School Confessions

I hate my fraternity, so I quit

I was in a fraternity and quit after 6 months. The whole time, I felt as if they never really liked me. They were not my enemies, but just never really hit me up to hang out. For the short time I was in it, I was being stressed out with texts and was giving away a lot of money that could've gone to school. I would always try to impress them and... [more]

I'm a terrible human being...

I’m a 30 year old single white male high school teacher.
Up until last year, I was working in a very poor inner-city school district where over 95% of the students are African American. Our schools were in bad shape in general, and my school in particular.
Year before last, there was a girl who was in two of my classes – one on A Day, one on B... [more]

I wanna leave my fraternity

I have way to many days where I hate my fraternity. I feel like every day is a struggle. Some of the people are a******* but that's not what really bugs me. They mainly expect me to play everything by their rules. We are supposed to take these freshmen tests to learn about the frat and the greek... [more]

Stolen uniform

I stole one of the girl's cheerleading uniforms from school. I had already swiped girl's clothes and shoes many time before from the unclaimed clothes box at school that fit me. I liked wearing panties and wore loose fitting clothing, so no one would see a pantyline. That day I saw a door to a classroom that was normally not open and peeked... [more]

I stole a cheerleading uniform in high school

Back in high school I had stayed late for something and got bored waiting for my ride. I wandered around the hallways and found some cheerleader uniforms that had come back from the drycleaners (back when uniforms were wool skirts & sweaters) and a package of school uniforms that had been delivered for the bookstore. I looked around to make sure... [more]

My Teacher Is Going To Pay For Flunking me. I mean it!

My teacher gave me an F which will get me in trouble with my rich father and my father said he would reduce my allowance if I got any Fs. I can't let this happen. I wouldn't be able to buy as many designer clothes or eat at as many good restaurants with my rich b**** girlfriends, and I am so [more]

I am a teacher...

I am a teacher and I have many confessions. Here are just a few:
1. I rarely read the essays I assign. I check to see if they are long enough and the handwriting is good, then put a grade on it.
2. I don't waste my time trying to help the students who are never going to understand certain concepts. Aka the "slow" students. I give them... [more]

My Brother with benefits

So here it is. I am a girl aged 19. I am from India and I am currently studying in 11th grade. When I was in class 9, I had made a friend let's say Aryan whom I used to see as my brother but then he was more like a best friend. Gradually became very close and the thing we had in common was that we both were in a relationship with someone else and... [more]

First real naked girl

Yesterday was my third day of high school and was probably my most eventful day of school ever. After gym class I actually managed to walk into the girls locker room instead of the guys by complete accident. I realized it when I saw a really hot girl standing between the lockers with no pants or underwear on! She had a shirt on, so I didn't see... [more]

Stripping boys

I love watching boys getting bully stripped, because they always get a h******. Best part of it was that boys did it and the only thing my girlfriends and I had to do was watch. I got a sexual charge seeing them red faced, naked and forced into displaying their erection. Boys usually did it to... [more]

Public shame

I used to spent summers in school summer camps. I was sitting by the pool with my girlfriends watching this boy's surfer suit ride half way down his butt. We were laughing and joking about it with boys, when one of them came up with the idea of pulling them down. They asked us to call him over to do it in front of us and embarrass him. We all... [more]

Teacher confessions

I'm a teacher. A slutty teacher. Here is what I've done:
1. I've sucked a parents d*** in my classroom.
2. Ive sucked a male TAs d*** in the lounge.
3. I've f***** that TA and posted pictures of us... [more]

Bad sexy student

In junior high i didnt have the best grades. my history teacher helped me after school 2 days a week. she went to the beach with me one weekend, we swam in the water and talked. when my friends were leaving, she said she would drive me home. we went to her apartment and she gave me a glass of wine. she then told me i could wash my bikini, in the... [more]

Freaky reputation

Me and my younger brother are 2 years apart and we went to a party with our dates. There was vodka shooters and some pot and at some point I found myself doing a 69 with my brother in front of everyone and someone got it on their cell phone.
Now we have this reputation of having this big incest love affair. We can't go anywhere without someone... [more]

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