Strange Confessions

Family Feud

I have watched family feud with Steve Harvey many times. Every show I have watched has put a black family against a white family. Time after time after time it's the same thing, blacks vs. whites. I decided to Google it and see why they decided to make the show racist. I was not surprised the question had been asked, I was however surprised to see... [more]

I am a Satanist

That I have decided to follow the example of Satan, because he is cool and I really identify with his awesome style!

Wearing MIL's underwear

I sometimes find myself alone at my in law's house. I can't help but rummage through the washing to find some used panties or go through my MIL's knicker drawer. The other day I tried on her bra and two pairs of knickers. They couldn't contain my d***. I wrapped one around my [more]


I've been watching p*** about men getting pegged by their girlfriend. I would like to try this. I heard you have a great o*****. Any women or men out there ever tried this and how did you present it to your partner.


I've been watching p*** about men getting pegged by their girlfriend. I would like to try this. I heard you have a great o*****. Any women or men out there ever tried this and how did you present it to your partner.


I'm a straight male and I like to wear pantyhose at home.


I love women butts I am crazy about a woman with a nice round butt. But I really got turned on by licking them down there. Are there any women out there that enjoy having that done to them?


I m********* to a lot of the stories here. Im 14 boy


I went on a trip to the races i got drunk and was sick on the bus on the way back to the club we got back and i just sat there on my own drinking water a guy who came with us befriended me and out of no where he told me he was gay i asked him what it was like to suck another mans c*** he said he... [more]

Local Teen Struggles To Forget (and grow up)

I keep all the lights off in my house, I lock all the doors and keep my pets in the house when I'm home alone because HE might show up again and HE might try to get in again and HE might break the glass and open the door again and I see him when I sleep and I see him in the nice cashier at Walmart and I can't let it go and my mom is tired of... [more]

Pervert in My Eighth Grade Class

There's this boy in my class that is a total pervert. I go to a small private school and it's 1st through 12th. Most of the people in my class have been there since 1st grade, (Including the guy I'm gonna be talking about) my siblings have gone to this school but I came to the school this year. The boy I'm referring to as a perv was just weird... [more]


WTF does TL:DR stand for???? Loads of people use it,but fuckk knows what it means!!! Total loser:Don't reply ? Can someone let me know,cheers 🍻

Plop lol

I have a young puppy (black lab) and we're currently house training her.
My wife puts down pup sheets in case she has any accidents overnight, and I creep down and I $hit on it,making sure part of it is off the sheet and on the floor😅
This is hilarious to me,and my wife cannot understand how such a small dog can produce such huge turds and... [more]

The Prophetic Film - "The Day After Tomorrow"

Has anyone noticed that this film seems to be on TV, at least once a month on one channel or another?
Now we see that the polar vortexes depicted in the movie are actually happening in the US.
Then we get the tweet from Trump -
"In the beautiful Midwest, windchill temperatures are reaching minus 60 degrees, the coldest ever recorded. In coming... [more]


I have now and have had for about 3 or 4 years (I'm almost 18 now), a sexual and sometimes romantic attraction to certain animals. It started when I started playing D&D at a friend's house, and I met his dog. I've always been much more comfortable with animals than with humans, I had a neglectful childhood and so I always hung out with my cats and... [more]

A skitzofrenix perspective.

In United States the majority of people are voice activated ventriloquist dummies. With the illusion of being a mind reader.
All communications a person can think are say using sound, now being listen into. As algorithms with automated audio system act as multiple human voices inside a person's mind, ( think Siri or Alexa .) Blackmailing a... [more]

My Uncle has a Russian student paying rent for a room in his hou

My Uncle is wealthy and his wife decided to board a Russian exchange student at their house. His name is Corrill. I like Corrill and we often go out together to my pub. He can put away the brew I can tell you that. Corrill is husky and strong and I doubt if people scare him much. He is scared of one thing though.
There is a large abandoned... [more]

Little sister wants to eat me. Alive. (And I want her to do it.)

For years now my sister Alexis has fantasized about shrinking me down to bite size and swallowing me alive.
We were kids when she first shared this with me. She had written a silly little story in which I woke up less than an inch tall. I somehow wound up in her breakfast oatmeal while I tried desperately to get her attention, all to no avail... [more]

Old School Drunk Text

Never drink and watch emotional movies on Netflix while you're home alone for the holidays! I downed one and a half bottles of prosecco while watching Blue Valentine and Obvious Child... and I wrote a Thank You note to the abortion clinic I visited a few years ago. And I put a stamp on it. And put it in the mail.
I don't regret it, but I am... [more]


My partner she brought the subject up of D****** to me , She said she as never done it but is very curious of what goes on at D****** sites . Me personally i know very little about it really ,Thou I do know areas where this goes on and it would... [more]

Crossdressing Used Condom Fetish

I’ve been crossdressing for as long as I can remember which quickly grew into a love of risky crossdressing in public.
I would regularly drive to out of the way car parks with lingerie under my normal clothes, wait until a couple in a car started f****** near me then strip off to my lingerie... [more]

I love wearing gold chain

I have a fetish about cross necklace and gold jewelry since I have memory. I grew up keeping that in secret hoping there is someone else in the world who also have it.
I just loved it and I never knew why. When I was a teen I worn a chain in secret, hiding it from people and wearing it longer and longer until I finally ‘came out of the closet’... [more]


Today will be my last day in this world.I was born in a middle class family.Life was very happy till that incident.My father;who was rich enough to afford a c class Benz;lost almost 1.5million dollars in his business.I was just 11years old and was not mature enough to take the responsibility.Only option in front of me was to concentrate on the... [more]

What to do

I have an amazing nice blonde 111yr daughter and she walks around regularly in just underware and bra or naked and she just got her first period two weeks ago and all any way she has been asking me and wanting me to touch her and she said she wants me to teach her and be her first and wants to get good at all of it so she can be perfect for her... [more]

The Service Station Bathroom

I don't why I did it but I felt drawn to. I was watching the movie Porky's and where they were watching through the hole in the girls gym shower. Well it gave me an idea. The service station I work at we have just one bathroom for everyone. The ladies room broke and we use it for storage. So what I did was drilled a hole in the wall and put a two... [more]

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