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I cant believe it last night my wife of 8 years gave Rick a friend of ours a b******* after me trying to get her to f*** a guy while I watch
It may not ever happen again because he came in her mouth when he promised not to but we had friends over... [more]

11 yo girl

You even met that girl that you would f*** to no end? I v never considered someone so Young in this way or anyone of any age you be honest. I had ... yes had a friend who's daughter that fit the description. Never met anyone I'd say I'd f*** to no end... [more]

Wanna hear your most nasty and completely wrong desires

Nasty guy here looking for other nasty people . Show me yours and I'll show you mine. And I do mean nasty . Things other people would think is beyond nasty but I think is great


I started messing around with my buddy 3 months before I started dating what now is my wife. So after I started dating Kelly I stopped it with my friend (for about 2 months). From there on till now 16 years we have been doing just about everything. We started out with giving each other b*******... [more]

Gang bang

My husband and I have been in a wife sharing arrangement for several years with him just watching and taking pics and for the last year we have gone from M F M to several males and me.
It is kind of diffacult to set up a gang bang but with the help of the internet is cuts the time in half.
This last weekend we had been working on another one... [more]

My Wife's Gym Membership!

I've been married to my wife for 27 years. We have two adult children, one of which my son just graduated from high school this past year. With more time to ourselves, my wife and I now occupied a empty 4 bedroom house. While I'm at work and nothing to do with her day.
My 42 year old wife, got herself a gym membership and started dieting.
... [more]

I love posting naked pics of my wife!

For the past five years now I have been posting naked pictures including a few videos of my wife on a social media site. I don’t know what it is but I I love the fact anyone can see my wife naked for their enjoyment and see her body the same way that I see it and sometimes in ways that I never have.

Mom stopping son from being gay

I know people would say I'm a horrible mother, by I started have s** with my son when he was 15 to prevent him from being gay.
8 years ago I came home early from work and found my son giving a b******* to another boy. I screamed at the boy to leave... [more]

Living the life

I remember when I was about 10 I was a late child with two older sisters that could only talk about s** all the time and me being the curious little witch that I was tried to understand what they were talking about when they mentioned o****** and things... [more]

Sisters knickers

I love the smell of a girls dirty knickers. It started at a young age for me me an my older sister would play rude dares she dared me once to where a pair of her knickers an place a tampon up my a*** for an hour I did this then she locked me under the stairs where all my mums smelly higheels was. I... [more]

Kind of a pervert

I have a very high s** drive and have my whole life. I dated women who liked to have lots of s**, ok they were s****, but they always ended up cheating. I decided to date and eventually marry a woman who was not a... [more]

Concert Night

Long story short, I went to a concert and ended up having s** with this middle aged woman outside the venue. Fast forward a couple months. I meet this girl who is great and we started dating. She and I have so much in common. We get along great doing things together. We love the same things and the [more]

I gave b******* at a gloryhole

I went to an Adult video booth/book store and made my way over to the video booths.
There I noticed the waist heigh round holes on both sides inside the video booth. As soon as I sat down in the booth a c*** came peeking through the hole.... The excitement of a strangers [more]

My wife’s nephews

One night my wife’s nephews were over at my place and we were drinking. We started talking about girls and they started showing me some pics of their girlfriends and other girls in the nude. It wasn’t long before we all had hardons and rubbing our crotch. Then they told me that I was really lucky to be married to their aunt. I asked why and they... [more]

Jealous of finders!

I'm jealous when I see or hear how people find dirty p a n t i e s in their hotel rooms!!
Like seriously,why complain?!!!!!
I would be so aroused and would love to check into a room,and find a wet pair behind the bed,or in a drawer.
I always look but never find any!!!
Id sniff them so hard as I lay on the bed and relax! Would be the... [more]

Gays preying on young boys

I had thumbed a ride to Florida when I was 17 and after being there awhile I wanted to return home. I was sitting by a guy and he said he was going to Atlanta Ga and if I let him f*** me in the ass he would take me with him. I was flabbergasted to say the least. I turned the offer down.
I... [more]


I first met James in high school and I was dating tom at the time but he was to much of a Ma Mas boy for me so after Jim and met and he asked me out I quickly dumped him and Jim and I are both very sexual.
He transferred in from Sacramento and it was our senior year.
Mon had already found out that I liked the boys so she months ago took me to... [more]

Wearing wife’s panties

I am currently at work with my wife’s thong on under my work clothes. Getting ready to stand in front of a group of men and women who have no idea. I’m really hard.

I want to watch my gf use the bathroom

My gf (of 8 years) and i will use the bathroom together and not think much of it, sometimes we just ask eachother ‘come with me?’ And we just go together and talk about stuff like how our day was or whatever.
However ive found that i enjoy watching her for one reason or another and i think shes on to me but doesnt know as of right now. sometimes... [more]

Impregnate mom

I know this is wrong but i can't stop.
Mom and I have been having s** for 10 years since I was 18. She was 36 when it started.
We were always very rough never used protection. Last month we found out Mom was pregnant.
We don't know what we are going to do, but now the [more]

Sent nudes to the wrong person

So I was talking to a girl online and she wanted to trade pics her name was Jordyn. So I got onto snapchat and took a picture of my d*** and sent it to Jordyn. The thing is I didn't realise that I actually have another person named Jordyn that I'm friends with and I actually sent it to her. She is 16... [more]

History Teacher s**

It was a normal day until I walked into my history teachers class. She was wearing a tight dress that made me and some of my other classmates get a erection. She then put something on the smart board and when she started typing I realized I could see her ass from behind it made me wanna f*** her so... [more]

Music instructor

I'm a 19 year old gay woman, and my female music instructor has been molesting me and making me preform oral s** on her for the last year.
I can't say anything as her reference is critical for me to continue my full scholarship at college.
The worst part is she has trained my body to [more]

I'm becoming obsessed with the idea of being pegged

I'm a regular straight guy in a settled long term relationship with my girlfriend, but I'm becoming increasingly obsessed with the idea of getting pegged, of spreading my legs and taking a strapon up my butt.
I'd never really thought about this before, but a while ago when she was jerking my d***... [more]

Girlfriends mother

Basically this girl and I had been dating for a year now. She's kind of a b**** but super hot so I don't care. About a month ago I noticed that EVERY time I call, text, stop by, or whatever, she ALWAYS busy. If I stopped by, she was just leaving. If I call, she's in checkout or something else where... [more]

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