Strange Confessions

Worship a nice butt

I would like a woman to tease me with her nice bubble butt. I would like her to bend over and slowly pull her panties down. I want to see her spread her cheeks. I want her to tell me to like her butt hole. I want her to run it all over my face. Any women out there would like to do this?

Wearing panties

I hear so many men that like wearing women panties and clothes. I think I'm gonna try it out. I'll have to go out and buy some because my wife is much smaller. I'll just wear them around the house. I would like to take pictures to see how I look.

Oh Yeah..

I secretly traverse in Outer Space, where I whip my d*** out an p*** till It turns into a b**** of orange colored Ice and I bring them back to earth right to the local snow cone stand, don't eat orange... [more]

Boy tou

I want a woman to dress me up in thigh highs and heels black. I want her to call me her b and put on a strap on and take me from behind. She tells me to say I love it in my butt. She's really rough with me. Then she invites her girlfriend over and they take turns on me. But I'm loving it.

I was reading case histories about the KKK during the 20's

While they did indeed lynch a lot of blacks most of their victims were white, mostly alcoholics. The Klan remedy for alcoholism and wife beating was to tie the drunk to a tree and beat the ever living s*** out of him.


I am now 60 and have this fascination
With the c**** of shemales , T-GIRLS
And any d*** sissy boi sissy s*** I
Can see it makes my d*** so hard
I just... [more]

Stomach Growling Fetish

I’ve always liked stomachs and the noise they make and the soft touch. I’d like to talk to someone and listen to their stomach. Im open to let anyone listen to my stomach, I’d prefer girls, but I’m here to talk to anyone. My snap is GioGio_Bizarre and Id like to talk to people who can share my interest.

Going BI

I just turned 60
I have had a robust s** life
With multiple women all my adult life.
Lately I have found myself
Fantasied with c*** sucking .
I want to feel a hard c*** jammed down my throat filling me... [more]


About a year ago three girls tied me to a tree and cut my short an shorts off. I was tied up so I could move. They tormented my boxers down. When they pulled it down they would laugh and then they would start touching. I was spanked and squeezed a lot.


I like being walked on with barefeet. Anyone like to do this to me?


My step daughter is 20 and comes home on the weekends from college. She's always walks around in her panties or thong and a T shirt. When her mother is away on weekends for business she likes to flash me her t***. She has a really nice ass. When night when she came home from a club she came into my... [more]

Love tall fat woman

I have an affinity for tall fat women. My girlfriend is 28 yr old 6-2 400 lbs and I want her to be over 600 lbs. I am a small guy, only 5-4 140 lbs 47 yrs old. We get the strangest looks and comments. She notices it but I just enjoy her company.

My wife's ex husband

I'm a male and I have a fake Facebook account and pretend to be a female. I have been in contact with my wife's ex-husband on this account and he sends me pictures and videos of himself nude. I'm not gay, but there is something so oddly arousing about the fact that I have watched my wife's ex stroke himself and [more]

Trampling on my stomach

I like barefoot women to trample on my stomach. Any women interested?

My start to sniffing panties !

I started by smelling my sisters panties while in her ! Then I would sneak in her room when she fell asleep . I started out smelling her feet then as I grew braver I started feeling her. Then progressed to putting my hands in her panties . It finally came down to me pulling her panties down and running my [more]

Stomach trampling

I like barefoot women trampling on my stomach. Does anyone enjoy doing this?


I would enjoy face to face time another man and bend over naked and j*** off looking at my ass and c**

Good feelings

Do u ever just really need to p*** but u can’t be bothered to get up so you just let the nugget slide in and out of ur b******* until it’s like ready to pop out and you run to the toilet cos same. sometimes it makes me feel rly good but other times... [more]

A*** sec

I love to have a*** s** with women but they all don't enjoy it. Was wondering if I should find a man that loves it. Not into kissing men. But like to see them in black thigh highs and heel. Not into wigs and make up. Love for him to have a nice muscular... [more]

Bart Simpson unwanted obsession

I have an unhealthy obsession with the cartoon character BART SIMPSON which started with his naked scene in the movie a decade ago. Since then I can’t get rid of thinking about him and seeing him in front of my eyes throughout the day, mainly naked. I also like to see him tied up and gagged. What am I supposed to do? I am not a pedophile by any... [more]

Creepy old guy

There’s this guy that I was seeing for a few years . Very much older than I and I believed that I loved him unfortunately, until recently I found out he was seeing another woman. Of course he was, I was pretty much his other lover from a relationship he was already in. I should’ve know what I was getting myself into. He would stalk my ig page and... [more]

Abnormally Small Male Waist

I am curious to learn if there are any men (or even women) out there, who have never been extremely thin, or had any kind of eating disorder, but whose natural waist measurements have been, especially when young, abnormally small. As a first grader in school my waist, as measured by the school nurse, was slightly LESS than 17 inches around! My... [more]


My fantasy is to sprrad my genes across the universe. :) I want to make all people pregnant with my child.

Panty sniffing

Hi i stay with a black lady as a tenant. Last day she gave one of the room for rent to a old lady. She would be 60.. but she is super cute. She is short. Last day i went to her room when one was in the house and checked her dirty hamper. I found her panties. It was really dirty but i couldnt hold myself and started sniffing it. Omg it was... [more]


Does anyone out there have a thing about RED LIPSTICK AND RED NAIL VARNISH if so why what's the fascination , My girlfriend told me the guy she was with before me would ask her to wear it . She met him on a dating site he came from Bristol , If your reading this tell me why you wanted her to wear it I'm interested . If anyone could shine a light... [more]

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