Strange Confessions

Meryl Streep

I'm a 20 year old woman and I'm infatuated with Meryl Streep.

All these confessions are bull s***!

I've posted so many confessions on this site, and they're all just lies! What makes you think that all of these confessions are not bull s***!?!

The double

I am generally a happy person, but when I get angry two things will happen: I will "Beserk" in which I go on a random rampage and then afterwards I would hatch a demonically evil plan. So far ive berserked twice and havr made several world ending plans. This dark me is constantly trying to destroy things and rule over people. Is this weird????

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I hate it but I love it.

I'm not sure what to categorize this under...s**, relationship, love, idk..
Anyways, lets get to it cuz i have to tell someone.
I'm 16. I'm a female. I have big plans for my future. College, multiple degrees...I'm a smart kid. I'm musically talented, but still am always improving. I don't drink or do... [more]

Busted a nut in friends food

I have a female colleague that I'm friends with but secretly adore. She came to my house recently. We had a party and she stayed over. Next morning I cooked breakfast. She had a shower and breakfast was cooked and waiting. I was feeling h**** and had the idea to [more]

It's weird but.....

I need someone to give me a comeback to the insult "why do you suck so much d***." A bunch of prissy b****** called me saying that and giggling. I'd love for someone to give me an insult mean enough for them to cry. While you guys work on that, I'll... [more]


All yall need yall little ass whipped,stay in school and stop worrying about s** nasty ass


I am going to get drunk and sit in my room and read a book, play some skyrim and listen to some awesome music on 12/21/12. I realized i dont love anyone i know enough to spend what could be my last hours with them

I wanna feel how its to kill...

Well, I dont know if its normal, or if other people have this feeling, but sometimes, out of nowhere, I have this feeling of wanting to kill someone, jut to know how it feels, and I start thinking of how could I do it, most of the time I want to do it with my own hands, like, beating them to death, or with a knife, and then I think of what could I... [more]

I F****** Hate The Polish - Send Them All Back Home - To Europe

Tomuch poor polish people over here now staying in the uk working and staying since 2005 send them all back to europe for 2012 the polos are just like the pakis the polishpakis not 10 come over but they all come over in onepack
now one likes them since world war 2 when thay lost the war against germany the uk is to very soft since the 1970s... [more]

Grossed out by my own fetishes

I'm a woman who is mostly into other women. But often I have sexual fantasies about being a little girl, like seven years old, raped by fat, nasty old men.
I don't know why. Maybe because it's the dirtiest thing I can think of. At any rate, when I'm not having an o***** to the thought, the... [more]

My interestes

I have had a strange fixation with inflating my body, and i don't mean like those people who suit up in full body suits and blow the suit up, i mean like my own body. i find myself almost every day looking up videos of people doing this on youtube or anywhere on the internet, i feel weird when i watch it but when i do it myself i feel, i don't... [more]

Would you mind?

To set the scene, you're walking through campus, from one class to another. It's that time between classes so people are everywhere. You're on your way to an elective, a class you chose without any friends in it, so you're walking alone. For whatever reason, you forgot your ipod, or maybe it's out of batteries. You're not wearing sunglasses, so... [more]

I wanna cause pain- how it feels

I just once I'd like to really cause someone some physicical pain. Just today had a feeling like I wanted to hit someone. I was in chorus and we were discussing what we could do for the play and. No one like my Idea which was the best, b/c if it wasn't I wouldn't have said anything . And then everyone was liking the letter in a bottle idea and my... [more]

"I kept my sin in and my bones wasted away" (Psalm 32:3)

I like boys (It was only through puberty) and I hurt my niece (not sexually).

I'm Evil

I have Dual personalities and the only reason nobody apart from my partner has ever found out is because I get on with my other self and we work together which has helped us keep the secret for over 17 years.


I have a fantastic family, beautiful friends and after a lot of ups and downs my boyfriend is becoming so supportive. Im a mum to a beautiful girl and despite all of this, i still sometimes feel like Im alone and nobody understands me. I don't get why i feel depressed but i do, and Im angry at myself because i don't think i have any right to feel... [more]

24m With Bra Strap Fetish

I'm 24 straight male and I have a fetish for bra straps. I just love seeing a girl in a bra with the straps a bit loose and falling down a bit. Love seeing them pull the strap back up, and then it sliding down again as they move.
It's distracting because I tend to look at girls bra straps and the "bumps" they leave when a shirt is covering... [more]

I love big toys

I'm a 40 yr old woman and I love being full my husband has an average c*** but I love a big d**** stretching me out I can c** many times with my d**** and... [more]

Belly day ^_^

Im a 15 year old skinny girl and idk y but I like to hear belly noises. I love it when my belly makes some gurgles :3 One time when I was alone, my belly looked pregnant because I drank a half gallon of milk and it started to make loud noises! Then my friend came and we sat down on the couch, everything was quiet, then all of a sudden my belly... [more]

I want a baby :(

I just want to have a baby sooo badly. I fantasise all the time that I have become a teenage mother and everyone says 'gosh she's coping so well with that baby'. I wanna be pregnant, pregnant women look beautiful. I'm only 14 so obviously having a baby now would be a terrible idea, but gosh, I can't help myself fantasising!! I have planned out my... [more]

Im a w****.. aint i?

Im married but i sometimes dream while i finger im f***** some of my husbands friends.. i cammed yesterday with a guy and got naked.. im a w**** and i feel bad now.

I cut myself

I cut myself and the line is not straight! it is annoying!

Which ones worse?

I'm such a moron that both these things happened to me...
First, I have a huge crush on my instructor. BUT, of course, I'll never say anything because 1- it's against school policy & 2- I'm 100% sure he'd turn me down. (He's a happily married father of two so it be super wrong & I'd feel super guilty). It's just so hard to accept it's never going... [more]

I'm still waiting....

I won't lie, I'm a very lucky person.
I've got a really caring family, a decent living, more than enough food & water, and enough $ to go to school. And yet.
I feel unbelievably incredibly lonely. My family doesn't get me. They're here but not really. And not one of the people I know even tries to talk to me unless they want something (ie... [more]

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