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Mother is mad at me, ilive with her, i drink rum

Iget drunk sometimes, she mad at me, i do wear women thongs and other, i put it on my bed she shaw it, he said who the fu c k r u, i tryed to tell her its who i am. she is made at me, i enjoy wearing women thongs what should i say to her? help

Wife controls me by my di*k

My wife is very attractive F 30. Having good figure. She loves wearing reveling clothes when we go out. She doesn’t feel shy to show off her Cleavage and confidently wear low cut tops, shorts when we hangout with other couples.
One day we were having a family meet with my closed friends. We booked AirBnb spend a night.
Our wife’s are good... [more]

Flirt wife

My wife has always been a total flirt and loves to show off her big b****** and curvy ass no matter where we are. Short skirts and dresses,low cut tops sometimes no bra.
women in the neighborhood kept a close eye on her when she was around their husbands or boyfriends.
Working in the front yard... [more]

Mother in Law

Since I met my wife many years ago now I have a desire to f*** her mother. She is 5 foot 1, glossy green eyes, long brown hair, clear skin with not a wrinkle in sight. Nice C cups that look much larger due to her small frame and quite a nice curvaceous rear. A mother of 5 including my wife and just... [more]

I feel used

After a company function to celebrate my becoming a millionaire for the 40th time probably my fiance and I were at a club, We met up with my boss and his wife, It was kinda weird seeing them there but we sat and had a couple drinks with them, They invited us to come back to their place with a group of other couples so we went.
Needless to say... [more]

I want to murder my step-father...i think i might be going crazy

I'm 14. my bio dad went to prison when i was four so it's not like a "omg i hate you, you're never going to replace my dad'' type thing. It's just the simple fact that I hate him and it's my moms fault. she's been with him for the past 4 years or was fine when they started dating because to be fair, my mom used to be a hoe. I thought he... [more]

Ko-ed by girl

As a young man I did some boxing,mostly private with friends as a workout.
At the gym I went to we had matches once a month but I only boxed twice and was knocked out in the first round both times so I quit that and just did sparring at home mostly with my stepmom.
Fast forward to three years ago,married with two teen stepdaughters.
A backyard... [more]

Am i the only one?

This isn't really a confession. I just want to know if I'm truly as alone as I always feel. I'm homeschooled. Have been my whole life. Neither of my parents are very educated and my schooling is 110% my responsibility. I'm keeping afloat for the most part, but am crippled in math.
Currently I'm 17 years old and am anxious af about becoming an... [more]

My wife likes to dress like a woman and get me drunk

And I love it, I dress up like a woman, and she will take me out to a bar, and get me loaded, I mean really REALLY loaded to where she has to carry me out, I feel like such a s l u t when she does it, I never wanted to be female before but once I am dressed up with a good amt of alcohol in me, I want to be the drunkest most bimbo s l u t I can... [more]

One has to ask this question about God

My first cousins 20 year old daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She was stopped at a red light and he rear ended her killing her and two other very fine young people. So God. Where were you?

My boyfriend is grieving the death of his ex 4 years later

My boyfriend's ex died a few years before we met (We've been together for 13 months). His ex was killed by a drunk diver when they were still dating and I think he's still grieving for her 4 years later.
He talks about her a lot. He'll show me cute pictures of him her on his phone a lot. When he cooks he talks about how much she liked what... [more]

22 year old virgin

When I just turned 18 I hooked up with a girl and about to do the dirty with her until we got interrupted at a party. A few days later I was hit by a drunk driver when I was riding my bike. Its an anomaly that I survived.
I'm 22 now and recovering from my injury is a full time job. I go to physical therapy 5 days a week and can take a few... [more]


I am 38, married with 3 kids, 5'3" and 135 ish pounds, I stayed with some family the other weekend and my nephew had a friend there, We were all pretty drunk and I went to bed, My husband was coming up the next day and I was laying in bed, I heard the door to my room open and felt the sheets slide off my back side. OK, At this point I should have... [more]

60 yo and doing cocaine again

I have never been an addictive type. I'm never got into anything heavy in my youth, even in college. Never liked pot, but did for a time, 15-20 yrs ago, got into cocaine. Couldn't always afford it so never got crazy. I like to drink socially and sometime cant cut if off drunk. I don't think it's impacted on my work. Many of my clients... [more]

What just happened.

My best friend and I were at a party last night and everyone was getting drunk, Her BF's parents have a hot tub so of course everyone was in their underwear swimming and whatever, My friend and I were sitting in a big round sort of lawnchair thing, Camping chair, Whatever you want to call it and her boyfriend came out of the hot tub, Dropped his... [more]

How much alcohol is too much?

My mum has steadily drank a little more every year. I’ve never been a big drinker and don’t like drinking much, so it’s hard for me to tell whether this is a problem or not..
She has at least half-to-one bottle of white wine every Friday (this is routine for ‘takeaway night’). A couple of glasses on Sat and Sun. And she’ll sometimes have a... [more]

I love gay s** but don't find men attractive. Am I gay?

When I was 19 stumbling back from a rugby party. I got to my door room and passed out naked in my bed (I always sleep naked when I'm hammered). I woke up to this 18yo freshman Brian trying to work his hard c*** into my ass. Brian is skinny, feminine, very nice kid who lived 2 doors down. He's... [more]

Should I Leave Home Because of Abuse?

At this point, leaving home is completely justifiable because of abuse. It would be hard since I might have Covid (test coming back tomorrow) and am on a lot of medication which has agonizing withdraw.
I'm a 19 year old male. A hand full of times a year my father will put his crotch on my butt, and, or, put his hands on my hips and kiss me on... [more]

Does my mum need help?

I feel like my mum needs help but I don’t know what to do. I live abroad so only see her around the summer and holidays, for about a month each time (although we talk lots). I notice she drinks a lot, just by herself she drank a whole bottle of wine last night.
She also does this strange thing where she’ll lie or exaggerate injuries for... [more]

Christmas party

I got drunk at my company Christmas party and gave 2 different guys a b*******. Now I'm afraid they tell everyone and I have to quit my job. I trust the one not to say anything but the other is demanding I do it again or he will tell. I really need this job.

Party, Party, Party.

A couple friends and I go to this huge outdoor concert every year in a valley near by, Buddy borrows his dads huge toy hauler camper and we set up in the party zone and it is always a blast, lots of people just randomly come by and drink and so on, One thing we always do is bring Moly, Lots of Moly and we just slip it to whoever, This past year... [more]

Not fair.

I am a 23 year old female, Engaged to a 25 year old male, We have plans for a summer wedding and we agreed to do one thing for each other sexually before getting married, We did my thing and it was awesome, I may even add it to the regular rotation if he actually enjoyed it as much as he says he did, The problem arose when he finally decided on... [more]

I think she.liked it

So I'm 26 and my sister in law is 23 and she dared me to guess the body part she was drunk and I don't drink but anyways I said sure and we do first to 3 wins and when it was the second round she pulled out her p**** and guided my hand being blindfolded and.started making my fingers go in her [more]

You can't do that

I went home with a guy last night and I am pretty sure that what he did was illegal. I was out with some friends and a really good looking guys sent us some drinks, We smiled and waved and three of them came over to our table, Two of the four of us are married and one had her "Visitor" so I eneded up going back to their place or someones place... [more]

The things booze will do.

Two summers ago my niece got married, I attended the wedding with my husband and children, My kids were younger so my husband had taken them back to the hotel so I could stay and party with family. I had drunk too much and went outside for some air, I was sitting behind the hall and a guy came out, and we started talking, Turns out he is my nieces... [more]

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