Strange Confessions

I Want to Fight

I'm a 19 year old thats very passive. I avoid conflict and don't stand up for myself a lot. But now I fantasize about getting into a legit street fight. The adrenaline dump of feeling in danger while fighting back seems thrilling. I live right next to a major city and go there sometime. There are plenty of people that will fight you if you look at... [more]

Not sure if this is weird or not...

So I'm 18, female, and I like working out at the gym and getting toned. I consider myself to be fairly more masculine than the average chick my age, and no matter how girly I dress or act, I feel like it just doesn't look good on me. Now the weird part is that for some reason, I'm attracted to soft-looking girly guys, and I really wish I could... [more]

My story is very short.

My story is very short and not much a logical ... but it had a great impact on my life.
Three years ago, I went to McDonald's at my lunch break.
Two girls were standing after me and when I turn around the drink fell, and some were spilled on the floor.
The blonde girl was looking at me and pointed down to her shoe.
She commanded me with a... [more]

Mother in Law checking it out - so I played along

My mother in law is always looking at me "funny". I've caught her several times looking directly at my bulge. A couple times we locked eyes which would make her know I knew! It didn't bother me and I didn't say anything to my wife, but it made me wonder if she was just dazing off or if she was meaning to check it out?
One occasion I was outside... [more]

Very Disturbed

I looked up pretty run of the mill p**n 2 days ago and I clicked on a link. I scrolled down for a moment and there was actual child p**n and a picture of a little girl in a pull-up (in that context it was very wrong).
I’m very shaken up. I reported it to an organization that passes it on to law enforcement and it got taken down. I sobbed a... [more]

Incubus s** for wife

As a result of having a tiny non functioning micro p**** I have for the last 3 years been using very realistic vixskin Creations and copies of pornstar c**** to satisfy my wifes deep penetration desires of having g spot and a&o spot [more]

Unpopular Opinion

I used to be passionate about Muslim people being treated equal, exempting refugees, ext.
Since I’ve researched Islam, I think Islam is a cancer to the world. I’m compassionate towards all people, that’s why I hate Islam. They’re not really people like the rest of the worlds.
I’m an EU citizen. At first I was like “Lay! Diversity. I like... [more]


I’m 22 years old and I can’t stop attacking myself. I have been chewing, picking, and eating my body since I can remember. Boogers, nails, skin, discharge. I try to stop and I catch myself doing it even when I don’t think about it. Now my toes infected like it’s never been before from my cutting and picking my nails too short.

I went to my online chrushes house.

I have an online crush that is friends with my old online friend. They live around 20 minuets away. I went to her house.
Finding her address when I gave into my curiosity was too easy. Her last name, town she lives in, my state. It was the first thing to come up. Her house is around the corner from my good friend. Good for her parents, they... [more]

Wife's sister

I think me and my wife's sister are being inappropriate. I'm 27, wife us 24, her sister is 20. Sometimes the sister stays with us when she's home from college. My wife usually works on Saturdays. The pass few Saturday mornings, the sister has come laid in the bed on my wife's side. We all play on our phones, chat a little, and wake up. My wife... [more]

Stuffed Animal Related Fantasy

I fantasize about my crush and I cuddling together with our childhood stuffed animals easily 4 times more than us having s*x. I think it’s way more common than people would admit to cuddle with your childhood stuffed animal. Why would you? It’s not like there is anyone around to judge you.
I cuddle with a pillow and pretend it’s her. My bunny... [more]

My friend from school’s family

When I was in high school I often went over to my buddy’s home after school to wait and hangout to get picked up by my parents. Well one day they all had to leave around 4 p.m and I was waiting for my mom to pick me up from their home. When they all left I went in the little sister’s room age 8 and used her dirty stained panties to [more]

Smoking fetish.. And it’s strange.

So i’m 22 female. And it’s like i’m turned on by men(fictionally) who smokes cigars. I really don’t know why it turns me on cause i’m against smoking and i find smokers in real life disgusting. There’s just something about cigars that gets me going.

I think i might have anger issues...

One time i got soo mad i got a blade and cut my fingers on purpose and started laughing as i saw the blood on my hand. And i carved a heart shape on my hip with the blade and it's lowkey cute...

Addicted to Smoking at Eight

For some peculiar reason, I was drawn very young to the sight of a lady lighting up and enjoyably puffing on her cigarette. My main object of these ffections was my Aunty Clare and, when I stayed with her, which was often, I would helplessly look on at her smoking - I just couldn't help but be intrigued as to what she was feeling and the power of... [more]

My mom Nancy

Almost every day for the last few months I have been masturbating while I have breakfast with my mom. I kept thinking that I was having s** with her mouth.
When I am done eating I lean back and mess the front of my pajama top with my stuff. While it is squirting up the front of me I say, thank you... [more]


I dated her for several months, but she told me that I was sexually inadequate.
We split up, but about a year later she called and told me that she needed a friend to talk to and I said yes.
Her boyfriend had got her preg, and she lost her job so she couldn't pay the rent. I told her she could come and share my bed. She became dominant... [more]

I kicked a guy in his b****. He asked for it.

Now that I look back on it I feel as though there was something more to it. About 10 years ago I was hanging out with my friend, her sister, and both of their boyfriend's at the mall. Everything was normal and the evening was wearing on so we were about to leave when we came across a guy and a couple of his buddies. He approached us and made small... [more]

Why Can't I Sign Up

It is informing me that I am not human.

Strange but Good Changes to my Life in the Next Couple of Years

I'm almost fifty and after living as a tough male and after spending so much time pleasing others, I going to start being very selfish and live the way I want to for the rest of my life.
Every since I was a small child, I have always wanted to live as a sissy baby 24/7, 365 days a year. I don't like being a male, the clothing is boring and for... [more]

Daughters Panites

I have been jerking off and c****** into both my daughters panties for a few years. I have even left a few pair in the men/s room of a strip club. I enjoy the thought of strangers using them,

Why are racists so obsessed with black people?

If you dont like them, why do you keep talking about them, seeking them out, keep trying to engage with them? Even online. Going on their sites where they're having fun and just chilling. They never go on white supremacist sites. Why are you so obsessed with what they're doing, what they're talking about etc? You say you hate them and tell them to... [more]


My next door neighbour Caroline is a hot blonde and I’m not sure if she fancies me.
We chat and get on great but she ignored my wife at the bus stop, maybe she didn’t recognise her, not sure.
She asked to borrow a manual as we had the same appliance and when I took it over, she answered the door in just a towel!
It kind of kept slipping... [more]

Better than best friends

My best friend was 10 years older than me.. after around 2 years of being comfortable around each other.. I'll call him tim but Tim USTA always have a gay retort to things.. after knowing him over 5 years I hit rock bottom and his dad let me move in... "My buddies dad was in a horrible wreck and he took care of the house till his dad can home"... [more]

Hippie neighbour.

It is a strange feeling, when my hippie looking neighbour drops her loose hippie-trousers and shows me her shaply ass in a thong. i cant tell, if shes high, drunk or both.

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