Sex Confessions


When i was young i was dating this girl . And her mother was a busty bbw woman in her late 50s but attractive . Anyway they lived in apparment block and at times laundry would be hanging out . Well ud wanna see the underwear especially the mothers . I started just touching it . Then i took odd pair of panties . Oh i use to [more]


My bestfriend and I have been friends from our first day in Kindergarten. We have done lots of things together from vacation to late night crying over boys. We have always been there for each other even sharing an apartment together.
For the longest time we never let a boy get between us, ever. If she dated a boy then I was never interested and... [more]

Mummy's dirty panties

From a young age I have had the pleasure of sniffing and tasting my mother's dirty pissy panties. They have been the source of all my sexual pleasure. But my greatest pleasure was the first time I found an amazing skid mark. The leftovers from a delicious juicy fart. I slowly licked her chocolate with my tounge. As soon as I got a taste, I stuffed... [more]


I just spent my first year in college at university and will be going home for the summer very soon. When I was in HS I was this straight laced hometown girl who dated the same guy all through HS. I was the quintessential good girl who did everything right in the eyes of my parents, family, friends, and community. Now that I have spent a year away... [more]


My senior year in high school was great. So I'm set to graduate in May. Me and my bestie Jen was sitting on the bleachers after school on Monday. We were joking around about taking our underwear off and throwing them at a boy he's cute. So I took my underwear off because I was wearing a skirt and it was easy. Jen had on pants so it wasn't as easy... [more]


Last night was Friday me and my homeboy went to a party. We 15 so my parents didn't know. I ran see this girl I know frum school. We started the gab, next thing I knowed we was in a bedroom getting our business on. First time for both us. No mo f****** virginity for me.

Why am i turned on by p***

I love watching women take a s*** I dont want to touch it Just like to watch, anyone else share this? I hate the fact that i like it but dont know how to stop liking it if that makes sense.

My desires

I love to look at pictures of little girls naked. I would love to have s** with one. I would love to have a little girl in a diaper to play with and make squeal with pleasure as I play with her.

Panty sniffing

My sister in law wears thongs all the time and she brings her laundry over to wash it. I love to take out her thongs and sniff and taste the part that rubs her sweet b******* all day

I love a hairy bush

I love an unshaved bush. I love hairy p****. I love it when a cute girl or sexy lady has nice curves, attractive features and a hairy p****. So may women shave all the hair and it's just skin. To each his own, but shaving everything does not turn me... [more]

I want to be a j*** off slave

I'm a grown adult heterosexual man but I fantasize about a hot young 18-25 yr old hung young stud forcing me to be his j*** off slave. He just snaps his fingers and I come running and get on my knees and j*** him off till he shoots his load anywhere he... [more]

B****** is the best invention of human kind

Dont you think so?


I love to snap chat. Send vids. Im a guy. Any girls that like to play with themselves add me on snap chat. Andyc2104 Send play. so i know where u got my snap. Girls only.

Girlfriends daughters panties

I love sniffing and licking my girlfriends daughters panties...yumm:)

Snapchat Fun

I love to play on snapchat. I am a boy. All girls who likes to play comment

Out and about

My wife is not one for going out and about with the ladies. It's just not her thing. So I was a little surprised when she told me she was going to a ladies only night with her friends. I did not have a problem and wished her to have fun. The next day she returned looking ruff and just wanted to sleep. A girl I am really good friends with went out... [more]

Gf's bj

It takes me 30+ minutes to c** from my gf's bj.. So sometimes I watch p*** without her knowing when she is sucking so I c** faster. But usually I really enjoy long long longggg sucking.

Black honey

Tired of seeing black guys telling women they are bigger than white guys. MF, my d*** is 12 and fat as a f***. I decided to start f****** black women to get even. Once they see my [more]

Fainting fetish

I have always fainted very easily, sometimes just standing up to quickly will cause me to have a fainting spell. I sometimes will even pass out and drift in and out of a faint when im turned on, having s**, touching myself ect. My secret is that i secretly really enjoy fainting, especially in a sexual... [more]


Love to watch my wife suck a other guys c**** I love to watching them push it deep down her throat and pump the f*** out of her mouth until they just blow a huge load c** down her throat it turn me on so much... [more]


I love to watch my wife get f***** by other guys and watch her suck their c*** as I 🎥 her being dirty w****


I have a super sexy wife with an amazing body
love when my wife dresses an exposed clothes showing her amazing b**** and tights on the booty and short showing the sexy legs
I love when i see men looking at her body
When we go for clubbing
I don’t mind when they hit on her and flirt when im not... [more]

See the wife take c***

I have a fantastic of seeing my wife getting a blog big dock tucking her


I have a huge crush on my best friends sister.

Bigger the better

When I was a teenager I would stick things in my v*****. I started with small items like my hairbrush, then moved up to bigger things like a plastic rolling pin. By the time I was 16 I regularly looked for bigger and bigger things to push the envelope. My friends sister was a lot older than us. She... [more]

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