Strange Confessions

I saw a house that wasn't there

I was visiting my cousin who lives in a very rural area. He owns 50 acres of land and the land surrounding his property is undeveloped. I was taking a walk and I climbed to the top of a hill. Looking down I saw a house. It was a wooden two-story house that looked deserted. I decided to go check it out.
Once I got there-there was nothing... [more]

Fiverr is this the norm

I made a Fiverr account, not expecting much. It was just a way to put myself out there and see what happens. The service I offered was to listen and give relationship advice, as I have always been good at providing counsel for people in need. So far, I've only attracted horndogs. Is this normal? They come off so innocent and then when it comes... [more]

My Uncles farm in North Georgia

My Uncle retired to North Georgia to a 50-acre farm. The surrounding land is uncultivated and covered with trees. While visiting my Uncle I climbed to the top of a hill and looking down I saw a two-story house. It appeared to be deserted.
Climbing down toward the house I discovered that a house had apparently burned to the ground some years... [more]

Wear ladies tights

I was tied up yesterday to my bed in tan leopard print ladies tights and shinny leotard and long gloves for 4 hours by my lady friends

Wife and daughter and power

My wife gets certain ideas and becomes absolutely extreme about them.
She's become a rabid feminist. When our daughter was a Baby my wife would breast feed in public and give anyone who commented a lecture.
She wants our daughter to be feminine and tough at the same time. So she enrolles her in sports like soccer and kick boxing. In... [more]


I have a feeling to have s** to a minor. :/


I want to watch my wife poo, probably in my mouth too. To also lick the poo or taste some as well, I know she has nice Poos.

I was friends with a black woman at work

She had an odd appearance. Her eyes were blue and she was short and thin, yellow colored not a bad looking lady at all.
She was decades younger than my 60 years a but we took our breaks together and talked shop during lunch break.
She seemed perfectly healthy but one day when she didn't show up for work I got the bad news.
She had... [more]

Men's underwear

I like to wear men's underwear under my clothing. Humble Joe

Weird dreams

Every once in a while (and more commonly lately) I have dreams where I turn into a monster or a giant wolf or something unspecified and I hunt down and eat various people that I know. I never see my parents or my girlfriend in these dreams but it's always my friends or teachers that I kill and eat. During the dreams I remember feeling an... [more]

The mask

I can only have s** with my girlfriend if she's wearing her panties over her head like a mask with the crotch over her nose ! If I had a long day I put my briefs over her head and the crotch over her face and mouth I just like to not see her face and humiliate her I make her sniff till I [more]

Love to pop and smell my zits

I love either before bed, or right after waking up, just sitting in bed and squeezing zits, rubbing my fingers, and just smelling.
The smell sometimes...kinda can’t help but enjoy it. Same with the sensation of getting rid of a big zit on your face or back. The best ones are the ones that come out almost like tooth paste and have been there a... [more]

Odd Sexuality?

I'm male, 15 turning 16 soon, I have an odd attraction for Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. It started even before i knew what one was. When i was 13 maybe? Alien isolation had come out and i saw a Xenomorph on the front of Game Informer (Like a video game newspaper). I looked at it and... I don't know, i expected to be completely grossed out... [more]

Fecal Sucking

I'm 12 years old and a boy. Recently, I have found out that I enjoy eating ass. I especially like it when they let out a wet fart. It's so warm and smells great. What I enjoy the most is when they have explosive diarrhea, and they let out what they think is a fart, but what they actually let out is steaming wet [more]

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