Sex Confessions


Last summer my buddy invited me to bang his wife, I am still not sure if it was a coordinated effort on their part or if it was actually as unplanned as it seemed but we were all drinking a few at the breakfast bar one evening while all their kids were away at camp and someone brought up college which led to relationships which led to partying... [more]

I woke up with a man in my bed

I was sleeping last week and it was pretty warm. I was just in a nighty and some panties. I woke up with a man in my bed with my nighty pulled up to my b******. He was behind me firmly up against my back with on arm around my head an neck and the other squeezing on of my [more]

Hate it

I hate sucking D***'s. My hubby all ways asks me to do it. And most times I do but I rather just have s**. He always let's me start then when he gets hard he pushes it deep down my throat while I gag and choke on it. I don't mind doing it but he's 11 inches... [more]


I have been wanting now for about 5 years to do a MFM threeway with my wife. I even confessed to her that I would be good if I could just watch. I have giving her the right to have s** outside our marriage aslong as she records it and lets me see. It all started because we both got drunk one day and she... [more]

Hairy wife

When I met my wife, she was hairless. I asked her if she'd be willing to let it grow out. She asked why. I told her I wanted to see her with a natural grown out p****. She said, "Sure thing. My girlfriend has been after me to stop shaving anyway." I said, "You are into women?" She said, "There are a... [more]

Want to be f***** by Tranny

I am male and for the longest time I have had the fantasy of sucking and being f***** in the ass by an asian tranny/ladyboy. The desire for this is so strong, that I usually m********* to the thought, at least, twice a day. The thought of her... [more]

My wife and I finally did a MFM threesome

Let start off by telling about us. We have been together for 16 years now. I am a lot older then her. We met at an event and hit it off. She was 18 at the time and I was 28. She is 5'7" 130 lbs and curvy. I am a ass man so that is what I noticed first. My wife is ny no means loose down there but she does have a big p***y. I am 7 inches erect with... [more]

This s*** sucks...

I want to sleep with this other girl but i have a serious girlfriend. It make me feel so conflicted. I could probably do it and she would never know. But it tears me apart to consider. I hate that i feel this way. I love my girlfriend. What should i do? What would you do?

Ultimate sexual sensation

When I was 16 something really weird happened, I had a boyfriend, in fact I lost my virginity to him, but this happened without him.
My folks were going on holiday for a couple of weeks leaving me alone in the house, my boyfriend was away too so I thought great, house to myself and for the first week nothing to do except take Ben out for walks!... [more]

I want to f*** my mother in law

I want to f*** ny mother in law so bad ,sometimes i take her used thongs and j******* to them and leave my c** on them i thinks she knows . Sometimes she walks around the house with some shorts that i can... [more]

Wife loves being lazy and fat and food in the Bedroom

My wife is a big lady when I met her she was about 230 lbs. We dated for years and she put on about 15-20 pounds which I was perfectly ok with I like the bigger girls ( bbw ssbbw ) and such. We had s** as much as possible and are happy. After we got married she wanted to explore her fantasy's some... [more]

Drunken moment

I once jerked of on my mother-in-laws face while she was passed out drunk.

I want to pound my girlfriend’s little sister numb

My girlfriend’s little sister Mayci is 15 and i want to have everyone in their house gone then pin her to her bed while i burry my hard d*** in her ass hole id love to f*** her throat and lick her toes too.

Wtf do I do?

The best s** I’ve ever had had just turned into my biggest nightmare. I went on a stag do in Manchester about 2 months ago. The stag’s oldest mate is a girl he grew up with and she was invited on the stag weekend with the 9 lads. We were staying in 3 separate apartments in the city and me, another guy... [more]

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