Sex Confessions

Wife caught me...

My wife came home early yesterday afternoon to find me on my knees sucking a guy off. She didn't say a word. Just walked into the room sat down and watched. Guy got turned on and came within seconds filling my mouth and covering my face. When the guy left, my wife said she's been wanting to see something like that for years. And had she known... [more]

What a thing to find

So to start with I’m a 43 year old man, and something funny happened. My 19 year old son has had a best friend since the age of three. Herself and my son share the same bday, and have been in the same classes since grade school. I’ve watched this now woman, bloom from a little girl into the gorgeous woman she is today.
So I was on Instagram the... [more]

My moms ex-boyfriend used to be my FWB

We met at his computer repair store. One day my laptop just decided not to turn on, so I needed a place where I could get it fixed. I found his store on google, it had god reviews and it was close to my place, so it was perfect. I told him I needed it fixed ASAP, since I’m using it for school. He was super nice, and said he can’t promise anything... [more]

UK Mother in-law

Me and my family have been staying at the in-laws for several months as we are having major renovation work done on our house in the UK. My mother in-law is in her mid-sixties and I wont bore you with how it started (don't want to cringe anyone out too much LOL!) But when we are alone in her house together we get completely naked and play with... [more]

My husband had his friends over

My husband was hosting a boy's night with his friends yesterday and David was there. I have had my eye on David for a while and we finally f***** the other week. When he arrived, I knew it would happen that time as well. He was wearing a white t-shirt that showed his muscles and biceps, together with... [more]

Hammer time for the wife

We got invited thru some friends of my wife to a casual Dinner at a waterside Lounge, where there was a Art auction to benefit a charity. There was a live band afterwards, with a lot of mingling dancing & drinking. It started out partly sunny that evening and by sunset was about 65* My wife wore a sleeve blouse that had sheer arms and a reverse V... [more]

Wanting to share gf’s pics with black men

I’ve always had this fantasy of sharing my gf’s nudes with other because I’m a secret cuckold and my gf is aware of this. I don’t know I’m in a weird position because we have never done anything with another men nor has another men ever laid a finger on her or seen her naked. However it turns me on a lot imagining another man (preferred black men)... [more]

Football game

Back in the mid 1960,s it wasn't called hot wife of cuckolding it was called wife swap.
I was in my early 20,s at the time and my husband Bud and I had bought a house in Dublin Ca.
Back then they had this plan called a 235 and you could buy a house for $500 down and $125 a month it wasn't long before we became acquainted with other young... [more]

My wife the flirt

My wife is very sexy and she knows it. She is getting dressed for a escort dinner date with a man from out of town . For tonight no bra and no panties and a partly see thru dress. She was a real turn on and I love it. I had to drop her off at the club to meet her date. When the door was opened her dress rode up a little and showed her pink... [more]

Family Incest

I've been reading about some of the experiences people have had in regards to family and s**. I thought I'd share my experiences growing up. I'll refer to myself anonymously as Jay.
When I was very young and before my parents purchased a larger property, I used to share a room with two of my sisters... [more]

My Fantasy

For as long as I can remember, I have had this fantasy of watching the woman I was with at the time, having s** with another man or woman, I get so hard thinking about it.

My Brother in laws gf

I want to f*** my brother in laws gf so bad, she's so hot and has great t***, I've wanked into her bra before, would love to get her naked and eat out her p**** and [more]

Lusty mind

I am a mid 30's ethnic male. Last few years I have increased libido (or at least I think I have) and l****** over fetish ideas and day dream about having affairs with stranger women. I have a huge desire to go online and expose myself. I do it regularly. Since I have a family and a reputable... [more]

My only affair Part 2

I have had many responses to my first post and have been asked to tell more but I am not sure where to start.
Before Jim and I met I had a couple short affairs with guys but The very first guy happened the night before I graduated high school.
I had been brought up in a very Christian household and I was mostly shy and innocent but in my... [more]

You have to see Polly.

My wife is into BDSM, gang bangs, role playing and a whole lot more. She's 33 and has a perfect figure. She's also kinky as h***. I'm Pete the husband and I take all the pics and develop them the old fashioned way. It's a hobby I've had for years.

Pick up my Wife

I have to confess, I'd love to go someplace with my wife and have a guy or two really try to pick her up. Use all the smooth talk or whatever tactic you have to get her to say yes. When she does, I'll definitely allow it to take place and you can wear her out completely.

All my girlfriends and first wife

All my girlfriends and first wife f***** other guys behind my back, but eventually flaunted it. I thought it was cool they were so sexual. It turned me on. Guys pursued each of them. I acted big, all the guys wanted what I had. Funny thing is all of them eventually left me for guys with huge [more]

Best friend’s hubby

A few months ago my husband and I went skinny-dipping with my best friend and her husband. Too many drinks, yada, yada, yada. You get it.
We had never ever done this with them before. Well, it was the first time I’ve ever got a look at her husband’s c***. Huge. She’s told stories before (we... [more]


So me and my gf were on a hike and found a bathroom in the park, it ended up having a gloryhole in it. So we waited on the bench for a bit then a guy went in a few mins later. So I followed him on and told my gf if I wasn't back in 3 mins its working. So I went in and I waited in the stall beside him for a bit. Then I hear him say wanna suck me. I... [more]

Looking for a older female

Young male, from western australia, 20, 5'7 Love older females hmu if you want to meet n fu.... Well I'ma give you a good night trust.

Thing for my moms feet..

So since I was 16 (I’m 21 now) I’ve gained a fascination with feet thx to my moms somehow. Guess it was early along the lines I realized my mom had what I thought to be the best feet ever in every way. So years ago I’d sneak into my moms room while she was asleep or if she was knocked out on the couch and I’d not only film and photograph her... [more]

Shared wife got out of control

Not very often , but a few times i have talked my wife into having s** with other men and telling me about it. the first one was an old boyfriend on the floor in out living room. she has submissive needs and she said said he just wouldn't let me say no. one very hot one was she was training to inspect... [more]

Beat his ass

This dude f***** my wife...told her he was going to but she would not listen...he came over one day when I wasn't there and in a few short moments had her pinned to the kitchen wall and impaled on his c***...what really went down was he had been... [more]

Friends w benefits

There's this guy that i sat next to in one of my classes last year. the entire time he was pretty much hitting on me. we'd joke around and played a game where one of us would put our hands on the other's upper thigh and move up (and make sure not to get caught) Well, I got to the point to where his [more]

Hair pulling

I split with my ex just before lockdown. Apart from the intimacy of s**, is it strange that I’ve missed having my hair pulled more than anything?
Felt a little guilty about wanting that the most.
My ex liked to take control so maybe I’m just a little worried that I might need to ask for that type... [more]

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