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Round one

My husband is 42 and I am 40, Both of our kids are grown and our youngest is away at college, We have been experimenting a bit in the bedroom since we are alone now and have considerably more freedom, Not 50 shades or anything but we toyed with the idea of a third person joining us and had done some roleplaying etc. We live in a smaller community... [more]

My Desire For Konstantina

I have a fetish for body odor of girls, especially for sweat and farts which I keep in secret. I haven't experienced that with any girl yet. Worn girl panties would make me explode because the longer it's worn the more arousing for me. Beginning in 2011 that fetish grew strongly so I got almost insane because of what happened that time:
In... [more]

Told wife I love other woman

Never slept with the girl but wife kept pressuring me and I finally cracked. She wanted to leave me at first, but then I talked her into staying with me. She said if there is any sign that I’m cheating with her it’s over. I honestly want to be with both women and I hate to give up my current spouse for some other girl. But this girl is so... [more]

To someone,

The very first time I laid my eyes on you was few years ago through facebook. Your account came across mine so I decided to review. Surprisingly while reviwing your images, I had a deja vu. I imagined you through ancient time that is still very uncertain to me. That was my very first hint we I had a mysterious connection. Surprisingly, we met in... [more]

Seeking companionship (M4W) ...

36 year old professional, white male seeking companionship. Currently married. Romance, intimacy and love are non-existent at home, but I am not looking to change my situation.
Looking to connect with a like-minded professional female who may or may not be in the same situation. We can talk during the day via e-mail/text/kik and/or over the... [more]

My best friend is also my girl friend and lover

Hi I am Aisha. I feel soooo shy to share this, but my heart is telling me to so I am writing... I was born in Pakistan, I was mom and dad's first child. My younger brother and sister twins were born years later. When I was 10 my family and I moved to the US and we settled in LA. Things were going well for us, my dad got a very high paying job at... [more]

Toxic Relationship

Me and my boyfriend have known each other for about 6 years (2013-2018) I am 20 and he is 24. Throughout the years we've had problems with the connection between us, I have always tried to understand him and his needs. I remember he cheated on me in 2014 and confessed, that made me want to do the same, sad to say. I ended up also confessing... [more]

My cousin

I wanted to make a confession about my now 5 year long history with my cousin Lizzy. My uncle's family came to my home country 5 years ago and at the time I was almost 16 and Lizzy was a few months short of 15, it was around August and our first meeting went pretty great I recognize she was really beautiful what really struck me was how much I... [more]

Catfishing but fell in love

A guy approached me online almost a year ago now, I never thought after ONE conversation in an app game that we would ever talk again, so I pretended to be someone else..... we kept talking night after night and now its been almost 12 months and during that 12 months we have shared some very intimate conversations, he has really opened up to me... [more]

My weird fetish

Hey I’m a teen girl who is gay and I have a confession, I am very turned on by farts and burps and even stomach growls. I have kept in inside for a long time because honestly I’m not proud of it. I get turned on when it’s females, if anyone relates to me in anyway shape or form that would be great. I feel so alone and weird because I’m a gay... [more]

I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend

I'm 19, and i was never loved by my parents, i was raised by my two paternal grandparents because when i was 5 i accidentally kill one of my brothers. My grandfather died when i was 13, and my grandmother has alzheimer so she doesn't recognize me. I made friends with the grandson of one of my grandparents friend when i was like 7, he is 5 years... [more]

I'm in love with my best friend's girlfriend

I'm 19, and i was never loved by my parents, i was raised by my two paternal grandparents because when i was 5 i accidentally kill one of my brothers. My grandfather died when i was 13, and my grandmother has alzheimer so she doesn't recognize me. I made friends with the grandson of one of my grandparents friend when i was like 7, he is 5 years... [more]

When I became a complete sissy

I started crossdressing at a young age. My older sister started me and my mother encouraged it. In fact my mother dressed me up quite often and would send me out to play and all the other boys called me a sissy. But I still played as a boy. This went on through high school (Yes I still dressed privately) and into adulthood. I managed in my 20's to... [more]

Dropping my Fraternity

Today I dropped my fraternity,
(sorry about the length or the grammar in advance).
Throughout my childhood I never belonged to any type of group, I was always picked on for either being too weird or for my learning disabilities. So I was never “popular” in my middle school. Throughout highschool it was kinda of the same thing, I just kept to... [more]

Mom treats me like a teenager

I’m female, recently turned 20 years old, and a college student. My mom can’t seem to grasp that I’m an adult. Whenever I’m at her house, she has me do the chores. If I don’t, I’m not allowed to eat anything from their refrigerator. She wants me to come back home to live with her until I’m finished with college. But I know if I agree, she’ll never... [more]

I love her..

I am 19 and have been in a relationship with my 15 year old girlfriend for over a month now and we have been close for over a year or so and at first it wasn’t my intention to fall for this girl. We were just good friends because someone I knew she was dating at the time was abusive and would threaten her almost all the time if she wouldn’t do as... [more]

Does anyone feel the same ?

I admit it sometimes I m********* and thinking little boys but I get h**** with adults.
I see children only emotionally .
I think I could fall in love with an innocent and handsome little boy but not sexually , the same with an adult .
These... [more]

A five year old girl was raped fifty years ago

She was left alone for a short time while her mother visited a friend. This lunatic on dope broke into the house and raped my friend when she was just five years old. The assault almost killed her and she was unable to ever have children because of her injuries.
The guy was caught and convicted and sentenced to life with the possibility of... [more]

His brother

I am extremely attracted to my boyfriend's brother... and I don't even know why. It doesn't make any sense, and it p***** me off. The past 2 years, I've done everything in my power to ensure our relationship works. We've finally gotten to a point where we know each other through and through and are... [more]

Love my wife, but my colleague makes me feel alive

I’ve been married for 17 years. We have two teens in HS.
Love my family and still feel attracted to my wife. But, there is no spark. There are things we like to do in common, but I just don’t feel a connection and we’ve drifted apart. Totally different things that make us happy.
Worked with the same person, not directly, for 3 years. Got along... [more]

Open and proud

I'm attracted to a person who uses kind and gentle words, when interacting with people and animals.
I'm attracted to a person with a compassionate and empathetic nature/disposition.
I'm attracted to a person's cute, cooky and individualistic mannerisms and sense of humour.
I can't help who I'm attracted to, gender and race has no... [more]

My husband and his ex-girlfriend

I'm about to finish about 4 and half years marriage with my husband. We have no kid and we are separated now.
We have argued so many times because his ex-girlfriend has kept contacting him and his family, though I asked him and her to change their relationship.
They had been together for 10 years, never married but lived and bought a house... [more]

Wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now.

December 23rd I was working late and I felt sick so I left early, my boyfriend was out with his mom and friends at a local bar, well when he got home I asked if I could see his phone he instantly just walked out of the room, you dumb f****** idiot, so I demanded his phone and surpriiiiiiiiise he... [more]


With words I love,with words I feel.Sometimes I wonder if I didn't have this passion of penning thoughts then this experience wouldn't have happened ...then thoughts come Are we only creative imaginations.
If you wouldn't have reciprocated also it wouldn't have blossomed ,though nothing assured still something from inside says we feel the... [more]

I love my sister in law

I have always likes my sister in law a lot and have flirted with her contstanly when we are together. My flerting with her is always met with her flirting back. Recently she split with her boyfriend who treated her really badly during their relationship. On the suggestion from my wife that B needed cheering up I had popped round to see how she was... [more]

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