Strange Confessions

Creepy-Ass Fetish

Whenever I'm having a hard time reaching o*****, I fantasize about being molested by that creepy snake from The Jungle Book. It works every time.


I am 16 years old and i think i have a dark soul.I like evil thing and if i choose hero or villian i choose villian,sometimes i dream that i am a crazy evil child and i can controle demons, wat must i do , i believe in GOD ,i dont know wat to do.

I Beat The S*** Out of Myself, But I Enjoy It

I've been hurting myself since before I could remember. Even when I was really little. My mom sometimes physically abused me, and my father has always emotionally abused me. Both of them are narcasissts. I've attempted suicide once. My mother attempted it twice. She used to tell me she didn't love me, and so did my father. I used to cut myself... [more]

S** Scientific...Pig? o.0 Oink

First off, f*** grammar on this one..
Sometimes i feel like im an animal that knows about human s**. really.
For instance, I think i figured ou how sexual stimulation works. When a human sees another human with visible sexual maturity attributes... [more]

Is humping weird?

Im 12, and i hump... is it weird?

My role model is a comic book character

I admire the comic book character Rorschach, from Watchmen. I don't know why, I just do. With a will as strong as Batman's, and always knowing where to go, and what to look for. His detective skills are as good as those of Sherlock Holmes, and doesn't care what people think of him. Some people called him a sociopath, but I call him a hero. To top... [more]

Perfect features...of a man.

So I am a female..
A bit overweight, but I consider myself average looking, and I can look very attractive with the proper make up..
However..recently one night, I got insanely bored, and decided to see what I would look like as a man. So i straighted my hair to make it swishy, darkened my eyebrows a bit, and put on a fake beard using eye... [more]

What I do with my tampon applicators

When I go over to someone's house and have my period, and said person doesn't have a garbage in the bathroom in order for me to throw out my tampon applicator....... I lift the lid of the septic tank and throw it in there instead. :)

I have the same fetish

I too find myself drawn to asthmatics. It's weird, I know, but my ex hd horrible asthma, and while I never wished anything bad on him, I did spend many a night listening to him wheeze, cough, sneeze, and sniffle.

I stole a suitcase...

I confess that I stole a girl's suitcase from her when she was getting off the bus. I helped her carry it off when she got to her stop, and I commented on how heavy it was. She told me there were old computer parts she was taking to the local recycling, so I thought they might be useful or worth a lot of money and stole it.
When I opened the... [more]

I like j********** wearing my sister's panties

I like to wear my sister's panties and skirts when I j*******. It gets me really hard when I do it. Lately I have not jacked off without wearing them and sometimes can't even get hard until I put her panties on.

Perv I guess

When I drop my kid off at school, I get aroused at all of the school girls wearing such short shorts and tight fitting clothes. I think 12-14 is the sexiest age for a young girl... from head to perfect toes, they are amazingly sexy. The age of consent should be lowered. They flirt, they have their cycle, they are sexual, they know what they want... [more]

Stomach Sounds Fetish

I have a big fetish for stomach sounds, though its strictly straight; from any other source than a cute girl its disgusting. (Im a guy) I've never told anyone, and I had to get this off my chest.

I love posting my nude pictures online!!

Idon't know why but I love posting naked pictures of myself and sometimes videos online. I'm 19 and I don't know why I love it.

Just something

I don't know... I have everything, food shelter water family work but I just feel like I'm missing something. There's just this little emptiness, it's calling me. It just keeps screaming, it wants to be content. Who can blame him? Isn't that what we all want? Sigh, I wish I could be happy & focus but sometimes it's not that simple. I'm just going... [more]

What the h*** is wrong with me

I seem to be able to pick up and enjoy the smell and (really weird part) taste of blood!
i am not trying to say that i'm a vampire, h*** no! but for some reason i've been like this for a while now.
it started when i was going through a rough part of my life and i was constantly cutting my arms... [more]

Meth User

I think this is more an 'asking for help' confession then anything else. Im 98% sure that my partner is using meth. He has crazy mood swings, often picking ridiculous fights with me until Im really upset then apologizing after 24 hours or so after he's either come down or realised what he said. He gets dizzy and sweaty and often asks to borrow... [more]


I have a girlfriend of 5 years and soon to be 6 months.
I love the way she is, she cares about me and helps me with grown up stuff because i'm still a bit childish. she had to grow up much faster then me hence all the-grown-up-help.
MY problem is I don't love her the way i should. I want to be free and young and just do whatever i want but i... [more]


I'm bored, and I'm lonely, and I think it's because I have no ability to commit, to anyone or anything, despite an original interest.


I confess that I a male often think about muscle women grabbing me and kissing me against my will. also, I wouldn't want this to really happen but if women just talked to me about butchering me and eating me I'd love it as long as they didn't really do it. how about it.Write curremt resident P.O. Box 1077 Lufkin,TX 75902.

Hey! I know her!!

One time while browsing p*** pictures I came across a picture of a girl giving a guy a b******. What makes this different is that she was the spitting image of my niece - tattoos and all.

Traumatized cat

I was alone in my girlfriends house with her cat. I was sat on the couch and felt a fart brewing. I thought it would be funny if I did it in the cat's face. So I got my a*** out, grabbed the cat's head and shoved its face right inbetween my cheeks, so its nose was literally touching my arsehole. Then... [more]

P***** p******

When I get drunk I like to go up to strangers and talk to them. But this is only as a distraction while I get my c*** out and p*** on their legs...for fun. I obviously only do it to people weaker than me so up to now I've never experienced any problems... [more]

I really miss psychedelics...

I really miss the feeling of tripping on psychedelics. I used to do acid, mushrooms, dmt, and the like at least once a month. Some trips were good and some were bad, but I always came away feeling like I had really expanded my mind, like people used to say in the 60s. Later on I became addicted to heroin, the greatest and at the same time worst... [more]

I felt myself getting turned on... the gym. Doing my backwards kicks while on my knees (I'm trying to get a really nice ass, so I was working out my legs).
I felt the blood pumping through my legs and it started the "burning" sensation, which is something I'm used to. What I wasn't used to was that the blood circulation down there also got my [more]

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