Strange Confessions

Odd accident

I'm dating a girl that was involved in a car wreck. She struck her head violently on the dashboard and she was in a coma for seven weeks. She came too but seemed retarded. She had a bit above average intelligence before the accident.
Ok, something happened and her IQ is at the genius level. Apparently, her brain not only healed it became... [more]

Halcion and Touching

Today I had a dental procedure done. I suffer from severe anxiety and was prescribed Valium10 mg and 3 Halcion tablets to take 1 hr prior to my appointment. As I continue to go to my dentist office the meds begin to take effect. I became sleepy, slow with reaction and thinking time. I feel as though I was drunk. I spoke to life explained what... [more]

SuCh a Man but want to be a GiRl

Where do I start? I know I'm not Gay but a lot of my fantasies are of me being dominated in a sexual situation. Sometimes it's me being used by a female, 2 girls or more. Me eating p**** and being slapped and pulled and 'forced to' eat p**** a dominant... [more]

My pregnant fetish

I have always had a belly fetish:
So I was just chilling after school and my English teacher (she was in her 30's) came out of her staff room all dressed in her running outfit.
And she caught me
Starring at her belly....I was like f***
Then she came up over to me and asked whether I would... [more]

This guy in here called Wetkn

Is one sick dude.

Am i the only one who thinks this?

Lesbians are weird

Goldfish of life

I ate my goldfish live, ive been buying lots of goldfish and im convinced everyone i eatadds a year to my life. i havent told anyone because they'll think im crazy but i cant keep going to the same pet store, they recognise me and will want to know why i need so many goldfish

Stalked at the mall

So today I was at the mall by my place shopping for Christmas presents or at least looking for ideas and since I use my phone for most transaction I had to charge it up a little bit... Anyways a guy came and sat down which was fine but when I got up and left he started following me which at first I did not care until it got really weird. I ended... [more]

Pee places.

I'm a 20 year old guy, and I know I've got some strange ways, but I like to watch where another guy takes a leak, then later go over, drop down and smell that place.

I have an obsession

Ever since I was little I became obsessed with teachers (as I wanted to be one) I would pretend they were my mother or farther. It would never be anything sexual. I am now currently 16 years old. Last year I meet an amazing elementary school teacher. (My school starts at the age of 5 - 18) we started to become close. At first it was just a little... [more]


I'd like a woman to stand tippy toes on my stomach looking down on me and laughing wile my 125lbs skinny ass squeals

Step right up

I'd like to walk up to a beautiful woman one day lay down in front of her and say could you step on my belly please .ladies what would you do ?

What a crappy world we live in

I wasn't born ugly but I'm somewhat overweight which most find ugly. I really don't mind the way I look at all, I quite like it really. Sometimes I look at thin women and don't really like the way they look but that's just my preference. It's like the world keeps trying to tell me I need to like the way I look, while shaming me at the same time, ... [more]

My fetishes.

I have this thing for stomachs. I have a fat fetish and it led to my getting into vore, stomach growling, button popping, etc. I don't know why but I find it such a turn on.
I love listening to my own stomach growling. I record it and listen to it. I love listening to others loud stomach growls too..
The thought of a fat stomach and how soft... [more]

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