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I might be gay

Im in my teens and was at a gym . The place was empty because of Covid im sure . There was just me and a guy ill say in his 30's . I went into the locker room then hit the showers . He was right in there and showered right next to me . Odd since there are like 6 more . He starts talking about Thanksgiving coming up and other useless chatter , and... [more]


Sometimes I question religion and it’s laws. The Bible says gentiles (nonjews) are a law unto themselves and have the law written on their hearts. Our consciences convict and sometime do not convict ourselves...
That being said, why is it important that we believe in Jesus that brings sinners back from error acting outside the Jewish law? I’m... [more]


I'm a female and I'm so confused of my sexuality. I find men attractive but I realized that my "crushes" on men are once a week but my crushes on girls last for months and are once in a few months. I'd never date a guy or be sexually intimate with one.

Follow up on I'm in love with my best friend

Update on my last confession: I met up with my friend last weekend. Every time I see him I just want to kiss him more and more. I never get bored when he's talking and I could stare at him all day long. Things have been getting more physical but I still haven't told him how I feel. We were cuddling on my bed and I felt his [more]

Wearing panties lgbt story

When i was 17 i used to sneak in my sisters room and take a pair of her panties run back to my room and put them on and look at my self in the morror ,one day she came into my room and caught me looking at my self with her panties on ,it was a little imbarasing at the time because i was confused and didnt know why i liked wearing girls clothes but... [more]

Should I wear a dress?

I’m currently 15, and things are super confusing. From a young age, I knew I wasn’t a traditional boy. I’d get hot and uncomfortable whenever there were shirtless guys on tv, I hated “male” toys and always elected to play with dolls or dress up with my sister, and I always wished I could wear a dress to school. The problem is, my parents are... [more]

Women turn me on but I'm straight

I'm straight I would never want to have s** with a chic. But they turn me on, it's certain things too. Like stretch marks inbetween thighs and on hips it makes me so excited. Tall girls are more exciting than short ones, I think that's because I'm super short(4'11"). One of my fantasies are having a... [more]

My embarrassing times with girl

My summer before entering 4rth grade,I had to have my appendix removed.Today,one MIGHT spend a night in the hospital. Back in the early 1960's,it was closer to a week.Anyway,the day after surgery, two young girls retrieved me, and led me to the shower room.They told me to undress for a bath. I was mortified as they seemed to continue giggling as... [more]

My Best Friend

I'm not entirely sure what this feeling is, but I've decided to just label it as something of a platonic love for now. It's been a couple months since I met this girl, and every single day since then I've had this feeling for her. I had just gotten out of a rather toxic friendship with this guy, and I'd also just started a friendship with her. I... [more]

Was it real or play?

Over a year ago my husband had one of his friends break in and "Rape" me after I told him my fantasy was to be raped, I am pretty sure I know who it was and I am all good with it but...I spent a weekend at the lake by myself last weekend and...I went out to the garage to take out the garbage and was confronted. I was told to go back in the house... [more]

What Am I?

I'm biologically female, I'm 31 I should've figured out the whole sexuality gender thing by now, but I'm so confused it hurts
I thought i was straight, I thought all those crushes i had on girls were a phase, I love the male body , but I don't like the idea of being "the woman" in this scenario. I love more like a man than a woman. I think I'm... [more]

My first sort of ex girlfriend

This story is gonna be all over the place, just a warning. at the beginning of high school i met this girl. we had lots of fun times and talked all the time for over 2 years. but during the last 6 months of us talking, she became very distant and very standoffish. she wouldn't reply how she used to reply and wouldn't answer any of my phone calls... [more]

Schizophrenia and ghosts

My family believes everyone can see ghosts I believes it to. it wasn't till I was 11 my mom helped me move a ghost on to the others side I do it by myself now. I also have Schizophrenia, the Schizophrenia is more solid than the ghosts it's like looking through a thin layer of hot glue when it's dry and the ghosts are like looking through plastic... [more]

I like old ladies but my friend's say to me its wrong so tell me?

