Strange Confessions

My Lonely City of One

The world views and has always viewed me since my earliest years as a neurotic, extremely introverted, and passive goodie two shoes. Just a slightly raised voice, even if not addressed to me, would set me off crying and even now in my 20s, still makes me visibly startle. If someone calls my name I automatically rack my brain thinking about what I... [more]

Sister in law's vibrator up my ass

I am writing this with my sister in law's vibrator up my ass. My wife's brother and his wife are on vacation, and I'm checking on their house while they're gone. Feeding the cats, getting the mail, taking out the garbage, etc. They didn't say I couldn't snoop, so I'll assume they'd be OK with it. I went straight to her nightstand in hopes of... [more]

Sitting on belly

I want to sit on women belly for long time and trample even

Death Star

There is a Death Star hiding behind circle cloud in Japan and reports of aliens landing. They are coming elsewhere too. Soon to us also. Soon.

This may sound weird but never bury a loved one near a tree

My family is buried in an open field area of the cemetery and withing a short walk there is a large oak tree. My family graves are safe The roots are displacing the markers and no telling what damage they are doing to the vault and the coffin itself.
It may not matter to some people but I would prefer that my loved ones final resting place... [more]

Given the chance to see my best friend's wife naked

I can't believe what just happened to me and not really sure how to interpret things. I have been best friends with a guy for over 30 years. We grew up together, we went on first dates together. I even stood up as his best man at his wedding. He is married to a smoking hot woman who is just an amazing person all around. As his best friend, I... [more]

How ,long should I be left tied up in a canvas bag?

I want to get into my big canvas laundry bag and have someone tie it leaving a gap for air but making sure I can't get out. I know I can stay in the bag for 30 minutes. How long do you think I should be left in the bag? Would you leave me alone, make fun of me or humiliate me? Please, no stupid answers.

Confused about my surroundings

So ive been with my wife for about 11 years and I started experiencing some issues about 5 years ago, a month before we married.
I met her childhood best friend who within minutes of meeting proceeded to inform me how she watched my soon to be wife blow a guy in front of her and an alternate time she watched her [more]


I am straight 40 years’ old man but prefers young boys for massage. During massage I would to like to keep my clean shaved d*** and butt exposed. I find it a bit weird behavior but I enjoy exposing my d*** and butt crack to the massage therapists.

Secrete in a rural town

There was an older woman who was caring for her invalid husband and her retarded son. She was receiving Medicaid money for the upkeep of her ailing crippled husband and her equally sick and ailing son.
One day she suddenly passed away and when her home was entered it was discovered that her husband had been dead for many years and that the... [more]

Stuffing fetish

I have a fetish for being stuffed and seeing other people get stuffed. I'm a 12 year old female and if there we any other peeps the same age as me and has a belly fetish I would love to talk to. My kik is Sugar_Wolf32

I like getting kicked in the b****

Well, ever since I was 10 years old, I really enjoyed getting hit in the b**** by attractive women, although I never had the guts to tell anyone but my sister, and my to female cousins. My sister would gladly do it for me but she is pretty weak. If anyone wants to kick me in the [more]

The News

I only watch CNN, CNBC, and even shows like Good Morning America so I can fantasize about the newscasters.

Blind? Or stupid?

My husband and I were married for 11 years, and have been divorced for 3 years. He's been dating this new woman for about 10 months and is now engaged to her. The thing is that she looks almost exactly like me, and he can't see it. So weird.........

. $ $ .

Love is not easy for two different mindsets ,one who cannot stay & and one who cannot walk away.

Haunt me

You are the unnameable old house from my dreams.
You are the secret shadow stealing down the hallway.
You are the stirring breeze on an otherwise still night.
You are the cause of the candle flickering.
You are the echo rising and repeating from the wooded valley.
You are the floorboards creaking when I'm home alone.
You are the eerie... [more]

Theres a cave on my grandparents land

The cave is a natural limestone cave and it is very long and deep. Spelunkers say the cave is boring because it lacks natural formations such as stalactites and stalagmites etc. It was once inhabited by Native Americans or used as storage by them.
Scientists have removed the artifacts which once included shoes made of buckskin and they are... [more]


Long time ago I read a confession on "secret confessions." A lady wrote about taking advantage of their niece. She was feeling proud while confessing that she and her husband were turning their niece against her own parents due to jealousy. The moment I read that confession I wish this couple to never be happy and when they have their own kids... [more]

I like to pee in bed

I like to pee in bed but not mine because of the smell. So I go to motels for the night and pee in bed, making sure to drink lots of water before I go to sleep. I pee 2 or 3 times while sleeping. I also pee in bed when I wake up. Then I check out. Often charged extra after the fact, but don't care. I keep doing it because it feels so good. My... [more]

Not sure if she knows.

My neighbor is a very nice looking woman, About 40 I would say with a nice body, After a year and a half living next door I accidentally realized that from my balcony I can see into her bedroom, I see her on average probably 2-3 times getting ready for bed standing at the sink in the attached bathroom brushing her teeth naked or putting on her... [more]

Love other people being slanged at and verbally bashed and cut

The reason why I like junglesurfer on youtube is not a sexual one, I just love the way this guy has the b**** to insult all these famous so called untouchable people and bad mouth them calling kate and diana trannies and gold medal and models and pop starts trannies. etc, I like the way he insults... [more]

Bad Girl

That I enjoy being sexually humiliated and punished especially in front of people because my sexual desires are nasty,kinky,perverted,unusual, and painful. a little pain can give a lot of pleasure.

Nasty s** must be Punished

I get extremely hot and excited about being forced to let family pet mount and hump me and since I get so turned on i am humiliated and punished for enjoying it

I wanted to tell you so badly

That we have switched places. I am now you and you are now me. I'm sorry I didn't mention this sooner.

Looking up inmates

In Georgia you can look up inmates by using their name, number or crime and one day I had some time on my hands and I was bored. I decided to see if I knew anyone who was or had ever served time.
One guy I knew in high school was a trouble maker. He spit on people yelled on the bus and got [more]

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