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Older Younger

19F. I love having s** with older men. Love the feel of their c**** inside my tight p****. Love the way they manhandle and grope my body. Love it when they slap me around and pin me down. Love having their fat... [more]

Women who have s** with boars

Hey ladies, I’d love to hear from any of you who have had s** with a boar, or women who fantasise about it.
For the ladies who have, what is it like? Was it rough, gentle?
How did the c*** feel twisting around inside you?
What does it feel like when... [more]

Turned on by sharing wife

My wife and I recently went away to Cancun for a few days. I wanted to explore some fantasies with her durning this time. I told her during dinner one night that I had a fantasy of her being with another woman. She told me that she would never do that. She then asked if I would share her if they paid me $. My c@@k was so hard when she said this I... [more]

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Impregnated by sons best friend

I must confess tgis now that I'm in my 80's. When my youngest son was in high school he was THE JOCK in school. Football basketball baseball. I knew all his friends...they all called me mom!! Well one Saturday I was at tgeical grocery store I came out to my car and it wouldn't start....of course this was before cell phones and such. One of his... [more]

Mother in laws panties

I moved in with my wife last year. her mom is a sexy thick latina. double d breast huge ass! she always has black leggings on which i find sexy. she bends over a lot and will tens to come on to our room from time to time to talk to her daughter and jumps on the bed. sometimes she has low cut shirts or her ass is out. inside my head im getting... [more]

Love sharing my wife's pics and videos i have hundreds of pics and vids of my girl love to share

I want someone to watch me pee

I don’t know why but here recently I’ve been turned on by peeing... I feel so weird about it.. I don’t wanna drink it but like having someone watch my p**** while I pee or playing with my p**** is a huge fantasy... I had to get it off my chest;)

Why are pre-teen girls so damn hot?

I can only get off thinking about rooting little girls with tiny chests. Why aren’t fully developed women attractive to me?

After 20 years of marriage minutes trying BBC twice long ago!🥰

She has known my BBC obsession for over two decades, but didn’t want to tell me about her own experiences because she didn’t want me to hold it against her! The only thing I want to hold against her is her NEXT BBC!
9/16/19 - Wifey the "I've had way bigger c**** than yours, Hubby" Mudshark... [more]

Favorite Thing

There's nothing I love more than a hard older d*** in my ass and a hand round my throat

Playing in my spandex

I confess I’m a guy and I’m obsessed with Lycra spandex. I love the way it feels and looks. I love women spandex I have a huge collection. Leggings, Capri pants , little shorts, sport bras and tops. I always wear them at home it makes me feel so hot and girly. Lately I started going out dressing my cute outfits specially jogging late night when is... [more]

Gotta let this life s** story out

Im about to be a 26 years old young man. Starting from young I have always been teased about being a virgin the thing was I had so many lady friends where I use to hang out (inside a library) I did not realize what I could of been doing and what I was missing. Years coming up the library was getting dull and I became more of an introvert. I... [more]


I want to have s** so bad its insane. i would literally have s** with anyone idc at this point. its all i think about.

Human Behaviour

I am a female adult student studying human behaviour at university. I am currently particularly interested in why some women are bringing sexual abuse cases to court now from experiences as long ago as their childhood, perhaps as long ago as 40 or 50 years ago.
I have just read an account of one woman who in court told the assembled lawyers and... [more]

My s** life story smh

I am a straight guy about to turn 26 years of age. As a pre-teen I did not know that much about s** or what it was. I use to hang out in this library met a lot of friends throughout that decade a lot of them being females as well. Later on over the years I started getting teased for being a virgin and... [more]

S** with older woman

I did post this elsewhere but thought that I should relate it here too. F****** an older woman is simply great. I am 50 yo and now with a 65 yr divorced woman with excellent body, little sagging b****, for the last 5 yrs - [more]

Confusion on hotwife

Ok, here is the back story. My fantasy is to watch my wife f*** another guy. She knows my fantasy but has never done it. Has never wanted to do it and has made that very clear to me. She will not f*** another guy because she loves only me.
I love to... [more]

H**** AF

I'm so young and h**** and constanly think about being tied up, drizzled with something sweet like honey or chocolate, having it licked off very slowly-excruciatingly-and then teased for so long that i turn very sensitive that someone has to be careful w me then [more]

Putting the Ex back in S**

I have wanted to watch my wife have s** with other men for many years now, but she has not found anyone she wants to do this with. However it's look like she has finally found someone - her ex-husband Bill.
So now we are plotting ways to make this happen and get her into bed with him. If all goes... [more]

Grocery store

I shop at the same grocery store every week and always cross paths with an older women. She has decent body with some flabby arms but yet sexy to me. She caught me staring at her and I walked by her she winked and gave me her business card. She was a lawyer. I called her up and met up at her place. She must have been in her early 60's and her... [more]


I'm 16 soon to be 17. Before school started we went on a vacation to Tennessee. Me, my mom and dad, and my brother who is 15. We stayed at this nice resort in a 2 bedroom cabin. My brother is a discussion teenage boy so no way I was sharing a room with him. I told my parents I would sleep in the van. We came back to the cabin late and my parents... [more]

Drunk s** at the strip club

I was recently told by a family friend that he saw my sister working a pole at a strip club. If it was true I worried that she could get hurt so I arranged to have my friend take me to the club on Friday to see for myseelf.
To make a long story short I ended up spending several hours in the club watching the dancers. I was drinking but had... [more]

She just turned 18....I am 44.

So I met this young girl on the good ole POF website, she used a fake name and fake age and started talking to me. This gal was just straight up h****, had a young bf that p***** her off to she found me to fulfill her needs. She saw my picture and said... [more]

Wife destroyed

I confess that I saw my wife getting f***** by a guy at the gym. My wife and I go to the gym together but in this particular night I didn’t go it as kind of late and I was tired from work. I remember that I tough that she looked really hot when she went to the gym, she was wearing a cute really... [more]

I am a sexual s***** 2/2

At one time, we entered a phase in our lives where my woman was working in another city.
I found myself in the Internet, looking for women for some discreet sexual adventures... and I did find a very attractive maiden - one that was only 16 years of age.
She was still living with her parents, and because I was very intent on keeping my cheating... [more]

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