Sex Confessions

I’m in love with my uncle

My uncle and I have been sleeping together for a year or so and he confessed his love for me and I think I feel the same way, if anyone found out he would get in a lot of trouble and prob go to jail (I’m 15 he’s 31)

I enjoy toys

My husband and I have been married going on 13 years. For years I have tried several things to get my husband into bed. Sucking him till I can feel him gag me with his 9” c***. Dress slutty no bra, undies. Short dresses. S** in public. He doesn’t seem to... [more]

After a nite of Dancing gave my Wife's Boss a ride Home

We, myself and my Wife usually like to go out on Fridays, were we meet friends, drink converse, dance and have playful fun. We usually dress up, me slacks sweater dress shirt, dress shoes. My Wife, mini skirt, stockings open toe heels and a blouse. I'm 5'10' 210lb, wife is 5'4" 128lb. She never wears panties or bra, unless its formal or similar... [more]

Sharing wife

Curious about taking my wife on vacation and getting her really drunk and giving her a slutty bikini to wear down to the hot tub full of random men. I think it would be so hot to watch from our room window and see the men stare at her and surround her and get her even more drunk and use her in the hot tub taking turns on her.

My Wife’s Best Friend

Last year my wife and I went on a vacation with another couple who happened to be our best friend’s. We vacation a lot with them so all of us are really comfortable around each other. Nothing all that sexual had ever really happened except a few times where the four of us went skinny-dipping. It was relatively tame and always led to some pretty... [more]

Sharing wife

I have a fantasy of getting my wife on vacation and getting her drunk and having her wear a sexy revealing bikini. She is about ,5'5 130lbs 34D t***, shaven p****, nice ass. Has that cute girl next door look. I have had this fantasy of sending her down... [more]

I had s** with a fat girl and now I can't go back to skinny ones

Wow. I wasn't prepared for all that softness and warmth. I never knew what I was missing. Now I don't know what to do with my life :/

Lonely guy

My wife was sick, we had 2 children well i needed s** she said she will not do any of that again. i told her that all men love s** , s** games toys etc. she said that's all disgusting. i came from a broken home an... [more]

Adventures in cuckolding

We had been married over 10years and our s** life was still good when we got it on but now it was only a kind of wham bam thank you man when we dir.
Ehe excitement had begin to set in and Doris was concerned because she was used to me satisfying her when we had [more]

My older sister and her girlfriend

A couple of months ago my older sister came home from college for the weekend and she brought her girlfriend . Over the weekend they was both get hi . Thin my sister invited me in to her room . After a few minutes my sister removed her friend shirt and asked me if I like what I seen I said yes . Thin her friend removed my sister top and asked if... [more]

I have been fantasising over my girfriends 12 year old daughter

I have been with my girlfriend for about 6 months now and we have a very close and passionate relationship. She has a 12 year old daughter, she is a lovely little girl, really pretty and cute and very affectionate with her mom. Really been feeling so bad about my fantasy which was on sparked about 3 weeks ago. It was on the saturday morning and... [more]

Straight......c** eater

I’ve eaten my c** a few times. Just what I can get on my finger while c****** so I don’t lose interest. In the shower I like to lube up my butt hole and flick it with my finger as if it were a tongue while I stroke like crazy, then shoot my load into my... [more]

Am i gay

That i want to suck, f*** and be used by a man as i am dressed as a girl

V***** Massage

I have been seeing a regular masseus for a couple of years. He has always been a perfect gentleman and provide top notch services.
One visit I gave him a complement for a great massage. When he rang up the bill he joking said it would be $300. I giggle and tongue in check said for that price it better include a [more]

Sister touching her self

I have been on lock down with my sister for the last two weeks. and yesterday i was in my room and need to go to the toilet, i walked out of my room and past my sisters room, as i cam back from the bathroom i could see her through the gap in the door. she was sat on the floor in her knickers and training bra legs open and she was playing with her... [more]

Tribute my wife

I started sharing photos of my wife and Now i am addicted to rollplaying that I am her and sending her pics to men who will tribute for me or get involved in rollplay. does anyone else enjoy this... nothing better to do for the next couple weeks .

Adventures in cuckolding

I really don't understand why so many people are against sharing their wifeand why they have to be so insulting about it.
I have read many posts here and have seen some very rude remarks and I am sure that sharing your wife is not for everyone it is very stimulating if you do it fore recreation like my wife and I do.
We have a secure... [more]

Sitting on my maid's fat belly

Hello all ....
Mom and dad both being job holders, they used to go to work in the morning and used to return at night. In the mean time they've hired a maid to look after me. She was not so super hot but kinda looked sexy to me. I think she had this idea of me sitting on her. Right from the beginning she used to make me sit on her stomach... [more]

Summer camp threesome

I use to go to these christian summer camps every summer when I was younger. Always the hoot. I don't think it was ever intentional but we did more than make wonderful new friends, it's where I had my first couple if flings on both sides. Terrible, I know.
One of the summers me and a friend had it in our minds to tease one of the councilors. At... [more]

How Many

How many men has your wife cheated on you with ?
Mine has been with 8 men over the years, a couple cops, a college kid, an ex lover,some co workers and one black guy.
She thinks i don't anything about any of this. She is careless when it comes to clues or maybe she doesn't care. i think its a little bit of both.
She is very attractive so... [more]


This happened a few years ago.
I met my wife shortly after I was discharged and she was young and already had a son.

.....she ten pregnant in High School and was washing he clothes at a laundromat when I came in and it was late when U came in to do my clothes and we talked then I asked her for a date and we had [more]

Doctor consult.

In this time of medical and health times, wondering about confessions of playing dr as kids - teens and far things went??

SIL massage parlour

I'd like to see my SIL made to work in a massage parlour. She'd do all the things that they do, plus the handjobs and b******* that go with the territory. What's more, she'd be humiliated by the constant groping and sexual comments too. I'd like to be a fly on the wall.

Gfs sister

So for the past year i have been f****** my gfs younger sister she is also in a relationship but we cant help ourselves we f*** a lot and seem to be getting riskier each time so now we f*** in places... [more]

Wife on display

My wife Ronnie and I took a one week vacation and spent three of those days at her sister's house. Ronnie and her sister are very close and I get along great with her husband Barry. One of the three days,that we were guest, my sister in law had to work so we decided to drink and swim all day. They had a pool.
After a couple of margaritas my... [more]

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