Strange Confessions

Peeping little girl flashed

On a visit to the relative cousin family while taking bath I aged 20 while bathing was masturbating . As turned to the other side to approach the corner where the drain pit is, I noticed the horizontal crack at waist level on the bathroom door and two little shinning eyes peeping through. I knew it was the 10 year old daughter of my cousin. ... [more]


I’m a male and love to get my ass hole eaten. I love it when my girlfriend licks my ass and jerks me. I also love eating ass.

Bubble butts

I love a woman with a nice bubble butt. I love r****** and a*** s** or just watching u walk around naked. I have an ass fetish. If you have a nice bubble butt I would love to hear from you.

Cross dresser

I’m a straight male but love cross dresser. I love to hear what your wearing or how I would dress you up. I love a nice bubble butt. I want to tell you what I want to do to you. If interested let’s chat.

What’s my girlfriend doing? Why does she keep crossing her legs?

So I started noticing this about a year ago. My girlfriend is 22 and I’m 24. I noticed her legs would always be crossed and she would be shaking a little bit. One night when she spent the night at my place I felt the bed moving and I looked under the covers to see her legs crossed she but she was moving her hips. I’m a heavy sleeper so she... [more]


I'm noah hurst. I'm fat. I'm stupid. I stick my nose into other people's business. I try to act tough but I'm a fat b****. Anybody my size would rip me a new one. I'm scared to fight people in my weight class. I'm such a loser and a j***. I conspire... [more]

Am I weird letting my friend see my wife's naked pics

I have recently been showing my best friend nude pictures of my wife . My wife is plus sized and my friend enjoys bigger women is it strange for me to allow him to see her in this way

I am turned on when superhero characters are weak

It doesn't matter about the gender of the hero at all when they are weakened I get turned on. Examples include:
1. Supergirl being weakened by Livewire's electrical blasts or kryptonite
2. Superman being drained by The Parasite rendered weak from kryptonite.
3. The Gray version of The Hulk being weak. Something quite brutish being all weak and... [more]

White women

I want to eat a white woman with a big open p****. I am black and this has been a fantasy of mine a long time. I would have her lie down and lift her stockinged legs up high in a V. I would have her grab my head and rub it all around her slippery [more]

Addicted to peeing on furniture

I'm a 28 year old single woman who loves to pee on furniture, specially sofas, recliners, or in someone else's bed. I do it on every date I go on who takes me home. Usually get kicked out, but I love it, specially after I had lots of beer and been holding my pee. I them let go and just drench whatever Im sitting on. Well, last guy I was with loved... [more]

I had the key to her house

When i was a h**** 16 year old kid i couldnt stop thinking about the new lady that moved in next door. she was 40 years old and so attractive. i would always see her working in the yard then i would go to my room and j*** off.
the summer she moved in i... [more]

I made a dirty phone call

A few months ago i went for a eye exam. the lady working the front counter was about 45 years old and very attractive. she had long blonde hair and when she stood up i could see she was wearing a mustard colored dress and it clung tightly to her sexy body. and those high heels made her legs look great. then i noticed the panty line!. im waiting... [more]

Struggle with feeling evil

When I was a child I dropped my brother down the stairs and I’m not sure if I remember this correctly or not because I was seven but I think I did it on purpose. Hopefully my mind is playing tricks on me but I feel shame and guilt since he’s special needs now. I repent, I ask for forgiveness and I ask God to help me forgive myself if this is true.

Shoe Fetish

I have a shoe fetish which nobody knows about, from about the age of 18 when I have been to house parties, been to a friends house for a party after a night out or had guests myself, I will go out of my way to get hold of any of the female guests shoes so I can smell and lick their shoes without knowing. In some cases I have managed to take photo... [more]

Bubble butts

I love women with a nice bubble butt. It drives me crazy when I see them in tight leggings. I love a*** s** especially with a nice bubble butt. I love to lick them and kiss them. I love to see them in panties. I don’t know what to do I just love a nice... [more]

A*** s**

I love women with nice butts and I also love a*** s**. Any women love a***?

My mom

My mom was a sexy woman petite cute
Short brown hair was always a loving mom
She was single.
When i was in highschool i got a trail camera for xmas .
I set it up an set it on my dresser and forgot about it.
A few weeks later I noticed i had left it on
And check the pictures nany was just ne going and coming
Also mom putting clothes... [more]

My posh step mother

I'm 17 live at home with my step mother . She is 44 and a beautiful looking lady. She comes from a posh back ground and can come across stuck up she looks and dresses very sexy people always say . Since my father died I kind of do what I want and yes i have a massive crush on her . I buy drugs FROM the dark web THEY MAKE ME UNBELIEVABLY HORNEY... [more]

That’s what he gets

I always got hit on and I have a bucket list one action item was to f*** a married man 10 to 15 years older than me at his house in his marital bed. Well I made it happen it was exciting and great to make this guy actually do this SMH he wanted to do it again so I told him it would have to be in a... [more]

House slave

After I graduated from university I stayed living in share houses. So we had 4 bed rooms but only 3 people. I now had a job and income.
I was at a party where I jokingly said I needed a slave who in exchange for food and a bed room and the use of my car would have to do all the cooking and cleaning and shopping and ironing and of course... [more]

Belly Fetish

I'm a guy in my twenties and have a fetish for bellies, navels, and inflation/stuffing. I know it sounds odd but I really like the way a big distended belly looks on either a guy or girl. I also find deep innie belly buttons attractive to look at too. It'd be nice to talk to someone with a similar fetish, if you have one that's similar, leave your... [more]

Anxiety makes my body act weird

For some reason when I'm anxious I get this overwhelming need to go to the bathroom, I get gassy, sad, embarrassed, and my stomach will hurt and make noise. I don't know why but it is such an inconvenience and has only come up this year. I HATE thinking about going to school the next day because first period is very quiet and I get anxious then my... [more]

Secret massages

I'm a 57 year old woman, divorced 6 years ago and since last April have had a masseuse come to my house twice a month. I down play it with my 4 children, my family and friends telling them it is all prim and proper. First of all they think my masseuse is a woman but the truth is its a 35 year old man. It didn't begin like this but since July I... [more]

I want to f*** my dad

I walked in on him jerking off and his d*** was 8 inches

Before masturbation I rubbed a green chilly on my p**** and wow

Many times I have applied the green chilly massage before masturbation for the thrill and hotness. The first time I thought it was the last time ever it shall be done. At the age of 12 one night I took a long green chilly from the kitchen and went to bed. Under the blanket removing my shorts I stroked my [more]

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