Sex Confessions

My wife trapped to s** swap with friend and wife.

Two months back my graduate level best friend alongwith his wife came to our town on business trip and stayed at our house. We used to talk over phone all things under the world and also our personal s** issues. Once we too have discussed off swapping our wife and [more]

Gay hotel fun

I travel for work and spend a lot of nights in hotels. Last week was my latest adventure. Put a ad up on one of the gay dating apps and get a reply from this 18 yo guy. He comes over and says it needs to be quick because he is supposed to meet his girlfriend soon. We strip and I j*** his small [more]

It's fun

Shoot, I've read posts on here and some are good. When me and my wife lived in Florida, she frequently had s** with other men. I'm good with it. I was always there, but I would let them have quiet time in the bedroom together. We did order a pizza one night, when it didn't show, I called and told... [more]

C** all over me

I am a guy and I just want to have like 5 guys c** all over me. In my face, mouth ass and all over my body

Married and hot for c*** - sharing with wife

I’m a married man, 51 and been married for over 20 years. Love my wife but s** is pretty infrequent. I’m more and more turned on by the idea of sucking another married man. I’d like to see his bulge grow as we chat then stroke it though his pants. They us unzip him and take him all in my mouth before... [more]


I am h****. I’m ready to strip naked and let one or men have their way with my body. I enjoy giving hand and b*******. I enjoy taking “all” of his d*** in my mouth. I enjoy knowing that men enjoy... [more]

Share my wife

I want to share pics of my wife online without her knowledge. .would love to hear comments on them from total strangers. Anyone interested ?

Sharing my girlfriends nudes

Heyo, I’ve kinda been wanting to share my girlfriends nudes with a guy so that he can tell me all the things he would do to her. I’m a secret cuckold and I would love to just sit there and read all the things a stranger would do to her body. She is okay with it and doesn’t care but she doesn’t know I’m a cuckold. So please hit me up if you would... [more]

I'm addicted to s**, p*** and masturbating

Hi I'm 19 years old I have a high s** drive, I've been masturbating since I was 12 I wouldn't wear panties and just a short dress and lay on the couch and touch myself. my brother's bestfriend would come and watch me through the window, the first time I saw him watching my I got wetter and I masturbated... [more]

Bachelorette Party

I had just finished college and Mark and had been dating for almost two years now and we had planned on getting married after we graduated.
this happened 5 years ago today the night before we married.
Mark and both come from well to do Family's and we are both now in apposition to follow in their footsteps .
Both Mark and I have been popular... [more]

Neighbor’s Daughters

I m********* to the online photos posted by my neighbor’s teen daughters. I’ve even made fake nude photos of the two of them. When my wife is out or in the shower, I pull up their photos on my computer and m*********, and I moan each of... [more]

Caught her

Awhile ago the wife was helping out a friend who wanted to sell his house. She would go over there on the weekends to show the house to buyers sometimes our friend would show up to see how things were going. My wife started to have an emotional affair with this creep and more, and me being a stupid husband suspected nothing. One day I was... [more]

Web Cam

When I was 19-21, I worked as a cam model with a partner, much older male (40s) who would wear a mask while we played and who I would address as Sir or Master. In reality, this man was actually my stepfather. While my mother was out of town for business trips, I would come over and he would use me on cam on front of strangers. And he was a... [more]

My life as a Bull

My son was about 15 at this time and we were living in Idaho at this time when a friend of his asked if he wanted to bus down to California for the weekend with him and his Dad to Watch a Raiders game.
I met with them and we talked about it and the game was three weeks away but together we arranged for my expenses and I trusted Earl the father... [more]

Watch me public

Last night in a parking lot of a coffee shop I was jerking off about 2am. In my truck. And these teo older woman surprised me by walking by my car. The second woman glanced in and sees me jerking it. I had the window cracked and she comes back and asks what I'm doing. I covered with my shirt say oh nothing. Just having a coffee. And she says... [more]

A 3-some

A few years ago I was with my bf, just making out with him in the couch. His Mexican maid showed up and we didn’t really notice or care that she could see anything we were doing. I started sucking his c*** on the couch and I could feel her staring, so I looked up and she was. I went back to sucking... [more]


When I was 8-12 I was molested by my mom's ex boyfriend. She didn't really do much to stop it but anyway I was almost raped by him when I was 9 but I started crying and saying I didn't want to get pregnant and he let me go. I'm 16 now and I have a high s** drive and I usually think about how it would've... [more]

Step daughters dirty panties

I like to m********* lick smell suck on my 13 yo step daughters dirty panties. My d*** has never been as hard. I also c** in her clan panties. Those smell and. tast the best after she worn the [more]

Do you eat your c** off your gf/wife?

Me and my neighbour have been secretly having s** and doing all sorts for the last 2 years. I work from home a lot and she works part-time so we get a lot of occasions.
This whole time, after every time I have c**, she has made me eat some or all of it. She... [more]

Step daughters dirty panties

My 14 yr old step daughters panties are intoxicating. I rub the white stain on the head of my d*** to get her p**** juice inside my pee hole. I love the smell when i lick and suck on the white p**** juice... [more]

Fantasize about wife being with other men

I have been fantasizing about my wife being with other men for years now. She is Asian, 5'6", 115 lbs, small breast, dark nip***, sometimes all shaved, and tight. She is quite conservative so it is hard to talk to her about my fantasies. Sometimes, I indirectly say something or hint something.
I have this fantasy of her being in a public place... [more]

I want s**

I am a middle aged woman love my G/F, we have been together for a long time now. We are both bi, but she is an ACE so likes being in a relationship, romance, and intimacy of touching and cuddling, but no s**. Its been about 4 or 5 years since we have had s**... [more]

Next door Wife and Husband f****** in Bath peeped

Before moving into the newly bought apartment, the maintenance work was being going on for a few days. When all the workers have departed after the days work before moving out I was just checking the bathroom taps and heard the next door neighbour's wife calling out for her husband from their bathroom. There was a ventilation just below the... [more]

Conceived after gang bang

This girl liked to f*** multiple partners and after an orgy in which she was the only female, she got pregnant. All five boys had to take a paternity test and one of the boys was the father.
He didn't have to support the baby though. He had to sign the birth certificate and the baby was put up... [more]

Fantasy of sharing wife

While having s** with wife I have a fantasy to see her being f***** by my friend. My friend has a good big c***. I have seen his c*** only in placid state... [more]

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