Sex Confessions


I lost my virginity when was 17, and I had s** with that girl for about 2 years enjoying it. After we broke up I began having sexual relations with other men and I do regret it, for the first time ever a guy had given me a b******. I felt "dirty" but I... [more]


I love my husband so much so why am I going to meet a guy tomorrow so I can suck his c*** and then let him bang me doggy style in his hummer ? His c*** is huge and it just feels so good. Then I will go to work with his [more]


I’ve always wanted a girl to sit on my face in tights or tight pants.

Threesome with friend's girlfriend

Okay, where do I start?
Lemme first describe the subject of this entire narrative, the girl, A dusky feast equipped with the most plumpy b**** you could yearn for. Intensely dark areola and ample adipose to keep it fr sagging. Being 18, you could tell those [more]


We had for some time been talking about my wife trying a big c*** but she is very small so we haven't done it yet but we have entered into actually talking to well hung guys that advertise and have sent pictures of her nude and and hinting at a meeting but did not carry through with it for awhile... [more]

Ok so maybe its a affair.........

So ok the other night me and my mom and her boyfriend were watching netflix and she got up and went to bed coz she had work was real cold and our heater kinda i got up and went over and sat on the sofa with andy to stay warm........... and he let me get un der their blanket with him the one they had using.....and when he... [more]

Back in black

Nothing get my pu$$y wetter than having a big black man f****** my tight 110lb ass. And I mean like shaq big. With a 12inch D***. I am a married woman but I can't help it. When hubby goes on business trips all I can think about is inviting a couple... [more]


This is a first. I'm home alone and desire to m********* with a cob of corn. I'm so h**** when my bf leaves. So I'm on the couch which faces a window and I'm dildoing myself deep now and can feel every piece of corn rubbing inside me and I look... [more]


So I was inside a outdoor park garage stairwell. And we were f****** hard. Then all of a sudden this guy in a suit comes up the stairs and catches us. And my bf doesn't stop he just keeps going. He guy watches for a bit and I feel so awkward. But then I think my boyfriend kinda says ok to him and... [more]

Keep him happy

You want to keep you man happy. If he's being an a******. Give him p****. If he's being sweet give him a***. If he's in a bad mood give him head. And if he's just having a bad week. Give him all of... [more]

My wife's panties

Love having other guys coming over to sniff and taste my wife's worn stained panties and thongs. The fact that other guys can smell and taste her vaginal secretions and ass scent is so hot !!


My wife and I were watching "Family Feud" and the survey was "how did you practice kissing" so pillow, hand and answers like that were coming up when a guy said "my sister" everyone laughed including myself and wife then all of a sudden I thought of my wife and her brother as they are really close in age (not even two years he's older) and if... [more]

Not abused guilt

I feel guilty that I was not abused as a child.

Passed off

My c*** of a husband refuses to lick my c*** but demands I suck him off and swallow his s**** on demand.
I love sucking c*** and swallowing but I need my... [more]

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