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High school

My friend in high school was a girl. One day I was at her house, and she asked to look at my "d***". I agreed only if she would let me look at her p****.
We went into her room. She said "OK, let me see it"
I pulled my [more]

Why I love letting men c** on my [f]ace

I didn't always like it. Quite honestly, it's just messy and hard to clean up. I'd actually rather swallow a load of c** than have it painted across my face. Before I started swinging, my husband had actually only given me a facial exactly twice and it was the only two times I had ever done it at that... [more]

Family's Hidden Secrets Part 1

I'm the youngest in my family, and I know a little too much about my family. So, the story begins when I'm 12-13ish and I get in trouble for looking at inappropriate things on my laptop. My mom took my laptop and hid from me. One day, when she went to go get my sister for her private school an hour away, I knew had my chance. (Now I've found my... [more]

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I think I’m going to let my stepdad between my legs

I was looking for confession post for stepdaughters. I want to know if I’m the only one to feel like this. I’m 16 years old and I live with my mom and her husband. All I do now is fantasize about him. It started out one night when I fell asleep on there bed watching tv. I remember waking up and noticed that my shorts and my underwear were pulled... [more]

Impregnate my ovulating fiancé

My fiancee is ovulating right now I'm about to have unprotected s** with her and purposely not pull out. The thought of breeding her makes me so hard. She gets so h**** while ovulating and I love it when she begs for my [more]

Need a girl in my life sad guys

Hi my name is Jason I was born 1985 Northridge California I'm a YouTube fitness celebrity bodybuilder / entertainer I work at Publixs as a bagboy it puts money on the table
I drive a Madza 3 as was featured in the Fast and Furious my condo is a museum I'm a CEO and business man of my supplement sickening pumps
I'm a rapper released my first... [more]

I think I might need help

Okay I known this sounds wrong and totally bad but I get so turned on when I think about rape. Of course I would never actually rape someone but it's more of a kink I have. Is that normal? Does anyone else have that too? Sometimes when I'm alone I go to a p*** sight and lookup forcefúck and I get so... [more]


In a month we stay that village at-least for 10 to 12 days. And few villagers also work with us. And among those villagers 1 guy was my close friend. And he’s working with his uncle. But very few time we meet each-other. Most of the time when we are in there village they are out of there village.
That friend’s uncle was our friend too and i... [more]

I saw my sister in law naked

I was in deep conversation with my brother when I got the huge urge to take a leak. I stop the conversation and walk to the bathroom (theres only 1 in the apartment). The door is cracked so I assume no one is in there. I do a quick knock and open the bathroom door and I hear the shower running and by then it was too late. The door swings open and... [more]


I have a kink that older women (18+) actively and consistently trade nudes with me (16 m) even though they know what could happen if they get caught.

Big foot fetish

I like when a girl has big feet, size 10 or above. I want my shoes to be too small for her, and for her to curl her big toes in bed while I impregnate her -- especially because feet tend to get bigger during pregnancy. I know it's weird. Wish I could wipe this fetish from my brain, but I can't.

Step Sister

My step sister teased my unmercifully when we were growing up. She would flash me naked, but I wouldn't f*ck her because she was underage. When she turned 18, I popped her cherry. We now f*ck every chance we get when we are alone. I wonder how many other guys are s******* their step sisters... [more]

I had s** with another guy and it was awesome

I am a straight dude(possibly bi) but had s** with another dude. It was the most passionate and intense s** ever.
My luck with women is horrible. They only want me to provide for them but I'm never relationship material. I got so [more]

Cheated with Personal Trainer

I have always had a flirtaous side which is increased the more I drink and socialise. As a married woman this has caused strain on my relationship with my husband catching me out on a number of occasions.
Following a time when he did catch me out he decided I should do something that I could focus on and invest my time into that would take my... [more]

So, this women posted and I am confuse about getting prego

Please only women so I really don't like guys they are dumb but old guys talk but lie. And she that so honey she would do anyone well how do u change that?


I have always had sexual desire for my sister-in-law.i have been with my Wife for 20 years and I have always wanted to f*** my sister-in-law. She has cocked teased me for years and years. I once took my sister-in-law tank top and bra off and seen her C-Cup [more]


Im so g****** h**** all the time, i just want s**. my d*** is 5.5 inches, im not gay, please drop ur snaps to help, ill tell u my age on there

S** with best friend

Oh s***. So I’ve been in a relationship for over two years with this guy and we have been going long distance for about a year now. Being apart has made me more h**** than ever. I start fantasizing about my childhood best friend, and best friend now and... [more]


Ron and I have been married for almost 15 years now and ever since about our 10 th year he has confided to me that he wanted to watch me with another guy and we have been so open about our past lives and we both know that in the past we each had s** with other people but we were married now and t just... [more]

Wanna suck c***

I wanna suck c***. But i know ill feel guilty later. Also still stuck with parents, so guess i wont.

S** with 8yr sister (im 12)

Okay im 12 years old and my sister is 8. Me and her were walking around in the forest because we were bored and staying inside all day is boring. so when we were walking around i had to go to the bathroom and while i was peeing on a tree she walks over to me and just stares at my p****. i try to turn... [more]

Up skirt

I love getting up skirt I stopped wearing panties at the age of 10

True First Time Gloryhole

I was traveling at the time and passed the Adult Bookstore on the way to my hotel. It had been a long drive and I was pretty h****. All I was thinking about was getting into a video booth and jerking off while watching come [more]

My mom wants me

This a story about my male bestfriend. To cut the story short. He was 12 when his dad died due to health issues. Btw, hes mom and dad were all a drug addicts. One day, after 3 years hes dad passed aeay, his mother were so high on drugs he was forrced s** by her mother. He was force to do the things that... [more]

Public Peeing

My great turn-on is peeing in public. This is something that I have been doing for quite some time. Im a twenty three year old girl who loves wearing really short skirts to show off my long legs.
My great joy is to hold onto my pee until I can't last any longer and then just let it go wherever I am.
To make this more enjoyable I have a couple of... [more]

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