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Getting Too Exited Part 1

“Getting Too Exited”
***warning monor sexual material, nothing overly exiting but explicit and something to take note of. All names in this confession are changed to hide their identity***
I wasn’t a perticularly attractive teenage schoolboy, and while I didn’t have the best self esteem, I wouldn’t let anything really get to... [more]

Boy in a Woman's Bikini

Recently my parents revealed to my brother and I that we are going on a tropical vacation for a week during the cold Winter months. My Mom gave my brother and I money and told us to go by some new swim trunks for ourselves.
I am a boy, skinny, about 5'7" tall, 14 years old. Anyway, I think I am attracted to women. I'm pretty sure I am! Anyway... [more]

Why am I Such a Virgin?

Right, I'm a complete spoon. I'm sixteen and I'm in the perfect position to get a girlfriend - I'm pretty decent looking, I'm physically fit and muscular, I have plenty of attractive female friends and I know from not only my own mind but also other people telling me that several of these pretty girls would happily go out with me. Problem is, I... [more]

I wish I was Latina

Latinos in general are the epitome of attractive. From the way they look, to the way the speak, to the way they carry themselves. I also really love their culture. The food, the music, the festivals. It's all so lively. I also love how family-oriented they are.

I'm miserable and my whole life is a lie.

Like the title says, everything in my life feels like a lie and I've become totally f****** miserable. I have a girlfriend I'm not sure I really love. She's pretty but overweight, and I've always been attracted to smaller girls. I guess that's why I have a strong attraction to a girl... [more]

Boyfriend's Diary

I [20f] just moved into an apartment with my bf [24m] of about six months. We've been pretty serious, and have talked about getting engaged. I really love him. He's also majorly attractive, and I admit that I'm a little insecure about it, because although I'm good looking, I'm not sure what he sees in me.
Anyway, I was unpacking some of his... [more]

Anyone else like this?

It was probably because my father wasn't really a big part of my life until I was 11 and I was brought up by my sisters and mother, but I just don't find the female or male body inherently sexual.
Gender or s** has never really bothered me when it has come to making friends, choosing partners, or... [more]

I allow my teenage son to touch, smell, even lick my feet and...

Well, i confess that due to my wonderful therapists help, ive been enabling my son's sexualized view of and behaviors towards me, and other potential women later in his life. For that I am greatful, but now i have the looming guilt of letting him "go too far" as one of my dear friends advised me one day, about two months ago now. At first i would... [more]

Luke and his teacher

Ever since he was a little kid, Luke had a special thing for older women. Especially those who wielded some kind of authority like teachers, women policemen, even nurses. As he grew into his teens he began to fantasize about what he would do if he ever got a chance with a woman like that. Luke was pretty attractive, and so he could go out with any... [more]

His brother

I am extremely attracted to my boyfriend's brother... and I don't even know why. It doesn't make any sense, and it p***** me off. The past 2 years, I've done everything in my power to ensure our relationship works. We've finally gotten to a point where we know each other through and through and are... [more]

I'm attracted to my cousin and her feet.

Just happened one night like a switch turning on. Ever since I have never seen her the same way. We are still close somewhat and our relationship as cousins remains. But there is definitely a sexual tension that rises whenever she visits.
I should mention I have an admiration for feet and am not ashamed of it. Her feet in particular always... [more]

The day I got put down and embarrassed

I was 67 at the time. This young attractive girl was at my pub and she was red in her face crying. In an effort to make her feel better I offered to buy her a few drinks. She said "I'll let you" with a smile on her face.
She sat down and started sobbing again and I went over to her and put my hand on her shoulder. I sad that whatever was... [more]

Love my wife, but my colleague makes me feel alive

I’ve been married for 17 years. We have two teens in HS.
Love my family and still feel attracted to my wife. But, there is no spark. There are things we like to do in common, but I just don’t feel a connection and we’ve drifted apart. Totally different things that make us happy.
Worked with the same person, not directly, for 3 years. Got along... [more]

Rahul and his cousin

Rahul had always had a huge crush on one of his distant cousins. Whenever there was a family gathering, she almost always wore a saree and Rahul use to steal glances of her back, midriff and navel. He fantasized about running his fingers through her waist and back and kissing her navel. But it never really took shape. Soon their respective... [more]

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