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Truth and dare

Me and my brother have been off school for two weeks. and we have started playing T&D started off just doing silly stuff. but today he asked me if i have ever masturbated? i am 11 and he is 14.. i said i had done it a couple of time yes but not much.. i asked if he had? and said he does it almost every day!! hr then dared me to show him my [more]

Sibling Consanguinamory

I'm a 45 year old mom now but when our parents were in a commercial airline crash in 2001 my older brother and I had no one. I moved home to live free and so did he. We were basket cases for close to 6 months! We were drinking vodka straight up one evening and as is said: "One thing led to another." Over about 3 hours we dared each other to... [more]

Picked the wrong brother

I'm 23 and married to a p*** head bully,in the last year my husband has changed so much,my brother in law has had to stop him when he's drunk from hitting me,I enjoy it when he comes round he makes me feel wanted,3 months ago when he came around all i wanted was him to give me what ive been missing... [more]

For all you incest pro f******

Incest is just a symptom of a deeper problem. This argument that it's all about love is just a cover-up of a deeper issue here. Somewhere down the family line no proper boundaries were given. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the family line had some severe sexual abuse. So, this isn't about love in the family, but disrespect, power and control... [more]

I had s** with my boyfriend's brother

Last night I was drunk and I was out of my mind. I invited my boyfriend's brother to my room. He's also one of my best friends. We had s**. I feel so horrible. I can't face my boyfriend. I'm so confused right now. I can't get it off my mind. How do I continue to live with this on my chest?

Saw brother masterbating and watched

My name is Autumn, I am 16 and have a twin brother James. Growing up me and James were very close, and still are but our lives are less intertwined as they used to be. As we both got interested in the opposite s** I notice my brother started looking at me differently, especially in short or tight... [more]

I have to stop

I have been sleeping with my BIL off and on for 18 years and am engaged so it has to end, I have to put a stop to it but I don't know how. I met him when I was 14, The first time he walked into the house I think I got wet, At least thats how I remember it as I sat on the couch and they showed up at mom's unannounced. My sister was living 6 hours... [more]

Not ok

I slept with my brother in-law, Ex...Brother in-law I guess, My sister and her husband split 5 years ago and last night I came home and walked in on my room mate and her ex. Yeah, I didn't right away know it was him, He is an attractive guy, Older than me by 14 years, I am 28 nd recently single from a long term engagement (Hence the room mate) and... [more]

Wake up call

I'm 14 and my brother is 17,he didn't show any interest in me but that didn't stop me from trying,one morning i sneaked into his room when he was sleeping without waking him i pulled down his boxers and started to give him a b*******,when he woke up and pulled the covers off he was trying to say... [more]

My wife made me and our two sons fat. And I was in on it

It all started about 3 years ago. At the time I regurarly visited a gym. I was nowhere near as jacked as some guys you see, but I was in really good shape. And our teen boys were also into sports. One played soccer and the other water polo, and they were just generally very active.
Now one night me and the wife were having this deep... [more]

Is it wrong to love my sister-in-law?

I live in my brother's house since I had my divorce 2 years ago. She is married to a beautiful woman and with 2 kids. My brother invited me to join them for a threesome about a month after I move here. From that time on, I'm f****** my SIL everytime I have a chance whenever my brother is out or... [more]

I don't know if I was raped

I am 15 and not a virgin but I think either my dad or my brother raped me. I live with them and I got home the other night and my dad knew I had been drinking at my friend's place and when I got in my brother was making hot chocolate. My dad told my brother to make one for me as well.
My brother had to go to the toilet so my dad finished the hot... [more]

Pregnant by Younger Brother 4 times

I'm 60 years old, and I never did an online confession .
When my brother was 14 and I was 20, we started a life time incestuous love affair. I went to him and gave him my body. He was tall for his age and well muscled, I loved him so much I could only think of him inside me.
We are still together as a married couple. 40 years ago it was... [more]

Help my friend

I'm 14 year old boy and I have a crush on Jan she 13 . She asked me to come over and play I keep getting there and finding her crying and she refused to talk about it . One day I got there early and Hurd her crying I looked in to see her older brother holding her down and f*** her . She seen me... [more]

Saw my brother jerking

My brother is aged 15 and I am 17 year old girl. We both sleep in the same room but on separate cots at both ends of the room. I am a sound sleeper and wakes only in the morning too late. One night I had bad dream and just opened my eyes stark awake and as I was lying on my side facing the brother's bed opposite I astonishing saw the horrible act... [more]

My friend dad

I have to get this off my chest.. I been with men as a teen growing up I suck c*** got my boi p**** f*** f*** girls and [more]

Road trip sister sexy

My parents decided we was going on a long road trip . We have a SUV we have a air up bed in the back . It was night win we left . My parents told me and my little sister to sleep on the way . So my little sister got in first as she was getting in bed she stopped to adjust her skirt she lifted it far enough I seen she doesn't have on underwear... [more]

Found dad and brother in my best friend

My best friend would stay the night wint me alot she was 12 and I was 13 . She would disappear in the middle of the night . One night I wint looking for her win I found her my dad was on my brothers bed and she was on him he was in her ass my brothers was on top of her in her p**** . She sounds like... [more]

Found dad and brother in my best friend

My best friend would stay the night wint me alot she was 12 and I was 13 . She would disappear in the middle of the night . One night I wint looking for her win I found her my dad was on my brothers bed and she was on him he was in her ass my brothers was on top of her in her p**** . She sounds like... [more]

Surprised by brother

I came home from work early and found my brother naked wanking in my bedroom, sometimes he checks on my flat,he was that scared he grabbed his clothes and went to the bathroom to get dressed,what he left on the bed was a picture of me and before i could speak to him he left,days past without seeing him so messaged him to come round to chat,never... [more]

Walked in on my brother and his wife.

I was at work the other night and then went for a couple beers after work, When I got home it was close to midnight and I had left my phone at home by accident, I walked in and seen a note on the counter saying that my brother Jeff and his wife Jessie had come to visit, My brother has been out of my parents house for close to 20 years now and I am... [more]

My stories 3

Well, Onto the next thing, My male cousin, I love him to death but when he was younger he was such a perv, I don't I don't know when he started but I remember the first time I caught him and many times my cousins told me something about catching him but it was not uncommon to to catch him peeking or spying and whacking it right from a young... [more]

Catching my Daddy

I was so shocked and upset. I just could not believe it. It all started last week, after I got home from school early and went straight up to my room where I got the shock of my life. I didnt expect anyone in, but there laying naked on my bed flat on his back was my own Dad totally naked wanking off his very hard and quite big [more]


I'm only 13 and my brother is 18,it started when i jumped on him and wouldn't get of and felt him getting hard,I just laughed as he got up and could see him turned on, next day i done the same but this time i had a skirt on showing my knickers to him,his hands on my thighs saying i looked nice, left it a few days and jumped on him when he came out... [more]

Woke up in my sister

My parents went on vacation for the week and left me and my little goth sister home . Last night she woke me up at 3 am . I was handcuffed to the bed . Later found out she found the handcuffeds in our parents room . She was wearing a black skirt and black eye liner and her black underwear was in my mouth. By the time I awoke my [more]

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