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Woman crush

I am a married woman and a mom of a 5 year old boy. I am fixated on the principal of my son's school. She is around 20 years older than me but very attractive, elegant and British. There is just something about her. She wears very smart business suits and high heels and I find myself looking at her legs a lot. Her voice is rich (wonderful in that... [more]

Not sure if this is weird or not...

So I'm 18, female, and I like working out at the gym and getting toned. I consider myself to be fairly more masculine than the average chick my age, and no matter how girly I dress or act, I feel like it just doesn't look good on me. Now the weird part is that for some reason, I'm attracted to soft-looking girly guys, and I really wish I could... [more]

My husband doesn't want to have s** with me

I'm 24 and have an attractive body and face. I'm not a supermodel, but I'm not ugly. My husband and I do not connect sexually. I would have s** three times a day if I could. I'm always h**** and want to jump his bones. He has a very physically demanding job... [more]

Narcissist/Sociopath here. How are you?

I've tried to be like you, caring and compassionate. But is is not in me. I have loyalties, and 2 people I want to be happy, but to the rest of them, and you, I'm faking it. I only care about people in so much as they can give me what I want. I pretend to get emotional when I'm not, and I watch the reactions of people around me to see if they are... [more]

I love getting fatter, especially in my belly

It took me 19 years to figure this out, but I eventually realized I really enjoying eating until I feel full and about to burst, and getting fatter as a result of that because of my love for delicious food.
This began manifesting itself in my elementary years, where my eyes were always drawn towards the chubbier and fatter girls in class. I... [more]

My mature neighbor

A couple months back I was outside having a smoke on my steps. It was dark out and where I sat was basically in the shadows. My neighbor, a semi attractive 50 something year old came outside to walk her dog as she normally does. Her husband is always gone on work related things and that evening I noticed his car was gone and my girlfriend was out... [more]

Wife's sister

I think me and my wife's sister are being inappropriate. I'm 27, wife us 24, her sister is 20. Sometimes the sister stays with us when she's home from college. My wife usually works on Saturdays. The pass few Saturday mornings, the sister has come laid in the bed on my wife's side. We all play on our phones, chat a little, and wake up. My wife... [more]

Did my old Den Mother

I’m 19 and about to head back to college. I thought I’d go see one of my old friends before I leave town. Had not seen him since last summer when I finished my Eagle Project as I went off to college soon after. We had been close friends for over 12 years as we were Tiger Cubs together and his mom was our Den Mother.
Mrs M was my first... [more]

Smoking fetish?!

So i’m a female(22) who are really attracted to men(fictionally) smoking cigars. I don’t know why i’m attracted to this since i’m against smoking and find it gross. But when i see a beautiful attractive man smoking a big cigar i get really turned on and blushes heavily. Has any of you guys this fetish?

I am a cuckold

My wife started cheating on me just two years into our marriage. When I found out I told her I was ok with it. As a matter of fact I would love to watch her having s** with another man. Even though she was more than willing to cheat, she could not bring herself to have [more]

Omegle has some of the most F***** up men I ever seen

I confess that I’m embarrassed to be a man right now, because we Real Men in the west have totally forgotten how to be Real men in Society and it’s not our fault that we Men are so weak and stupid and worthless and drug addicted and perverted and
I confess that Omegle has some of the sickest perverted men I ever seen, not all of them are sick... [more]

God Gave Me Someone To Love

God gave me the best gift: YOU!
I prayed for you day and night.
God answered my prayers.
I have no regrets,
when my path crossed yours.
When two departed souls unite,
the entire universe lights up,
For all to admire and see.
Love is like a fire that
never stops burning.
My love for you,
Is eternal.
True love is something that... [more]

My best friend

I don't find guys attractive but for some reason I can't stop thinking about my best friends d***.. I even got on his phone and sent his whole album to my phone to see his sick.. I'm fairly big but the bulge he has in his pants I had to see it in person.. one drunk night happened first accedently... [more]

Better than best friends

My best friend was 10 years older than me.. after around 2 years of being comfortable around each other.. I'll call him tim but Tim USTA always have a gay retort to things.. after knowing him over 5 years I hit rock bottom and his dad let me move in... "My buddies dad was in a horrible wreck and he took care of the house till his dad can home"... [more]

Why am i falling for my best friend

I'm 18 and I'm bi. I've known my best friend since 6th grade and tbh she's the whole reason I know i'm not straight. Over the last year or 2 i've noticed that I'm starting to be attracted to her in more than a friend way. she doesn't know this and she's also bi but has a boyfriend. however, her boyfriend cheats on her a lot. she knows this but... [more]

L*** for aunt

Hey guys,
I really don't want to be called sick and perverted but this has always been on my mind. When I was 14 my mom had died of cancer. I felt so heartbroken. My mom was my best friend and were able to talk about anything. She was a single mom that raised my sister and I. Anyways I would always visit my family in Virginia because part... [more]

No one likes black girls. And still dont find them attractive

In high school back then no one even liked black girls...they would never come in conversation. Its like they did not even exist. Black people were always ugly in group of 17 people i hangout with.

I Love Blonds So Much

19 year old male
I love blond girls so much. It makes me sad that it's rare for an adult female to have real blond hair. My crush from the internet (lives 20 minuets away and around the corner from my good friend) has beautiful blond hair and bright eyes, I'm tearing up a little because I'll never have her because she's a [more]

Friends husband is blackmailing me.

In February I attended a friends wedding in mexico, Lovely, small beach ceremony Blah, Blah. That night we overtook the resort pool bar and they let us keep it open later than normal with the undersatanding that if other people wanted to use it as well that they were allowed.
I am single, 39, 5'6", 140 pounds and have DDD's, I wish I was a bit... [more]

I have a plan, what should I do?

Ok so here's the plan. I'm not that attractive, I'm maybe a 4 out of 10 at the most. I know I'm ugly. There's this girl I've seen that works at this grocery store close by to where I live. She's not that attractive either so she's about the same as I am, a 4 out of 10. Now the plan is to try to get with her. She has to know she ain't all that... [more]

Sister just got so hot and I want her

I have never really noticed my sister in terms of being attractive or not, but recently I saw her in clothes that make the most of her body, and she got my blood pumping, her ass, her b******, her whole body, my mind was blown, and I had no choice but to go relieve myself. Now I am so desperate... [more]

Night shifts

When I work nights I work 7 in a row, starting on the Monday night. By the weekend I tend to get up later, about 2pm, last weekend I got up knowing that my wife and son had gone to meet a friend but didn’t know she was coming back to ours. I was half asleep and heading to the shower, I went to open the bathroom door but the door opened before I... [more]

Calling all fat men

I am a lady in my early 20s, slim and fit, only attracted to overweight men, specifically in the belly area. The bigger belly the better. There seem to be no dating websites for skinny women who like overweight men. I live in Orange County CA. Big bellies are a fetish of mine but I love overweight men beyond a fetish,I’ve fell in love with one... [more]

I Don't Find Her Attractive Anymore

I met her 6 months ago, ,
The first thought that came to my mind was " Nobody is gonna like her". Great.
Then, i saw her again, but could not see her face as she was sitting infront of me. For the next three days, i only wanted to see her face again, but could not.
Then, i met her in my class, and was instantly got attracted to her. I liked... [more]


So months ago I confessed this but never saw it online so I will try again.
My son has been married to a very attractive girl for several years now and I have at times tried to find pics of her on their computer or phones. I did find a few nice pics but nothing nude. Anyway I was at their home one day while the son was out and his wife said she... [more]

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