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Bi curious

After meeting with Linda I was confused at my feelings my bunghole was still itching like mad but I couldn't get over how exciting it had been.
I knw that it is wrong having s** with another man but Linda looks and talks and feels like a woman even though she has a [more]

Worst thing I have ever done

Was in a relationship for 6 almost 7 years with my high school sweet heart. At first everything was like a fairy tale I never was the type of dude to fall in love. I was portrayed more as the confident individual party guy and flirtatious dude who spent hours in the gym looking good for myself but with a broken home wanting to be a better man than... [more]

I think I’m good

I’m realizing that even though it’s been a real s*** show of a year, a true dumpster fire from h***, I think I had a good year compared to the last few years of my life. I was so preoccupied with everyone else and what they thought of me, I got in over... [more]

This is so humiliating to admit...

I'm a 16 year old girl and last night I wet the bed. Who the f*** still wets the bed when they're in high school??!?? Me, apparently. And this isn't the first time, it's the second. The first time was last month. Fortunately, no one knows about this (and hopefully it'll stay that way). But I know... [more]

I was a bad girlfriend

Matt was my bf since sophomore year HS also took my V. He was a single child, came from an upper middle class family and played soccer. He was a nice guy spoiled me with flowers, bracelets & necklaces randomly and on my birthday. I got along great with his family and his mom would take me shopping. She’d say I was the daughter she never had. Matt... [more]

Trying to work things out in the marriage.

Honestly, never thought about cheating ever. A womans presence is alluring. I rode this train back from work 5 days a weeks, same routine. Usually same car, try for the same seat etc. I knew a bunch of people from this commute. It started as a casual, hello, how's your day, what's up. I met a quiet soft spoken lady, I've said hello to about... [more]


I'm a 22 year old lesbian, and I will vote for Trump. Do I like him as a person? F*** no. But from a political standpoint, Trump is exactly what we need.
Biden will raise taxes, cut jobs by the millions, and he supports the public option. He will "listen to professionals" - in other words, he... [more]

Want it bad

Theres a guy i met several months ago that i cant get off my mind.Im a male myself with a girlfriend.
I met him through another friend and we had a few beers and talked fir several hours.He admitted he was gay and asked if he could suck me off.I was taken by complete surprise,and said no.
A few days later he sent me a pic of his [more]

I'm having an affair and I don't feel bad about it.

I tried to make this short but I needed to add the boring background.
I was raised & homeschooled in a small MS town outside Jackson by my retired grandmother and met Ben at youth group when I was 16. After hs, we carpooled to a local private Christian College. My grandmother passed away before I graduated, Ben and I got married because I was... [more]

Assisted showers

I'm 24 and have been renting a room from Jeff and Sandra for almost 2 years. They are very nice people and I always did and still do get along with them. They are both about mid 50's and always respected my privacy. Anyhow to the embarrassing part. I got hurt in work this past June at a time when I was only working 2 or 3 days a week because of... [more]

Bad timing

I came home with my two friends for a beer and football afternoon. Walked into the kitchen and there was my wife stark naked flashing her t*** and p**** with nothing to cover herself. She just stood there frozen with shame till she ran passed us out of... [more]


My girlfriend and I went to a Halloween party last year. Her friend was the host, who is kinda wild. I thought my GF was going as a witch. But, when she came down the stairs she was in a stripper outfit. I was like WTF. You could tell she was braless, and the the skirt didn't cover her butt. I asked her why are you wearing THAT! She said her... [more]

What a crazy weekend.

I spent the weekend with my parents at the lake and one of my mom's friends was there, people were coming and going all weekend, they know a ton of people at the lake, The second night we were all sitting on my parents pontoon boat having drinks and my dad fell asleep in his chair, Mom got pretty drunk and finally said "I better get your dad to... [more]

Nice little protein shake

I love my husband I really do. But I have to admit that I cheat sometimes. I had never been with a black man before I married my husband, and the curiosity finally got the better of me so I tried a few out out and discovered that the s**** of black men tastes way lots better than the [more]

Life altering.

My Gf and I are both Blonde, Female, Early 20's and attractive, We have been together for just about 2 years and live together. One evening after a marathon session on the living room floor in front of the fireplace she said to me "What got into you?", I laughed and said "Why", I had used the strap on and she said I was way rougher than normal, I... [more]

Im a 13 year old boy and i like girls stomach's

I know right ew he has a weird fetish now let me tell you how it happened alright so buckle up it was a friday just like any other so my parent's are out on a really long business trip and i did normal teenage stuff had party's and i will admit i drank a little so after everybody goes home my girl told me she was going to go home and bring her... [more]

Wishing for deaths

I’d never openly admit this to anyone, but there have been hundreds of times that I wished for my wife to get in a wreck and die on her way to work. Whether she did or didn’t have my daughter in the car with her. I’ve spent three years regretting that I never got to experience living alone and being single without kids. I would never harm either... [more]

Home Nudist Mother In Law

As future In-Laws, my parents-in-laws seemed to hate me . They believed I was a bad influence on their daughter and tried really hard to break us up. Ultimately it didn't work and we were married.
One request I had of my wife was that when home she is always nude or in lingerie. She could keep a sundress or robe by the front door for when... [more]

My wife

I met my wife at a place called what’s on tap she got out of the car when I looked at her I fell in love I’ve been in planning relationships for not too many that I could say that they were good I hadn’t had too many good results with relationships but I know this if I ever loved a woman I loved her like no other we had our ups and downs and I... [more]

Warning: Long Story Loosing V-card & Inappropriate Relationship

Warning: This is long but it is a confession and I tried to make it as short as possible. It's also the first time I've posted anything like this too.
I lost my V-card & and had an inappropriate relationship at the same time. I can’t believe I’m posting this confession after all these years. I’ve told no one. My husband doesn’t even know. I’m... [more]


My bf is obsessed with other women it doesn't matter what they look like he will want their nudes . It's mad annoying. I'm a freak and down for alot of s*** but the problem is he wants to do everything secretly and behind my back why is that???? He can't accept that is lick [more]

Im in my 40s and wear diapers to bed

I have always had a diaper fetish. In middle school i stopped at on the way home and bought a pack of huggies, even though they were too small, i still loved it. After I got my first car I would drive around town and look at the adult diapers for sale and eventually got up the courage to buy some, I would hide them in my room and wear them at... [more]

Family plaything.

I have been abused by multiple members of my family and none of them know about the other, Why does this keep happening to me. When I was 15 I hooked up with my first boyfriend and admitted to 3 of my cousins that it happened, Told them the story and that night my male cousin 17 snuck out of his bed and slid into my bed behind me, I pretended to... [more]

How to stop binge eating?

I've never even admitted this to myself, but I've had a binge eating problem ever since I was a kid. I remember getting told off for sneaking food as a child, but I was super active then and all through high school. Plus, as I got older, it got easier to secretly sneak unhealthy meals, so no one paid much notice.
Well, of course now I'm an... [more]

Caught having s** with our pastor

I don’t know how else to say it but I got caught doing the nasty with our new pastor. He Is in his early 30s and his young bride in her late 20s. My hubby and I are in our late 40s.
His wife and I were in a bible study together and she shared that they had been trying to get pregnant for years and were looking into artificial means of... [more]

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