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Christmas is gona be awkward.

My sister 46 finalized her divorce about a month ago, I am 38, Single, Never married with 1 grown child, Me and her got drunk and I really don't get why she left him for the douche she is with but that's her business, I kept asking questions and she finally said that if I wanted him I could have him and she wouldn't care, I laughed it off but she... [more]

He's so sweet.

My BF's older brother is so sweet, He straight up offered to let me practice blow jobs on him, What a nice guy. Yeah ok, He was drunk but still....
Really dude, My BF's parents were out of town so I had a...Sleepover, My BF leaves for work at 4:30 in the morning and I don't even know if they passed in the hallway or what but his older brother... [more]

I was a bad girlfriend

Matt was my bf since sophomore year HS also took my V. He was a single child, came from an upper middle class family and played soccer. He was a nice guy spoiled me with flowers, bracelets & necklaces randomly and on my birthday. I got along great with his family and his mom would take me shopping. She’d say I was the daughter she never had. Matt... [more]

New friendship level.

Last night my boyfriend and I were laying in bed, We had gone out and came home kinda earlier we were just making out and fooling around and I heard my room mate Nicole come storming in, I could tell she was s*** faced without even seeing her. My door was open because we were both wearing underwear... [more]

Pushing boundaries.

So my best friend since college, My person, My confidant asked me a question, Her husbands 35th birthday coincides with their 10th anniversary so it's kind of a double milestone and she wanted to do something special, Immediately when she started talking I said "Oh I uh...I am flattered but I don't think so", She looked at me sideways and then... [more]

My step mom parties

I moved out into my own place last year, We attended a family funeral recently and I stayed at my dad and step moms because I had a few too many drinks to drive home, My step mom was plastered and dad was pretty drunk also, I was laying in bed and heard some noise that sounded like dry heaving, I got up and went to the bathroom, My stepmom was on... [more]

Nervous about my relationship

I've had insecurities about my looks for most of my life. But my boyfriend is just the sexiest thing alive. He can do so much better than me so I'm scared that he will leave me. All of my eggs are in one basket with him. I would be scared if he broke up with me.
When you look at a picture of our friend group at the beach, I'm the short chunky... [more]

Well that's not good.

My older sister had a video of me drunk and being silly one time while camping, I was stumbling around in a bikini top of hers and I have considerably more boobage than she does so the top didn't hide a lot, It was just me and her and the kids were in bed, I don't know why but I had her top on just being dumb and my bottoms pulled up my ass like a... [more]

I might be in love. Maybe just l***.

So, I am out shopping with my sister in law one week ago today, Yeah she was obviously not wearing a bra which is kinda normal, She doesn't often wear one but she doesn't flaunt it, She doesn't wear see through shirts or anything like that, usually a dark coloured t-shirt or something but this day she had on a sleeveless t-shirt, Still black but... [more]

I said I would

I have read so many stories on here about women who had someone do something to them uninvited and I read the comments about how the stories are fake or whatever and I said I would make a post about it.
I just wanted to say that not all of them are fake and this crap actually happens, I don't know if I am just a really good listener or if people... [more]

Our moment.

We went to this outdoor music festival, 6 of us, My buddies GF wanted to go to the one concert but he was too drunk and passed out in his lawn chair and she was scared to go alone so I went with her, we were drinking and dancing and she was just wearing a tank top and these spandex shorts.
We start walking back and it's like 5 pm, She's [more]

Full F'ed week.

My friend and I came home from university to my parents house for a week, I intorduced her to my family and took her out to meet all my old friends and party. Oops yeah we were sleeping in the same bed because there was no where else for her to sleep since my uncle, Aunt and two "male" cousins were occupying the basement and the first morning I... [more]

Wife allowed to be f***** by Boss to save her job

We have been married for last four years and were a model couple around. With good apartment, a car in our possession and all the good things. We were also planning for a child in 2021 after making some savings as our apartment, accessories and car were on loan. I had a good job and wife too have a nice income job. With my pay all the loans were... [more]

I want to kill my step father

My mother divorced my father when I was around 7; I'm very close to both my mom and my dad and his new family. Very soon after the divorce, maybe when I was 9 or so, my mom began dating again while still very emotionally vulnerable and she met a man, let's call him T, who was also recently divorced. He seemed alright at first, albeit a bit strange... [more]


My girlfriend and I went to a Halloween party last year. Her friend was the host, who is kinda wild. I thought my GF was going as a witch. But, when she came down the stairs she was in a stripper outfit. I was like WTF. You could tell she was braless, and the the skirt didn't cover her butt. I asked her why are you wearing THAT! She said her... [more]

My wife is destroying our family...

That recently, my wife said she wanted a trial seperation. In the span of a few days, she went from trial and staying at friend's place, to getting an apartment and contacting a divorce attorney, all without explaining why. We finally talked and she gave me hope that she is just going through stuff, she stopped talking to an attorney, she needs... [more]

My mother told me I should kill myself.

First, some context. I'm 13, I'm having family issues with my grandmother, which is causing everyone to freak out. My mother was already depressed and drunk alcohol, but now it's even worse. On top of all that, school is stressing everyone out, and Covid is making it even worse. I'm really sensitive both physically and emotionally. Recently, the... [more]

It was hot

My husband and I were talking the other night about the one time I brought a girl home for him, Ok, Ok, I didn't bring a girl home for him it was my room mate in college, Me and her went out and got drunk and he was staying in to watch some sport, I don't remember but he was passed out when we got back to the apartment, I don't even remember how... [more]

What a crazy weekend.

I spent the weekend with my parents at the lake and one of my mom's friends was there, people were coming and going all weekend, they know a ton of people at the lake, The second night we were all sitting on my parents pontoon boat having drinks and my dad fell asleep in his chair, Mom got pretty drunk and finally said "I better get your dad to... [more]

Good night Jenna.

Last night I was at a buddies house working on a car in the garage, We were having beers and I asked where his wife was, He shrugged and said "Who knows, Out with friends", I left it at that and when we were almost ready to go for a test drive his wife came stumbling into the garage somewhere around 2:00 am. I noticed almost immediately that she... [more]

Granting fantasies

My husband and I ended up in a hot tub with my best friend, My husband is 44, I am 39 and she is 42, We were drunk and she had come to visit, I was sitting on his lap and we have a small hot tub, I still don't know why but I was super h**** and I reached down and grabbed his [more]

Your fault

My husband and I got trashed in the garage with his cousin one night and my husband was drunk and telling his cousin how great I am in bed and that I can deepthroat. His cousin laughed and said "Yeah right, You must have a small d*** then" and my husband being slobbery drunk told me to show him.
Ok... [more]

The reason Noah cursed Canaan.

I read the Bible over and over again, the Bible is filled with nothing but mysteries and stories of b***** wars. But there is one story that busted my mind to look for answers.
Why does Noah curse Canaan, I looked at this story in the Bible and the Torah and I find no answer. Than I found out... [more]

Warning: Long Story Loosing V-card & Inappropriate Relationship

Warning: This is long but it is a confession and I tried to make it as short as possible. It's also the first time I've posted anything like this too.
I lost my V-card & and had an inappropriate relationship at the same time. I can’t believe I’m posting this confession after all these years. I’ve told no one. My husband doesn’t even know. I’m... [more]

Never agree to anything when drunk.

I agreed to anniversary a*** last night, My good god, So terrible. Face down, Bum in the air getting "Prepped" with his tongue and fingers and then OH F***, never again, 13 minutes of pain and disgust and then I literally gagged when he came in me...So... [more]

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