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He's so sweet.

My BF's older brother is so sweet, He straight up offered to let me practice blow jobs on him, What a nice guy. Yeah ok, He was drunk but still....
Really dude, My BF's parents were out of town so I had a...Sleepover, My BF leaves for work at 4:30 in the morning and I don't even know if they passed in the hallway or what but his older brother... [more]

It's not your choice.

My best friend and I got walked in on, Blah, Blah, No I am not telling the story but we got full on caught by my family, Mom, Dad, My brother and sister and there was no way to hide what we were doing or ourselves for that matter which is slightly disturbing.
We were in the middle of a seesion which we have been doing on and off for a few weeks... [more]

What should I do

Yesterday my friend come to my place his mom is gone for travel for 10 to 15 so I insist to him to dinner at my place we had dinner when he is gone for his home my parents tell why you let any friends of yours to come to our house
it's not the first time he came to my house. he came to my house 6-7 times first time for help to for my house... [more]

I was to young to understand

I remember when i was 8 walking in my mum's bedroom early and finding my 15yo brother asleep with her and walking back to my bedroom to play, there was so many other times when she would tell me to stay in my room and not to come out till she got me using the excuse she needed to have a chat with my brother,one time i didn't listen and had a look... [more]

My Step Brother and I have s**

I don’t want to get into the back story of my parents but my bio dad was toxic and i’m happy to have gotten away from him. My step dad is kind caring and the complete opposite. My step brother and dad moved in with our family (my mom and grandma) and at first it kind of started with him staring at me all the time. i would catch him staring and... [more]

Can't stop myself

In the past ive messed relationships up by cheating and thought it would be different with my new bf who ive been with for 3 years,his brother is only 16 and we were left alone yesterday i couldn't stop thinking about s** and for an hour i was trying to find the best way to ask him and then just decided... [more]

All guys are douches.

I went with my BF to his brothers and they gave me booze, I am close to legal but not for a few months but it isn't my first time drinking, However they fed me more and more and I passed out. My BF's brother is 9 years older and I woke up in the middle of him finishing inside me, I remember 3 others and my BF. F all men...Yes he is my ex now.

My Friend’s Epilepsy

A friend that was my neighbor for 7 years has really bad epilepsy and found out yesterday that he isn’t eligible for surgery because the seizures are coming from most parts of his brain. Any day he could have a seizure that effects a nerve in his heart that could kill him.
It makes me eyes ball up writing this because he’s like a brother to... [more]

I might be in love. Maybe just l***.

So, I am out shopping with my sister in law one week ago today, Yeah she was obviously not wearing a bra which is kinda normal, She doesn't often wear one but she doesn't flaunt it, She doesn't wear see through shirts or anything like that, usually a dark coloured t-shirt or something but this day she had on a sleeveless t-shirt, Still black but... [more]

I said I would

I have read so many stories on here about women who had someone do something to them uninvited and I read the comments about how the stories are fake or whatever and I said I would make a post about it.
I just wanted to say that not all of them are fake and this crap actually happens, I don't know if I am just a really good listener or if people... [more]

My Sister In Law-2

In December 2019 I had visited my brother and sister in law. He called me up one day he had an electrical problem so I told him 8:00a.m. on Saturday. They sleep late and this is early for him and my sister in law, which I know she won’t put on heavy cloths jut her see thru gown and see thru cover.
I arrived 5 minutes early, she was at the... [more]

Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving... [more]

Cousin And Me

Both my cousin and I are in the same high school, he a boy also with me being older and in a higher grade. I'm gay and not out but talk around school is that others' believe I'm gay. I even dated girls' as cover to stop the talk. My younger cousin is really cute and has always had girlfriend's. Both our parents went on a weekend trip leaving... [more]

Sexual abuse

Not too long ago I had a dream where for a brief instant, I had seen myself as a child in pampers being held up in the air by my arms and having my genitilia suckled on. It was more of a quick glimpse and i was surrounded by over 4 men in my dream. I woke up feeling very sad and had tears in my eyes.
Truth is, at 3 years of age, i had been taken... [more]

I like it maybe too much.

I started getting excited about voyerism at a young age, When I was about 14 I accidentally exposed myself to my step dad, I was wearing a beach coverup and had taken my bottoms off, Was going to go shower and rinse off the sand in my butt crack and took my bottoms out to the balcony, Put them on the chair to dry and they fell, I bent over and... [more]

Full F'ed week.

My friend and I came home from university to my parents house for a week, I intorduced her to my family and took her out to meet all my old friends and party. Oops yeah we were sleeping in the same bed because there was no where else for her to sleep since my uncle, Aunt and two "male" cousins were occupying the basement and the first morning I... [more]

Follow up on I'm in love with my best friend

Update on my last confession: I met up with my friend last weekend. Every time I see him I just want to kiss him more and more. I never get bored when he's talking and I could stare at him all day long. Things have been getting more physical but I still haven't told him how I feel. We were cuddling on my bed and I felt his [more]

So awkward

I got caught playing with myself but...As if that wasn't bad enough I got caught by my...Uncle, But as if that wasn't bad enough I got caught watching a home video of him and my auntie. Ok, so this is a bit of a weird description so let me explain.
Not exactly my uncle but he is married to my mom's cousin, My mom's brother has no kids and we are... [more]

Nothing yet...or probally ever

My Mother started going out with this guy a little older then her and she invite him to dinner one night a cuple weeks ago so he could meet us kids, me and my 2 younger brothers. He was good looking and it looked to me like he's hung pretty good. yeah. I checked him just to see and I was pretty impressed. And yeah I noticed he checked me out... [more]

Big brother in law

I was sat on my sofa and looked over at my brother in law and caught him looking up my skirt i decided to give him a better view and slowly spread my legs i knew he wanted me, my husband was to busy on his phone to notice i managed to get him out of the house to do some shopping i waited upstairs and soon as he drove off his brother rushed up... [more]

Family s**

I walked in on my dad on his back with my sister riding him . She had her back to him they had their legs face the door so I could see his d*** going in sister little but hole . Her pussycat look dripping wet to. I walked in got on top of her and start to [more]

Fun with sister in school

Friday me and my sister went to school . Win we got there we went to the empty room that we had found. we had been having s** in it every school day this year . There was a table in the corner of the room . My sister rushed to the table and got on top . She flipped up her skirt. She said hurry brother... [more]

Depression and Stress

I am suicidal at only the age of 11. I'm stupid, fat, ugly, and overall worthless. My parents hate me and they love my brother WAY more than me. I tried to kill myself just last night by eating 5 pills at a time. That didn't work (obviously) so then I tried 10 pills, and now I'm just miserable. I go to a school where the people there, including... [more]

I want to kill my step father

My mother divorced my father when I was around 7; I'm very close to both my mom and my dad and his new family. Very soon after the divorce, maybe when I was 9 or so, my mom began dating again while still very emotionally vulnerable and she met a man, let's call him T, who was also recently divorced. He seemed alright at first, albeit a bit strange... [more]

My mother told me I should kill myself.

First, some context. I'm 13, I'm having family issues with my grandmother, which is causing everyone to freak out. My mother was already depressed and drunk alcohol, but now it's even worse. On top of all that, school is stressing everyone out, and Covid is making it even worse. I'm really sensitive both physically and emotionally. Recently, the... [more]

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