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Friend crossed the line. . . . imo

I've been married for 3 years, love my husband, and everything has been great. We recently had my friend Carol and her husband Tim over for dinner. I've known her for a couple of years, we work together.
We were having dinner and chatting about things that are on our bucket lists. I said that I'd like to vacation in Hawaii, my husband said he... [more]

Training course

One day I was looking for something and I came across a pack of photos I had not seen before , The photos was all of my wife either on her own or with someone with her , So obviously my wife did not take the photos I recognised the girls with her it was her work colleagues , This was when she had gone on a works training course , I looked at the... [more]

A hole

I would love it if my mums partner (wouldn’t even call him a stepdad ) just fall down the stairs while he’s drunk & hit his head then die

I love the feeling of being wasted

Basically, since the first time I ever got drunk (years ago) I'm in love with that feeling. I really love to drink until I'm no longer able to function, and push my limits, even tho I know it's pretty dangerous to do so. Sometimes I just get completely wasted home alone, or get as drunk as I can and try to pretend sober for the rest of the day... [more]

First time & loved it

I'm a married man 32yrs old and went out last weekend with friends we all got split up after a few drinks, I ended up in a gay bar (didn't realise) and met a few girls and guys, met a guy called Jason and as we were talking ended up him telling me that it was a gay bar I didn't believe him there were no signs saying but never been to a gay bar... [more]

Found the dumbest person alive on

"It’s ok to let your child smoke at a young age" was the title. Just from the title, i knew this had to be a joke. If it isn't, this person was probably dropped as a child.
They go on to say how if their kid wants to smoke, at 8 years old (when they barely know how to tie their shoe laces), they would let them. And support it. I quote "If my... [more]

Drunk sad thoughts

Life can be so hard. Idk how at only 20 years old I've gone through so much but s*** happens I guess. My thoughts eat at me, my past still haunts me no matter how many times I try to convince myself otherwise. I've seen many counsellors & psychiatrists & nothing has helped. No medicine or coping... [more]

It’s ok to let your child smoke at a young age

Sooo a lot of people keep talking about how they don’t know if it was the right decision to let their kid smoke at a young age... If my child wanted to start smoking I would let her as long as she was 8 or older. I started smoking when I was 12....both of my parents are heavy smokers going through about 2 packs a day. Even my step parents are... [more]

Dropping my Fraternity

Today I dropped my fraternity,
(sorry about the length or the grammar in advance).
Throughout my childhood I never belonged to any type of group, I was always picked on for either being too weird or for my learning disabilities. So I was never “popular” in my middle school. Throughout highschool it was kinda of the same thing, I just kept to... [more]

Feeling awkward

I was partying with some friends the other night and ended up in the hot tub, We have been friends forever and I have been divorced for 5 years. Me and her have NEVER done anything sexual outside of some drunk b*** grabbing or butt smacking and that night was the same.
Being I live in the next town... [more]

Our secret

A little over two years ago I moved into a basement suite after separating from my husband, Things went horribly wrong and we lost everything and ended up separating, We still aren't legally divorced but he has a full time live in girl friend so I guess that is that. The couple I live downstairs from are approximately my age, 40 ish and a very... [more]

Worst friend ever (1)

My best friend moved away 13 years ago and although it was only 3 hours away but it seems like its half way across the world every time we try to get together but we somehow make it work 5-6 times a year and it is always a total run away when we do, We may be in our 40's but we still try to party like we are in our 20's. We have been friends since... [more]

Best wife ever

My wife rocks, She is a wonderful wife, Great mother, God friend and an amazing lover. My wife is 38 and i just turned 40 last night, we have had multiple kids and she still looks just as hot to me as the day we met, Yes she is more...Curvy than she used to be and yes some things are not as...Perky as they used to be but she can still rock my... [more]

Husbands best friend walked in on me.

I was changing to go out for the evening and was in our bedroom, My husbands friend suddenly opened the door and of course i was naked bent over and he saw my you know what, I screamed, He slammed the door and whatever.
It would have never been a big deal but we all went out and partied and the next day my husband was laughing as he told me that... [more]

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