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Wife used and abused

I want to watch my wife raped in all her holes so bad. I fantasize about it all the time. Her tied up clothes ripped off and used repeatedly for hours repeatedly. Big t*** tight ass and p****. I've begged her to do it but never will

Still in love

I was verbally and emotionally abusive to my girlfriend of 5 years. I was out of control with anger and we were both drunk the last time we were together.
I feel so depressed over her still and it's been two years! I had this sickness of destroying everything good in my life. I can't move on cause I know she was the one. I miss her and can't... [more]

I wished for him to die, and he did.

When I was 6, my parents divorced and my mom hooked up with a new guy. She had us move in with him after knowing him for a few months. Turns out he was an abusive piece of s***, but she didn't care because it meant she wasn't alone. He would scream at me, pull my hair, bend my fingers back, basically... [more]

Monthly humiliation

For two years in 1984 and '85 where I was housed in an orphanage in Alabama I was subjected to once a month physical examinations. I was 14 when it first started and the reason was that I got caught having s** with a boy. Once that happened the headmaster Mr. S---------- made me come to his office the... [more]

Indian femboy has his first

Hi there people. I’m Ayush from India (no abuses please). I’m a pretty shy individual, coming from an ordinary conservative middle class family. This is my first ever confession, because after reading the stories of so many others, I think this is a safe place to come out. From when I was in my early teens, I have had a penchant for crossdressing... [more]

She better do it right and not muck it up.

I am afraid to leave my pets with a relative when holidaying. I miss them so much and I have to pray she will do the right thing and not harm them or abuse them and feed them and make sure they don't get out. I really do hope she has the moral and adult capacity to handle it. it makes it hard to enjoy a holiday because I wish I could bring my... [more]

My mom told me to kill myself

I'm 14 and I wanna die. My mom is abusive towards me and always threatens to leave or kill herself, once she even yelled at me to go kill myself. My own mother told me to kill myself. She also physically abuses me, gripping my arms, dragging me somewhere, pulling my hair. Once she pulled out a chunk of my hair. My dad knows about this but neither... [more]

My past

Hello, I'm 23 years old from Ohio, Usa. I dont even know where even to begin.. I lost my dad as I kid and was bullied in elementary and middle school and Ive strayed so far from God on and off since I was 13. I want to be a christian. But feel I am to flawed. I used to do pills and have drug issues. I have been clean over 4 years. But... I used... [more]

Sissy fairy here

Im a sissy fairy and so want to be humiliated , verbally abused and slagged off by anyone who wants to call me nasty sissy names, and even expose me . im also at i even have a female - e-mail address above

Degeneracy via Media/Failing Family Values

How many of you met a "stable" non promiscuous h***? I've had a few male gay friends.. all whores or alcoholic/drug addicts.. and 2/3 were abusive in their relationships..
Also you always see the older gay male with a younger male.. like 40+ with 18-25's..
Pushing the... [more]

I Hate My Stepdad

I hate my stepdad so much. He is the worst person I have ever met. My name is Kierstin, I'm 14 years old and about to turn 15. When I was 2, my mom and dad seperated and me and my two sisters lived with my mom for 8 years. When I was 11, my mom started... [more]

Incest Planner

I'm a 36 years old single man from a European country. Only a therapist could help me find out why I'm so deeply into incest. Maybe I was abused, maybe I’m just a perv, maybe I’m just diabolical. In August 2016, I was drinking heavily and one night I started chatting on IRC---, Undernet, chatrooms like Dad&DaughterSex, OlderforYounger etc. I'm not... [more]

I like to get beat up.

I'm a female and I love it when men are mean to me. I like it when they use, beat, blame, etc. me. I will love them but they would take their anger out on me, they can cheat on me. They would make me do everything for him. I'm in a relationship right now and he abuses me and treats me like a slave. When he has no one else to have [more]

I can't stop thinking about women who smoke

I have a real love for women who smoke and have had for as long as I can remember. I am 24 and when I was around 5 one of my mums friends was a heavy smoker (silk cuts). I couldnt stop staring at every second I had and since then i have started not only smoking heavily myself but encouraging every girl that comes into my life to do so as well... [more]

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