Strange Confessions


I dated her for several months, but she told me that I was sexually inadequate.
We split up, but about a year later she called and told me that she needed a friend to talk to and I said yes.
Her boyfriend had got her preg, and she lost her job so she couldn't pay the rent. I told her she could come and share my bed. She became dominant... [more]

I kicked a guy in his b****. He asked for it.

Now that I look back on it I feel as though there was something more to it. About 10 years ago I was hanging out with my friend, her sister, and both of their boyfriend's at the mall. Everything was normal and the evening was wearing on so we were about to leave when we came across a guy and a couple of his buddies. He approached us and made small... [more]

Why Can't I Sign Up

It is informing me that I am not human.

Strange but Good Changes to my Life in the Next Couple of Years

I'm almost fifty and after living as a tough male and after spending so much time pleasing others, I going to start being very selfish and live the way I want to for the rest of my life.
Every since I was a small child, I have always wanted to live as a sissy baby 24/7, 365 days a year. I don't like being a male, the clothing is boring and for... [more]

Daughters Panites

I have been jerking off and c****** into both my daughters panties for a few years. I have even left a few pair in the men/s room of a strip club. I enjoy the thought of strangers using them,

Why are racists so obsessed with black people?

If you dont like them, why do you keep talking about them, seeking them out, keep trying to engage with them? Even online. Going on their sites where they're having fun and just chilling. They never go on white supremacist sites. Why are you so obsessed with what they're doing, what they're talking about etc? You say you hate them and tell them to... [more]


I’m a male and love licking a girl’s b——. I’m obsessed with licking b——. I love sticking my tongue in and out of their b—- I also love a—- s**. I love women with a nice b——.

Twin sister

I found out, that i have been f****** my girlfriends twin sister. They look so much alike each other. for some reason its like a game they play, swapping partners.

The World Is Coming To An End Soon!

The world is coming to an end soon! Stop wasting time on things that don't matter like money, s**, popularity, social status. Very soon everything we know of will come crashing down around us and society will be in chaos. REPENT of your ways and sins and turn to the Lord Jesus for forgiveness.

Talking fantasies

I share my wife with a few friends of mine. One night after the 3 of us triple teamed her we were having drinks and my wife asked my friends what they would like to try that they never did before. One friend said to do a pair of sisters. My wife said, "to bad I don't have a sister". and started laughing. She asked the other friend and he said to... [more]


I used to dream of my wife being tucked by other men, finally after months of talking to her about it while we made love she was getting turned on by it, every night until finally she told me she would like to try it, I of course word her down mentally with a little sylvan she was already taking for snxiety, I made sure she took an extra pill, had... [more]

Step Daughter

I have taken my step daughter's underwear out of her drawer, used them to j******* with and put my c** on the little pad. I did this on 3-4 pairs and I waited for them to disappear from her drawer. I would check every morning after she left. When... [more]

My first o*asm

I don't know if there is something wrong with me, but since I was 13 I have been having uncontrollable and extremely strong o******. They wouldn't need any sexual contact either. my first one was when I saw my crush.(I refer to my crush as she, because she is trans m to f) so this one time we... [more]

Making men trans

I want to see how it would affect men if I were to suddenly start giving them hormone treatment without their knowledge. I want to watch their bodies transform and their b****** get larger and their voices get higher and watch them go crazy because they have no idea what’s going on with their... [more]

I really enjoy being sat on

I really like being sat on. I have friends that sit on me and I really like it. But I've always wanted to let a super fat and heavy person sit on me. Something like 400-500 pounds. I want someone like this to sit right on my chest. Yes I know it'll be insanely hard to breathe but I don't care. I just want to be crushed under the weight of someone... [more]

Girlfriends Strange Fantasies

About 10 years ago I started seeing this woman. She was nice, sexy and the s** was good. But when we first started having s** she brought up fantasies. She asked me what my wildest fantasies were and I was a bit hesitant, but I told her, to have 3way with... [more]

Calling all fat men

I am a lady in my early 20s, slim and fit, only attracted to overweight men, specifically in the belly area. The bigger belly the better. There seem to be no dating websites for skinny women who like overweight men. I live in Orange County CA. Big bellies are a fetish of mine but I love overweight men beyond a fetish,I’ve fell in love with one... [more]

Wife with S** Offenders

I have this dirty fantasy of sharing my wife with s** offenders, 3 or 4 of them while we f*** on our daughters bed. While she"s nit home obviously.


Ever since I was 13 I would take my sister panties from the hamper and j*** off an c** in them. Over the years I have done it with a lot of my friends wives and daughters panties. As my daughters got older, I used theirs as well but started to get bored. I... [more]

Astral Thought Projection

I do this while m@sturbating, targeting girls I know and judging by the looks I get the day after, I'm convinced it is real, not all in my own mind. This is not simply thinking about someone and jerking off - the conditions must be right: no drugs or alcohol; no m@sturbation for at least three days prior; transcendal meditation in a darkened room... [more]


I confess that now that I am past maturity date I would fantasy about being young again and enjoying my youth. Never was active until I turned 17 but what a year or was. Now I am old and wish I had pics of all my girlfriends and my wife especially nudes but none to be found ! Just wanted to vent. Thanks

I'm A BDSM Magnet????

I've noticed that people who approach me in a romantic sense always do so with the idea that I'm into BDSM.
For some reason, I get approached by Masochistic Subs frequently and I'm honestly confused.
Gender isn't really a problem for me, so I've had relationships with both men and women, but they always turn out to be heavily into BDSM... [more]

Ladies follow me

Made this account on Instagram and my friends have no idea. Im trying to get more women followers on my Instagram @hannah_westonland if you can do or is willing to try, to do what I post DM a vid an I'll post you on my page.

More followers

Im trying to get more women followers on my Instagram @hannah_westonland if you can do or is willing to try to do what i post DM a vid an I'll post you on my page.

Every time I go on a vacation, I at least sleep with 10 guys.

Due to this lockdown I've been missing doing that. I used to go on so called vacation every month or two. I know lot of you guys will call me wh*re for that but go on, who cares.
I live in a very conservative society and have to act in particular way which is far away from who I naturally want to be. I always have to dress in certain way, have... [more]

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