Strange Confessions

First s** and a pregnancy

It happened one night when I arrived back at my apartment. I lived on the second floor, I had groceries in one arm and my key in the other hand, I kicked the door open to put the groceries down and when I turned a man was standing there.
All the things that go on went through my mind. He was polite and asked me to show him, to undress for him... [more]

Blurring vision

I've got a kink fetish that I want to get some contact lenses for my girlfriend that will make her vision very blurry. So she can see big things like doorways and steps but really need to be lead around and order food for her. Anyone know if such contacts exist, what they are called and where to buy?

Comments about my weight gain

I'm a 20 year old girl who just finished her freshman year on college. It was a pretty stressful year and I put on quite a lot of weight. A year ago, I was 180 lbs (I'm 5'9). When I weighed myself yesterday, I found out that I'm almost 220 and it really shows. Many people have noticed and I get tons of comments from my friends and family. The... [more]


I still wonder why he chose to do what he did. It was all very odd and dare I say, unnecessary.
This happened to me in my early twenties.
I had gone to a business to order a spare part for my car and parked in the car park in front.
I went in and ordered the part as it was not in stock. When I came out, there was a forklift parked behind... [more]

Picked up a crossdresser and had s** with him

I stopped by in Cleveland to see a vendor. We had problems with them and the meeting was confrontational and unpleasant. I was worn out . I went for a walk that evening after dinner, I was in a downtown hotel, i found a bar, one of those bars that drinkers frequent. Alone at the bar nursing a Manhattan. A woman was there, she was nursing white... [more]

I generally need help knowing if this is my fault.

So, when I was younger, I was in school and there was this one girl. I wont write her real name, so lets call her, Ellie. So Ellie, was one of those friends that were like, well, they made fun of you and were rude to you for example. She always was mean to me. She would judge me for not eating fast enough, or judge me or ANYTHING AT ALL, and she... [more]


I stood right in front of my mom and masturbated this morning. She just sat there, with her hands in her lap until I was finished. There was sperm all over the front of her when I was done. I said, thank you mom and went to my room.


There is a very old house in Conyers, Ga that's reported to be haunted. A woman working at this house when it was a restaurant said she was confronted by a ghost while waitressing there and several aptrons of the restaurant reported sightings of strange men. Most sightings were made by children.
Ok the restaurant closes down and the house... [more]

Adult Diaper

I kind of wanted to try an adult diaper so I went and bought a pack. I wore it to work and to bed but was not game to use it. Last night I woke at about 4am and figured why not. just relaxed and let it flow. Mused at the feeling of the urine across my skin. Unfortunately it leaked. What is the point if it's going to leak.

I have an old man for a boyfriend, or something like that

I work at a jewelry store in the mall. An old man comes by from time to time, to talk. We look at a ring, or earrings, and he pretends to be interested, but he is there to talk to me. His eyes move between my face and eyes and my b****. I have large [more]

I like to touch female's field

Long time ago I had fantasy, in which I may touch any female I want in public. Obviously, this fantasy can't come true. However now I can perceive energetics fields, which occupy some area of space and as result I can touch biofield.

I hate transexuals

Transexual feel disgusting to me. They sound like they are ghouls and slimey! I can't stand them. I don't mind interracial. The more I think about it interracial over transexual. It feels like the sound of transexual is eww!

Strange public wanking

I'm 25 years old and I love getting a pair of my mums knickers, waiting till she goes to bed then stepping outside the front door getting fully naked putting my mums knickers on and walking up the road getting to the top taking them off and wanking

What's the big obsession with guys & women's feet?

I'm a 41 year old petite female with small feet (size 4.5).
Every past boyfriend I had were obsessed with my feet. When I say obsessed, I mean I was constantly getting foot massages and asked to perform things of sexual nature in the bedroom.
My husband of 16 years is no different. Actually, he pays my spa membership so I can get a fresh pedi... [more]

I f****** hate my sister

My sister has tried to commit suicide multiple times and i hate her for it. She never actually wants to die she just wants to have a 'cool' mental disorder and to go to the mental hospital and all of her 'attempts would never actually work. She can also never do anything f****** right. Her rooms... [more]

Is this wrong?

I am addicted to being but-naked around total strangers. I call ahead to motels to make sure I can check-in naked. One in 10 hotels oblige. I have one favorite motel where most everybody knows of me. It's the biggest rush when I step out of my room and walk to the front desk to get ice and hear the Oh my God! That guy is naked!
Is what I'm doing... [more]

I love being topless

We were thirteen and it was our beach week. I took a friend with me that year. One evening, it was really nice, we got permission to go walk on the beach, but not further than the blue house so we were in sight. Why that day, on that empty beach two thirteen year old girls decided to take off their tops and walk topless down the beach is a... [more]

Strange dim light inside prison cell in Oklahoma F T C

In most jails there is some light all the time. Usually the majority of the lights go out after a certain time at night and then a set of emergency lights stay on. Inside the prison cell at Oklahoma Federal Transfer center. I strange light burned inside the two man cell. Across from the bunk racks was a toilet and a tiny sink with an area looked... [more]

I have to admit it turned me on

The old man next door walks around in his T-shirt and boxers. My bedroom window faces his bedroom window and you can see right in. He doesn't close the blinds and leaves the lights on. Yesterday he didn't have his boxers on, his t-shirt barely covered him and his d*** and [more]

The school girls short skirts

I'm basically a crap dirty old man. At a coffee shop this morning and a girl in school uniform comes with with the shortest tartan skirt and black tights. Later as I'm walking I see some more similarly dressed girls.

Hotel pi**ing

Being naughty is a huge turn on, especially when you can share it with a mate. That being said, the first time i p***** in a hotel room my girlfriend loved it and grabbed my d*** to direct p*** everywhere... [more]

Stomach Squashing

I am a maid for a very well to do woman who has a 12 year old son who is extremely mischievous and cruel. He hides this fact from his mother very well and she believes he can do no wrong. He pinches me all over my stomach,legs and chest when nobody is looking. I tried to tell his mom about this and she wouldn't let me finish my sentence. She... [more]


(23M) worked at a summer camp in middle school through high school and used to imagine the campers as if they were older if they'd be hot. Didn't molest them but was inappropriate with them and knew it was wrong. Would get erections if they sat on my lap but was confused and would usually push them off or sat them on the other leg. In middle... [more]

Stomach Squashing

I am a maid for a very well to do woman who has a 12 year old son who is extremely mischievous and cruel. He hides this fact from his mother very well and she believes he can do no wrong. He pinches me all over my stomach,legs and chest when nobody is looking. I tried to tell his mom about this and she wouldn't let me finish my sentence. She... [more]

I honestly wish I was a werewolf.

Background first. When I was a kid growing up in the eighties, there was a TV show I would watch religiously called "Werewolf". For those of you who want to know what it's about, go to imdb or wikipedia. Anyway, it was that show that sparked my interest in the supernatural and for things that could never be explained. It also sparked my deep... [more]

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