Sex Confessions

Bred by black

I want to be bred by a big black c***

Masturbated in front of mom

My mom is gorgeous and for years I had fantasized about making love to her. I would often steal one of her dirty panties and lick the crotch of them. On so many occasions i don't know how she knew, but whenever I was laying in bed stroking my c*** with vasoline, she would walk in on me. I would often... [more]

Not so annonamous texts

So I've had a major pantyhose fetish for as long as I can remember . My gf Is not only aware but is all into also. She loves it when she makes me wear them for her so I'm lucky as far as that goes.
About 8 months ago I was over my boss' house waiting for a contractor to do some work for him. I had just got done at the gym so I had a pair of... [more]

Mother in law's t***

So I'm at dinner at my mother in laws house. We all gather there every Sunday. We have dinner and begin the wrap up the night. My mother in law gives me a great big hug, mashing her beautiful t*** into my chest. After the hug which was in front of the whole family, she mentions I should take some... [more]

C** in me raw

I’m only young, and I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years now, but every single night I dream about the day he can c** in me completely raw. I want to be impregnated. I want to become big with his baby, have my t*** fill up with milk, to mark me, make... [more]

Girlfriends Pix

No confession. Just like showing off my girlfriend to guys. Take a peek. Tell me what you want to do to her. She is VERY open to just about anything so let you imagination run wild. Who knows, if you live close enough, maybe that imagination could become a reality.

Married but attracted to younger girls

Divorce is looking imminent for me. I’ve never had sexual encounter with an underage girl however over the last 15 years my wife has kind of out it together and that’s not for her.
I love her to death but I’ve tried so many times to deny what just seems to be there.
I’ve been reading that there are quite a bit of women in my situation. Even... [more]

Nude wife pics

I love to post nude pics of my wife online for others to j****** to. I make her pose totally nude wearing only high heels. She loves to get on her knees and spread her ass and p**** for my camera. I love to post them in adult chat rooms and read... [more]


Well last Saturday night I got dress up in mini skirt pantyhose nice top. And my favorite 6 inch heels and went to this bar that is for gay lesbians and crossdressers and I got drink and sat at a table alone for a while than this older guy comes over and ask me if he could sit with me I said yes so we talk and dance. Then we left and came to place... [more]


I'm 20, female. I'm kinda chubby and not very pretty. I've given alot of bj's. Maybe 15 but never s**. Most guys say there good. I wish I could find a bunch of guys to help me out. Like 10 maybe more. I dont mind doing it in a dark room. And they can put it in my kitty or butt. I just want to feel the... [more]

Her best friend.

I know this isnt original, but I have to tell someone. I was dating this girl who was chubby and sweet and we would get drunk alot in her room with her cop dad right next door. So one night we were drinking in her room with her best friend that came down from up north and she said she wanted to watch us have [more]

Taboo sexual desires

Im feeling dirty and disgusted with myself because of a desire to have s** with a friends dog after seeing it aroused and how big it was. I searched on the net for videos and after watching a few with girls and their pets, i was even more intrigued because I got so [more]

Girlfriends sister

I have a six-year relationship with my girlfriend and known her even longer. Her younger sister hit puberty hard and turns up to be better looking then my girlfriend.
In the evenings she sits on the couch with just a t-shirt and panties on. I can see her pokies through the shirt.
I think she started to notice me staring sometimes, cause... [more]

"J's" pantyhose

I have an obsession with pantyhose and married women. I have a very important client and we have become alot like family. So I'll go over the house and do work or what ever so I have access to every corner of the house at one time or another. His wife is drop dead gorgeous with a body to match so it's always hard not to look . I know she catches... [more]

S** chat

I confess I would like to chat w legal aged women about s**. I’m not sure how to go about it without joining paid chat sites etc.
Are there any women that would like to chat w a strange guy and send nude pics? I’m a confessed s** addict and need the... [more]

Im a 22yo man and i want to video f***

Hi ladies drop me ur email

Female Boss wants to f***

I work with "A" who is a Senior Manager and from the very first day she came for her interviews we have the vibes of just f******. She knows i am single and she has a partner and wants to just f*** but she can't as its against company policy and... [more]

Im turned on bu older men

I am a straight guy in my 20's and just recently found out that I get turned on my the idea of a 50-60+ year old guy to just take advantage of me. I still love women and cant stand younger men, Im just interested in f****** an old guy.

Wife shows all

My wife loves to please me. She will do almost anything I ask to satisfy my sexual desires. Many times she has been naked in the front seat of the car while I was driving and was giving me a b*******. She has laid naked on the front seat with her legs spread wide with her puss pointing at her... [more]

Mother in law

I’ve become very passionate about having my mother in law Barbara Resnick put her p****y on my mouth just letting her f**k my face and just ramming her p****y for hours till she sweats and c*** all over my b**** over and over she sweats a lot she going... [more]

My mother in law

I feel so guilty about what happened with my 69 year old mother in law. She is a widow of 10 years and has no body to help her do anything for her but me. She called one day needing my help. My wife was out of town on a business trip so I went over.
She met me at the door and let me in. I did what she needed done and was ready to leave when... [more]

First time touching a young p**** from behind

While roaming around a crowded Fair with lot of people around, a big girl just moving in front of me alongwith her friends was bending down and trying to cross the barricade through. She was just half way through and I cupped her p**** from behind and felt an electric shock push and blasting down... [more]

Halloween dream

I have always had bisexual fantasies, 50 year old male. My wife knows of this and knows I’ve sucked a few c****. She has never judged me but also expressed zero interest in seeing it.
Last year in September she started talking about our annual Halloween party at her best friends house. She said she... [more]

I love to wear my sister's dresses

I love to wear my elder sister's dresses when she leaves them in washroom after wearing them the whole day. I wears them and try to sniff the armpit area of the dresses. I love the scent of her sweat and alwaysn feels like I can't get enough of that. I wears them and then pretends to be her. I also sniff the vaginal and inner thighs part of her... [more]

Lost my virginity to a lot older woman

I had a first proper kiss and first s** when I was 23 with a 58-year old woman living in my neighborhood. Her husband passed away few years earlier and she was living alone. She often wears pantyhose and sometimes stockings, so I masturbated on her like crazy much before we had our first [more]

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