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Smoking women

I love to watch women smoke. I have had this fetish since I was a kid, there was this very sexy neighbor that smoked and I would always spy on her through the fence. She would sun bath in the back yard and loosen her bikini top and have a cigarette. I have fantasized about her for years. I would love to have a woman smoke and let me lie in her lap... [more]


I am a mid thirties married blonde soccer mom. My husband had a vasectomy after our second son was born. I haven't been spermed since. When my husband's friend confessed to him that his wife would not have s** any longer, my husband offered to help. When he asked me to talk to his friend's wife I agreed... [more]

H**** 16 yr old boy looking for women

I’m a h**** 16 yr old boy who really enjoys the thought of having an equally h**** woman (20-30) as my personal f*** toy that I can call over whenever I feel lonely, or so that I can give a girl that... [more]

My Best Friend’s Husband

I’m newly divorced and in my mid-20s. Long story short, I rushed into marriage with my ex-husband, he ran around on me and broke my heart.
After the divorce I needed a new beginning. I took a teaching job about two hours away and reconnected with an old college girlfriend named Jill. We weren’t best friends in college but ran in a lot of... [more]

Can't stop fantasizing about men

I am a sissy and had s** with my girlfriend for the first time in months. through the whole experience the only thing in my head was a hunky guy. I can't stop thinking about men romantically and sexually.

Mother in law

I have had the hots for my mil since day one. I have been living with her for 2 years sometimes she ask me to rub her shoulders because her husband sucks st it and i do and she make a moaning sound. She is a sexy smal blond love ger feet. I want to please her with nothing in return but i just dont know how to proccede. Most days she is super sweet... [more]

(F23) I wanna be a hoe

I have been struggling with my social skills all my life. It seems like an uphill battle. Since starting college I have improved greatly, got a boyfriend, broke up with him, realised what self-respect felt like, ditched unhealthy friendships, made new good ones. I feel more confident than ever.
I have always felt jealous of my younger sister... [more]

Cant see my bf & have to wait up to get licked

Omg, i miss my bf and even school crazy. This year i got h**** like every day now and even let my dog lick me out now i cant even do that everyone is home :( there's no way im going to last another 3 month !!!! I'm not going to let my dog get me first but what does there [more]

Quarantine h****

I'm a 14 y/o male and I've been wanting an older guy to take my a*** virginity, teach me how to suck d***, and maybe even return the favor by letting me f*** but its most likely just a fantasy

Is this a problem?

I've Lately been rubbing my c*** on my bed when I m*********, I'm only 14 and my hands aren't doing it any more I need different things touching my c*** and the head of it, I leave a trail of pre... [more]

Conference teacher

I�m married with children. My husband works in an office and I am a phys Ed teacher in a Small town high school. Over a year ago I attended a teacher conference in the capital city which is 2 hours away. Friday evening and during the day Saturday was filled with speakers and workshops.
On Saturday evening there is supper and drinks. I don�t... [more]


I always hope I can find someone who would pay for my trip to come f*** him good andpay me some cash.


My wife loves to give me b*******. She is always wanting to lick my b**** and then suck me off. She always wants me to c** in her mouth. I think she is addicted to my [more]


At school I have created a peep hole into the girls shower. I help out after school with equipment setup and teardown and it gives me the chance to be in the storage room beside the shower after the games. I have probably seen about 100 girls in my school nude in the shower. The other evening I was working extra late when I heard activity in the... [more]

The school "s***"

During school I had a pretty nasty rumor that kept following me around, that I was the school s***, not that it wasn't without some evidence. I was never the popular one, far from it, but people knew enough. Some time around Sophomore, right after homecoming dance I tagged along to some party... [more]

Sister in law

I’ve had a thing for my sister in law for a long time now and flirt with her all the time. We even play fight, which really is an opportunity for the two of us to touch each other without anyone thinking too much about it.
One time we were all at a family party having some drinks. The banter started and eventually we were play fighting. At one... [more]

I tasted my step sister’s panties

So I was in the shower today and my step sister left a pair of her dirty underwear in there. I have always been attracted to her and I had a strange desire to smell them. I picked them up and tasted her panties and I feel like such a creep for doing so.

Odd sister in law

We frequently visit my parents in law and sometimes stay over the whole weekend. I woke up one night around 2 am to use the bathroom and my sister in law was coming down the hall from using the bathroom. When we crossed ways in the dark she said “oh hey” then randomly grabbed my c***, took it out my... [more]

Stomach fetish

I love to see a man’s stomach when he laughs. I just want to be on top of his stomach and feel the motion of his laughter and belly on my c***. The motion of the stomach contracting and releasing makes me h****. It’s something I’ve had since I was young... [more]

M********* all the time now during COVID lockdown

I haven't had s** in 3 years since my divorce. I m********* all the time now during COVID lockdown. I'm WM, 50ish, not bad looking... Women, how often do you m*********??

Brothers wife

My brothers wife always knew I was sexually attracted to her, I was 18 and she was 26. I use to always slap her ass and she use to giggle, until one point she said it was inappropriate - I told her how do I get the urge out of me system, she said I could grab it one more time - I said I’d need more than that. So she was bent over the table top in... [more]


Comment if you’re down to share wife/gf pics.

Mum's friends husband

Since starting work last September I have been living with my mum's friend and her husband, I have been having s** with him since the October.

Messed up fantasy?

I wanked off this morning and being dominated by my ex-boss, receptionist and colleague from my last job. I imagined being spit roasted by those 3 wearing strapons.
My ex-boss is about the same height as me, but taller in heels, milf, skinny, small t***, likes to be in charge. My receptionist was... [more]


I sucked my first c*** at a very young age and did it off and on for many years but then after my divorce I was h**** as h*** after a few months of not having [more]

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