Strange Confessions


I was once stripped naked from the waist down while driving a car. My co-passenger (a lady) slowly unbuttoned my pants and then slid her hands to feel my privates. Before I knew it, my jeans and undies were around my ankles!


I want to suck nipples and play like it’s my mom and I like her hsirycpissy

We love imagining gore

I had an incident a year ago involving self harm that went too far.
Now whenever I look at a potentially dangerous object, I inadvertently see how it could hurt me (even like a piece of paper, I vividly imagine it cutting my eye or something).
It’s not that much of a problem right now but, it makes me very uncomfortable. I really think I’m... [more]

I f***** my 10 yo sister

About 3 weeks ago I gave in I’m 22 and she’s 10 now I always give her baths and stuff And when she’s sleeping I finger her p**** or lick it but this time I already drugged her and it was to late I fingered her with some lube to open her up more and I covered my [more]

A recent fantasy I've been having.

I'm well aware that this is triggering, and I get why-- but honestly interested in people's genuine interpretation-- there seems to be underlying meaning here, as much as it admittedly turns me on.
Okay, so Imagine this: at least two little girls (but probably a good several) are chasing you through your house-- They range from about eight to... [more]

My ex-fiancé loved hearing stories about my college F-buddy

I was F-buddies with a black basketball player in college. According to the athletic program, AJ - central FL, 6’10” & 205 lbs. I’m from rural OH, red hair, green eyes, 4’11 & 108 lbs. I was a junior with SWF status when my sorority hosted a celebration party after the basketball team scored a big upset win over our rival. AJ was a senior that got... [more]

Belly button fetish

I confess I have a belly button fetish. I’ve had one for as long as I can remember. I often think about fingering and licking someone’s belly button but I get even more excited when I think of someone doing that kind of stuff to my belly button. I’ve used kik in the past and have gotten someone to play with my belly button and even recorded it. I... [more]


I have started making love to my neighbor Teresa and she is a submissive woman that lives to show her p**** to other women when we are out. I have made her wear slur clothes and she had on a tiny skirt without panties and the nipple clamps I gave her a I was having drinks with her at the bar that... [more]


I love wearing my sister panties every single day... It makes my d*** hard and I feel sexy wearing it!!!

I like it maybe too much.

I started getting excited about voyerism at a young age, When I was about 14 I accidentally exposed myself to my step dad, I was wearing a beach coverup and had taken my bottoms off, Was going to go shower and rinse off the sand in my butt crack and took my bottoms out to the balcony, Put them on the chair to dry and they fell, I bent over and... [more]

Belly fetish fantasy

I've always had this weird fantasy of having a toy or object like a bat or pole pushed into my belly which is connected to reins and I have to pull my master around and the only way to do that would be through the pressure of the object in my stomach and every so often he'd yank h****** the reins... [more]

S** with a s******

I was driving home from Prescott Arizona after my uncles Dan's funeral .
I had left early and was taking my time doing some site seeing as I went but by late in the day I was both hungry and I needed some fuel so I stopped in the town of Hawthorn and fueled up then there was a saloon with some slot machines and a bar attached and a... [more]

Attracted to step son

Im 31. Ive been in a long term relationship with an woman. She had 2 kids before we met. An 8 year old boy we can call Adam and a 14 year old girl we'll call Meg.
I been an unofficial step dad to them for almost 10 years. I say unofficial because i haven't adopted them. Recently, the wife and i havent had much success being intimate. Im... [more]

Held much too tight on her lap

I just love it when a woman holds me from behind with her hands kept pulled way back extremely tight into the soft of my stomach. Comes from getting held on laps that way a lot when I was a kid, blame a couple of older teenage girls in my environment.
When I was a boy, my teenage cousin always held me on her lap with her hands kept pulled back... [more]

I watched me teenager daughter have s**.

It was late Mandy had David a friend over for dinner then they did some homework and watched some T V .
This had happened a few times so far so when Bedtime came I told them curfew was 11:00 since it was a Friday night and my husband Rick and I went up to bed and fell asleep. I woke up and it was around 11:00.
And I could hear the T V even... [more]

Just wondering

I am wondering if other guys are as strange as me. Even though I can see my lovely wife naked almost any time that I want, I find that peeping on her where she is unaware is still very exciting to me. I am in many respects a true voyeur but now limit that to watching my wife. And as time has gone by, I started taking pics and short videos of her... [more]

Mom bought me panties

Ever since I could remember, I would dress up in my moms clothes. Particularly her panties, bras, slips, and bathing suits. She knew I liked to wear her stuff but didnt mind. Most colors she had In her underwear were black and ivory. When I was 10, we were at the mall and she was shopping for panties. As she went through the rack, there was a... [more]

Thoughts on taking over the Milkyway (II)

Part 1:
Part 2:
I have thought deeply about my ambitions. I have came to the conclusion that I should make a 15 years plan. I am going to use computers to take over the world. Good thing about computers is that people don't think long-term about computers. Imagine, if I... [more]

Born too late

I was born too late. I should have been 40 years earlier. I love the music, culture, and lifestyle of my parents generation. I feel bad because no era was "perfect" but that era was perfect for me.


Ever since I was a little girl, I fantasized about moving away, to West Virginia, where I’ve had so many memories over the years, and to this day, I want to live and die there. More than anything, I wanted to move somewhere I could be myself and start over, be loved and accepted, and people would see the girl I was when they looked past my croaks... [more]

I Want to Fight

I'm a 19 year old thats very passive. I avoid conflict and don't stand up for myself a lot. But now I fantasize about getting into a legit street fight. The adrenaline dump of feeling in danger while fighting back seems thrilling. I live right next to a major city and go there sometime. There are plenty of people that will fight you if you look at... [more]

Not sure if this is weird or not...

So I'm 18, female, and I like working out at the gym and getting toned. I consider myself to be fairly more masculine than the average chick my age, and no matter how girly I dress or act, I feel like it just doesn't look good on me. Now the weird part is that for some reason, I'm attracted to soft-looking girly guys, and I really wish I could... [more]

My story is very short.

My story is very short and not much a logical ... but it had a great impact on my life.
Three years ago, I went to McDonald's at my lunch break.
Two girls were standing after me and when I turn around the drink fell, and some were spilled on the floor.
The blonde girl was looking at me and pointed down to her shoe.
She commanded me with a... [more]

Mother in Law checking it out - so I played along

My mother in law is always looking at me "funny". I've caught her several times looking directly at my bulge. A couple times we locked eyes which would make her know I knew! It didn't bother me and I didn't say anything to my wife, but it made me wonder if she was just dazing off or if she was meaning to check it out?
One occasion I was outside... [more]

Very Disturbed

I looked up pretty run of the mill p**n 2 days ago and I clicked on a link. I scrolled down for a moment and there was actual child p**n and a picture of a little girl in a pull-up (in that context it was very wrong).
I’m very shaken up. I reported it to an organization that passes it on to law enforcement and it got taken down. I sobbed a... [more]

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