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Mixed Emotions

I am in a good marriage, and I know it. My wife is pretty fat: she weighs over 400 pounds. She's gotten fatter and fatter over time, and I can't even remember what it was like to have s** with her when she was below 200 pounds (she was ~160 when we met).
About a month ago we were having [more]


I am married for 10 years but without kid. Recently, my brother in law shows interest in me. Without myself realising it, we grew close and one thing leads to another. Eventually we had s** without protection. I am now worried if I will get pregnant. I don't think my brother in law is in love with me. He... [more]

Sick fantasy

I married a total Gemini woman. Sweet one day then a total B the next. I am not surprised since. I have been visiting dommes most of my adult life. I go at least one month and enjoy it so much when I am there. To get tied up traded and tortured. Wipped and degraded totally verbal and physical. I go to one that is schooled in kick... [more]

I'm not attracted to my own race??

I'm a bisexual white woman and I don't feel any attraction towards white men, and only a slight attraction to other white women. Is this weird?
I used to be attracted to other white people but now I can't see myself with a white man at all.
I know I'm white myself, but all white guys I've been with have always been so bland and boring.
I've... [more]

Is this super weird...?

I hope I can convey this in a way where no one will take it the wrong way, and it's probably going to be a long read, so buckle up for a waste of your time.
ok so I have this non-sexual "fetish" for stomachs (I'm a straight teen female). And I try to look up similar 'cases' of this kind of s***... [more]

Open and proud

I'm attracted to a person who uses kind and gentle words, when interacting with people and animals.
I'm attracted to a person with a compassionate and empathetic nature/disposition.
I'm attracted to a person's cute, cooky and individualistic mannerisms and sense of humour.
I can't help who I'm attracted to, gender and race has no... [more]

What it's like to be ugly

I have always known I was ugly.
From the time I was an infant not one person spared me. No one failed to remind me of all I lacked.
After I was born, my grandmother used to say my nose looked like it had been run over by a train.
She and father used to say my eyes were too squinty, too small, too Asian.
By school age, I was too dark... [more]

I like older white men

I'm 13 and I'm attracted to older 'white' men. Not super old. Just 30 or younger. I suppose I know where this attraction started from. I've always lived in diverse neighborhoods. Not many black people around. Hardly any at all. So I grew attracted to what I'm most around.
I want him to like me as well. I want to massage his back. Run my... [more]

Got a lap dance now worried

I went out with some guys from work to a strip club. My wife would not like it if she knew it, but sometimes, maybe once or twice a year, I go to a strip club with the guys and have a good time with some young ladies.
We went to the club and I had my eyes on a really cute young woman, she was slim with nice big ones and long legs. She came over... [more]

I want my mother in law

In her mid forties my mom in law looks beautiful.Her big ass has been her best asset. I have been married for 7 years. And I have always been attracted towards her. I want her. While having s** with my wife I think of her.I m********* imagining... [more]

Why can't my life....

(If you know who pewdiepie and Jacksepticeye then you will under stand) I'm a female and is not girly girl! I hate it that boys won't hang out with me, treat me like one of them! I love my friends that are girls but they aren't fun and as awesome as they used to be. I'm in middle school and I want to be around the boys. I'm not lesbian but I'm not... [more]


I'm 21 yrs young am gay meaning girl with girl, I dislike the word "Les" it's seems to harsh and filled with hate. Recently I went to get my physical done my physician said something is wrong with my heart I don't fully understand I've worked out all my life, since 14! Ate healthy lifestyle but now i have to be cautious and take tests constant... [more]

I worship Shrek

Well what started off as a joke has turned into something much more. I was never really attracted to him at first me and my friend's would f*** around saying shrek is love shrek is life but then outta nowhere i got a sick fetish for him. I remember googling images of shrek and seeing a picture of him... [more]

S** with gf

When I have s** with my girlfriend i only seem to climax when I picture a certain girl I've had s** with before which is her best friend. My gf is very nice looking and has everything I like, he best friend has it all aswell. Me and my gf were split up at the... [more]

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