Strange Confessions

Stomach Fetish

I love to listen to peoples belly gurgle and what not. I go on youtube a listen to peoples stomachs digest. Is this weird? Can somone with the same fetish talk to me? I love to talk to people about stomachs and bellys. Im a teenage guy and i just love the sounds the stomach makes.

Bella Thorne Nude Addiction

I am fully obsessed with looking at nude fakes of her. I have one saved on my 3DS, and I go to the site every day. It's wrong, but EROTIC BEYOND BELIEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I want to be violently gang raped by a group of racist black guys

I am a bi white male who physically fits the description as a "twink" or "fem" very well. I've got the shiny, long hair and slender frame. However I am not an effeminate guy in the least, I've been told I am a scary irrational despot, so where this rape fantasy stems from, I can't say. I've been having intense cravings and dreams about it for a... [more]

Watching my wife get pounded

I keep thinking about my wife getting fu**ed hard by another man.
I often imagine setting up a camera or hiding in the wardrobe so I can can watch her moan with pleasure.
I don't last as long as I would like to And would really love to watch her get the best s** that she deserves.
I know she has had... [more]

Very long nipples

I'm a Taiwanese woman. I grew up in a very secluded environment. I had my first sexual relation when I was 22 and even then the only nude people I had seen were my two sisters. We all have very long nipples so I always thought that all women had them like that.
I moved to the US at the age of 23 and like many people who come from other... [more]

Pantyhose fetish

When i was ca 8 years old i was at my grandma and their naibor had two very pretty but older,ca 14 yo daughters. they were always wearing dresses with what then was not so commen sheer pantyhose. one day they had clean up day and thrown a lot of things out and there was a bag full of pantyhose. i took them and dont know why but i put one on and... [more]

Self sucking is easier than you think

I am 18 now, about 2 years ago I watched a friend self suck himself , it appeared to be so easy and hot. His p**** was no bigger than mine , but he was good at bending down . So When I am alone I have been experimenting and have found it to be safe and fun and not really hard at all .
So many... [more]

I cant trust my P*** mistress

I am a hetrosexual male that has crossed over and asked to be blackmailed into tranny prostitution.I signed a contract and have been feminized and my P*** dumps me off at trashy motel with no car and no male cloths.she placed a add in backpage and also forces me to cruise bars for her with a minimum... [more]

I had Lesbian S** With A Friend

Okay im not bi and im not a lesbian but..there are some girls at my school that i would like to taste.This one girl named Abbie is soo hot. One time we were changing inthe locker room together and she was wearing the sexiest thong ever and her b**** were spilling out of her lace black see through... [more]

Advice Please! Boyfriend in love with HIS Sister

I admit it- I'm a snoop. It's a bad habit of mine that my boyfriend is well aware of. One day I found his old rehab journal that he had to keep when he was 17. I was interested because I didn't know much about him during that time or what he went through in rehab. I found out much more. I found an entry about how he had never had much luck with... [more]

I want to Cuddle with my mom while naked

I was sexually abuse when I was yonger, so I was never touched in a "nice" way. I also have never wanted to show anyone my naked body before. I have masterbated as long as I can remember, and my life has all been sexual.
I have recently been Adopted, I consider this woman to be my mother now. I really want to feel close to her, and I trust her... [more]

Spanking in school.

I think there should be spanking in schools. Punishing children and teens give them a perspective. No f****** around in class, no late assignments no bulling or bad behavior. Spanking is essential. I'm spanked whenever I miss behave. I'm a better person for it now. I was crazy, pot smoking teen... [more]

The Thrill of the Forbidden

*I'm re-posting this confession because the responses I got the first time did little if anything to help me decide what to do. I wasn't looking for a lecture on the morality of the subject, or judgment on how "sick" I must be for being curious about b*********. Not trying to come off as a... [more]

I made a fat girl gag on my c**

I work in an office and one of my colleagues, a 19 year old fat girl, and me recently started talking. Shes been there about 9 months and although we dont work together, I see her around the office everyday.
Anyway, in the lunch room a couple weeks ago, we started talking. This was atrange cause this girl only talks to people out of... [more]

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