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I like a woman with a full bush. Keep the sides trimmed, but let it fluff.

Incest: brother and sister living as husband and wife

Me and my sister have been having s** since we were teenagers. Two years ago we left our family and friends behind and moved to another country to live together as a married couple. We plan to start a family soon.

Mature women Fantasies :)

I'm 22, power lifter. I want to have s** with mature women. I'm day dreamer lol, have lot of fantasies about mature women. Anyone interested talking to me about it?

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Boning the 🐕

My dog is a beagle she is all ways humping people legs on day she started humping my arm so i started fingering her p**** she really seam to like it so i trid to get my d*** in her p**** she was to tight i... [more]


When I was 40 and my wife, Sandy, (35), and I were pretty heavily into Swinging and Swapping. Sandy would do any man.
My younger sister, also 35ish, was quite liberal too and had a new boyfriend, Ron, who was shy, but curious.
Sis wanted to Initiate her boyfriend and asked if my wife and I would swap with them. Sandy had no... [more]

S** with beggar(male)

I was watching p*** and i was full h****. then i called my friends to check they r free or not and none replied. i cant stop my h**** thing. So, i went out and found a beggar how was following me few day... [more]

I don't know what to do (panties)

I'm a 16 year old male and need help
Sorry if it's a bit long
My s** life started when I was 10 (about 6 years ago) I was at a party sitting on the bed of the birthday girl(4 years old) when she came in and sat down next to me (at that time I knew nothing about [more]


Sometime I sneak into the rooms of my 3 sisters and dig thru their dirty clothes and sniff their thongs and underwear. I usually play with my 8in p**** while I sniff then when i close to c****** I c** all... [more]


Age 65 I have this year started to meet men to suck their c****.I love it and cannot stop. My wife does not know. I love to hold their b**** too while licking and sucking. I love to feel the cocjhead getting bigger in my mouth as they are about to [more]

My daughter and her friend is pregnant

Me and my daughter have bin having s** sens she wad 8 she has always love it she has been on berth control sense she was 10 she just had a birthday she 14 and she asked me to do her and her 15 year old friend her friends sead she was on the pill to so we got drunk and did thim both i cam in her frind... [more]

Older women

Im a teen boy and wish I could be groomed by an older woman

Little panties

I did not know anything about s** until I was 10
It started out at a friend's 4yr old sister party. She was wearing shorts and it was about 10 o'clock at night. I was on her bed just chilling and she comes in to watch tv after about 20 min i get bored so I get a plush that's on a shelf and start bring... [more]

My experience with mom

I know most stuff on here is fake fantasy especially the underage stories, but this is true.
I won't go into much detail, at least up here in the OP (since CP seems to be strict...), But my mom really did touch me and eventually caused my first o***** ever. which eventually escalated through all... [more]

Straight guy

I'm a totally straight guy but I have often wonder what it would be like to suck on another guy's d*** until he c*** in my mouth so I can swallow all of his sperm. The only chance I've ever had to experience sucking on a [more]

Wife at Hotel

My wife and I were out of town for a family wedding and staying in the hotel for the night. We had a lot to drink and were both very drunk at the after party at the hotel bar. We had done fantasy talk in the past about a threesome and were both h**** and decided to try it. We talked to a guy who... [more]

4 peolpe in the same bed

So i am 18 and my bf is 18 and my bff is 19 and my bf friend is 19 and we all had s** together so it was me my bf and my bff and his freind in one bad haveing s** it was so fun so i had my bf d*** in me and his... [more]

Want to f*** father-in-law

I got married a few months ago, I'm 22. Everything is going great but I can tell my father in law is attracted to me. He always wants to talk to me, make me laugh, getting me drinks, looking at me. One time I wore tight leggings and a red tight-ish top and he freaked out when he saw me, he didn't know where to look. But on top of that, we have... [more]

Submissive fantasies

My fantasy is to be in a relationship where we play chastity wheel of fortune. I would get to spin the wheel every Sunday. Every other segment of the wheel would be "chastity". The other options would be specific s** acts, such as b*******, hand job... [more]

I started masturbating with my step daughters panties

I met my step daughter when she was 13 and always knew she was different. I always seemed to feel closer to her, I still treated her like my own child. I never hurt her, touched her or anything like that.
She is now 21 and done with school and started working exactly where she wanted to since I met her. I am very happy to see her grow into such... [more]

A Girls Dog and Her Kitty

When I was 6 we got our puppy Bow. Bow is a beautiful German Shepard. Me and him have been inseparable ever since we got him. I loves me and protects me. Here’s the story of why we’re so close
At the the age of 4 I discovered m***********. I would just be at home and could not keep my... [more]

I like being caught naked

I was laying in bed masturbating when suddenly my step daughter walks in. I quickly covered up but realized it was such a rush I wanted it to happen again. Now when I shower or m********* I leave my door slightly open or completely open. And sometimes late at night I'll [more]


I love giving wifes and girlfriends nice tributes. If interested let me know

Watching my wife

I looked into the open door to see one of the teen boys from the party on top of my wife he was naked from the waist down his pants around his ankles his ass cheeks flexing with ever frantic thrust of his waist as he penetrated his throbbing teen c*** deeper into my wifes harry bush ,his arm wrapped... [more]

Undocumented latina mature

Dona Maria was about 52 years old haired curly bbw women with a huge pear shaped ass she was my nanny since I was 7 years old she would back then she would shower with me to save time I was very young but loved her huge brown nipples as big as half of her DD t*** her the dimples on her huge ass... [more]

Cuckolded for Life

Early in our marriage my wife expressed remorse for not having more sexual experiences before we married. We had just moved to a new city far away from family and friends so I encouraged and supported her to fulfill whatever we’d she had.
A couple of weeks later she was invited to happy hour with some people from work. She didn’t get home until... [more]

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