Strange Confessions

I’m a N***

This is less of a confession and more of a I am not sure but anyhow I am an American National socialist I believe in the preservation of the race however I’m nit racist or anti Semitic I don’t believe the holocaust happened and I don’t believe hitler hated Jews in my opinion hitler saved Germany from usury and communism he was the second greatest... [more]


What is it about you that is driving me crazy? How do I turn it off?

When I'm Bored

I'm a young woman and sometimes when I'm bored, I try my clothes on and do my make up and hair in a way to try to look completely different. According to "experiments" of sending these done up selfies to people online, I've pulled off looking like a teenage boy, a super young girl, and an older dude. So I guess my skills aren't that vast, but... [more]

I enjoy being bullied.

I like it when other people demean me treat me like dirt and in general bully me.
This all started in high school when I was bullied and found myself resisting less and less to the point where they knew they could get away with anything. My first encounter was with a kid about twice my size on the bus I was sat alone and the bus was packed he sat... [more]


I think my ex-bf from six years ago has been trying to contact me for the closure but I haven't been responding. He was my first and last kiss. I've been waiting and wanting all these years for this closure but there's so much else to consider about and No! I do not have a bf or ever had after him. I don't have to worry about cheating on anyone. I... [more]

I have a fart fetish

I confess that I have a love for erotic comics....especially with bottomless women farting. None of my friends or family know of my fetish. Thank god, I came across a comic called Binary Moon by NomisTT. Just google search Binary Moon comic and you'll see it. Happy fapping!

Accidental hypnosis

When i stayed over my uncles house a few years ago I was left alone with my 6 year old cousin while her parents went out. i was bored of doing the same game we did by playing ball or playing with her toys. So I told her I would teach her the "sleeping game" You just had to listen to my voice and focus on my finger. The point of the game was... [more]

I got my wife and mother in law pregnant

Ok So I am a little older than my wife. She is 21 and I am 34. We got married on her 19th birthday. We have been together now for 5 years. She grew up in a single parent home. I meet her mother before I meet her. Her mother and I had a little work fling. She always told me that she was to old for me and that i should be dating her daughter... [more]


I fart whenever I have to. I just let them rip. In the store, on a plane, at the movies, at work, you name it. I've been doing it for so long now my husband doesn't even flinch anymore. I love seeing the shocked or embarrassed reaction from people. And it feels good to just get rid of them and not hold them until it is the "correct" time to fart.

I want to be sexy

I am already in Jr. High, I want to wear make up and my mom won't let me. I go to a private school so I wear a school uniform. I like to pick the white or light blue tops so my bra will show thru. I want to start wearing sexy panties but my mom doesn't let me yet, she gets me boring packaged underwear with flowers. At least they are bikini. We... [more]

I saw a house that wasn't there

I was visiting my cousin who lives in a very rural area. He owns 50 acres of land and the land surrounding his property is undeveloped. I was taking a walk and I climbed to the top of a hill. Looking down I saw a house. It was a wooden two-story house that looked deserted. I decided to go check it out.
Once I got there-there was nothing... [more]

Fiverr is this the norm

I made a Fiverr account, not expecting much. It was just a way to put myself out there and see what happens. The service I offered was to listen and give relationship advice, as I have always been good at providing counsel for people in need. So far, I've only attracted horndogs. Is this normal? They come off so innocent and then when it comes... [more]

My Uncles farm in North Georgia

My Uncle retired to North Georgia to a 50-acre farm. The surrounding land is uncultivated and covered with trees. While visiting my Uncle I climbed to the top of a hill and looking down I saw a two-story house. It appeared to be deserted.
Climbing down toward the house I discovered that a house had apparently burned to the ground some years... [more]

Wear ladies tights

I was tied up yesterday to my bed in tan leopard print ladies tights and shinny leotard and long gloves for 4 hours by my lady friends

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