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My cousin likes my feet

My cousin has been massaging my feet for the past year. I personally did not think anything of it as I’m married.. and he’s my cousin! I just liked the massage but for him it’s been something more. This weekend my husband was in the shower and my cousin comes in my room and starts massaging my feet.. then he put my feet on his hard [more]

Caught being the maid.

I am a 56 year old man and have been married for 26 years. I am also a crossdresser and have been since childhood. My wife has always known about my crossdressing and early in our marriage we had some fun with roll reversal when she would have me dress pretty or slutty for her. She would wear a strap-on and dress like a man. When this happened she... [more]

I want to be a Kpop Idol But my mom doesnt support my dream

I am 15 and wanna be a Kpop Idol (p.s I'm Indian) But my mom was like " I would rather die than have her choose that career." " You need to understand, you can only live in this world by studying" " You shouldn't make your passion your job" I am so confused and torn apart, I really wanna be a Kpop Idol, My friends, my dad (a lil bit) are... [more]

Is being Kinky Weird?

I don't know how to start but... I think I have a spanking fetish. I've been hiding it for 4 years now and I don't know if's it's weird or not. I think I got the fetish at like 8th grade, until now. To be honest, I'm a little skeptical of incorporating it in my s** life. Will my gf think it's weird? I... [more]

I can't believe i did this

I'm a 34 year old female. I'm 5'5" 110 pounds. I have always been skinny. I have little b****** but I think I have nice butt.
My boyfriend has a strong personality and I am crazy about him. I do whatever he tells me to do and it turns me on. I never want to disobey him.
One summer night... [more]

Gay mess

So I recently realised I'm a lesbian, at first I thought I was bi but I'm not. I have been talking to my friend online now for like three months every single night and we are already so close, we just click. He is trans and gay, I am non binary and lesbian. But somehow I think I'm catching feelings for him. It's not that I don't see him as a dude... [more]

No longer want to be married

I have been married now for a year and 2 months. I have come to grips that sometimes some couples don’t work out no matter how hard you try. I was accused of hiding things from her on my phone, but when she hacked into my Instagram and other social media accounts and found nothing. She was so upset that she resulted in cutting herself about it..... [more]

Mom's panties

When I was growing up I had a huge crush on my mom. I would use her panties when she wasn't home. I would take them into my room, smell them and wrap them around while masturbating. As it became more of a habit, I got less careful and would keep a pair or two in my room. Then I started to [more]

Please help, I desperately need advice!!!

I know this is going to sound fake, but I assure you it's 100% genuine so please consider giving me some advice if you read this, I really need help. For context: I've always been called ugly, and I wouldn't say I'm an attractive person, that's why this situation seems impossible to me. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost half a year now, I'd... [more]

I think im inlove

Im inlove with you but your so confusing sometimes you like me sometimes were just friends sometimes were friends with benafits like why cant you just tell me if you like me or not like when i ask if u do you dont reposnsd you just snap a pic like my god your so comfusing

Wife’s ex-gf

Amie and Kat were roommates in college and remained friends.
Amie invites Kat stays with us in the summer because we live 30 minutes from the beach and Kat lives in CT.
When Kat visits she complains about everything, our house, food we cook, the guest bed and our neighborhood. She picks fights with the our neighbors and it takes us months to... [more]

I love dissatisfying women sexually

I get so turned on by disappointing women on a sexual level. I love having a great date, making out in the car etc but then sexually I yearn to disappoint and be the guy they tell all their friends about that was s*** in bed. I've no idea why.
My [more]

I feel confused

So I'm 13 right now and my 15 friend says that he cummed like a week ago and said I can't in a week and we bet 50 bucks on it and i didnt know what c****** was so I did these things to get me to c** that the internet told me to do but I came across this... [more]

I hate who I was in middle school

Hey I wish I kinda wish I said something to you today. But I could feel myself embarrassed to talk to you from someone I was not anymore and the way you looked at me like deer in the headlights. I don't think you wanted me to say anything and I'm glad I just kept walking because I feel like if I stopped and said something nothing good would come... [more]

Should i

Should I keep talking to someone that |
recently reconnected with since high school
about a week ago, or should I stop? they told
me they want to see where it goes, but also
told me that they wonder if it's loneliness
and isolation due to being single and
because of the pandemic that has them
drawn to me, they told me that they... [more]

Does my mum need help?

I feel like my mum needs help but I don’t know what to do. I live abroad so only see her around the summer and holidays, for about a month each time (although we talk lots). I notice she drinks a lot, just by herself she drank a whole bottle of wine last night.
She also does this strange thing where she’ll lie or exaggerate injuries for... [more]

Busted Crossdressing

Lockdown has been fantastic for my love of crossdressing, it’s turned my secret little hobby that gets indulged rarely when I can fit it in into something that I can do every day working from home.
I’ve had Zoom calls while being fully dressed in sexy lingerie apart from my shirt and even had calls when I’ve been completely transformed into a... [more]

Bi curious

I’m super confused about my sexuality because on one hand I’ve always found myself attracted to guys but recently I have a sexual desire for women. I met this girl who was completely and utterly confident about her sexuality and didn’t care who knew that she was gay and I really admired that! Recently she moved away and I’ve been fantasizing and... [more]

Self oral

10 years ago I was 13, and I had a 9 inch c*** which I was embarrassed by. One day a friend saw it in the bathroom and that day convinced me to try to suck it. I was scared but I easily reached it, I got very hard and full erect. The my friend grabbed my head, and forced me to suvk faster, I wanted... [more]

My cousin.

I was sitting around the other day and my cousin and her parents were visiting, Me and her are the same age and she came into my room after just getting out of the shower, She was wearing a housecoat and said "Hey", I said "Hey" and she said "Can I ask your opinion on something?", I said "Yeah whatever". then she opened her housecoat and said... [more]


Earlier this year my wife a link**-orgies-but-where-are-the-lesbians?ref=home&via=FB_Page&source=TDB with me I just skimmed through the article and that is just about it.
A few days ago she shared another link... [more]

What do i do

I like this girl i met maybe a month ago. She likes me a lot too and we both have similar interests and click well. She also lives close to me
My ex who is also a really sweet girl who i didnt even know still thought about us poked at the idea that i wait to see her to see if we would work irl. But she also doesnt want me passing up... [more]

Bi curious

After meeting with Linda I was confused at my feelings my bunghole was still itching like mad but I couldn't get over how exciting it had been.
I knw that it is wrong having s** with another man but Linda looks and talks and feels like a woman even though she has a [more]

I might be gay

Im in my teens and was at a gym . The place was empty because of Covid im sure . There was just me and a guy ill say in his 30's . I went into the locker room then hit the showers . He was right in there and showered right next to me . Odd since there are like 6 more . He starts talking about Thanksgiving coming up and other useless chatter , and... [more]


Sometimes I question religion and it’s laws. The Bible says gentiles (nonjews) are a law unto themselves and have the law written on their hearts. Our consciences convict and sometime do not convict ourselves...
That being said, why is it important that we believe in Jesus that brings sinners back from error acting outside the Jewish law? I’m... [more]

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