Strange Confessions

I'm A BDSM Magnet????

I've noticed that people who approach me in a romantic sense always do so with the idea that I'm into BDSM.
For some reason, I get approached by Masochistic Subs frequently and I'm honestly confused.
Gender isn't really a problem for me, so I've had relationships with both men and women, but they always turn out to be heavily into BDSM... [more]

Ladies follow me

Made this account on Instagram and my friends have no idea. Im trying to get more women followers on my Instagram @hannah_westonland if you can do or is willing to try, to do what I post DM a vid an I'll post you on my page.

More followers

Im trying to get more women followers on my Instagram @hannah_westonland if you can do or is willing to try to do what i post DM a vid an I'll post you on my page.

Every time I go on a vacation, I at least sleep with 10 guys.

Due to this lockdown I've been missing doing that. I used to go on so called vacation every month or two. I know lot of you guys will call me wh*re for that but go on, who cares.
I live in a very conservative society and have to act in particular way which is far away from who I naturally want to be. I always have to dress in certain way, have... [more]

I use my moms vibrator

Hey recently I’ve been feeling h**** and wondering what it feels like to use a vibrator so I knew my mum has one she didn’t know I knew so I’m going to use it for the second time and I’m very excited

What come natural

We shared much time chatting and watching tv. Then we became Aware of other interest .she never wore a Bra I could Not hide my interests nor could she

So I have been sick ER sick nurses they are h****.

So, I like guys but I was a post and been to the ER a lot I like guys but now I am confused. had a PA press them and taking blood my hand between their legs. Confused it made me feel good and I didn't tell so at happened more ????

I have fantasies about being raped

So I am a weirdo I know this common but I want to be raped on highway or truck-stop-stop bathroom. Why?

Ava Ryan is a tender little hottie

And I wish she'd make at least one sketch completely roasting me to the public. She'd have a lot to work with if we ever met-- I'm a fat, hairy dweeb who'd be too socially awkward to command the respect of even a little girl-- and she'd be BOUND to notice how I'd be staring at her the whole time. Haven't seen MUCH of her since she got a LITTLE... [more]

Not sure what to call this. Let's go with "weird fantasy" I guess

I'm an adult man, and I want to have a little girl as kind of a living doll/robot. Not to have actual s** with, but to BE sort of sexual with, I guess? I would hand pick what I want her to wear from her closet, tell her how to do her hair for me. I would manipulate and play with her like a doll-- for... [more]

Getting felt up on the underground

Hi, this happened pre lockdown, but just found this site. If you know London, you know that at peak times the tube is rammed, people are body to body, everyone is touching. This of course means you sometimes feel something against your bum or another part of your body, and you can't be too sure if you are being groped or its someone's bag. I... [more]

Son's room, stash found, plus a little extra

I was cleaning my son's room the other day, found a box under his bed. He is 14 yo. Inside was a mess of confusion. I was shocked to find a bag of weed, some pipes and papers. But most shocking, I found 3 pairs of my panties. I found a cellphone that had pictures of me getting dressed, a couple of videos of me getting in and out of the shower... [more]

Realtor Guy hitting on Wife and She's flirting with the guy!

Definitely a weird episode a while back. My wife and I were looking for a House in Virginia. She was in Dental School, and I worked for the Highway Dept. in planning. So we met this Agent, he was around early 40's, a big VCU College football fan and a graduate. He was pretty successful divorced had one kid. Anyway my wife is my hot lil babe. ... [more]

I buy women clothing

I wanna confess something, I've known my gf for 3 years two of those years we were just friends and for one of those years we have been dating, since the second year of knowing her we ive brought clothing for her like crop tops short skirts short shorts and high heels, i basically have half a closet for her and the weirder part she doesn't even... [more]

I really love it

I always wondered what it would be like to taste sperm just like girls get to. I tried tasting my own sperm and kind of liked it. So much that I wanted to taste some more. I started to look for used condoms with sperm inside of them. I looked at my friends neighbors co-workers family members and cheap motels to find them. I would bring them home... [more]

Why are some guys obsessed with pantyhose?

I get an ‘allowance’ from a few SDs I met using an app. They’re mid 40s to mid 50s. It’s discrete, fun and easy. We plan a ‘date’ they pay for dinner, have s** afterward and I get an easy ‘allowance’. They buy me things like LBDs and cute shoes from Amazon. My bf has no clue and thinks I’m clubbing with... [more]

Thoughts on taking over the Milkyway

I have a mind of a supervillain. I have this eternal urge to be an invisible dark force in everyone's life. I don't want fame or wealth. I want to be the obscure devil that no one sees but he sees everyone. I want the ultimate control over the universe... I want people to fear my invisible hand before they make a decision.
I have felt this way... [more]

Killing Animals

I killed and abused some animals. It all started with a little bird I accidentaly shot with a pellet gun. I loaded the gun and pointed it up to see if it would work and when I pulled the trigger a little bird dropped out of the tree, dead.
The next one is horrendous... with cats, 4 cats to be exact.
So I was staying at my friend's house in... [more]

Kid flashed me while I was babysitting

This weekend I was babysitting for this mom who’s a friend of my mom. She’s single and has two boys 11 and 8. I always knew they were kinda weird but yesterday took the cake. I guess the 11 y/o got a crush on me or something. I caught him staring at my b**** more than once. I ignored it cause like... [more]

My husbands habit

I got married two weeks after graduating from college to my forever boyfriend, he is older by five years. As part of my new married life I went for a physical a week after our honeymoon, my Doctor found that I had syphilis. My husband had to be checked and he had it too, I had only had one s** partner... [more]


I’m a male and love to eat a woman’s a******. Sticking my tongue in and out of her ass. It makes me so excited.

Panties and pantyhose

I’m a straight male and I love to wear pantyhose and panties around the house. I would love to find a woman that would accept that. I had one woman that did but no longer with her. So now I dress alone when I’m home.

Surprise at an old peoples home

My grandma is 84 and she lives in a old peoples home near to where I live. They do a lot to keep the old people amused and as I did know from some talks and phonecalls one of the highlights for a lot of residents is the visit from shelter employees. The come to the home 1 or 2 times a months and the bring dogs or sometimes even cats to play with... [more]

I feel so bad for this

For the longest time, perhaps, when I was around 7 (I first got social media, you can probably tell I'm not too old). Online - I have faked to be somebody I am not. I do not steal pictures but I change my gender, height and personality to date people. I never take the dating serious and I've dated somebody in real life whilst dating one of my... [more]

Post nudes

I like posting my nude pics on newbienudes it’s a sight. I’m a male but female post pics also. I like to read comments people leave about my pics. Both male and female comment on my post. If you’re interested in showing your pics or pics of your wife this is the place

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