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I want my wife's cousin NOW

I am married and my wife's cousin just got married a few months ago. I'm infatuated with her, I love her, and she is the most beautiful thing that walks on two legs I've ever seen in this world. She's from Saudi Arabia, but is very liberal for her country. She was apparently sexting and many more other things before her marriage with a guy in... [more]

My GF has strawberry blonde hair where it counts

F****** awesome seeing her naked. She keeps it well groomed. Not too much, not too little. She tells me she catches women at the gym looking at her. She's really great. The red hair on her p**** just puts her over the top.

Messed up life

Let's start out by saying my life is messed up. My name is Grandell.
I wanna have s** but I'm very conflicted about losing my virginity. Im 14 and I have always wanted to give a girl oral. I always thought cheerleaders were hot. And I have fantisided about having a threesome with two other girls I know... [more]


For the last eight months, I’ve been having an incredibly hot affair with one of my husband’s mid-level employees. From the beginning, we’ve gone at it rather heavily and rather frequently, because we just can’t seem to stay off one another, but last week was special. My husband was out of town on business for five nights, Sunday to Thursday, so... [more]

I wanna c***

Im a 18 year old female and i just want a guy to make me horney! I have big t***, a nice ass and i have had s** many times. Guys are afraid of me cause i go to hard. If u have a big c*** and wanna sext... [more]

Friend's wife

My best friend isn't quite divorced yet but he and his wife are separated. I helped him move out. He asked me to stay later that night because he was depressed about everything that happened that day. I said I had to work early and left. I went to his old house, parked a few streets over, and visited his wife. We had never shared our feeling with... [more]

He just lays there like a lump..

My man just lays there like a lump when I'm riding him. I asked him if he is enjoying s** and he said yes. What kind of guy just lays there and does absolutely nothing. His hands to the side of the bed, his eyes closed.. Like, he is sleeping. Am I that boring?? I can't stand it.

Neighbor girls

My wife and I rented a house last year and next door to us is a single mother with two daughters. The daughters are 19 and 20 years old. The younger one is just ok looking but a nice body and the 20 year old is hot and looks like a younger version of Jennifer Connely. Upstairs from my workout room I can see both girls bedrooms. They are big... [more]

S** at work

I started giving my boss oral s** in his office in hopes of getting a raise. I dont like it and he is not great looking, just ok. He is married as well. I just need to extra money.

hot fantasies but i want them to c** true

i sit in my chemistry class at school and i look at my teacher and i imagine him doing me at my house in my bed at his house in his bed in the coat room in the lab and even sometimes i sit there at my desk and i think about him coming up to me during class and standing me up and bending me over my desk and pulling up my skirt and grabbing me by... [more]


Listen i dont think im the only one but i think im pretty hot, blue eyes, brunet and 18 and im obsessed with s**! I m********* and constently have o****** and when im in the shower i finger my... [more]

S** obsession

I am absolutly obsessed with s**! I watch p*** and cant help sexting im really dirty and down to earth. Any tips for my condition?

My Perfect Girl

I am a 14 year old boy and i confess i have a sick mind. i dont act how i should. i have a sick fetish of feet and licking. i should mention that the licking fetish is me licking all over a girl. another fetish is when girls fart, p*** themselves, or [more]


I'm 19 and my boyfriend is 20. He is my heart. We've been together since I was 15. We just lost our virginity to each other this spring. We've had s** at least once a week since then ( we don't live together ). So the last few times we had "s**", he came in... [more]

My Wife's, Brothers, Wife

It happened a few weeks ago. My wife and I went on vacation with her brother and his wife. I had not met his wife before this trip but at first I thought she was a bit of a b****. One night we all drank too much and went to our rooms in the house we rented. A few hours later I woke up and went to... [more]

They call me hypothermia...

I like to paint myself blue and f*** old people.

S** in the burbs

Where to start? I'm 38 and married, my good friend is 37 and married and lives around the corner. We often drink on the weekends - to excess, including the wives, and occasionally, some other friends. a couple years ago it was just me and the other guy, and one of our good friends, a female who was about 23 at the time. we were all completely... [more]

I like to wear diapers :)

I kinda always wanted to have a girl sit on my lap. We'll both be wearing nothing but a diaper. And then I want both of us to flood our diapers so much they leak all over us. And then after that we change into eachothers just used diapers. HOT. :) Or it would be kinda cool to share a diaper with someone lol.


Well Im very young I'm in the 7 th grade and I really like this guy but I don't know if he likes me.i have dreams that he wants to f*** me,

I can see the hot lady next door naked

I secretly watch this good looking lady next door when she is naked. She looks around 35, but in very good shape. She works out a lot I think because I see her come home all the time wearing workout tights. From the corner of my bedroom window I can see into her bathroom. I don’t think she thinks anyone can see in there, but I can see. I see her... [more]

Friends With Benefits

I have always wanted a FWB. i always found the idea of it amazing and i want one so bad. yeah i know i am only 14 and it could be the hormones talking but i dont care. i am willing to do anything for one, i wouldnt care where ur from as long as your a girl its fine by me. the thought of it makes me hard already and i cant conrtol it. i dont want... [more]


Me and one of my good guy friends that I was pretty close with decided to use each other for s**. Booty call. before all that if one of us couldnt sleep we'd talk on the phone or chat on the computer for hours, always were there for eachother for advice, it was like clock work he;d call me almost every... [more]


Okay so to start off, I've been hooking up with this guy for about 9 months now, no strings attached. We were actually really good friends before, but we both just needed pretty much a booty call but didn't want baggage, (feelings, drama, etc.) So we both agreed to be there for each other pretty much whenever one of us needs it. We've continued... [more]

Bedroom life

I have a girlfriend and we have s**. But not enough. I have never cheated and never will. I just want to have s** all the time. I love f******.


14 Years Old 3 Boys In 2 Months They All Used Me I Let Them P.S: I'll probably do it all over again because i feel like someone cares.

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