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When is it time to seek medical help?

This is related to women's health and menstruation.
I'm really confused on whether it is worth the money to get myself checked out, or if there is still something that can be done. The problem is, I have very severe periods that have quite literally taken a toll on my life and it seems it has only gotten worse over the years.
From age 11... [more]

I kissed my best friend and my boyfriend doesn't know

I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years now.. and he has a very suspicious and jealous nature. Even if I look at a random guy, he gets mad at me in an instant.
Anyway I know my best friend for almost a year and he knows my boyfriend well. So he also knows that my boyfriend has bad temper and controls me too much.
What happened... [more]

My brother in law touched me inappropriately several time what sh

Hey everybody I need you guys to tell me if just give me some advice OK so basically my sister told me to come to over your house and watch her baby and I was like OK so I went and she went grocery shopping me and then her husband comes from work and and that he just goes up to his room and asked normal like 10 minutes later he comes and sits... [more]


I'm 21 yrs young am gay meaning girl with girl, I dislike the word "Les" it's seems to harsh and filled with hate. Recently I went to get my physical done my physician said something is wrong with my heart I don't fully understand I've worked out all my life, since 14! Ate healthy lifestyle but now i have to be cautious and take tests constant... [more]

My Little Girl

The relationship was the worst either of us have had, but you are in such need. I still think about you every day even though you left me traumatized and I never want to ever see you again and I hope you never want to see me again either. I think about you because I still care about your well-being. You're a little confused and desperately sad... [more]


I am currently living with my mom's friend and the friends daughter who has become my friend.
My new friends mom found out I was bisexual when my mom purchased a rainbow flag for me but I obviously still liked boys.
Whenever I'm in the room and anything remotely related to LGBT or even marriage comes up in conversation she gets upset and makes... [more]

I'm Uncomfortable around other women

It all made sense today. I've always found other women difficult to relate to, to be around and to be myself around. I have 3 brothers. I'm a middle child. I'm also a single parent (my son is 16). Being around so much 'maleness' growing up, from what we watched on TV to how we ate to where we used to hang out, and the activities we used to do... [more]

Sexuality Confused

There's this one girl who is totally hot and sporty and literally perfect! We sleep in the same dorminatory (I'm a girl) so we got kinda close. I mean I think I'm attracted (in a friendly way) to her cuz why not she has a perfect sense of humor, style and don't get me starting on that body... but every time I saw her getting touchy with other... [more]

Wifes BFF

My wife's best friend and i have always had a good relationship and last night we took it to the next level. My wife's friend is, Lets say curvy, She is a dance teacher and has beautiful, thick thighs and great legs, A firm, round ass, Wide hips, Huge t*** and a beautiful face.
I had a chance with... [more]

Big Areolas

I am really confused as to have a surgery done or not. I'm a 34 DD, and like 5' 6''-ish so, I guess my b**** are alright according to my height. But, the only thing that I have huge areolas. They are like 2.5-3''
I've slept with like 5-6 men and like 4 of them like it big. To be honest, I don't... [more]


So this guy (I know who it is and confronted him but I then had to log off because bossy siblings) confessed that he liked me.
So what's the problem, you ask. Everything seems fine.
You see, I'm *technically* not supposed to be talking to him. (It's a long story.) But I am because why not?
We started texting again about a week ago and I... [more]

Confused in love

There is a man at my work who i think i'm about to have a affair with. we have been talking about our marriages and neither one of them is any good. in fact we talk about all things just everything. we have told each other that we love the other one and we are so close in every way. we didnt have s**... [more]

Try something new ?

My husband and I have been married for 12 years all is good and we have a nice live together but last year my hubby turned 45 and his s** drive seems to have disappeared he no longer wakes up hard in the mornings and doesn't pester me any more for s**, I've... [more]

True love

So I'm forty and married for 10 years with a daughter. But I recently fell in love with a 20 year old girl. She simultaneously makes me feel young and old. She also makes me confused about what i want out of life. I desperately want to see her but I also know she's just f****** with me. I feel so... [more]

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