School Confessions

My first time was in college with a black guy

I've never been into guys but my first semester of college this year I wanted to join a sorority. The requirements are to have ** with a current sister & have unprotected ** with a black guy. I told my girlfriend back home. She was cool with me having [more]

Vomiting up my school dinners

During high school I used to have hot dinners, but I hated them and thought the food was awful. I would ask my parents if I could take my own lunches in, but they always said it was cheaper and easier for me to have dinners at school. The food was always bad quality and I'd always end up feeling sick through the afternoon during lessons, so... [more]

Incident during gym

I was sitting on the football bleachers after gym class and for some stupid reason some fellow gym mates started throwing rocks at this one guy. For a few seconds it looked like he was in a hailstorm of stones falling all around him. Predictably he was hit on the head and knocked down.
I personally had not participated but even before the... [more]

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Was I a hero, a loser or a bit of both?

I was standing up on the school bus on my way home. There was a short stocky girl in front of me. OK two boys thought it would be funny to shove me into this girl. She was minding her own business just like I had been.
The two boys began shoving me into the "fat" girl in front of me. I fought back grabbing the sides of the bus seats and... [more]

Trrye story about a pervert teacher who looked at underage boys

When I was under 12 I was a grammar school student. I like everyone else in the world had to use the bathroom from time to time. ONe of the old maid teachers would stand in the boys room looking at boys use the urinal. Our penises were not big at all.
One day I was in the restroom and I knew the teacher was going to show up. I had my... [more]

I messed up a PE basketball game and this guy rubbed it in

He wouldn't shut up abut it but he was a known badass and I didn't want to tangle with him. The bell rang and I was finally rid of him. One day he was in the hallway and he had two black eyes and bruises all over his swollen face. He had apparently not let something go with the wrong guy.

Incident 1960 8th grade age 13.

Getting on the bus to g home was always a chore. There weren't enough seats to go around but I always felt that since the trip only lasted one half hour and I had been siting all day it didn't really matter.
This ** who I believe was a few years older than me arrived in line late and didn't... [more]

The clock, the teacher and us idiots

I was in 8th grade near the beginning of the school year my first year in high school. In my days thee was no junior high. I was in English class and our teacher got mad and started calling us idiots. I personally was just sitting down saying nothing.
Some of us were talking some of weren't. I was not talking and neither were several other... [more]

My Alma Mater was supposed to be easy

I live in Georgia near Atlanta and I did less than stellarly in school. I was able to pass the courses I took but I had to be careful or I would have flunked. C's get degrees but if a C is as good as you can do its nothing to brag about.
I went to a University in Atlanta,ga that from time to time comes close to losing its accredation. It... [more]

Let's see it

I once saw a boy in my school getting his pants forcefully pulled off to embarrass him in front of girls. I remember grils telling them "let's see it" watching his ** poping out of his underwear we took a picture of him with a full **. I remember... [more]

I tried

I was doing so well, I made it a week and three days and now its all **. I tried so hard to be nice, to be a good leader for others but ** her. She has an attitude and I'm trying hard not to slap the **. I... [more]

Morbidly obese boy in gym class bullied

Several boys would pull him off the bleachers and pile up on him. He didn't like it but there were too many of them for him to fight. I felt sorry for him but I couldn't help him.

Bulge flashing teachers, moms, and classmates

I remember going swimming with my primary school to the local pool for swimming lessons.
I must of been about 7 or 8 we were standing poolside when I noticed some off the girls were looking at me didn't take much notice until one of teachers or mums that helped out asked if I'm sure they're swim wear and my parents know I've got them today. I... [more]

I learned how to be a boy ** in school

It says Confess Something. Here's something.
My father was stationed as part of the consulate in a small republic. I went to a local private school, mostly rich kids. One girl, American was in my class. She spoke the local language perfectly. Popular, dated a local kid three years older.
One day she got close to me, asked me if I had a... [more]

Hey geef, I need dime

The fat stupid dropped out of high school just then loser didn't get the ** dime.

I’ve been ** my college advisor

I’m going to keep this short. My college advisor is 26 and hot af. I made a couple appointments to see her and the last one I asked her out since it’s a conflict of interest I left a note and she looked up my number to text me. We went for drinks and we wound up hooking up and continue to do so.


I am still remembering a woman from high school I didnt even really know- and dont even care to know! WTF
I died temporarily in high school and truly believe my brain shut off and then somehow engrained what was happening around me at the time and preserved people from the past in my brain then-Not sure if this is possible but yes, it did happen... [more]

I wasn't a stellar student myself but why do schools put up with

I was not a good student by any means but nothing I did interferred with another student getting an education.

