School Confessions

When I was in school we all said the Lords Prayer

I was an atheist but I knew if I didn't recite this prayer I'd get the s*** whipped out of me.

Underwear thief

Now that I've moved home back from the dorms I've noticed 6 pairs of my underwear are missing. There is one laundry room on our floor in the dorms which is mostly female ROTC. I'm male and the missing underwear are mostly cheap boxers. Do women normally steal underwear?

May as well post.

I read a post I was going to comment on but decided to make my own post.
Back in college I was straight as a lazer, Never even kissed a girl, I went to college late, I was 23 so most of my room mates were younger than me at 19, 20, 21. I had 3 room mates and 2 of them had come there together as best friends and the third was a stranger to all of... [more]

My hazing experience

I grew up in a small town and got a softball scholarship at a D1 school 3 hrs from home.
At the beginning of this year I was courted to join a sorority. I thought it'd be a good idea to make more friends and attend socials.
During hazing, I had to give oral to my sponsor and I'd never been with a girl before.
I also had to have [more]

Fraternity Hazing

I will keep the university/ college and fraternity name anonymous. Will not mention any names. But when I was attending college when I was 19 years old i wanted to join the fraternity there. I’ve heard of their crazy parties and the people there are crazy popular especially with the girls. I was invited for initiation and as well as 10 other guys... [more]

My Nymphomaniac Wife

How I found out about my promiscuous wife.
After my wife and I had been married for over four year I found out how promiscuous she really was. When I started dating her she was just sixteen. I found out after we were married she had been going out with several guys at the same time when she was in high school. She went to school in... [more]

Girls school

I had s** with a guy in a motel room with hidden cameras. I never told him I was married and now his pimping me with other men threatening to show my husband copies of the videos. Now I'm f****** married men for free.

Just because you are with another girl doesn't make you a lesbian

I finally got a college acceptance. I applied to over 50 colleges and Universities, I have a 3.89 gpa, I play soccer, I am President of the All Girls Club. We support providing tutoring for students who are falling behind. Some people have accused us as being a lesbian club. I think that's why all my applications were rejected. For the record I... [more]


The best looking girl I’ve ever seen in my life is in the 8th grade about to go to HS next year. Tall, blonde, athletic, flawless body, beautiful smile. I check her out every chance I get. Unbelievable.

I need advice pls

So im 15 going to 11thy grade next year. I had to do online school for abt 3 years now because when i hit middle school everything went down hill. But now my mom wants me to go back to public and be social but heres the problem i have as vision problem where i can see really well and glasses dont work for me which makes me different from most... [more]

Causing a break-up

I attended a small school with maybe 250 to 300 students. A few years ago, the school was absorbed into another school. I was the starting fullback and it was my senior year and not to brag but during football season I had plenty of luck with the girls.
Faith and Matt had been a couple since freshman year. It was common knowledge they were... [more]

7th grade a girl put foot between legs forever changing my life

I had developed a strong foot fetish in the 7th grade when this girl in class that I had to partner up with placed her foot on my chair between my legs. She started off with her Reebok Princess. The next time her shoes were off and she had socks on and finally before the school year ended on a hot day in May this happened. I felt her foot between... [more]

Bullying in school

I was always with a group of friends at school and I never got picked on but I sure saw a lot of other kids get pushed around. I didn't like to see it but there was nothing I could do to help. It usually happened while the teacher was not in the classroom. Its my guess they were more interested in sucking that last whiff of smoke from their... [more]

I have no place at school.

I am in the first year of middle school in a k-8 school. This means everyone else already has friends, but I don’t. I want to make a good friend, but a sort of popular one. I have one friend, but sometimes she ignores me. I really want to be friends with her, and it’s not the situation where it’s because she is popular. She has a phone, and... [more]

Fights on the school bus were so common that I stood up

Rather than find a seat on the bus I stood up because as often as not that's why the losers were fighting. I figured it only took a half hour to get to my house and since I had been sitting all day I could just stand up until enough kids got off the bus and made seats available.
It didn't work. The troublemakers figured out what I was doing... [more]

Thought I was dumb

All of my life I've been told I'm stupid by my father mother teachers sister until I met my history teacher she had me take a placement test my 9th grade year and I scored sophomore in college on almost every exam except math I only score college freshman now I'm wondering why everyone went out of there way to make me feel stupid

How embarrassing

I'm just like every other lad bigging themselves up that they will f*** a girl all day but it's a lie i recently had an embarrassing moment I'm 16 and was with a girl and a little embarrassed to say it was a cousin who is 13 she's not a virgin we had a little banter the other night and i said to her... [more]

We're gonna perform a senior year stunt tomorrow!

My best friend (f/17) and I (f/17) not only attend the same high school, but we're in all the same classes together too. So, tomorrow, we plan on showing up to school handcuffed together just for the sake of seeing how difficult it'll be to spend an entire day like that and to see everyone's reactions! If any of our teachers tell us to take them... [more]

Three times and your ass is whipped

My school had a three time rule. You get sent to the office three times in one year you get a ass whipping. I do mean your ass got whipped.
I was in class when paper wads were being thrown around. I batted ne of the wads out of the air just as the teacher walked in. She saw the person who threw the wads and the three of us got sent to the... [more]

I’m scared I’ll kill everyone in my class

I hate my school and I have no friends. I can’t stop myself from fantasizing about killing my classmates. The fantasies range from shooting them to eating them. It has become hard to focus on schoolwork because of my mind. I’ve been suicidal for most of my life and I’m sure that part of my me wants to take down as many people with me as I can. I... [more]

Girlfriend is more experienced than me

I've been with my girlfriend for 7 months and she's more experienced than me now im nervous because i keep making up excuses when she wants to have s**,I worry it's going to be over before it starts.

Wanking while my aunt is asleep

I've been wanking off over my aunt when she is sleeping on her sofa I've been doing it for 8 months the first time she was asleep she was wearing a dress and i moved it up to see her knickers and had a w*** i felt guilty afterwards but still kept going back and at that point never been caught that... [more]

Don't be mad at me.

How is it my fault that things got carried away, I never agreed to anything beyond what happened already and now it's somehow my fault tha I don't want to do more.
My best friend and I went to college together, It was more of an escape from real life than anything, We had both taken a year off after highschool and were waitressing at the same... [more]

I let guys use me

I not long turned 14 and already had s** with over 100 guys aged between 14-39 i can't stop myself if i like them it ends the same way having s** when it was my birthday i was on my way home when my cousin pulled up next to me and offered me a lift and don't no... [more]


I was 15 when I got forced into doing sexual things with a nun in a Catholic boarding school for girls. I was sleeping when this nun woke me up in the middle of the night and walked me down the hallway in my pajamas. She took me across the central patio, into the classrooms building and into one of the rooms. I remember the principal of the school... [more]

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