Strange Confessions

Underarm Hair

On a crazy dare, on Jan. 1 my wife and her friend bet each other on who could go the longest without shaving their underarms. Well, its been over 6 months now and neither has shaved. My wife now has a relatively large and dark area of hair under her arms, very noticeable when she wears sleeveless shirts. She has not been out in public where anyone... [more]


I'm a female college student and I've been seeing a guy, not dating as such, just getting together for s**. He enjoys r****** me, and I enjoy it too, and I noticed that he'll even do it when I've been to the toilet that day. So I asked him if, even... [more]

Disturbing dreams

Lately I have been having disturbing dreams, and I won't go into them, but they have involved either underage people or animals, and I feel very confused and disturbed by them. I feel unclean and sickened by myself, I can't believe that I wouldn't think about someone I know and am responsible for (I am a school prefect) in that way, and it greatly... [more]

Cold Hard Supernatural fear

In 1948 the Jews were fighting in Egypt, Syria, Iraq etc. A small contingent of Jewish soldiers armed with a lever action 30 30 rifles was faced with a much larger army of Arab soldiers.
The Arabs had a Russian half Track armed with a .52 caliber heavy Russian machine gin.
Hundreds of Arab soldiers armed with better weapons than the Jews... [more]

Is this supernatural?

My cousin Joan died in 1996 of brain cancer. Her mother my Aunt died ten years later of the same disease on her daughters birthday. I find this unusual and perhaps there is a meaning to this.

Rainy Day

Driving home tonight I was filled with a sadness I’ve never known really. The sadness that I may never see you again. You have been there for me, and shown me great men do still exist. You are impressive on every level. ..... and yeah I totally was turned on by you too!


I admit I like to watch pretty women step on bugs. I spend a lot of time watching crush videos on you tube, I get such a turn on from it. I try to imagine what it would be like for the bug. Sometimes I wish I was the bug she is stepping on. I also think about what it would be like to have her do that to my nuts. I can picture laying my nuts on... [more]

I fantasize about being kicked and stomped by women

I have some brutal fantasies. I fantasize about women kicking , stomping, and trampling me. The thought of being kicked in the b**** or in the face turns me on.
My ultimate fantasy is to have the crap kicked, stomped and trampled by a ballerina, and to have her do it so bad that I cant... [more]

Wife’s boyfriend before me

I love knowing my now wife was sneaking out to f*** her ex boyfriend.When I finally caught on to it she had no excuse and fessed up. We had been spending Friday and Sat together but as soon as she left back for her place she would secretly meet with him for [more]

Am i ok

So I have been having dreams and they are worrying me. I think I some how switched dimensions like I can see and pick wich one I want to actually be a part of and I can see dimensions extended from that one like this morning I woke up and I had one question who is Hitler. Before this morning I didn't know who he was i saw posters and memes of... [more]

Mexican restaurant versus CHinese restaurant

I live in an area with a lot of Mexican immigrants near my home. They bother no one and stay to themselves.
A few miles away there is a great little Chinese buffet with reasonable prices with an all you can eat policy. For $9.00 you can eat quite a bit of very good food.
A few steps away from this restaurant is a nice Mexican restaurant... [more]


Do you have any idea how much I want to touch you?

What I Saw

I was at a Rest Stop when I noticed a young lady in her car. What made me notice her was because she was laying down in her car with her window down and her belly was at full exposure. Now this wasn’t your ordinary belly that is flat and sexy. This was a big monstrous belly. I couldn’t believe my eyes so I stood and took a double look to make sure... [more]

Skinny girl fetish

I have this wired fetish for really skinny girls. It also goes along with a stomach growling fetish i have so idk if that's okay or not lol. Whenever i hear a girl say ''Im so hungry you can see my ribs'' or whenever a girl is skinny enough to actually see her ribs, i get so turned on for some strange reason. I'd play with a hungry girl's ribs if... [more]

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