I m 36 years old man but like old ladies above of my age because i think old ladies are gud in relationship & love they know how to manage a relationship & how to make love & also they experienced so i can learn many thing's from them also but when i told it to some of my friend's they said it's not good it's bad & wrong & also when i like any old... [more]

I think I love my best friend

I'm a 14 year old boy, I'm gay, and I'm pretty sure I'm in love with my best friend. I've known him for only 3 years but my heart races whenever he touches me and I can't help but smile when he talks. He's made joking comments about how he thinks I'm hot but he always says "no h***" or "dude"... [more]

My boyfriend pimped me for a zip bag.

My sorority sisters & bf Kentrick’s frat organized a police protest with BLM downtown last month. After we shared an Uber with Kent’s frat bros to buy a zip bag at T’s place for later. T’s maybe 40 and hooks us up with top shelf all the time. Kent was paying T two bills for the o zip then T looked at me and said, ‘you believe? I was confused he... [more]

Byron’s games

I was in a dom/sub relationship and didn’t realize it until it was over. whenever he wanted me (s**,talk,attention,etc.) he’d call my phone, no matter where i was work or my apartment, and he’d just say “come here.” And i’d make my way to his house as fast as possible. I’d drop everything i’m doing and... [more]

So confused with my feelings

I’ve been dating my current boyfriend for about 3 years now. And I have started a new job in that time. I’ve met a guy at work who is just really funny and we just seem to click. I just found out he broke up with his girlfriend and I have been helping him through it and becoming quite good friends.
I keep thinking should I break up with my... [more]

I am a thief

Yesterday I accidentally stole two cookies from Subway. The lady gave me the cookies and I tried to pay but she waved me away so I got confused and said "what" but she just waved me away again and didn't say anything. So I assumed that she was just giving me the cookies and so I left, and then ate them. Then, I was talking about how weird it was... [more]

Sick to my stomach

A month ago my mom, Step dad and siblings were gone to the city to do some back to school shopping as we have no place to get anyhting good in our crap little town. I had stayed home because I did my shopping online so I was hanging around the house, I went to shower and was doing what a girl sometimes does alone in the shower when a thought... [more]

First nut shot

When i was in grade school i had a real crush on this girl. I saw her whispering to her friends outside then she walked up to me, about 5 girls followed. She was so hot,, i was scared. She smiled so nice. Then without notice she toe kicked my b**** real fast. I had tiny [more]

My Cousin Julia Or The Summer Of Awakening (Part 2)

The next morning, we had breakfast around 8 a.m. after which my parents and I packed our things for leaving. Then I realized I had forgotten my watch in Julia’s room the day before, after my aunt told me to prepare my bedroom. I knew exactly where my watch was. So, I went to Julia’s room, knocked at her door and asked her to let me in to pick up... [more]

No respect for the LGBTQ, never from me or my Conservatives Kin

I confess that the LGBTQ have lost my total respect for them, they are liars, thief’s,Rapists,Child molesters and murderers towards making adolescents commit suicide for confusing them on their Sexual identity. And believe me that before my life ends, I’m gonna murder not one member of the LGBTQ community, I’m gonna murder several of them, I will... [more]

So confused

I've fallen for the guy I'm seeing. Problem is, I'm getting tired of feeling like the relationship is being yo-yoed.
I talk with him about the yo-yo issue, and it always comes down to me asking if we should simply be friends, or for him to simply tell me the issue so we can move on. He convinces me nothing is wrong, and he doesn't find anything... [more]

I don't know if I love him or not....

Okay, I'm gonna be totally honest here. I'm 16 and idk if I like this guy or love him...
I'll try my best to explain my situation and I want to know people's opinions...
So this guy who lives in a different country texted me few months ago. He is an E-boy. Our race is same but we live in different countries, he moved there last year.So I have... [more]

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