Sex Confessions

1,2,3...nope 4.

So after great thought and watching multiple p*** videos that nothing would turn me on more then playing on my back tired up and gagged a 4 guys take turns pounding my wet pu$$y. I want to be lazy and do nothing but take it. And I want everyone of them to cream inside me. Fill me full of there hot... [more]

Used to sell my wife

I used to sell my wife's mouth and p**** for money I have let all my friend's see her naked while she sleeps and let them watch us have s**. Loved seeing her sucking and getting f***** by other men over the... [more]

L*** for paraya aurat

Ah my l*** for someone else's wife, the process of seduction, her reluctant submission, disrobing her, saree strip or kurta, her chubby frame, cheerful fair skinned healthy frame........i want to f*** you urbashi!!!!!!!!!!!!

Swap wife pictures

I like showing other women pictures of my nude girlfriend

I want my wife to Have s** with black men

I have been married for 8 years and have a perfect marriage I’m 27 and my wife is 26 very pretty blonde hair , blue eyes , size 8 tanned skin . She has never slept with anyone apart from me and she has no interest in anyone but my biggest fantasy is to see her being f***** by a big black [more]


I have troubles getting hard for my wife nowadays, so when she's sucking me under the covers or I'm doing her from behind. I put a p*** on my phone usually of a bbw fat chick taking it up her butt. Wife takes forever to finish me. This helps me in seconds.

On the road

I was going to put this in embarrassing but thought here would be better. I love getting caught giving road head to my boyfriend. Driving down the hwy face buried in his lap with my ass up in the air as he plays with my p****. I tell him to always drive in the middle lane so people can see from both... [more]

The young woman that lives two down

Her name is Robyn and I was sitting alone one day when I got the most unexpected visit from her. I let her in and for some reason she looked at me like she wanted something. I didn't know what that something would be until after a few minutes of talking she asked to see my bedroom and I said yeah okay and we went into the bedroom and she sat on... [more]

Webcam s**

I’m late 49s and married, my wife has let herself go, she is only short but very fat. I still love her but recently have found myself going on webcam chat and masterbating for men. I’m chosey about my men, I love the very old or very young guys and tend to avoid all in the middle. I always start fully clothed with just a view of my croch, when... [more]

Saw aunt nude

We'll be getting ready to see my aunt in Texas for the holidays and I'm reminded of what happened last year when we visited. On Christmas eve day everyone was at my aunt's house getting things ready for Christmas day. There was a lot of cooking, wrapping pressents, and visiting going on with the whole family there., needless to say it was hectic... [more]


I often wonder what it must be like to be a female in a 3 way. Particularly on all 4s getting it from behind while sucking.
When my wife and I have s**, sometimes I will be on all 4s over her as she sucks my nipples and strokes me until I c** those times... [more]

Early experience

I was molested when I was a little boy. It started when I was 5, and it went on until I was 14. I am 18 now and still sometimes m********* while thinking about it.....

I'm young and older woman turn me on

So I'm a 13 year old boy that mastrbates all day. I love watching older women especially mild and gilfs. I'm still a virgin but I want to lose my virginity to a older woman. I wish I could contact some but I havent found any. I also found this s** video of my mom online and I [more]

I want to be cucked real bad

I'm almost sure that my wife is cheating on me with her boss. She is always arriving home late and he always offers to give her a ride.
The truth is that wish that she confess and force me to be part of it, to watch them f*** and to clean his d***... [more]

Boy to girlfreind

When I was younger my best friend liked going to drive in movies but it was strange for two guys to go so my sister said why don't one of us dress as a girl being I was the shorter one I was chosen the day before my sister told me to shave my whole body which felt very nice then she brushed my long hair into a feminine style then we started trying... [more]

Parents S**

At 1AM my parents woke up and started having s**. I woke up to the noise and started watching them and got hard. When they were done, my mom was very sleepy and my dad told her he was going to take a shower and that she should join him after a couple of minutes. As soon as my dad went into the shower, I... [more]

Me and my girlfriend’s fantasies

My girlfriend is a gorgeous blue eyed, blonde haired, slim girl. She’s a dancer. 36C and a perfect bubble butt. Always wet, able to squirt, and loves a***. When she was a kid she was abused, molested, and raped by her step father from ages 4 to 16. She had always been ashamed, not because it... [more]

Banged my sleeping mom

At like 1 am my parents started having s**. I woke up and started watching them. My dad was mainly doing everything while my mom was partially sleeping and just enjoying it. After my dad finished he went to take a shower so I went into their room and started fingering my mom. She started moaning and told... [more]

Want to f*** my cousin

Cant help it, have one cousin I just want to plow, dont really care what comes of it, people finding out, kids, whatever, i just want to plow over and over. She is super nice, and sometimes when you look at certain girls they look like f*** machines, she is one of them built for speed and for... [more]

I want to share/swap my wifes nudes

I confess that I have this feeling deep inside me of wanting to share/swap my wifes nudes and sexxy photos I take of her with another married man in return for his wifes nude and sexxy photos. I am very protective over my wife and if she ever found out that I felt like this and wanted to do anything like this I am sure she would want to divorce me... [more]

First three way mmf

So my wife I were staying with a couple in the Midwest. Kenny had gotten me to f*** his wife on several occasions. He had clean up duty. My wife Ann had no idea. So the first night of three we stayed at their home, we had a good meal, lotsa drinks... [more]

No name dessert

Ive been wanting to say this for awhile now I've been married for 10 years and had a side chick for about 3. She is very understanding and we never meet around people. It's always at her house or in my vehicle late at night or in the day in some parking lot or back road. It's usually the same thing we meet she sucks me off I pound her good then... [more]

Watching girlfriend get dirty?

Does anyone enjoy watching their girlfriend/wife/partner etc f****** another guy? We're in our 30s, and love each other. But I love to watch her ride a guy much younger and bigger than me with a bigger d***. No condoms used, so she comes to bed on... [more]

Trapped and despairing.

That I’ve been married to my wife for thirty years and I’ve had a male lover all of that time. I can barely force myself to have s** with my wife anymore, the thought of me having s** with any woman disgusts me anymore but I’m extremely excited when I make love... [more]

Took secret pics of wife - now kinda want to share them

I occasionally like to play bondage games w my wife, recently I’ve secretly taken a few pics of her while she was blindfolded. She’s very introverted & self conscious of her body - she’s curvy but I think it’s sexy
Basically she’d be furious if she knew I had taken pics of her. I get rock hard looking at the pics and lately I’ve been thinking of... [more]

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