Sex Confessions

I'm only aroused by humiliation

After a couple of years of an ex-girlfriend constantly telling insulting my manhood, humiliation is now the only way I get aroused. My ex loved the power she possessed over me and it turns out I did too. She would do the typical stuff like tell me how small I was, how big her was but also invite her friend into the mix. One time her friend saw me... [more]

Weekly group meeting...

I host a g******* for my 27 year old step daughter every other week in Crystal City, VA. It's the hottest, most TABU thing I have ever done.


Does someone have need for a lifetime slave? I would sign over my worldly goods and sign a general power-of-attorney.


I love getting pegged. It feels so amazing.

Gay or Bi

I was 12 and my neighbor was 11. We slept out in the back yard together. I somehow got him to take his clothes off. He was not circumsised and I was which interested me. I began to fondle him and he did the same to me. Needless to say we spent the night kissing, fondling and sucking each other. That was the only time we did that. Now I am 60 and... [more]

Tag teamed wife

Last weekend we attended a wedding in Vegas, It was a small ceremony and after we had a small reception then everyone kind of split up and went out on the strip. My best friend was also at the wedding and being not married he tagged along with me and my wife.
My wife hasn't really spent much time away from the kids and was letting loose, By the... [more]

Girlfriend loves to f*** other guys

I had the idea to let my fiance to start f****** other guys when we first started dating as it was always a fantasy of mine to be with a girl who would f*** hung guys as im below average in size down there.
After the first time we had [more]

I Want To Experience Rape (No It's Not Your Typical Rape Fantasy)

Hi, my name's Robyn. I am a sexual abuse victim. I was abused from the age of 2/3-11. I've always had trouble with being so provacative at a very young age. By the age of 4, I already knew what s** was, how babies were made and how to have s**. All my life I've... [more]

How we started swinging

My wife and I have been married for several years and we still have a pretty good s** life. So when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday one year, I remarked that I wanted anything sexual. At first she just laughed and said, no for real, what do you want? I again said anything sexual. She asked me... [more]

L*** for maid

I am from India. I want to f**k my maid. She is black and b**ty. She has a great pair of b**bs and a big ass. Whenever she mops the floor, I can see her cleavage through her blouse and she never wears a bra. I have given various hints. I try to flash my hard-on as well as d*** but she pretends that... [more]

Almost sexual encounter

I had an almost sexual encounter with Megha. We used to play Hide n Seek. So a kid used to come and search for us and we would alone hide under the bed. So once I while I was behind her, I started caressing her ass from behind with my d***. She started moaning slowly. Then I kept one of my hand on... [more]

Blackmail my step mother

My dad has to travel a lot for work. One day when he was any I came home early from school to catch my 38 year old step mother with another man. She didnt notice me so i taped them for a bit before i stop them. Since then i have shown her what i have on my phone and have being blackmailing her. Every time my dad goes away i get her to [more]

Hypothetical wife

Wife and I were home alone. It was a hot day and I was only in boxers on the couch. She had on a tank top but nothing else. No bra. No panties. Tank top covered maybe half of her firm round ass and hairy p****.
She just up and says, "Can I ask you a hypothetical question?" I said, "Sure." She... [more]

Our teenage daughter

My wife had been in a head on accident and although she was pretty well bunged up and we had to spend hours at the hospital she was later released.
Our daughter was very shook up over it and so I asked Dave her steady boyfriend to come over and visit with her while I helped My wife into the bedroom.
We talked long until the pain pills too... [more]

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