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Don't Ever Drink and Drive

I posted on here a few months ago about how my long-term relationship partner lost his ex girlfriend to someone who hit and killed her with a car when he or she was drunk. 4 years later, he would still talk about her all the time, had pictures of them on his wall, ect.
She was clearly the love of his life, and she was taken form him for a... [more]

Stripper wife

My husband is in the Navy on a sub and is gone foe 6 to 8 months at a time. I have an MBA am on a professional job, but three years ago I went on vacation with three friends. We got very drunk amd we all tried out an amateur stripper night. For the others it was a drunk slutty one time thing. I loved it. I love being nude on stage and... [more]

He got the best deal ever.

My husband and I decided to have a final fling before we tied the knot, More just as a final blowout before settling down than anything, we discussed just doing something together and he brought up the "Final fling" idea, We like to get a bit wild and crazy but have never done something with someone else alone...If that makes sense, Like we have... [more]

He forced himself on me

I'm the only child and it was nice having my cousin act like a big brother making sure no one gave me trouble,I did have a bf and that didn't last long when my cousin hit him for sleeping with me and through the lockdowns we chatted everyday, coming to the end of the last one he got me to send him a picture and he said i looked fit and kept asking... [more]

I confess that Native Americans are mentally Ill Sociopaths

I confess that most Native American people are real nice people, but it’s the small percentage of them that give most native people a bad name, just as the KKK gave most White People a bad name. I know what the Natives went through, they went through H*** and lots of it in their Residential School... [more]


Im so disgusted with myself but i need to get it off my chest cos i cant tell anyone. Im 18f from the uk, a few nights ago i got really drunk with a friend, after we parted ways at around midnight i went to the train station to go home. I was really drunk so details are a bit hazy but i remember there was some old homeless man on the platform, i... [more]

Crossed a line and done know how to go back

So I have been married to my wife for 15 years. We decided to get married when I was 19. She lied about a previous relationship she had. She was still married and had a daughter in the Philippines. After years of us going through h*** together, we had a daughter and when she was 3 years old we... [more]

My saddening love life

Ok so.. it all started around 8 months ago. I was scrolling through Instagram and was absolutely stunned by her beauty. I saw a picture of that one girl and I told my self " what if I can be her lover". So.. I decided to text her with that awful catchphrase haha. Well it kinda worked out but didn't because she didn't really know me so it was... [more]

My wifes fantasy

My wife is a very attractive woman with red hair and green eyes. she is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 120 pounds. she has a very fit 34c 22 32 figure and is what most would think of as a conservative woman next door.
she recently confessed that she had a long time fantasy about being spanked. she told me that in her fantasy she was rude to me my... [more]

After your to Drunk & You pass out

My parents were drinking one week end family & friends.. After 2 days my dad carried my Aunt Cindy into my room. It was 11:20 pm. I had to try something she was wasted first I undid the blouse then bra undid in the middle so I got to see b****. That got me to start [more]

Stalked / followed my wife

SO my wife travels a lot for work and takes assignments typically 3 months from place to place and stays at hotels from time to time. Well on one of her earlier assignments she booked a hotel which had fairly cheap rates as we were short on cash. She came home after the first weekend and we had a few drinks one night and she was talking about the... [more]

Love both men and women

I realize in my first year of marriage that s** is fun OK is was young (16).
My husband like blow jobs and from behind humping.
i ask him for more and i got a*** s** which i enjoyed very much,
i wanted more... [more]

Young woman struggling/Toxic people/ bad choices/ GUILT

I'm a reserved young woman going on my mid 20's, I want to confess because the guilt is too heavy
My whole life I've tried to be good, not good actually but perfect in every aspects of my being to please others.
I've realised it's not a healthy thing, I've sacrificed myself on many ways to please people therefore I've hurt myself very much... [more]

Break up with Girlfriend

Last week I posted the break up texts with my girlfriend where I sent her a picture of my new Swiss passport and said that I'm moving to Switzerland without her and that we're through.
She would always cause drama. She would wine at me and hit me when things didn't go her way. She has a drinking problem and got drunk at my cousins first... [more]

Finding my Father

I'm 14, and right before the pandemic my parents had a messy divorce. My mother was 100% in the wrong. She would come home drunk, screaming at us, hitting Dad in front of us. I will never forget when I walked by my parents room, seeing my dad sobbing, looking at an old photo album from when we were little.
Eventually, Dad left. He packed two... [more]

Drunk enough to not care.

It was summer time, I was taking summer classes to get out of school early. My mom and dad had a shop in town and would leave early to open up. During the summer My cousin would stay with us to help my parents and and enjoy the beach. this was his third year with us he was now 16 and I was 20.
We lived in an old house, One day I had gotten up to... [more]

Mother is mad at me, ilive with her, i drink rum

Iget drunk sometimes, she mad at me, i do wear women thongs and other, i put it on my bed she shaw it, he said who the fu c k r u, i tryed to tell her its who i am. she is made at me, i enjoy wearing women thongs what should i say to her? help

Wife controls me by my di*k

My wife is very attractive F 30. Having good figure. She loves wearing reveling clothes when we go out. She doesn’t feel shy to show off her Cleavage and confidently wear low cut tops, shorts when we hangout with other couples.
One day we were having a family meet with my closed friends. We booked AirBnb spend a night.
Our wife’s are good... [more]

Flirt wife

My wife has always been a total flirt and loves to show off her big b****** and curvy ass no matter where we are. Short skirts and dresses,low cut tops sometimes no bra.
women in the neighborhood kept a close eye on her when she was around their husbands or boyfriends.
Working in the front yard... [more]

Mother in Law

Since I met my wife many years ago now I have a desire to f*** her mother. She is 5 foot 1, glossy green eyes, long brown hair, clear skin with not a wrinkle in sight. Nice C cups that look much larger due to her small frame and quite a nice curvaceous rear. A mother of 5 including my wife and just... [more]

I feel used

After a company function to celebrate my becoming a millionaire for the 40th time probably my fiance and I were at a club, We met up with my boss and his wife, It was kinda weird seeing them there but we sat and had a couple drinks with them, They invited us to come back to their place with a group of other couples so we went.
Needless to say... [more]

I want to murder my step-father...i think i might be going crazy

I'm 14. my bio dad went to prison when i was four so it's not like a "omg i hate you, you're never going to replace my dad'' type thing. It's just the simple fact that I hate him and it's my moms fault. she's been with him for the past 4 years or was fine when they started dating because to be fair, my mom used to be a hoe. I thought he... [more]

Ko-ed by girl

As a young man I did some boxing,mostly private with friends as a workout.
At the gym I went to we had matches once a month but I only boxed twice and was knocked out in the first round both times so I quit that and just did sparring at home mostly with my stepmom.
Fast forward to three years ago,married with two teen stepdaughters.
A backyard... [more]

Am i the only one?

This isn't really a confession. I just want to know if I'm truly as alone as I always feel. I'm homeschooled. Have been my whole life. Neither of my parents are very educated and my schooling is 110% my responsibility. I'm keeping afloat for the most part, but am crippled in math.
Currently I'm 17 years old and am anxious af about becoming an... [more]

My wife likes to dress like a woman and get me drunk

And I love it, I dress up like a woman, and she will take me out to a bar, and get me loaded, I mean really REALLY loaded to where she has to carry me out, I feel like such a s l u t when she does it, I never wanted to be female before but once I am dressed up with a good amt of alcohol in me, I want to be the drunkest most bimbo s l u t I can... [more]

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