Sex Confessions

I feel powerful f****** all my friends boyfriends

I feel so horrible when I snap out of it but I cant stop sleeping with all my friends boyfriends. None of them have any idea. I cant say no to s**.
I moved to a new area around 8 years ago. Made a close friend on the street, our kids play together. I would share a joint with her fella. She had just... [more]

Wife Susan

It was beautiful for over a year now I have had this desire to watch my wife having s** with another man but when I would bring it up she would refuse to discuss it but she never flat out told e to forget it so I would sometimes bring it up wen we were having [more]

Straight guys answer a question for me please...

Okay, so there’s this dude that as far as I know is straight. I’m trans female to male. I’ve been on testosterone for a bit over 2 years, and I’m pre op. I guess if I’m being blunt- would you do a guy like me?

Secret Gay

I am a married man in the UK, mid fifties. I meet other middle aged men for s**. I can't get enough, and I sometimes dress as a woman to please other married men. I have become expert at satisfying a man with oral s**. I meet men at home when my wife is at... [more]

I love showing off pics of my skinny wife

I confess I have been exposing pics of my wife and each time I get hornier and hornier wanting to expose even more, so much that I fancy seeing her in many p*** sites as a popular webslut. She's so petite and skinny and even fantasize watching her be a hotwife someday.
I love showing her off to... [more]

An Older Woman

I was doing house chores for a neighbor lady for extra money. I was 12. She was kind of plush, wore loose clothes or just a robe. Always had a drink in her hand. I was in my shorts stage. She was always commenting on how pretty I was. I was digging out a closet and came across a box her ex husband's [more]

My sexy older sister

I l*** my 35 years sexy sister and she sometimes look at my d**k print but am afraid to approach wr sometimes share a bed but I don't know how to start. Any advice

Kinky Freak

I am an over sexed male pervert who lives for s**. Male or female it don't matter. I have found I prefer Men over women but will play with either one. I am into anything kinky and perverted. I love it all.

Sexless Marriage

I have been in a sexless marriage for years now. I am a cross dresser which she has never known about. I have read sissy stories on the internet and over time and I have become one. I have had sissy s** with a few men and now only want to be with men. I have learned to eat my own c*m and love it.
I... [more]

Wife Susan

Some of my most powerful ejaculations have happened while I was masturbating and watching other guys f*** my wife.
Linda knows this and she loves s** and is comfortable with me watching .
We read adds from guys on Craig's list and other sites and pick... [more]


When I was alone in the house because the family was out of town I got excited. I put on my wife’s thigh highs and panties and went outside. Got on Grindr and found a big black guy who would be willing to help me. The sound of him coming through the gate was exciting ! He pushed inside of me and finished quickly and made me feel so full! I don’t... [more]

Sharing my wife

I love sharing my wife with other men.. In the beginning my wife was against it but soon she found that f****** different men with me was fun and exciting.. I slowly became a bisexual and i have been sharing my wife for years..
I love seeing my wife spread wide open and guiding a mans [more]


Jeri and I had been married for 6 years and she was almost a month pregnant with our third child. She is a very attractive woman still with firm b****** and child bearing hips and many times in the last three years i have asked her to have s** with some... [more]


Needed some Poontang last week so I called my GF around, We where poontanging for ages then her belly made this noise and I was like sexi s*** to her... anyway she pushed me down onto her belly to hear all the sexi sounds it was making, so sexi I almost cummed over her belly and love those sexi... [more]

I Post nude pics/videos of my gf

I can’t help it and post my gfs nude pics.. twerking videos.. I get a weird pleasure but feel guilty right after and remove them. Anyone else have this problem?

Internet chatroom blackmail

I was catfishing someone on e-chat I was pretending to be a girl who was into walking around in panties, He found out I was a guy and some how got my full name and address he even knows where I work, He told me I have to wear pantyguns to work or he will expose me to my wife and boss, I wore the pantyguns to work and they feel good, I had to post... [more]

Popular post

I used to be a total hoe and posted pics on phub. no biggie. but now those posts are somewhat popular (to my standards at least) some with thousands of views. I wanna delete those posts and leave that past behind but at the same time, I am kinda popular. Is that wrong of me? probably.

Woof woof during s**

I was smashing my wife the other night and she started making these woof woof sounds in my ear, I said wtf and she started up again. I said sounds like there is a dog in the room, she replied with maybe we should get one... does she want dog s**?

Let’s have fun

Looking for Pedo’s near me I’m from Nebraska if you travel I can pay for gas and stuff we can plan to f*** my 10 year old sister text my Instagram lollagucci02 Text my kik raojdn and my wicker is lollagucci text and say where you are at
And we can see what I can do I’ll get you a hotel and we [more]

I want a woman not a girl

I’m a 16 yr old boy and have been desperately searching for an older woman that will treat me like the varsity football stud that they’ve always wanted. I want to be some ladies boy toy that is her dirty little secret. I want a mature woman that knows what she wants. I’m tired of dealing with girls my own age because they don’t know what they want... [more]

Public places

I like to watch men and boys stare at my braless t***. I even see women checking me out, but I don't go that way. If my viewers only knew I was also pantyless. I confess to being an exhibitionist. I like getting aroused and really excited in public. Having an [more]

My brother is my son

I am 15 and my dads 9 years older than me. I am sexually attracted to him ever since I was 13. Tbh he's hot. I don't have a mum because it was a random hookup on tinder and my mum was 46 and had a heart attack and died. And one day my dad called me into the garage. I bent over to get the drinks and he slaps my ass. It might seem disgusting but its... [more]

My brother and I.

All s** is fun. Getting it from your brother is hot. My brother and I did it once when our parents were out, and I felt good. I was 16 and needed to get laid. Another time a few months later, he came in my room around 2am and we did it.
The last time we did it was when our parents left us for 2 weeks... [more]

I’m Straight, Right?

I can’t stand to look at d****. Honestly, I’ve never seen one in person in a sexual connotation. I usually only read p***, but tonight I decided to go to the Hub, and I immediately felt grossed out and sickened. I don’t want to feel this way. What will... [more]


I have been getting sucked by a gay male for 5yrs 4 days a week. and i love to feel that mouth slide up and down my c*** and finaly take thee c** load

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