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Pedo pleasure

Hello my fake name will be jame
My jame is Jake and I’m bi I like boys and girls and for the past yesir I have really been into under 015 boys and girls and lately in*est really turns me on I have a 010 year old sister who looks 08 she’s white skinny kinda tan in some places but about 4 weeks ago I was talking to some pedos and they talked me... [more]

I have a hornyness problem lol

I'm almost 16 and still a virgin. I get very turned on by the thought of being caught. Im tried loads. By leaving my door open and stuff. This isn't normal and have huge daddy issus


#dog #dog #dog

Foster bro

So I’ve been living here for about to years now and my foster brother about 3 months. I’m completely wondered by him and the thought of his naked body makes me so hard when I think about it. I wanna tell him so badly but I’m too shy. I caught him jerking off once (we both share a room) and it was honestly the hottest think I’ve ever saw. Please i... [more]

I Love Giving Rimjobs

I confess that I am obsessed with giving rimjobs. I gave my first rimjob to my then girlfriend at the age of 24. She was a hot, skinny redhead with a tiny ass and a shaved p****/a******. One night I was eating her out on while she was on all 4's... [more]


Are there any young mothers that want to confess that they have a sexual attraction towards their younger children

Wife's Pictures

I like showing nude pictures of my wife to other guys who know her. She walks by them in the office and has no idea what they are thinking. They also laugh behind my back, giving me weak and pathetic names. They are hitting on her daily and she has no idea of them seeing her nude photo's. I'm waiting for her to give in for I can watch.

Girlfriend aunt

That i want to f*** the s*** out my gfs aunts huge ass even if she wouldnt wanna f*** and just wanted me to eat her p**** and ass id die for it

F****** my sis

You go and f*** your sis I'll do mine...Lol...Troll.

I dreamed that a horse f***** me in the ass

I had a wet dream where I was getting f***** in the ass by a horse. I could feel his breath on my neck, and his flaring head pushing against my h**** hole, which was contracting and relaxing rapidly because I was so excited. As soon as he penetrated... [more]


I am a female in my late thirties. I had a f*** buddy for 3 years whom I fell for. I was aware he was with other women and had two children. The connection was not always constant but we always talked again. I broke up with him in February because I had to get an abortion. I was deeply ashamed... [more]

My panties

I clean houses on weekends and during breaks to make some extra cash. It's been a bit slow with quarantine the last few months, but steady. The only weird thing is that homeowners are home now, so I'm cleaning while they're working from home or going about their business. Anyway, I was cleaning a house yesterday and made the mistake of wearing a... [more]

COVID has turned me and my GF into prostitutes

My GF and are have worked in the restaurant industry for a long time. Due to COVID, first I lost my job, then she did. The unemployment checks were just not covering the bills. We live in San Francisco. Expensive. We live in an apartment building with 48 units, and we know many of the tenants pretty well.
One day when I was talking... [more]

Need s**

Please leave email in comments if you want to f*** a 40yr old married male. We can swap pics and chat before hooking up. Im tired of my wifes p**** but wont divorce her. Just looking for nsa s**. In seattle... [more]

My sister

My sister and i f*** on film. Seriously. If you want to see it, leave your email and I'll share with you. She is overweight but has a big ass and massive t***. We simply love f****** each other and... [more]

4 weeks in lockdown

Time to go to some chat rooms and catfish, I'm a guy and I'm making my account has a girl. meow meow meow...

I maybe a little bit want this

Well uh, for about three and a half years ive been having dreams and fantasies about an older man picking me up from the theater to f*** my 14 year old holes, i know it wont happen seeing as I'm a trans man and stuff, but o really needed to get that off my chest, oh and uh..if anyone wants to talk... [more]

My sister

I have video of my sister having s** with her boyfriend. If you want to watch it, leave a comment with your email address


If you’re one of those pieces of s*** thats attracted to little kids... PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO US ALL A FAVOR AND KILL YOURSELF!!!


In the past my dog licked my v***** and I don’t know if anyone does the same thing

My c*** head

Id love to have a gay mans mouth around my c*** head sucking every last drop of my c** load out. then sucking on my c*** head till i cant stand it any more.


I got my gf interested in pegging. Now she wants to do it all the time. She said Tonight when I come home she's going to have her way with me with her new toy. Im sure its the 10 inch black one she's been telling me about. Im so excited. She's so rough and verbal with me. She pounds me however she wants and doesn't care how rough she gets, even if... [more]

F****** my bbw sister

My sister and i have been f****** for several years. We started f****** when we did coke together back in the day. We dont tell anyone at all...except me sharing this here. She started letting me record us [more]

Wife pictures and nasty comments

I love showing off my wifes naked pictures for nasty comments and feedback! I also like leaving nasty feedback, it's a real turn on. Anyone want to participate with me? Leave your email in the comments!

Wife/girlfriend pics Taboo S**

Leave your email below if you wanna swap pictures and or talk about TABOO things, i.e Cuckolds, Incest, chicks with d****, compare d****, look s** stories.....all kinds of filth!!

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