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I saw a severed human head on a pole deep in the woods

There was no body. The head was a woman's head. I didn't tell anyone because I'm afraid if I told the police the murderer would come after me.

Grey Pubic Hair

I cannot say why but I love grey pubic hair. When I was 16 I once saw my grandma, when she came out of the shower and she had much pubic hair and it was nearly white. I at once got an hardon. About a year later I asked her to see her bush again and sure she rejected. But she was not mad at me. about a year later when I was overnight with her she... [more]


I'm the mom of an 8 year old boy. a while ago i got pregnant but after some weeks it was a misscarriage. It was hard and my son helped me getting over it. It has been strange but just after the misscarriage my t*** swelled up and started producing milk. my doctor said that it happens in 10 percen t... [more]

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Sniffing under wear

I read about a lot of men who like to sniff women and children panties. Personally I rather sniff the real thing, are there any women out there that like to sniff men's underwear. Like to hear from you ladies.

Bad babysitting

I really don't know why! I'm sitting for our neighbors for 2 years now, since I was 11 and their son was 7. Since 4 months they now have a new baby. Any time I see her nursing the Baby I got these feelings. yes, I got h****. Since then, when they are gone and I'm alone with the kids, I take the... [more]

Revealing my wife to strangers

I like to make fake profiles online and share pics of my wife and read what they would do to her. I have gotten several tributes and want to do it more but she found out and asked me not to.

Stomach Fetish

So I have a stomach fetish and I've had it since I was 7, and I really wish I could meet a girl that has the same thing, let me explain. I like the sound of a girls stomach it's kinda a turn on and, I think it's hot! I rlly wish I could meet a skinny pritty girl with the same fetish. Someone help me out here :(

I'm into the Granny Type

Already in my Youth I was educated to respect elder people and help them. Thats how my parents brought me up. And that helped me to my very first sexual experience. I was 12 at that Time and my mom had sent me to the grocerie-store nearby to get some corn for the barbecue that evening. When I payed, I met a old lady from our neighborhood. I... [more]

Pants wetting

I’m in my 50s and enjoy wearing and wetting my adult pull-ups or get the chance adult diaper, I find it a great feeling and have been doing it for about ten years, I actually started my love for diapers at the age of 10, after wetting my bed, Mum said “ I’ll put you back in a nappy and plastic pants if you do it again” this never happened, but did... [more]

Super B****!

I have loved putting things in my butt. Like almost anything just to see if I can. Things like Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. Figures like plastic animals and plastic army men to just about anything. But the most fun I have is putting super b**** in the canal and using my muscles to make them shoot... [more]

Finger Moves!

I found that I like to finger my p**** or my a****** while watching television and then sniff my fingers and or lick them. Is this strange? I have been doing it for years. I always do it when I'm alone. I like to be alone to enjoy this. Nobody knows... [more]


So I live with my nephew , his wife and their baby. I'm 54 years old and cindy is 23. I don't think I'd ever do anything with her but she is very if I see her drive up , I will go into the front bathroom, which is the one they use, close the door but not lock it and take all my clothes off like I'm getting ready to take a shower. ... [more]


I bought some fireworks for the 4 th and me and my girl were going to shoot them off in the backyard. So around 9 pm we set to light them up and shoot em off. I live out in the country on 5 acre of ground and the place is pretty secluded. My girl took off all her clothes and then she grabbed this long clear plastic tube that was about 2- 3 inches... [more]

I've been having intercourse with our dog

I was watching television one evening and looking at our family pet. He is a beautiful Husky with blue eyes. He's not fixed cause my husband and I thought we might breed him. My husband was out of town on a business trip. I looked over and noticed he was fully erect and I don't know what came over me but I licked him until he [more]

Son's friend caught sniffing my panties.

My son asked if a friend from his school could spend the night a couple weekends ago. I said ok yes. He seemed like a nice young polite young man. When I say young I mean 12 years old. My son is 13 and will be 14 in a few weeks. I ordered pizza for them and they were sleeping in the family room. They were having a great time and making a good bit... [more]

I have a crush on my half uncle

Ok so my half uncle is pretty much a stranger to me because we just met a few days ago and we have a six year age difference (im older than 18) I know it’s really wrong but i cant help it wtf do i do?!??! ( half uncle is my dads half brother who only has the same father)

Abs/belly punching

I have this weird desire to get my abs punched and to punch other people’s bellies/abs punched. I thought this was a good way to reach out to those who have this similar desire. I sure would love to be punched by guys and girls for as long as they need, and I would love to punch other people’s abdomens too.

I’m Obese and want to be humiliated for it

I’ve always been obese, since I was a teenager. I used to get off on comments at school, going home and playing with myself, thinking about everything that was said.
I’m still single and the biggest I’ve ever been. I eat as much as I want, and I never want to lose weight. I want to be humiliated for it every day, made to feel bad and... [more]


I want to have a lady text me something naughty. Text me what your wearing and what your doing. Text me what you want to do to me. I want to m********* to your naughty text. Thanks

A*** s**

Is it true that young ladies are having a*** s** so they won't lose their virginity? I also heard they walk around with butt plugs in them to help stretch them out. I like to know.

My boyfriend lost a fight and his confidemce

My boyfriend and I were at a party a bit aside making out, when my ex came by. The two men soon started an altercation, but my ex is taller and has a black belt in karate, and my bf just got dominated.
My bf lost pretty badly and my ex even took his denim jacket from him because he had only a tshirt on amd it was evening. This was a further... [more]

I have wife with secret personality

She never denies but never has flat out admitted. In it's self is admitting, and I love the secrecy. I had arrangement with two guys for them to go for it actually force it if she has gone a little to far. But I get all the details.
My wife is church active, a great mom and been a great wife and helper to me.
None of our close circle of friends... [more]

Living alone in a house with three bedrooms

I always had a job but I made not so great a salary. I had to live with my parents. They both died and I live in this house alone. I'm 72 and at night this house gets scary. The air conditioner in the basement makes weird sounds at night and it scares me. My Humana nurse told me I need to get with someone but I don't know who.

Worship a nice butt

I would like a woman to tease me with her nice bubble butt. I would like her to bend over and slowly pull her panties down. I want to see her spread her cheeks. I want her to tell me to like her butt hole. I want her to run it all over my face. Any women out there would like to do this?

Wearing panties

I hear so many men that like wearing women panties and clothes. I think I'm gonna try it out. I'll have to go out and buy some because my wife is much smaller. I'll just wear them around the house. I would like to take pictures to see how I look.

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