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I stared drinking at 7am

I made a big drunk last night and didn't finish it so I put it in the fridge. I was smoking this morning and I coughed so I drank some to stop coughing, and I've been sipping on it all morning. It's strong af too.

I got sent to girls reform school

I still have the newspaper story from the Dunn Daily Record. It has been years but it still stings.
Girl,18, ordered to reform school
Megan Lowry, rural route 4, Lillington, was sentenced yesterday to 90 days in the North Carolina Reform School for Girls in Monroe.
Her sentence came after juvenile court judge Sarah Livingstone found her... [more]

Can i even be angry.

So here is where my life is at, My husband had s** with my best friend and i was there. I am 38, My best friend is 34, My husband and i have been married 19 years and have 3 kids, My best friend has been married 15 years and has 3 kids. Friday night we were getting a bit wild partying with her and her... [more]

I kissed my best friend and my boyfriend doesn't know

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years now.. and he has a very suspicious and jealous nature. Even if I look at a random guy, he gets mad at me in an instant.
Anyway I know my best friend for almost a year and he knows my boyfriend well. So he also knows that my boyfriend has bad temper and controls me too much.
What happened... [more]

Still in love

I was verbally and emotionally abusive to my girlfriend of 5 years. I was out of control with anger and we were both drunk the last time we were together.
I feel so depressed over her still and it's been two years! I had this sickness of destroying everything good in my life. I can't move on cause I know she was the one. I miss her and can't... [more]

Drunk wife

Is it wrong that i got my wife totally drunk the othet night and then let 3 of my friends f*** her. Each of them blow their load deep in her even do she is not on the pill. It just started as a joke when she came home from a girls night out a bit drunk and joined me and my friends for drink. She... [more]

I got mad at a cop who stopped me for drunken driving

Years ago I had anger issues. Getting drunk when angry is not a good idea. I got in the car and I was so drunk the cops stopped me. I was taken to jail and my car impounded. I at the time was so mad I literally could have killed the police officer.
I paid the fine and of course, I had to buy SR 22 insurance and I was a bitter angry... [more]


I've been married for 13 years. I trust my wife. However, she came from a party looking a little weird the other day and I'm worried.
She went to a party at her friend's house who lives about a half mile away. I was invited, but I've never been friends with the hosts. Her female friend doesn't seem to like me, and her husband and I have... [more]

Buddy George theres people you cn help and theres people you cn't

Ok, Buddy, first of all, I'm sorry you died. You were a drunkard but that doesn't mean I wanted you dead. You couldn't keep a job because of your drinking. You became homeless because of your drinking. You were abusive but when you came down you were oh so pitiful.
You had problems big time. You always blamed someone else when you got... [more]

My girlfriend and I had friends over...

So my girlfriend and I just moved in witch each other in a new city for school this September. Anyways a couple friends (a guy and his girlfriend) from back home wanted to come hang out so we said they could crash here and stuff (because hotels aren't the cheapest)
So my girlfriend and I new they weren't the cleanest of people but we soon... [more]

Best friends Dad

I am an 18 year old mixed girl. Heavy set. Nothing to look at. I recently started hanging out with my old middle school friend again . She means the world to me. She's everything you want in a friend and more. But things turned for the worse when I started to hang around her dad more. I was required to be in the car with him because he takes... [more]

I've slept with three of my wife's friends

My wife has some very pretty friends who I've developed crushes with over the years. Knowledge about these women's personal life from my wife, Social media and alcohol have been tools that I've used to get them easily into bed.
The first one is married but not happy and she is a flirt. She dresses very sexy and is always very affectionate when I... [more]

Niece chokes me out

My neice is 22 110 lbs I'm 44 240 lbs she was dog sitting for me I came home and she was high and drunk. Ok so she was poking me and challenged me to a fight I didn't want to and next thing you know she grabbed me and we started wrestling and she got me into a choke hold I couldn't get out I woke up and she was. Sitting over me laughing rubbing my... [more]

I hate my step-dad

My mom cheated on my dad with this a******. She started telling me, "Don't tell dad that we were with him (the aforementioned a******)". I subsequently lie for them for almost a year because what the [more]

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