Sex Confessions

Stuck up b****

Emma you can claim youve change and act all stuck up and better than everyone, you can try and look down in me but it doesnt change the fact that i had you gobbling on my c*** straight from your a****** two days before you got married.

Watched them

Crashed over a mates house the other night, he gave us the spare room and i passed out early, woke after an hour or so needing a p*** and could hear f******, snuck round down stairs and peared round the door to see him pounding his missus from... [more]

My stepdaughters slutty clothes

I love working nights, it means i get to go through all my stepdaughters draws and w*** all over her knickers and bras, smelling her slutty leather mini skirts se wears on nights out, and wanking and cuming all over her s*** heels and boots, when i see... [more]

MIL in a funk

My MIL is hot as f***. Sometimes I think she's even hotter than her daughter who I'm married to. Three years after my wife and I got married, my MIL got divorced from her husband who is my wife's biological father. He left her for a younger woman the why we'll never know. I went around her place one... [more]

G******* my wife

I show my wife's pics to all of our friends and now they all want to f*** her. I can't get her to agree so I want to get 4 or 5 of my friends or random strangers to g******* my wife. She won't be willing so we will have to take it wanna talk about... [more]

Trans P***

I like watching ladyboy p***

Dog d***

I love big doggy d***. I want to J******* a dog and make him squirt hot doggy c** all over me. I started when I was 9 and to this day I can't get enough.
Kik bfdd42 if you want to talk about thick hard... [more]

Yes, mother in laws....

My mother in law was visiting, and was out shopping with the wife.....i went into guest room to grab something and saw my mother in laws panties crumbled up next to luggage......couldnt help it!......had to check them out, ended up jerking off into the dirty crotch patch...and put them right back where they were!

My schoolfriends mum

When I was 14 years old I used to cycle part way to school then leave my bike at a friends house and we both used to catch the bus. After school I would collect my bike and cycle home.
Well this particular day in early summer I had cycled up to the top of the hill about a mile from his house and met my friends mum stopped at the top with her... [more]

Have to step up my game

Recently I shared a balcony at a resort with a friend of mine, We had gone on a vacation and had rooms next to each other with a shared balcony separated by a waist height wall, I was laying in bed and couldn't sleep so i went out to the balcony, Right away I noticed their lamp on and couldn't not look. I wasn't trying to be a creep but I could... [more]

Wife humiliates me

So my wife has always dominated me. On our wedding night she made me watch her f*** herself with a huge d****. Over the years we would have s** and she would stop "because she is bored" or tell me to stop so... [more]

One night stand pregnancy

I am married for 3 years now and we also have a son, he's 2 years and 5 months old. My husband thinks our son, Adrian, is his child, but he isn't. I had a one night stand before I met my husband and I got pregnant because our condom cracked. 2 days after this horrible night I met my present husband Peter.
We had [more]

Want to g********* my wife that I've sold before

Show my wife's pics to all my friends they all want to f*** her. Used to sell her for cash a lot but now don't want to do it really wanna hold her down and g******* her with a group of guys willing or.... But love sharing her pics and talking about... [more]

Something to get out of my chest

I am quiet and introvert girl but this isn't helping me at all. Because i am 24 years old and i want someone to f*** me and i believe nobody would want. I am very guilty. I am not so attractive. Nobody ever fell in love with me. It's like i am invisible. Maybe it's my fault because from my 11-12... [more]


I know pedophillia is not acceptable and nobody wants to even talk or wonder how s** is with a child. But can you image if little boys around 8-9 year old had the size of a p**** like the adults? We all know children are more pretty than adults. Even... [more]

Pictures of my wife

My wife recently let me post a few pictures of her online. I have always told her how amazing her body is and she always felt I exaggerated. I said let’s see what others say and she was hesitant to let me show people I know. We found a site and she picked out 3 topless photos to post. It was such a tremendous rush to see the feedback come in and... [more]

Wife weekend away

My wife went away for a weekend at the coast with her gay brother in a hotel an I think something happened she not saying she got drunk both nights an before we got together 30 years ago their was rumors of incest in her family I'd like to hear from women an men views on this

I am sleeping with my wife’s best friend

It was my wife’s 30th birthday her childhood best friend threw her a hugh party. Everyone got drunk and they all started leaving or passing out my wife passed out hours before. I was in the hot tub when her friend got in with me. Before I knew she was completly naked. I have always found her friend super attractive. My wife is very thin and her... [more]

Why is it wrong?

My uncle has been " playing" with me since I can remember, I enjoy it and it is not forced so why is it looked at as wrong?

Should i seek help?

Ever since i was a kid..maybe 8yrs old back in'91 -'92 i have been sexually attracted to certain family members like much older sisters (2),same age or 1-2 yrs difference give or take nieces, (multiple) cousins (multiple) etc.. anyone that i wasn't very close to almost, I've lusted after,and i believe on a few occasions it's been recipticated... [more]

Brother in law and me

I'm a 28 year old woman. My brother in law and I own a food truck business together.
What my sister does not know is we perform oral s** on each other at least 4 or 5 times a week for the last 6 years.
My sister hates to give or receive oral. But I doing it and the taste of [more]

S** for ladies

Society tells us that women should not like s**. The fact that I love s** somehow makes me a w**** or a s*** in the eyes of many. I had my first sexual encounter... [more]

Is this normal?

It is normal the fact i want to have s** with more than one man? I think s** with only one guy would be limited, great but limited. But the s** with many guys at the same time i believe it would be wonderful. Two guys... [more]


When I was 18 I dated this girl who was a s** addict. She loved to f*** anytime, anyplace, and really anybody. We literally f***** 2 or 3 times a day at least. I caught her [more]

Niece and Uncle

I'm a 27 year old woman.
Right or wrong, after my fiancee cheated on me for the 4th time I dumped him and threw him our of my apartment.
At that moment I realized there was only one man in my entire life who accepted and loved me as I am. My Uncle Jack
The next night I went to my Uncle's house, let myself in with the key he gave me. I... [more]

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