Sex Confessions

Teacher and me

I have always been a bit of a h**** person. Even when I was younger I was h****. Playing doctor with the neighbor girl, playing show and tell with the two girls my age who where daughters of my moms best friend, playing touchy feely with my stepcousin... [more]

Sniffing pantys

Women panties are a gift. Everyday I go to my mothers bathroom so see her panties are bra just so I can sniff them and put them in my mouth. Whenever she goes to the shower, I quietly open the door, lick her panties and then put them back. Also whenever I visit someone's house, I wait for the main bathroom to be occupied so I can go into the... [more]


My gf wants me to clean up her p**** after s**, she wants to f*** my friends

Swing or no?

My boyfriend Is a bit of a dog when it comes to s**. We have s** three, four times a day and he still wants more. I have to be honest I like s** too probably just as much as he does. We are regularly on the internet... [more]

Nebraska flash

The next door neighbor is a single guy who is 40 something years old. I have shades on my bedroom window because he is always looking this way. Normally I just ignore him but last week I was feeling a little devilish. I was about to yell out the window and ask him what he was staring at when I got the idea. I pulled up my shirt and flashed him my... [more]

S** addict

I am what you would consider a 10+ or hard 10. Not to brag or anything but women want to sleep with me all the time. I have f***** so many women I lost count long ago. I have destroyed relationships due to my infidelity, and I'm not sure how to fix the problem. It's like I can't say no to women when... [more]

The best I could do.

So that I could please the big 3, my mother in law, sister in law and wife and So I would be allowed to stay in our family, I agreed to go to a clinic in Rosarito Mexico and have my testicles removed and my p**** permantly numbed. They are happy with the results of my going down there because I am... [more]

S** in the Garage

Read this site quite a bit but never have anything to contribute until now. My sister-inlaw has always been a very flirty woman. She says harmless sexual s*** all the time and normally I just ignore her. She has even made sexual gestures to me but I normally just act like I don't see it, or laugh it... [more]

Love smelling worn underwear

This fetish is driving me crazy...I love to look at, smell and even suck on worn ladies panties. Whenever I visit a lady I go to her bathroom and look into the dirty clothes excites me to see p**** discharges and a strong p**** smell. Are... [more]

Pictures of wife nude led to s**

I showed my best friend pics of my wife completely nude.Eventually he told her .Down the road a couple of weeks while drinking at our house,she asked him what he thought of the pics.His reply was she had a beautiful body and he got erect from them.She asked him if he would like to see the real thing. Of course he said yes ,and she put music on ... [more]

Country fun

Me and my wife have lived in the country our whole lives growing up. We met at a 4H convention and been together since. It's very hard to find a nice home in the country so when we married we had no choice but to move in town. About 6 years after we married we finally found a nice home on the edge of town. Still in the country but just outside of... [more]

Work 3rd shift for crazy

This happened to me when I was younger and worked at a gas station over 3rd shift. I used to see a lot of crazy people, but one was more memorable than the others.
I was 21, had just turned 21 and was put on 3rds to work alone. Not long after I went to 3rds this girl started coming in every night around 2AM. I think the first couple times she... [more]

Had a few hookers blow me

I used to drive around Asbury Park when the hookers walked the streets there. I would cruise around with a dirty magazine stroking my self waiting to see if I would spot any hookers. One time I spotted a girl at the corner in one of those strapless cloth outfits that just pull up over the b****. ... [more]

S** with my ex

Divorced my ex-husband better than 10 years ago. I have moved on, had several boyfriends and remarried 2 years ago. My besty and I went out ladies night a few nights ago. I ran into my ex-husband and I couldn't help but remember how good he was in bed, how big his d*** is. Before I knew it, I was... [more]

My t***

Is it bad that I think my father inlaw is cute? We are staying with them for the holidays. Last night he and I were the only two still awake. I purposefully left the bathroom door open when I went to put my pajamas on. He could clearly see me naked from where he was sitting. I made sure he saw my [more]

I find my sister sexy

I am 16 and I am beginning to fancy my sister. She is nearly 15. When we are alone in the house together I try to get her into trouble so I can punish her. Yesterday I put her over my knee and pulled her pj bottoms off and spanked her. I made her promise not to tell mum but I think she might. I am worried what mum will do

Friend with s**

Have to admit I am not a very attractive guy. I never had a girlfriend all threw school. When I was 25 I paid a prostitute to have s** with me. We did it many times until I lost my job and could no longer afford to pay her. Evidently I have a large member so my prostitute gave me [more]

Strange holes

I am a 37 year old mother of 2 boys and married to a loving husband. My best friend Lisa and I have been friends for many years. Her family lives abroad so when she decided to go visit she asked me if wanted to go with her. My husband gave me his blessing and I packed my bags for a week long trip. One night my best friend asked if I wanted to go... [more]

Tried on my teachers silky panties

My ugly big t** teacher became friends with my mom because I was a s***** 12 year old in school. They were both divorced and became friendly. The teacher liked me though even though I was roughty.
One day she asked me to baby sit her two little boys. ... [more]

Mom made me lesbian

When I was 12, my mom and dad were in their 30s, my dad left mom and me for a younger girl (he was a college teacher and married one of his students). My mom was really sad about it, she was loyal and committed to him for years and after that trusted men again. For two years she dated women (mostly her co-workers and discovered she was bi all... [more]

Best friends mom

My bestfriends mother came on to me when we were in high school. We were Junior year. Went to spend the night with him for whatever reason his dad called to say he needed his help fixing his truck. He left and asked me if I wanted to go. It was winter, his dad had no garage. I don't like cold weather so I told him I would stay there at his house... [more]

Don't want s** with husband

Hi I have not had s** with my husband for 3 years since our son was born. I just don't fancy him. Yes a good guy and father. I tell him no when he makes advances. The odd thing is I MasterCard all the time. I some days do it as soon as he leaves for work. I feel guilty but don't fancy him but get aroused... [more]

Ladies Night

Every so often one of the local bars has ladies night, but like what you would expect. Where most ladies night at the bar consist of cheap drinks for the ladies, this bar is all about the ladies being nude or flashing for free drinks. See the ladies have to flash their t*** to get a free draft beer... [more]

Amy my wife

Amy and I were married only a short time when this happened.
Delbert a friend of mine came over for a football game and we had several beers while we drank them
Amy never drinks but Delbert had brought along a bottle of wine for her so she took a glass to be social but after just one glass she was tipsy.
Delbert and I were friends but he was... [more]

Embarrassing B******

I was working later than usual the other night and got a bit h**** after my mind was wondering. Decided to have a quick w***, and as I'm yanking away at an August Ames video, I hear a woman yelling! As I turn around, [more]

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