Sex Confessions

Sisters underwear

Is it weird to offer to do my step sisters laundry just so I can grab a dirty pair or two of her underwear to sniff while im masturbating or when I'm h****. I also do this to my mom and all 3 if my sister's underwear sometimes I even c** in the crotch area... [more]

Panty sniffing

Growing up I would sneak into the laundry hamper and sniff all of my sisters dirty panties and j*** off into them. I also jerked off into every single pair of bra and panties my cousin had once. And she caught me. It was soo exciting

Naked driving

I have a long drive to work. Over 600 kilometres. I drive most of this with no pants on, playing with my c*** the whole time. I edge my self close to c****** the whole way. I get so damn h****. One... [more]

Watching the woman next door

I watch the woman that lives next to us. When I see her in their yard I can’t help but m*********. We have tinted windows on our house and you can’t see in unless you put your face on the window, this allows me the stand there and [more]

Cuckold captions

Love browning the web for cuckold caption pics, save them when I come across good ones? Anyone care to swap?

Dale thought his wife was a virgin...

Hi my name Michael I'm a 6 foot 7 African American from North Carolina,
I happen to be a big fan of the YouTube channel The Delray Misfits anyway Dale keeps claiming his wife was a virgin when she met him I just wanna let you know Dale I broke her in when she was in 8th grade
And when you was away in Delray with the Misfits she was getting... [more]

Sniffing her Knickers from the Shower room floor

I have always loved sniffing knickers. i have been doing it since my very early teens. Every girlfriend, my sister was my first pair she was 10yrs my junior and i was sniffing hers from the time she started wearing them. these days my fun comes from my wife and my step daughters. i have loved watching her grow from the first day when me and her... [more]

Sorority initiation week

I was 18 when I went to college and pledged into a sorority, and I was a really innocent small town girl who just finished high school and had no idea of what it was like out in the real world. The way this sorority worked was a 2 week initiation period where an active sister in the house had to choose to sponsor you from among the pledges, and... [more]

Adult bookstore booths

I finally found another adult bookstore with viewing booths .I went in there they have many booths some with glory holes and couches. I'm bisexual and always looking for a man with a big white c*** that's what turns me on mostly.i find the glory holes exciting with the anticipation of my dream big... [more]

Exhibitionist mom.

I see my mom having s** sometimes. She has a couple of guys who she sees, and one of them seems to like doing it in the front room of the house, and if I'm walking through they don't stop. I even sat down and jerked off a couple of weeks ago, and they didn't say anything about it. I don't know what the... [more]

Girlfriend would freely give b******* when younger

One woman I was with several years ago, told me flatly that she had lost count after 20 of the number of guys she had sucked off just during high school. So based on that, I thought it was something that she enjoyed doing. The longer we were together, something felt off in that area. Now I enjoyed going down on my woman regularly, I was meticulous... [more]

The call from school

I can't really 'unsee' that again. I'll just say she's 'still in school'. Catholic school (yeah, I know...sounds cliche', but its true). But it was the principal calling to let my girlfriend know that there had been a 'scandal', if you will, of nude selfies of students being circulated, and her daughter was one of the ones involved. The challenge... [more]

Close brother

What are mom and other people don't no is that me and my brother are more than just family,I'm 25 and he's 23 it started nearly 2 years ago,I'm slim with big t*** and when he's around i would always have a bra on but one time i forgot,he made a comment about them nearly popping out, having a laugh i... [more]

Friend sleeping with my son

I come home for lunch most days, this one time i could hear my mate next door having s**,I sat on my bed listening to her moaning and her bed banging my wall,it was happening alot and my lunch time was spent pleasuring myself to them but that changed,I was waiting in my room to hear them in just my... [more]

I want to websites

I want to watch CP

First Sargent and Me (Wife)

Being married for 5 years, husband promoted to captain and given a company to command with a black First Sargent. My husband liked to talk dirty during s**. He decided to tell me that he was going to get the First Sergent to give me some black seed. . I yelled out, YES YES Daddy I want his hard black... [more]

Young Lovers

My husband is in the air force and is deployed often for a few days. I go to the enlisted club and pick me up a 19 or 20 year old and take him home with me. I do this every time my husband is gone for a few days. I am 44 years of age, been through menopause and cant get pregnant. Bareback is so good.

H**** pervert

I cannot stop wishing I could spend a night with a hot white woman! I am a black older guy who is married and fantasize a lot about my missed opportunity to f*** a white woman. I think about what it would feel to lay in her arms and f*** her over and... [more]

Holiday fun

Me my husband and are 16 year old son went on holiday,he was doing what lads do checking the women out,he took pictures of me in my bikini nothing wrong with it, week into the holiday me and my husband was going to the beach for the day when i forgot something and headed back to the apartment,I found him wanking as he flicked through my pictures,I... [more]

I'm a single mom that's into incest

I'm a single mom and for 20 years ive kept it secret that im into incest,I have had many thoughts about f****** my 15 year old son,it all changed not long ago i cleaned his room and found 2 pairs of my underwear with c** stains,he was at school and i... [more]

S** question

1 how old was the youngest u have had sexy with 2 was girl or boy 3 how was it for u 4 how was it for thim 5 was they family , friend , Uther 6 how many times have u had s** with thim 7 did u or thim start it 8 was it there first time

Your first s**

How old was u How old was your partner How was it R u girl or guy How did u know the person friend, family, stranger

Mother son lovers

I have read some really great stories here about mother’s and sons. We don’t have a son but I like to have my wife seduce young boys and watch them. I pretend like they are and some times she gets the boys to call her mom or mommy.
She’s only 38 right now so we can do this for several years yet.
We keep them legal age but twice we had two... [more]

13 teen and f***** by brother

It was just me and my 16yo brother at home,I went to his room to borrow some dvds and ended up chatting, without any notice he pulled his d*** out i covered my face asking him what is he doing,he was trying to get me to look then said if i looked he would put it away,I looked and he was playing with... [more]

Best friend sister

One night I was drinking with my wife and my best friend at his dad's barn . Soon after his little sister and her friend joined in we was all get drunk . Thin his sister's friend lead my friend off to the side of the barn . A few minutes later we could hear them f****** . My wife said she was... [more]

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