Strange Confessions

I DESPERATELY crave CFNM with Kate Godfrey from All That!

I want her alone backstage, me on the hard cold floor. Naked of course. It doesn't MUCH matter what she's wearing, but I DEFINITELY want at least the bottom half to be denim-- tight jeans, a mini skirt, what have you. Her top-- something short enough to at least reveal peeks of her hips and stomach, if not a full crop top.
I would also accept... [more]

I have a crush on/fetish for Molly Coddle from...

...the old show Bump In The Night. In fact I have two general fantasies involving her-- not actual scenes in mind, just stuff I want so badly to happen. In BOTH she's KIND of a "domme" over me, but just in the general "stronger/smarter and using it" sort of way rather than "structured play".
If you get what I mean.
Anyway, first fantasy... [more]

I want to see your wives, anyway, having s** or just wearing ever

I want to see your wives, anyway, having s** or just wearing everyday clothes ... send for me

Idk read tho...

Im 12.... when i was 11 i had sx with a 17 yr old but now i want men in their mid-30s 40s and 50s SOMTIMES older but ive never gon through with it i know! im just a kid but that dosnt stop my thoughts i dont feel bad ethier...;)

Stomachaches turn me on

From childhood when my dolls had a lot of stomach aches, stomach aches have turned me on - as long as it's not mine.
I like to hear people talk about having a sick stomach - that their belly hurts - they ate too much or whatever and to watch how they push up their shirts up to hold that aching stomach or rub it or knead it or double over with the... [more]

Why do I continue to buy things

When I know it's only a matter of time before I kill myself? Strange.

Outdoor Wanking

I have the urge to m********* when I'm outdoors walking, I don't wear any underwear so my c*** is free and often hard, I imagine everyone women that walks by p****, I'm worried that I could go a... [more]

Damn, she Too Fine!!

I watched quite a lot of the Impeachment Two proceedings on TV today, and I have to admit that, the more i see of Nancy Pelosi, the more aroused she makes me. I don't like her or her politics, but good god damn, I want to get all over that! What's more, I m********* all day imagining... [more]

Best Friend

I had an experience with "Mans best friend."
Just laying in bed. No clothes on. I felt my dog jump on to the bed. Not unusual.
Then there was a feeling. Her tongue licking me between my legs. My first reaction was to push her away, but I didn't. I let her do it. I got hard and then she licked that too. I came all over my belly, and... [more]

I want to be a Damsel in Distress

I would love to try the experience of being a damsel in distress in a real life role play! The only rules would be that they can't strip me naked or sexually assault me. I don't care how many kidnappers there are, how they kidnap me, how much rope they tie me up with, how they gag me, etc. They can keep me captive all day until I escape or someone... [more]

I like getting blood drawn

Only in a medical setting, nothing unsafe but the only reason I donate blood is because I like it. Probably some form of sadism

Christmas gift for hot neighbor

There is a very hot girl that just bought the house next to me. she is in her mid 20s and is smoking hot. i always see her wearing skin tight leggings that shows off her hot little ass.
While she was at work i decided to see if the back door to her house was open and sure enough it was. i went in and headed to her bedroom and looked through her... [more]

I am a persecuted civilian in USA

The renewed FBI Cointelpro Operations that were exposed in the 1970’s. The program at that time had ran illegally for over three decades. The renewed operations not only utilizes the tactics and strategies learned in the FBI/ CIA’s previous program, it has as well been combined with the Human Experimentation programs that have ran in the US for... [more]


My wife Lidia and I have been discussing wife sharing for over a year ow and she has gone from a flat out no until she has gradually given in a little at a time until se agreed to watch p*** with me in the evenings .

I found some wife sharing sites and we have watched them and he has enjoyed... [more]

Panty fetish gone to far

It all started with the sears catalog when i was a kid. i would look at all the sexy ladies wearing garter belts and stockings. I would get erections when i looked at it and crank my c*** every time. I loved seeing ladies dress like that.
I started stealing panties from women at a young age. After... [more]

My roomies a weirdo

So I put an ad online for a room mate, I have a two bedroom condo and don't use the other room, A guy came along and I thought he was good, We made up an agreement and he moved in, About two weeks later we are sitting around and I had noticed he always wore big hoodies and s*** but didn't think too... [more]

My clients sexy panties

About a year ago i was hired to install a security for a young couple. I arrived at the home ready to work and the young lady opened the door and she was a stunning women. She was wearing a pair of black leggings that showed off her sexy little body. And that ass was perfect! I could clearly see that she was wearing a thong under them. I explained... [more]

Wife Lea

Lea is not my wife real name and Jim is not mine but I had graduated two years before she did and she was my younger sisters friend.
We met at my apartment when My sis come over to visit one evening. ( I was working and I had my own apartment) now .
I think it was planned and she was fun so I asked her out and she was a still in high school... [more]


My brother steals my panties :( why?

Sugar baby

I’m a sugar baby It’s not that I can’t work I have a full time job but I pay bills and need stuff I’m a trans girl and I’m willing to show myself off for money Ashley0ak27 is my Instagram


I was once stripped naked from the waist down while driving a car. My co-passenger (a lady) slowly unbuttoned my pants and then slid her hands to feel my privates. Before I knew it, my jeans and undies were around my ankles!


I want to suck nipples and play like it’s my mom and I like her hsirycpissy

We love imagining gore

I had an incident a year ago involving self harm that went too far.
Now whenever I look at a potentially dangerous object, I inadvertently see how it could hurt me (even like a piece of paper, I vividly imagine it cutting my eye or something).
It’s not that much of a problem right now but, it makes me very uncomfortable. I really think I’m... [more]

I f***** my 10 yo sister

About 3 weeks ago I gave in I’m 22 and she’s 10 now I always give her baths and stuff And when she’s sleeping I finger her p**** or lick it but this time I already drugged her and it was to late I fingered her with some lube to open her up more and I covered my [more]

A recent fantasy I've been having.

I'm well aware that this is triggering, and I get why-- but honestly interested in people's genuine interpretation-- there seems to be underlying meaning here, as much as it admittedly turns me on.
Okay, so Imagine this: at least two little girls (but probably a good several) are chasing you through your house-- They range from about eight to... [more]

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