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I Can't Stand People Who Smoke

I can't stand people who smoke weed. I tried seeing it from their perspective, and i can't. I was raised that smoking of any kind is horrible for your health. I don't believe it can be used medically, or that it should be classified as a "herb". The people who say it can be good for you, are nothing more than potheads, drug addicts, or sad human... [more]

Smoking addiction

I started smoking in the 10th grade when i was 15
Now I'm 19 and some days ago my parents found out about my smoking habit
It made them very very unhappy
They didn't say much except giving me a deadline to quit the habhit
I thougt i could do that, but when i started to control my craving, it didn't go very well
It ended up with me smoking a... [more]

I often think of killing myself

I hate my life. My dad is in the military but I never really knew him. I'm 25 and still dont. My mom is a herion addict. Luckily I've never done drugs. I can be pretty emotionally detached. So my life life has always been difficult. No one ever feels like I love them. The lack of ability to show people I care or keep the people I care for in life... [more]


My ex found out just weeks before moving 250 miles away that I had been stealing her dirty panties for a year and at fir s t told me t o stop as she didnt like it. I told her I co u l dnt I was a p e r vert and addicted and the on l y way to stop me was to ban me from her h o use I also m ade it c l ear I d e served punishing and she ha d the... [more]

Addicted to catfishing people [I know i'm an a******]

I don't catfish people because i want money or to be in a relationship. I love that feeling of "first love" (genuinely only experiencing it once), and then the drama of breaking up with someone. I'm absolutely addicted to the thrill of getting someone to like you, intriguing them, and then cutting it off out of nowhere.
Guys and women alike... [more]

Degeneracy via Media/Failing Family Values

How many of you met a "stable" non promiscuous h***? I've had a few male gay friends.. all whores or alcoholic/drug addicts.. and 2/3 were abusive in their relationships..
Also you always see the older gay male with a younger male.. like 40+ with 18-25's..
Pushing the... [more]

I regret becoming a parent

I've been a mom over half my life. I'm 40 now. I was 17 when I had my first child & I fell in love with being a mom. I loved his dad so much but we were young & immature. He got into serious trouble & got a life sentence in prison...yay me! I did have a lot of support from my family. At 23, I met a guy I tried to help.
He was a low life alcoholic... [more]

Should have remained a fantasy

All my life I have been utterly addicted to total-enclosure bondage, the most extreme possible. Naturally girls my own age wanted nothing to do with me, and I was never attracted to men or boys, so I became an adult, alone and frustrated, and relying on self-bondage for any real release. Having a trust-fund, I only worked now and again, when... [more]

Panty addict.

I am simply addicted to ladies panties. I go panty shopping at least once a week and always confess to the assistants that the panties are for me. I always ask for petit, feminine, sexy, and tight panties. When asked for size I advise 9 inches ! By this time I am fully erect and it is so obvious. I am always treated well and on most occasions the... [more]

I can't stop thinking about women who smoke

I have a real love for women who smoke and have had for as long as I can remember. I am 24 and when I was around 5 one of my mums friends was a heavy smoker (silk cuts). I couldnt stop staring at every second I had and since then i have started not only smoking heavily myself but encouraging every girl that comes into my life to do so as well... [more]

I confess that...

I confess that I'm addicted to reading confessions on, I keep reading them all the time, day and night. And I'm also kinda embarrassed that I read them so I hide them like you'd hide p***.
So far I've read some of the most f*****... [more]


I'm addicted to sniffing my big sisters dirty panties

Online Virgin

My ultrasound said I was supposed to be a girl, but I was born a boy. At a very young age, I used to wonder about my cousin's pink silk panties and let the dog lick my a****** because it felt funny. I've kissed two girls in my life, but never had a girlfriend. The closest I came to losing my... [more]

Love for GF Sister

Hey I must confess that I was always madly in love with my girlfriend of 5 years sister (call her Lisa). I used to look forward to going to their house. I don't know if she felt the same about me but she always made me feel so good when I was in her company. She is gorgeous and very sexy. Her husband is a great man and I would never cross the... [more]

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