Strange Confessions

To elders


I hate you

I swear i just wanted you to fall and break your head! How can you be my husband? How can you be father of my son?????????? You don't care for himmmmmmmmmmm... All your feelings are fake... after drinks you becoming mad.. cheap... no level... i feel shame for you..... i don't want you if you cannot be a man!!!!!!!!!! [more]


So I don't lie too much. Not anymore. I lie when necessary. It's kinda cool to me how quick I come up with my lies. It's amazing how I can lie. I don't exaggerate. All my stories are believeable. I love how fast I can think about things and it all make perfect sense. I love how I'm hardly ever caught lying. Lying is fantastic. I'm not nervous at... [more]

Mature all the way

I am 23yo guy...problem is i don't have any sexual attraction for girls of my age-group, i like women above 30 ..sexually girlfriend is 35 years old.and we f*** on a regular this normal not to have any sexual attraction for your age group people ..?????


Quite frankly, my dear, i don't give a flying f*** what happened, what the problem was, what she said or who you told. you can take all this oh so mysterious secretive bullshit and stop holding it over my head now. find some other gullible b****.

Pee pee pee pee

I am getting into this strange doctor told me to increase the water intake to keep myself agile. Thing is i am getting obsessed with this "water-habit".Now in my spare time i gulp down so much water that i like to pee with full pressure on, thus spending so much of my time in washroom, yeah "like to pee with full throttle". i know this... [more]

Justin beiber

I am obsessed with justin beiber. I stalk him everywhere and I m********* to his posters and song. I am a 16 yr old dude. And I think I'm gay


This confession post has become more of a s**-confession , incest, beastabbility, mom-f***-son, dad-f***-daughter, weired..........plz stop making all those fake confession and yeah...dont't comment on them i... [more]


I don't know why i remain so anxious,....i am good with people. but there is an urge withme to be perfect at software coding...i can't help it...but at the same time i give so many thoughts of f****** my neighbour's aunt.


I e******** thinking about my aunt who is 45 , fat, short, big b****....i desperately want to f*** her


I don't like changing my underwear everyday...some time i put them on for weeks and weeks...and on the top of that i m********* after every three days. i am a yeast infector


I like to loooooose the things even when the things are my way, i am not mentally-screwed ,i tend to just loose it when it comes to my weaker no matter how much i need that ...does this happen with anyone else?????or is it just me...?????

I have secret lives

At school I'm just a nice girl with good fashion and good hair/make up and very very social. But online I'm an anime lover, HUGE GAMER, role player, computer nerd. (But still a nice person!)
It's like I'm Hannah Montana but not a s***. I love it! Two separate lives rule. :) And no one better get... [more]

MW2 Girl

I'm a girl and I f****** kick ass at f****** Mw2. It's f****** hystracal because I'm not what you would exspect. I pretend I haven't a [more]

I thought

I thought well caught a goldfish but it's a big whale. I just thought it's a goldfish,dangling on the sea but its humogous whale. so f****** strange..oh well i'll be a fish stick whenever we need to release s*****. oh well,she's intelligent whale!... [more]

Obsession 4

I confessed before, three times in fact. So I'll give a recap.
I get these 'fads' of sexual perversion where I'll be obsessed about one really kinky thing for several months at a time, then stops abruptly. Then I go through three or four months where I'm normal, then something inspires me and it starts again.
This is the fourth time I've put... [more]

Popcorn Pee

Anyone else notice that their pee smells like movie theater style popcorn or am I the only one?

I need advice on this problem...?

I always considered myself pretty intelligent guy and quite a sane person, beside one thing...
I see and hear things that others don't. I see shadows, people, beams of colours and I also hear voices. No, not in my head, voices so loud I awake in the middle of the night from someone shouting clear as day in my ear.
I see and hear things like... [more]

What t h*** is wrong with ya guys!!!

I have no confession to make but i just wannet to tell all of ya who write these stupid ass b**** confessions of; My oncle n i, my brother n i, my mother n really should all go n see a doctor..youre fantasies r way 2 gross n their polluting my mind..stop all your bullshit n grow up!!!

Hide and seek

When I was 6 my first cousin was also six but is still a few months younger. Me and my other cousin (his younger brother) we were all playing hide and seek. Me and and the oldest cousin were hiding in the closet together and we knew about kissing with toungue becuz we saw both of our parents kissing like that and we started to French kiss is this... [more]


I've had many fantasies about being raped and it always makes me wet. I think it's sexy like the idea to be raped.

Two girls one cup?!

I saw two girls one cup... and I was actually dissapointed it wasn't longer. Yeah, it was f****** nasty and I literally felt nauseous watching it, but it wasn't sexual enough. LOL.

I want to know what it's like to be raped

But just so I can help people better through poetry. Sounds stupid, doesn't it? Get the feeling though, that if I ever did get raped for real, I wouldn't be all 'yay, now I can better help ppl'.

I wanna be A lady gaga!!

HAHA, but seriously. I'm a girl, and i want to become a boy. If I do that, will they give me a full working p**** and everything? Because i hate being a girl and being judged. I want to be a boy. I want to be in the body I was supposed to be in.

Kiss my ass.

Have you ever had a fanicy of that? i sure as h*** have. its never come true :(

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