Strange Confessions

Again the conversation Anomaly echo people talking in ceiling

Something is f***** up it has happened before. People are talking having a conversation I'm there house. Somehow a repeater device is broadcasting it inside my home. It reminds me of this baby monitor but my friend has upstairs from where her baby was it was picking up her mother-in-law TV and the... [more]

I am neutral about freckles and dimples

It gets on my nerves I myself have dimples and might have freckles I don't know but I don't care if someone has freckles or dimples I don't think there cute or quirky or ugly people always talk about how sexy freckles and dimples are but hate acne and cleft chins I just don't see the big hype

My sister asked to have s** with me

So I was in my room getting dressed I had my door shut when my parents were gone she came in naked and said that she thought I was hot and wanted to have s** with me by the way because I was getting dressed I was naked and she was staring at my d*** what do... [more]

Stomach Fetish/ ASMR

Ever since growing up i found myself having a stomach fetish i'm currently a single 26 year old dude. I find a female/ females stomach attractive. I like resting my head on a female stomach in person it gives me a comforting feeling. I also like listening to the sounds from a female stomach mostly hunger (hunger pangs) or after the person ate... [more]

Dressing up in girlfriends thong

I used to love wearing my ex girlfriends thong when she went out. Just slipping it over my tiny willy and playing with myself til I came.
One day I dared her to put it in me as “a joke” and she did!
She just looked at my little willy hard inside them and started teasing me.
I got so turned on she used to let me wear it for [more]

My daughter and I started smoking together

I heard of this site and thought I would post my positive experience to something that is thought of a negative. My daughter was blessed with above average intelligence. This resulted in her becoming very bored in school. After consulting my sister who is a child psychologist and with the school’s approval she skipped some grades in school. ... [more]

This is my peculiar and rare life story

Hi, my name is henrique and I'm 21 years old, this is my life story to this day. Since I was a child I saw a lot of fights in my family sometimes fights that resulted in physical violence, I grew up as a shy child and I never had friends until I was 10~11 years old when I had some friends at school and then I lost them because my mother I changed... [more]

Disturbing Change

When I was around 17, I became obsessed with a celebrity who I will leave unnamed. His life and work became the focus of my thoughts, and soon I he was the only thing I could think about. It wasn’t anything sexual, it was more of an admiration or a desire to be like him. I bought similar clothes to his, and changed my hairstyle to like more like... [more]

I want to bite it off

I see a woman all the time in my neighborhood with the biggest outie ever. When she talks to me all I can think about is bitting her big disgusting navel off. When I see her I can’t help but to stare at it. I wonder would she be mad if I bite her navel. I’d be doing her a favor

Moms Feet

I love my moms feet, I think they’re so hot. I like taking pictures of her feet and sharing with guys online it turns me on so much knowing what they think of her feet


I memorized the song ruthless to make fun of people

Belly squeezing fetish

I confess
I enjoy giving and receiving belly squeezing, punching and poking. I will take a 2 inch wide cloth belt (because it is strong ger) and tighten around my waist until my lower belly bulges so much that my belly button is looking up at me. Then I attach a rope to the back of the belt and suspend myself from the ceiling to increase the... [more]

I don't understand the difference

To not understand the fundamental difference between being transexual and being transracial. Both situations one is born into a body they didn't choose, and they both identify as a different social construct. The odd thing is that race is much more fluid than gender. Race can be very tough to figure out while gender is usually much easier to... [more]

Wife pics in her underwear

Angela and I have been Married for 22 years and i love taking naughty pics of her in underwear and nude with her permission. I have viewed lots of sites with guys showing off pics their wives and girlfriends etc and fantasise showing her off too. I dont want her to be shared with anyone. I love the idea of other men looking at my wife in her just... [more]

Is this a fetish/kink or something to do with my mental health?

So i’m a woman on 23 and have some dreams about being hugged and comforted by any of my crushes(which is mostly fictional characters, cause i’m aromantic asexual). Especially if i had a bad day, being yelled at, dramatic moments, fights and if someone had hit on me. I’ve had those dreams since i was a child and especially when i was mentally... [more]

What I found in a bag of carrots on a nice day

I found something horrible. Well it was the act that was horrible.
Scene 3 Act IV
With anger hate and burglary a not so silent crime goes unpunished.
Enter a conspiracy of two or more. I made a Low budget film a short horror flick for the Silent film Festival. This made someone made because I was the Producer Editor and Sole actor. In a... [more]

Maybe I'm a freak, but I'm gonna ask my parents to ground me

Okay, so I'm 16/f and I guess you could say I'm generally a pretty good kid. I've never been grounded at any rate. I know plenty of people who have been grounded at least once in their lives though. One girl I have classes with is actually grounded right now for an entire month!
Maybe I'm a weirdo, but I'm actually curious about what it's like... [more]

Dogs love human sperm

I m********* and when my s**** hits the bathroom floor its eagerly licked up by my dog. I guess its the high quality protein in the sperm that makes them like it.

Gained a bunch of weight and I like it?

I'm a teenage girl. I've always been kinda fat, being about 195 lbs and 5'5" before everything shut down last year.
Then lockdown started and not being able to go out and do stuff or see my friends in person really stressed me out. I started eating more to feel better. And well, long story short, I gained a bunch of weight. Like, I really... [more]

Effective, Yet Improper Self-Help

In order to overcome my OCD and an unhealthy level of emotions for the heartache of strangers, I started watching gore videos on the internet. Now, I can wipe some mayonnaise off of a plate before putting it into the dish washer or smell a fart without having a panic attack. It has changed my life for the better.
I don't cry anymore for the... [more]

My barefoot wife

I'm not a "foot" guy and don't think I have a foot fetish (maybe I do) but my wife's bare feet have been turning me on a lot lately and it hasn't been that way before. She walks around barefoot now that the weather is warmer. Her toenails are painted red.
She has this habit of putting her feet on the ottoman and reading. While she's... [more]

Grey pubic hair.

I've had different fantasies as commonly as everyone else, but my latest is grey pubic hair. It is difficult to find pics. Has anyone any suggestions? Bill

Crossdressing Confession to Mary

I’ve crossdressed for as long as I can remember and love wearing stockings, suspenders and panties under my male clothes as often as I can.
I love being daring and risky and often indulge when I have visitors at the house.
Last night my friend Mary came over to use the gym as she regularly does.
As usual I was wearing silky polka dot panties... [more]

I Don't Know Why Girl Seduction

I'm 16 with a nice body and like to show it. I realize I need to enjoy it before I grow up looking like my mom. Low riding baggy shorts, a big sleeveless tshirt, and never a bra is my normal attire. I get h**** knowing all the men and boys are admiring and want me. I show what I can while acting... [more]

I squirt lemonade up my butt

I put lemonade up my butr, it wasn't aa sweet as I thought it would be.

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