Sex Confessions

Jr high crush

Last month a girl from jr high found me on FB confessing she's had the biggest crush and now wet dreams I'd be her 1st BBC experience.
I'm married and her divorce became final so she doesn't mind us being fwb's for now.
Her sexting has me growing boners as I read them. I go make out with my wife to release the tension. She wants to swallow and... [more]

Finally f***** my step brother

I always had a sexual desire to f*** my step brother when I became 19 I never said anything not even to my bestfriend. I had to be about 21 when he first came on to me sending me d*** pics talking nasty to me I’ll send pictures back so and so we’ll I’m... [more]

Stepdaughters knickers

My stepdaughter caught me licking her knickers which were full of her girl c**. She was a bit shocked at first but asked if I liked it. I told her she has a very creamy p**** at certain times Of the month. She could see the bulge in my pyjamas and told me... [more]

What to be gang raped over ten years and sent home walking naked

I have for a long time wanted to be kidnapped,and gang raped and be raped around the clock . I want my throat , ass and p**** used and filled around the clock. I would want it to continue for ten years and maybe longer ,I wouldn't fight but let everyone have their fun with me. Filling my [more]

I like older men

I'm a young teenager, but I've always loved older men and I can't help it

Showing off my MILF wife

Like many other couples, the wife and I have fantasies of bringing others into the bedroom, but not sure if we could work up the nerve to do it. So...We have been dabbling with lesser fantasies. Showing off her sexy MILF body. We posted some pics anonymously on random sites and would enjoy the comments from anonymous men, but something seemed... [more]

Just Like Mom

Back in 1972 I was 14 years old, living with my single Mom and Grandmother. I was born a city boy and when my parents split Mom moved us to the country where life became boring. Now school was out and all I could find to do was explore the wilderness during the day and watch Grammy bath every night. The house we lived in was old and next to the... [more]

I fantasize about younger women

I am a 40 year old man and good lord, I can't help the fantasies I have about women in the 18-24year old age range. If you live in the VA area, hit me up at bet121208 at gmail


Incubus means a mythological demon in male form who has s** with sleeping women. One can speculate how women might claim to have been taken by an unknown being. Nevertheless, it is fodder for a Sexual Fantasy.
My late wife and I were into Polyamory and met many men on adult dating sites. MFM... [more]

I want to quit

I have had a panty fetish since i can remember. it was more of a love of the material initially. i would also cut up stolen swimsuits and panties and make a custom piece to wear although quite crude.
After i got married i eventually got to the point i needed to wear my wife’s panties and master bate in them every time i master bated. i turned... [more]

I'm addicted to phone s e x

Okay so it all started because I was having s** fantasies about something illegal. So my counselor told me to try p*******. But like, the ladies were so fake they didnt even tey to hide that all they cared about was taking my money. So I think I tried... [more]


I always have this thing for women in Lycra spandex I love the way it looks and feels. My girlfriend and I went to a costume party and she was wearing this awesome supergirl costume. She looked so amazing and hot with the tight top, sexy mini squirt and high red boots. We decided to go home because she wasn’t feeling well. She went straight to bed... [more]


I could really use a thick c*** being shoved down my throat. Pretty sure i have a "rape" kink

Affair with gay piano teacher

I am a 30 yr old shy white male with a confession.Around a year ago I went on the internet looking to resume piano lessons after many years absence.I was 16 when I last played the piano and felt very rusty.I saw one ad from a gentleman in his late 60's who only taught part-time in his downtown condo.His rates were much cheaper than the rest of the... [more]

Sister's private parts googled

While growing up I have always googled by younger sister who had big b**** and bulging bottoms. I have always dreamt of having s** with her. One day during her afternoon sleep I chanced upon her skirt slightly falling away from the edge of the bed due the... [more]


So I’ve had a confidence boost and feeling myself more. And lately going for drives when I’m stressed has been really relaxing and one day I was driving and saw this guy on his motorcycle and he sees me and looks at me again when we’re at the stop light and he motions and does the motion lift up my shirt and I did barley hesitated not usually... [more]

I like to flash drivers when I’m driving at night

So I’ve been feeling myself a lot lately and sometimes I’ll go for a drive usually at night and wear something really slutty white shirt no bra I’ll make sure to stop at a gas station and fill up and flaunt my slutty outfit and once I’m on the freeway I’ll fold my shirt up to my chest where it’s hardly covering my nipples and I’ll drive and flash... [more]

I have a bizarre fetish...

I have a very bizarre fetish maybe I'm not alone in this big crazy world we live in. I have an obsession with funko pops, well some of you may say that's not so bad! Well I love them to the point i lubricate them and shove them up my r*****. I have over maybe 300 funko pops alot of Chase and comic... [more]

Self Pleasuring Fantasy

When I m@sturbate I think about wearing pantyhose and having someone pull the back of them down and inserting their hard c@ck inside me. I begin to breathe heavily just thinking about it.

Panty Sniffer

My sister, sister-in-law, and I used to live together in a two story house. They had a bathroom all to their selves downstairs next to their bedroom. Well they had a laundry hamper in the bathroom where they would discard their dirty clothes. I used to dig in their hamper and sneak my sis-in-law's panties to my room where I would suck and lick her... [more]

My dream

This is just plain wrong I was used by my mother for s** and I was s******* my sister since I was eight mom would get drunk and suck me mostly on Friday or sat. then sis sucked me 3 time a day that's all good I liked it but now years later I crave mens... [more]


I’m a 21 y/o male and I had always fantasized about getting f***** by another guy. I did it one time but it didn’t feel good like I thought it would and I kinda want to try it again but I’m just not sure.

Reality vs l***

I am a man in my early 30s, I am well known, attractive, Ive been married for 10 years and have kids. I live a perfect little life, help people, word hard, show my family all the loving attention they need. I have always had tons of kinks and strong sexual desires that have gone unfulfilled. My wife totally hates [more]

P*** messed my innocent mind up

I used to fantasize about s******* my piano teacher during lessons, just like they do in p***. And believe and hope it'll ACTUALLY happen one day. I was 12. Looking back, I'm convinced that p*** ruined... [more]

Panty Sniffing

I work in an environment that gives me access to a ton or girls used clothes, most notably their panties. In the few years of work I have sniffed probably over 1000 different pairs of panties and came in hundreds of pairs.
Sometimes I feel guilty but why does p**** smell so damn good if we aren't... [more]

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