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Wife finally agrees.

After 9 yrs of marriage, I agreed with my wife we would be more outgoing in our sexuality as a couple. She was 5'4" 124 lite brown hair hazel eyes a very attractive woman. Dressed conservatively but even wearing such was a real looker. Just getting her to wear a mini dress was nearly impossible. Her girlfriends from work helped her pick out some... [more]

Last Month I F***** Up

Before I begin I fully admit that what I did was stupid, selfish, and unfair. I'm kicking myself for what I did and am never planning on doing something like this again.
So... over the last two years I worked alongside a woman who I found incredibly attractive. She was smart, funny, pretty, a hard worker, and really good at her job, but also... [more]

I stole a black girls underwear

So yesterday I was working at a home that was owned by a black doctor. He was not home but his wife was and it just so happens that she is very attractive which is pretty unusual for that race. I could not take my eyes off this ladies ass. it was not your typical black girl ass this one was small and had a great shape. I could see her thong line... [more]

My wifes fantasy

My wife is a very attractive woman with red hair and green eyes. she is 5 feet 5 inches tall and 120 pounds. she has a very fit 34c 22 32 figure and is what most would think of as a conservative woman next door.
she recently confessed that she had a long time fantasy about being spanked. she told me that in her fantasy she was rude to me my... [more]

I wish I had significant other

That's it. I've been feeling very lonely and the older I get, the harder I realize it'll be for me to even get in a relationship (I'm 20, I know, I'm still young, but it really sucks when most people I know have already been in relationships)... Covid isn't helping either lol
I don't want to use dating apps either because I'm not looking for a... [more]

Advice needed

I've been with my husband for 3 years and we have a baby daughter, and I've always known I'm bi but recently I've been a lot less attracted to my husband and wishing I could be with a woman. I love my husband, but I don't feel attracted to him and we aren't having s** much anymore because of my feelings... [more]

I did something incredibly stupid

I am humiliated and taking a big risk telling you this but I feel I need to.
I have worked very hard in my company to get to my level of Vice President. I don't have time to date so I spend most of my time working. I am relatively young for this position at 39 years old. I am told that I'm attractive and I work hard to maintain my fit swimmers... [more]

My wife Used to cuck me with men

My wife used to cuck me with men, then it all paused for the last several years we have been reliving old s** stories. then she found tik tok and finally came to grips with the fact she is Bisexual if not absolutely a lesbian. She is attracted to Masculine females or at least one, they snap chat all the... [more]

Make myself ugly

I hate how people treat me differently just because I'm conventionally attractive. How do I make myself ugly without hurting my body.

I don't even know what I'm feeling.

I don't know if I'm sad mad annoyed or jealous. My best friend who I'm secretly in love with just got a bf. He's way more attractive than me as well and I don't blame him for liking him. We talk like we are married and send each other paragraphs about how much we love each other too, idk what's gonna happen to our friendship. He helps keep me from... [more]

Wife controls me by my di*k

My wife is very attractive F 30. Having good figure. She loves wearing reveling clothes when we go out. She doesn’t feel shy to show off her Cleavage and confidently wear low cut tops, shorts when we hangout with other couples.
One day we were having a family meet with my closed friends. We booked AirBnb spend a night.
Our wife’s are good... [more]

Mother in Law

Since I met my wife many years ago now I have a desire to f*** her mother. She is 5 foot 1, glossy green eyes, long brown hair, clear skin with not a wrinkle in sight. Nice C cups that look much larger due to her small frame and quite a nice curvaceous rear. A mother of 5 including my wife and just... [more]

Embarrassing Part of my Sexuality

I'm turning 20 next week, but I'm attracted to girls as young as 13. The adorable youthful face with the maturing body is very attractive to me.
I had a lot of trauma in when I was 13/14 which could be a factor- a wish to return to a more youthful place. Dispite that, I would never ever lay a finger on a 13 year old, nor would I flirt with... [more]

B**** Got My Friend Arrested

I'll be the first to admit that we can be bit destructive when it comes to just breaking random stuff out in the woods but we all agreed to not touch anything personal or expensive like cars or windows. Now this couple lives right along the woods and often the wife would often see us running around and yell at us.
About a month ago, it was late... [more]

My dermotologist

She has been my dermatologist for many years. She’s an attractive woman with an athletic body (a few pounds’ overweight but sexy) and under that doctor’s coat seems to have a healthy C cup chest. She always wears a conservative style dress but tasteful. I had been to visit her one late weekday afternoon. I was her last appointment. I can’t... [more]


Can u platonically fall in love with someone bc I feel like I'm in love with this person but I'm not physically attracted to them or want to be with them :') im not even attracted to their gender

My Wife and Her Friend

I'm new to this site and have read several posts in different categories. No doubt some are real, and some are fake, which is usually how it is with a public (free) site. I decided to make a post as well that no one will probably believe and that's okay. At least I'll be able to get it off my chest instead of keeping it all bottled up. I don't... [more]

Please help, I desperately need advice!!!

I know this is going to sound fake, but I assure you it's 100% genuine so please consider giving me some advice if you read this, I really need help. For context: I've always been called ugly, and I wouldn't say I'm an attractive person, that's why this situation seems impossible to me. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost half a year now, I'd... [more]

Bi sexual

Im a married guy who have 4 kids
I do love her and I f*** her and lick her c*** . Im not attracted to men tho but I love being f***** in my ass , I suck my fuckbuddys [more]

I can't escape fat women

I am separated, awaiting my divorce to be finalized. Over the holidays the loneliness hit a fever pitch and I opened up a dating profile on a social media app I already use.
So, I am 40, I'd consider myself reasonably attractive, active, outdoorsy, fit/athletic. I posted profile pics that supported this. I tried to draw attention from women... [more]

Emily Preibus in Jesus Freak

Emily Preibus isn’t as innocent as y’all think. She is engaged and pregnant for the up and coming actor Marcel Shihadeh. Her parents in Shreveport doesn’t know their little bible thumbing blondie has been doing it with not only with him, but whenever he is on the road with his films. She is getting pipe down train from the guys at the TKE house on... [more]

I may j*** off in my sister in laws panties today

My sister in law asked me to do a few small jobs around her home today. She is smoking hot for a 46 year old lady. I have always been attracted to her. she has a killer body. She will leave me alone in her home while she goes to work. My plan is to go to her bedroom and look in her panty drawer or dirty clothes basket and [more]

Wife’s ex-gf

Amie and Kat were roommates in college and remained friends.
Amie invites Kat stays with us in the summer because we live 30 minutes from the beach and Kat lives in CT.
When Kat visits she complains about everything, our house, food we cook, the guest bed and our neighborhood. She picks fights with the our neighbors and it takes us months to... [more]


Okay. Here goes. New to this and kinda trembly.
I’m an 18yo pansexual girl from Newcastle England.
I have put my confession under the category of “s**” even though it is way more than s** to me.
I have been sniffing my used knickers for as long as can remember.
Mostly out of curiosity than anything else. I think people exploring themselves... [more]

I love gay s** but don't find men attractive. Am I gay?

When I was 19 stumbling back from a rugby party. I got to my door room and passed out naked in my bed (I always sleep naked when I'm hammered). I woke up to this 18yo freshman Brian trying to work his hard c*** into my ass. Brian is skinny, feminine, very nice kid who lived 2 doors down. He's... [more]

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