Moron in History class

We were in history class when someone in the room below us started banging on the radiator. It was loud and our teacher went down to see who it was and put a stop to it. While she was down there this mental midget decided it would be smart to bang on the radiator while she was down there.
The teacher returned with a strange look on her... [more]

Has anyone ever told you not to touch them when you never planned

I was in college when some guy told an off color joke about Jews. Nobody laughed especially the Jewish fellow student. I just sat there saying nothing. The Jewish student was mad but for some odd reason he told me not to touch him. Why? I'm not a toucher and I didn't tell the ** joke.

High School Teacher

My ninth grade history teacher, who also overseen the after school detention hall, would often make me massage her feet. She would come up with a reason I would be in detention hall. Her desk was solid to the floor on all three sides. She would have me lay under her desk, placing her feet on my chest and stomach, often times with her heels or... [more]

Wrestling with girls in co Ed gym classes

Have anyone had to wrestle a girl in a high school co Ed gym class. What was it like. Did you liked s as nv enjoyed it, did you pin her or did she pin you. What did that pin feel like

Girls in high school get bullied too

ONe of our cheerleaders at school was shoved outside the dressing room wearing only a bra and **. Another girls was shoved outside the dressing room wearing only a towel. She was told that if she told on them she would be shoved out without the towel. Girls get picked on too.

30 year anniversary of a horrific day and bad thoughts

There was a kid I knew since I was little. As we grew older he became more of a ** than ever. Insecurity and low self esteem but I didn’t know it completely at the time. I knew he was over compensating for something and was just a **.
Sophomore year... [more]

The day a fat bully at school got embarassed and laughed at

He was a loser. He had just dropped out of high school and was standing in the hallway with some guys and he said "watch this" He grabbed me by the shirt and said "Hey geef, I need a dime" I yelled out "Well your not getting it from me" One of his friends laughed at him and he shoved me. I walked off smiling.

I’m Very Different

I have a confession to make. I am a 15 year old boy who attends high school and am sick of being stereotyped by my teachers. But the truth is, I am Asexual (meaning i have no sexual attraction to anyone) and I am also a celibate (meaning I don’t want to have **). So much so I gave myself a name, a... [more]

Bullying in HIgh School

I was in the dressing room after gym class when this punk decided to make a smaller boys life miserable for the fun of it. He wrapped tape around the poor kids head and when the kid tried to remove it the punk went to him and rewrapped the tape. I foget how this ended up but where was the coach or any other authhority.

** Time

I went to school in the country, we gad five boys between ninth and the tenth grade, no choice for the basketball team to skirmish with the girls. Susan was taller than any of the boys, and played much better. But you couldn't field a mixed team in the district.
Susan chose me, not the other way around. To sit beside her, to shower with her... [more]


I got secretly videod in school standing naked in the girls showers. Never found out witch girl or girls did it, but three days later two boys told me about it telling me I looked good with no clothes on. In have a feeling their going to blackmail me humiliating myself.


I found out in this new year that a lot of young girls are not afraid to ** as adults claim they are....
Afterwards i thought about it and that was one of the stupidest things i've done in a very long time..
Oooohh yes that's a nice one she says she licked her hand and rubbed her hairless [more]

Great fun in high school

In the 70's when I started high school, we had to wear skirts or dress.
Hemlines started getting shorted and I enjoyed dressing in a skirt, though I didn't like pantyhose, I wore thigh highs and a garter belt.
I think I was rather good-looking and so were my girlfriends.
We had the cutest English teacher that was straight out of college... [more]

He only wants to ** off

I used to have lots of friends but now it's only a few i can trust that's all because i had ** with a boy in school and i get called a **.my cousin has been a great help in trying to put a stop to it and i got feelings for him. he's 16 and 2 years older and... [more]

The day I almost didn't graduate

Miss Turner didn't like me. I was not that bad of a student but for reasons of her own she disliked me. On the last day of school we turned in our textbooks. Her eyes got weird. She told me that the book was not in the same shape as when it had been issued to me. I said well it a year old and the wear and tear she saw was merely the normal... [more]

Wetting myself on the way home from school

I've posted a couple of knickers-related stories on here before, well here's another...
It was an early summer afternoon and I was walking home from high school, wearing my uniform of a white shirt and short black skirt, with bare legs as it was warm weather. I hadn't been to the loo since the morning and as I walked I started to really need... [more]

Miss Borders I remember you

You were an old maid, unattractive, fundamentalist grammar school teacher who just happened to be the biggest ** I ever have the pleasure to know while being educated.
It was 1958 when I met you. It was hate at first sight. Your preaching the gospel when you should have been teaching the three... [more]

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