world. The way this sorority worked was a 2 week initiation period where an active sister in the house had to choose to sponsor you from among the pledges, and... [more]

I am going to kill everyone on the bus in the morning SylveenHill

The cops can think all they want that i am lying, but i have given up. so i will be bringing my ar-15 to the bus and ill hide it in my gym bag. im going to kill everyone on the bus. then i will shoot at cars. the best part is nothing will happn because they think all the threats are hoaxes. can you imagine how bad they will look when everyone... [more]

Teacher and Ex-Student

I have been teaching high school for many years and have resisted the flirting, gropes, sexual aggressiveness and infatuations (theirs and MINE!) of many of my students. Last week, one of my former students showed up at school and dropped by my classroom. He was out of college and had just gotten a great job. We exchanged contact info and said our... [more]

Brat at school

I went to school in the 1960’s. I was a nightmare for the teachers. I was always chatting in class, mucking around, being cheeky etc. I got caned regularly by several different teachers. Despite the pain caused by the canings I still did not learn. I would like to say sorry to all those teachers I annoyed.


I am an English learner. She Her Hers. Recently, I'm feeling very alone and miserable at school. I came to the US last year from Japan because of my dad's job, and I'm a freshman in high school. Since I came here, I feel like I'm not accepted by anybody. Yes, there are people who are very nice to me and care about me (I am very grateful for... [more]

I love bullying

I love bullying because I love seeing worthless b****** get beaten up one day at school this little nerd tripped me up so I basically threw his glasses on the ground and mocked him then I pushed him over and spat on that little f****** waste of... [more]

My teachers had s** with me (long)

I have gym for the last period of my day. I'm told that I look very mature for my age(not like that matters because most the people in my grade have lumberjack beards). I wear sweatpants because jeans constrict me to much so my sizable bulge sticks out even when flaccid, but it's incredibly obvious when I'm hard. The two brunette gym teacher who... [more]


I'm a feminine gayboy who's appearance is androgenous, often mistaken for a girl by those meeting me for the first time. When a freshman, a teacher for nearly two months thought I was a girl until realizing I wasn't, my name is Madison. I so love being a boy and always will be a boy, a feminine boy who loves the feeling of wearing pretty under... [more]

Did young girl at my school

Ok i go to school at a school whare the hi school middle school and elamintrey school r all in the same building just separated by doors im in the 11th grade on the bus this cute little girl that i later found out was in the 4th grade keep asking me to be her boyfriend so after she asked me several times i told her to meet me in the back on her... [more]

Former student now wife

When i was a teacher, there was this girl Melissa who was my student. She was super petite, very flirty, and wore short skirts to school often. As the years went on, we developed an affection to each other. It never crossed my mind to do anything illegal. However, during her senior year she really turned it up - wearing short skirts and... [more]

Teacher hates students

Working with minorities students will make you a racist. I'm an open minded person. But I have become more closed minded and hate people now. Try working with minority students, blacks and Mexicans. White students are much nicer and pleasant and decent. There are numerous times when I had just one or two black students in class and they ruined... [more]


I think there should be more bullying in schools not less. i'm so sick of all these whining b******* b****** who complain all the time. them b****** need to get bullied and beat and then... [more]

I'm insane loner

I'm 16 year old in high school and i'm facing mental problem slowly coming closer and closer to breaking. Some backstory I was a big d*** child in middle school bullinga girl into tears, making fun scucidal boy, etc. As the year grew by I became more racist towards black people(I'm black myself) and... [more]


A cute friend (f) of mine (m) that I've had a thing for started kissing my arm and sucking my fingers and not gonna lie she knows how to use her tongue

Crush on my Classmate

I'm in grad school getting my Master's degree, so I'm older than most of the people who use the school category.
I'm just going to admit something that I've been denying to my friend at work: I have a crush on my classmate who is in both of my grad classes. There, I said it. It's surprising since I have never had feelings for an Asian guy... [more]

My underage school bus dream which has become my fav fantasy

I had a dream about a year ago which has now become my favorite m*********** fantasy.
I dreamt that I was a kid back at school on a school trip on a bus sat in the window seat. Sat next to me in the aisle seat is a little girl. She is very pretty, wearing an extremely short school skirt... [more]

No reason to this post, I just wanted to share

I just wanted to share some ridiculous high school rules. Some of these are pretty hilarious with context, so enjoy the read.
1. "Students are not allowed to wear scrunchies, hair-ties, or hair clips on school grounds." This rule was enforced because some high school girls enjoy playing with their ponytails and hair clips during class... [more]

A daily thing

My friend and I sit in the back row in every class, He always sits next to me, One day in class he asked for some help so the teacher came over and was helping him, I looked over and she was wearing a dress, Not super short or anything but I was checking out her legs which are actually pretty damned nice, I don't know how old she is, Someone told... [more]

A joke gone horribly wrong.

I made a joke about school shooting.. got arrested and charged and got stabbed multiples times, after went back to school got shot twice in the same leg. Shot up the school - July 1988

Class room flash

While in the 9th grade we had a big boy in the back bench who was 3years senior but being failed in smaller classes was attending the classes with us. During the last month the grade on class was free as the teacher was on holiday and all the boys were just playing around in the class. Then the boy next this big boy shouted saying look something... [more]

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