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Worst thing I have ever done

Was in a relationship for 6 almost 7 years with my high school sweet heart. At first everything was like a fairy tale I never was the type of dude to fall in love. I was portrayed more as the confident individual party guy and flirtatious dude who spent hours in the gym looking good for myself but with a broken home wanting to be a better man than... [more]


This is truth teller, I beg of you to NOT use PayPal when it’s linked to your checking account. I made a huge mistake and ordered something using PayPal. They got their money and I do have proof in my checking account statement. They know that they got their money, but they have been on my ass like stink on [more]

I'm having an affair and I don't feel bad about it.

I tried to make this short but I needed to add the boring background.
I was raised & homeschooled in a small MS town outside Jackson by my retired grandmother and met Ben at youth group when I was 16. After hs, we carpooled to a local private Christian College. My grandmother passed away before I graduated, Ben and I got married because I was... [more]

Belly fetish fantasy

I've always had this weird fantasy of having a toy or object like a bat or pole pushed into my belly which is connected to reins and I have to pull my master around and the only way to do that would be through the pressure of the object in my stomach and every so often he'd yank h****** the reins... [more]

Love Of My Life 😍

I have been very shy around girls since childhood. I had a huge crush on a girl in school🥰, it was so strong that I didn't even for a second thought about any other girl. And I didn't even imagine much of sexual tension between us, but just something so pure was there. I wish I could feel that way again for somebody 😔. I was like one of hundreds... [more]

Ruined my marriage? (Part 1)

This will be two parts.
I would like to just hit the rewind button, Just go back 24Hrs and start over.
My husband and I had a trip booked to a local outdoor concert, It’s a huge deal around here and there are hundreds of campers and thousands of people who attend every year, My husband and I met there and have attended for 22 years together (I... [more]

Im going crazy

Do you ever feel like someones talking for you through your body or like your brain and your body aren't connected. sometimes im thoughtless and my brains fogged over and my mouth jus talkin sometimes i even question if i really believe my thoughts are my actual opinions or if im just thinkin of crazy things
ill say or do somethin and as i am... [more]

I don't know how to support or be supported

I've come to realize why I refuse to receive any kind of emotional support from others. It's because I don't have the social skills or emotional maturity to support others. So whenever someone sees that I'm emotionally unwell and offers support, I always refuse, since I know that if they ever need help in the future I won't be able to return the... [more]

First Kiss

I had my first kiss one year and a day ago at the age of 17. The girl I had a crush on from 8th grade through high school just as friends, and we had a really good chemistry and connection. Now we're like strangers and I miss her, but I also feel upset with her for not wanting to keep in touch with me.

Warning: Long Story Loosing V-card & Inappropriate Relationship

Warning: This is long but it is a confession and I tried to make it as short as possible. It's also the first time I've posted anything like this too.
I lost my V-card & and had an inappropriate relationship at the same time. I can’t believe I’m posting this confession after all these years. I’ve told no one. My husband doesn’t even know. I’m... [more]


Ever since I was a little girl, I fantasized about moving away, to West Virginia, where I’ve had so many memories over the years, and to this day, I want to live and die there. More than anything, I wanted to move somewhere I could be myself and start over, be loved and accepted, and people would see the girl I was when they looked past my croaks... [more]

Conflicted emotions

I love my athletic s/o but I’m enamored by women who want to get fat, or fat women who want to get fatter.
We connect on every level, literally. Except Feedism.
I don’t feel like I settled at all, because we click so well. However some days I just want to play with their fatty parts, or introduce food in the bedroom.
I’m not a closet fat... [more]

My husband doesn't want to have s** with me

I'm 24 and have an attractive body and face. I'm not a supermodel, but I'm not ugly. My husband and I do not connect sexually. I would have s** three times a day if I could. I'm always h**** and want to jump his bones. He has a very physically demanding job... [more]

My first affair and I got paid to have s**

I got invited to do research at Kieo University located outside Tokyo, Japan last year. I quickly got homesick because only a few people spoke English. It was harder than I thought to Skype or Facetime my husband due to the time zone difference and our schedules.
After a couple of weeks, I got the nerve to take a train solo into Tokyo to have... [more]

Can't fit in anywhere, I might have Autism

TLDR at bottom
(19 year old black guy) I feel that i can't fit in with a group of people. i think white people r annoying af but their girls are so gorges. i live with my dad in an all black town but I spend some time with my mom and her boyfriend in their all white town. The white people walk on egg shells around me and treat me like I live in... [more]

When the Romeo and Juliet phase dwindles,

You truly see the connection for what it is.
Respect and reverence for each other is paramount.
One cherishes the bond,
However, it does not confine us to the norms of relationships.
When you ‘let go’,
It is like being freed from what relationships should be.
We have each other,
For eternity.
Together in spirit,
Bonded for life,
I am you... [more]

My soul instantly recognised who you were.

There were no chains holding two compatible hearts back. We connected with so much love, Not knowing where our bonding of spirits would take us. Please don't forsake our blessed love, Knowing that you and I are made divinely for each other

Developing Boundaries Is So Hard

When you truly love someone.
I understand and appreciate the importance of honesty in any relationship but what if you meet someone who connects with your heart chakra and opens it so wide that you have no choice but to give in to that love.
I am married and have had an extraordinary experience with someone I connected with.
It was no ordinary... [more]


It does not necessarily mean that you will be with them.
They come into your life for a season, a reason and a purpose.
We met.
We connected.
We are part of the same soul family.
There was an instant familiarity.
There was an intense bonding.
I need to delve deeper into the akashic records and understand our connection... [more]

So confused

I've fallen for the guy I'm seeing. Problem is, I'm getting tired of feeling like the relationship is being yo-yoed.
I talk with him about the yo-yo issue, and it always comes down to me asking if we should simply be friends, or for him to simply tell me the issue so we can move on. He convinces me nothing is wrong, and he doesn't find anything... [more]

Pandemic Affair with 48yr old Neighbor

This confession is lengthy. I realize there is no excuse for infidelity but my marriage is doomed and would like to get the entire story out there.
I’m 24 and started having an affair with my 48yr old neighbor John (not real name) during the pandemic lockdown. He’s HOT, muscular, own’s a general contractor business and lost his wife of 20 plus... [more]

I am in love with you

Im in love with you. I wish I could tell you. I know I shouldn’t be, I cant be. But I am. I don’t know what I am going to do. Im not happy unless im with you or at least talking to you. I need to say something. But I don’t want to ruin what we have. And its not fair of me to feel like this. Not fair to you. I would never hurt you and I fear that’s... [more]

Can't believe it, but . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . it looks to me like Trump will soon pardon Ghislaine Maxwell, the "associate" (read "madam") of Jeffrey Epstein who went out and got young girls for him. He's been busy saying nice things about Maxwell the past couple weeks or so, and wishing her good luck. Her trial is scheduled for July 2021, but he will pardon her well before... [more]

It's terrible

I was infatuated with my cousin, She was so amazingly hot when we were younger and I couldn't stop thinking about her. She blonde, Green eyes and had a perfect body, She was a D cup and her b**** were so perfect that I couldn't even believe they were real, She is 5 years older than me... [more]


I have several friends that work in different hospitals and each one has told the same story but all at different times. Seems that this so called virus is nothing more than a political stunt. As people reschedule their surgeries that were postponed when this all kicked off are being added to the inpatient list for the virus and the capacity in... [more]

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