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My step daughters

My youngest step daughter just turned 17. She constantly walked in on me in the shower and would accedently walk topless threw the house on the weekends. Her brother was gone and her mom was at work one Saturday. I was just watching the news when she walked in totally naked and sat down next to me. Acting like she wasn't naked she asked the... [more]

My Brother-in-Law steals my underwear (I'm male)

This has been going for almost two years, ever since he started basically living here, at my parents' place. I know I'm not paranoid and he has actually done this as the more underwear I buy, the more they disappear. Right now I only got two and I can't find any others anywhere. When I had to go outside before the pandemia that'd [more]

Brother is a d***

I (34) hate my younger brother (28). He’s the biggest douchebag on the planet and nobody cares at all but me.
He’s been crashing in my spare from for four months because of job issues. He has five different girls who will come over literally anytime he calls. Every night one of them is here. They don’t even care that he has other girls. It’s... [more]

Just want to get this off my chest, I guess

I'm writing here, because my journal is packed for university, and I cannot dig it out of my boxes.
What I'm about to make is not really a confession - its something I want to get off my chest without having to tell my friends, without someone I know having leverage over me by knowing this small secret.
Before leaving to University, I... [more]

Obsessed and in love with my brother

My name is Betty, I'm 25 years old. I'm getting married in two months. But can't stop having s** with my older brother Max. I was 13 when it started he was 15.
We love each other so much, i can only c** with him. We make love or oral 2 or 3 times a day. My... [more]


1. Forgive me God not telling the truth to my employer for my job transfer. I should have told I was not going to take care of my sick brother but I only wanted to move out of state. 2. Forgive me for lies about me telling my job the reason I wore a headcovering not because of religion but to not be embarrassed by my hair.


Well to begin with I was the next to last of 12 kids and we were raised out of town.
My first sexual experience was with the daughter of not the priest but someone that works there.
She was older than me by a couple years and I attended that church when I lived in town with my older brother and his wife Susan would stay over and move all the... [more]


Last summer I was 16 and we went to a very large amusement park, We had been at the wave pool and the surfing sim so I was wearing my bikini and had a pair of shorts over top, My cousin wanted to go on the rollercoaster so we watched a couple rides before she convinced me to go with her which was my second worst decision of the day. That's right... [more]

Young guy

I was 10 years old and my brother who was 14 at the time had three of his friends and one girl of 13 at the house and one day they stripped me naked and they saw my 1in. soft p****. I had small b**** and no hair. The girl touched me and my [more]

I want nothing to do with my brother. I take care of his unwante

He had a marriage that didn't work out and he had a child by this lady. A girl. He divorced her and remarried. His second wife wants nothing to do with his daughter and wants him to have nothing to do with her. She first lived with our parents then my angel of a wife wanted her to be with us.
This [more]

My friend is being abused by her family......

I'll try to be as detailed as possible.
My friend is being mentally and physically abused by her family. She is 15 and her little sister is only 6, both of them are going through a lot of torture.
We became friends 3 years ago. She was always happy, social, and a really friendly person. I never got a tiny hint of what she was going through... [more]

My sister showed me what her and her boyfriend you'd to do

One day me and my sister was walking home from school . She told me she had to show me some . I followed her and she lead my behind a 7 11 store back behind the trash bins . There was a old desk setting back there that had been thrown out year's ago but never got in the trash . She removed her pants and underwear and sat down on the desk . She she... [more]

Free to used

I want men to enjoy my body and my mouth love men t f*** my boy p**** .My brother was the first at 15 teen came home one night .Must tell you we share a double bed . In those day working class boy don't wear underwear just a vest in bed spoon into me... [more]

Free to used

I want men to enjoy my body and my mouth love men t f*** my boy p**** .My brother was the first at 15 teen came home one night .Must tell you we share a double bed . In those day working class boy don't wear underwear just a vest in bed spoon into me... [more]

He has no idea.

I think me and my mom are both infatuated with my friends dad, He is a tall, Well built guy, Always super nice to me and also to my mom, My mom and his wife are like best friends and I am friends with his daughter so one or both of us are over there often. One time a year or so ago I went into my moms room and her phone was left open to a... [more]

One to meney to drink with my sister

Me an my sister wonted to let home so bad we got a appointment together a fue years back and we have been staying together . We even sleep in the same bed but not naked . A few months ago we was drinking a lot . The next day we woke up in the nude the next day . Nether of us could remember what had happened that night . After awhile we start... [more]

Caught my step brother

The other night I was laying in bed and my door was open, I seen my step brother tip toe across the hall to my moms room and was like WTF!
I snuck out of my room and peeked into moms room and he had the door to the attached bathroom slid open and was standing there jerking while he watched my mom in the shower. I was gonna totally bust him but I... [more]

Sick to my stomach

A month ago my mom, Step dad and siblings were gone to the city to do some back to school shopping as we have no place to get anyhting good in our crap little town. I had stayed home because I did my shopping online so I was hanging around the house, I went to shower and was doing what a girl sometimes does alone in the shower when a thought... [more]

My brother is an a hole

I was out drinking with my brother and his friends the other night, They snuck me into the bar and we went "Booze cruising" after, We stopped at a local swimming spot and I was shy about it but we all went skinny dipping, I hid in the bushes, Undressed and slipped ino the lake, His friends were all in and out of the water and obviously showing me... [more]

The night my sister got in in the pool

My sister how is 19 love to swim in our pool in just a short skirt no underwear and a bra . She was skinny with sexy b cup b**** . I'm 21 I jus ware swimming trunks but button on the front was missing . But u normal couldn't tell . I would often get a [more]

The reason why I'm always inside my locked room.

I'm literally crying rn. This is very normal for me, I cry almost every night and it's very depressing... No one knows I'm like this, every morning (when I used to go to school) I was all bubbly and happy. But inside, I'm kinda sad.
Ik people will say, “it's normal for teenagers to feel like this” but is it normal that I constantly fight with... [more]

Husband's younger brother

I like my hubby's younger brother and teasing him so much these days. Like leaving my panties out in back on line. I find he is stealing them. Also, chatting with him anonymously on a chat app

How to leave a s***** relationship

I have been with the same guy for 10 years. He has not once purposed and when i ask about it he gives some stupid excuse. Now We 2 kids together. I used to work but got overwhelmed with coming home to cook, clean, taking care of the kids, and the bills. His brother and sister live with us they dont work or go to school. They dont clean up or do... [more]

My sexy little sister

I walked in on my mom and little sister talking about how sexy they think I am . She was saying she had peeked on me in the shower . She said she has had several dreams about us f****** all most every night sense that day . At this point I walked walked in my sister quick shut up and truned red ... [more]

She pimped out her Brother

Another story from my messed up youth
I was 13 and in the 7th grade. Awkward and just starting Puberty, totally inexperienced. Through some other Kids I knew I met a kid from a nearby Neighborhood named Garry and we all hung out together, he was 11 or 12 and had a Redhead sister 9 years old, Her name was Linda. She was fat with too many... [more]

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